The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 165: World War Chronicle

Ji Wu Tian suddenly had a cold drink, tall body, burst forward, waved palms towards Qin Yi, smashed out, without any reservations.

With his clap split, a powerful blade formed and broke away.

Feeling the power of the Battle of Discipline Warfare Day, Qin Yi did not dare to be careless, his body was exuberant, and he floated wildly, spreading "Lingfeng Palm" out.

“Type-1 - Fantasy style! ”

Qin Yi's palms split, and in the martial arts field, suddenly there was a wild wind, and the wind blade formed on the road, facing the blood of Ji Wu Tian to be cut!


The huge powerful blade formed by blood refining and chopping collided with the dense hemp wind blade chopped out by Qin Yi, which struck a loud noise, causing the eardrum to numb and blood gas shock.

The pounding wave swept away, taking Qin Yi and Ji Wu Tian out separately.

“Sure, a little bit stronger than Makita! ”

Qin Yi's heart was shaken by the huge air wave, impacted the chest, the blood gas flickered, it was extremely painful.

Ji Wentian's blood cultivation has almost been cultivated to the great and complete realm. The power in the Gendo is extremely ambitious. The method of clapping is even more perfect. Even if Qin Yi enters the state of emptiness, he cannot see its breaking.

“You're good! ”

After a palm of hand, the heart of Ji Wu Tian was equally appalled. He only felt that Qin Yi's power surged like a giant wave, irresistible.

And Qin Yi's institutional defense is incredible.

You know, this clap, he directly split ten percent of his strength, and if he is a practitioner at the top of the General Gendo 7, this clap of strength is enough to kill him.

Qin Yi, however, was merely lifted and left no trauma on his body.

“Blood refining chop type two! ”

Ji Wu Tian turned towards Qin Yi and struck out again. This one formed a powerful blade, compared to the first palm, there is also a huge space around, all following the distortion.

“Lingfeng Palm Type 2 - Phantom Rain! ”

Qin Yi grabbed the hand of Ji Wu Tian and struck it out.

With this clap of his, the rain reappeared around him, and the rain condensed into huge palms, crystal clear, dense and numb, rushing toward the kingdom of war.

“Break it! ”

Ji Zhengtian drank heavily, and his voice roared back in the arena.


The palm of Ji Wu Tian's hand will crumble the shadow of Qin Yi's dense and numb palm, all together.

That huge wave once again lifted both of them out of hatred and flew more than a dozen long distances before stopping their shape.

The flag drum is equivalent!

“Blood refining chop type three! ”

“Leng Feng Palm Type 3 - Phantom Thunder! ”

Between moments, Qin Yi and Ji Wu Tian fought together again. Both of them were inspired by a tremendous amount of inner strength, and put their martial arts to the ultimate, and fought wildly.

“Blood refining chop type four! ”

“Langfeng Palm Type 4 - Disillusionment! ”

“Blood refining, chopping off formula five! ”

“Hopper Fist! ”

“Blood cultivation, type six! ”

“Hopper Fist! ”

“ …… ”

In the martial arts, Ji Wu Tian and Qin Yi's crazy war, both will play their martial arts, they are both ultimate, their figure is subtle, their hands are fierce, waves of air waves, huge waves to the four quarters, everyone hurried back, scared to hit the pond fish.

“Ha ha, Qin Yi, you are very good! ”

In the heart of Ji Wu Tian, the fierce will of war flared. It was a mad laugh: “I was born in Ji Wu Tian, this is the first time this happy man has fought! Blood refinery, chop fifteen! ”

“Hopper Fist! ”

Qin Yi was also very happy with