The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 161: Humiliation

He waved powerlessly, turning around and never wanting to look at Makita again.

Looking at the starry stars at this moment, Qin Yi and others, their hearts are very intolerant.

They knew that the star, almost on the pasture, had poured all his heart out, but at this moment they had to watch him be carried by the young man in the black robe.

Can't he hate it? Wouldn't it be sad?

“Wait a minute, I have one more thing to do before I leave Tianjing. ”

Unexpectedly, Mune's pasture suddenly said word for word.

Everyone, including the black robe youth, looked at Makita in confusion, but saw Makita come to Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, when you and I cut each other, what was the last style you wanted to play? Why, at that moment, did I feel like you were an ancient demon king? ”


Everyone was stunned.

I didn't expect that Makita was going to go to the miracle fairy trail. I still think about the style that Qin Yi hasn't made yet when he tried it with Qin Yi!

Qin Yi stood there, motionless, eyebrows stared at the Mune's pastoral field in front of him, and looked at the starry star, an unnamed fire, suddenly burst out of his heart.

“I can't tell you what the last one I'm going to come up with, I'll only tell you, even if you go to the miracle fairy trail right now and worship the 'Fairy' real person as a teacher, as long as we have the chance to try again, I'll beat you easily! ”

In Qin Yi's eyes, there was a chill.

I beat you easily!

Qin Yi's words, powerful, echoing in the ears of people, gave people a vibration of spirit, even for a moment, some hot blood boiling.

Even the depraved star, his eyes lit slightly, looking towards Qin Yi.

The young man in the black robe looked at Qin Yi with astonishment, but for a moment, his eyes were still dazed. The young man's qualifications, some shortcomings, was almost impossible to defeat the pastoral fields under the master's honor in the future.

“Beat me easily? ”

Makita's mouth corner, slightly punched: “Okay, I'll wait for you in the miracle fairy trail. If you can stand it, enter the miracle fairy trail. By then, we had a fight, and I look forward to you defeating me easily! ”

Makita's teeth, they chewed straight into each other's eyes, spraying the rage of hatred.

“You will always be stomped to death by me. ”

Slight tone, from Qin Yi's mouth, slowly exhaled.

After all, he turned his head and stopped looking at Makita, which was an extreme contempt.

In the silence of the scene, all the stars, all the people, at this moment, feel quite happy, Yang Shiqi and others, more excited body slightly trembling.

Even the stars shine a strange light in their eyes.

He did not expect that Qin Yi at this moment would be so brilliant and would cruelly frustrate Makita.


Makita looked pale.

“What are you, get the hell out of here and wait for me to ravage you! ”

Qin Yi stood with his hands behind him and was not able to look at Makita at all. His weak body emitted a strong confidence.

Get the hell out of here and wait for me to destroy you!

This phrase is not loud, but the people present here are listening to it as if it were a stone, striking a thousand layers of wave in their hearts. At this moment, it is no longer possible to describe their mood with adjectives.

Even let Makita roll to the miracle fairy trail and wait for Qin Yi to ravage it. This teenager is actually putting the miracle fairy trail out of sight!

It's bloody hot!

Looking at the young man who stood there with pride like a spear, for a moment, the spirit of the people was a bit of a trance, feeling that it was not a young man as young as 15, but a god who stood there!

Even the young man in the black robe said that and trembled.

You know, now, the young man in the black robe is ordered by his teacher to bring Makita to the miracle fairy trail and to worship under his honor. On the face of it, it's the talent of knowledge and love, and actually more ingredients are fighting the stars.

Now, Qin Yi uttered insults to Makita. In fact, it is also insulting black robe youth, and more insulting to his teacher's “worship immortal” real person.

“Young man, your tone is not small. Makita is now my teacher's heir disciple. How dare you insult even my teacher's heir disciple? You will regret what you have said today if you truly enter the miracle one day from now. ”

The young man in the black robe had a faint tone and over the corner of his mouth, his master outlined a lazy smile, but he could not hide it. At this moment, his eyes were cold and angry.

“Makita, you come to me, this teenager's potential is inferior to yours, and there is no master's point of cultivating the true meaning of the world like my teacher. Future achievements are very limited. You don't have to take his temper too seriously. ”

The young man in the black robe said to Makita, his eyes turned soft again.

“My future achievements are very limited? ”

In his heart, Qin Yi smiled with disdain. He was the one who carried the magic knife of Jiuzhou during the ancient years. He lured the nine souls of the Jiuzhou mainland to return the gods to power.

Will such a person's future accomplishments be very limited?

Makita bowed her head back to the young man in the black robe, whose face was already a little gloomy, as if it were a struggle or defeat.

Previously appreciated by the true person of the miracle fairy "worship fairy”, it brought about a change in his life, and the excitement, at this moment, by the few words of Qin Yi, was blown away.

The conflict between the two teenagers, Qin Yi and Makita, doesn't bother the black robe youth too much.

“By the way, Master Zhan, let me give you a word. ”

He looked to the stars and lazily said: “The master asked me to tell you that your whole life, you are destined to be stomped under the feet of my master, there will be no turning over. Your beloved woman, taken away by him, the best disciple, is also a wedding dress for the people. ”

The young man in the black robe spoke faintly, but harshly, speaking sharply, pointing directly to the deepest part of the star's heart.


Sky Horse sprayed blood directly, angry to fight, a grumpy, almost fainted.

“Your whole life, you are destined to be stomped under the feet of my teacher's ‘Baixian' real person, there is no place for turning over. Your beloved woman, taken from you, the best disciple, is also a wedding dress for people. ”

The phrase goes back and forth in the field.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi and others heard nothing but cold hearts. It is unimaginable. In the past, Tianxing Hou was in the miracle fairy trail, how humiliated he was.

It is perfectly possible to speculate that the stars of the former miracle were defeated, even ravaged, by one person at a time, and that their beloved woman was also taken away by the other.

Today, he worked so hard to cultivate a brilliant genius with all his heart, he wanted to one day defeat “the man”, and as he wished, he was still easily taken away by the other.

“This is a completely unequal game between the masters, the so-called" Baixian ”real person, from the beginning to the end, easily plays with the stars and stars in the palm of his hand.

For a moment, Qin Yi's heart was really outraged.

Though he is only a famous disciple of the Star Marquis, his emotions are not very deep, but at this moment, his inner sense of justice has swelled to the extreme. On his day, he entered the miracle fairy trail to ravage the pasture, defeat the Black Robe Youth Happiness, even challenge the so-called “worship fairy” real person, and seek justice for the Star Marquis.

He knew this day would come.

With his own potential, and King Senroe's potential, if he can't even enter the miracle fairy tracks, King Senroe, the underworld ruler, is a dry eater.

At this moment, Black Robe youth He Kung Fu has left with Makita, and all the people in the martial arts field are silent and low.

Tianxing Hou poured all his heart on the pasture, and finally it was the bamboo basket that hit the water, making a wedding dress for the people.

Ji Wu Tian, Lu Lecturer and other celestial government executives, filled with grief and anger, scolding the shameless of the "Baixian” real master, and Makita's ungrateful guilt.

“Don't blame Makita. ”

Tianxing sighed heavily, said: “Makita is very smart and sensible, the 'Baixian’ real person, absolutely unusual, harsh means, with the eight potential of Makita, if he did not give in just now, there is a great risk that He Gong will be scrapped on the spot to repair, even to become crippled, what he will not get, will never let me get, and such genius, even if not my own disciple, after entering the Sect Gate, is extremely easy to be adopted as a disciple by some tall person of the Sect Gate, this is what the 'Baixian' real person does not want to see. ”

It turns out that people are suddenly enlightened.

Makita had no way back, he had to choose to give in. As the young man in the black robe went to the miracle fairy trail, of course, he did not exclude himself. He also wanted to be a disciple of the elder of the miracle fairy trail "Bai Xian”.

“It was you, Qin Yi, who just showed you justice and was very shocking to me. ”

Tianxing Hou glanced at Qin Yi, and in his eyes, there was a color of appreciation, even a little gratitude. Only then did he emerge for himself, when the hearts of Tianjing Hou became invincible and overwhelming.

“Qin Yi, in the past, your potential test showed that there are only seven and a half segments, which is half way worse than Makita, but you just seem extremely confident, beyond Makita? Did the crystal stick show your qualifications on the day, when something really went wrong? ”

Tianxing Hou's gaze restored some of the finesse of the past days and looked at Qin Yi immobilized.

Clearly, Makita has now been taken away by the "Baixian” real person, and he has placed his expectations on Qin Yi.

“Back to the master, I don't know. I just feel like I can go beyond Makita. ”

Qin Yi is naturally impossible to say, now his true potential is his original potential, plus King Senroe's potential. Otherwise, the whole of Tianxing province will be instantly bombarded. However, his fate will most likely become the same as that of Makita.

“Well, in your previous game with Makita, I had a hidden feeling that you did seem a little better than Makita, so five days later, let me retest your potential. ”

Tianxing Hou is a giant, in a much higher mood than ordinary people, and has completely accepted the fact that it has lost its pasture.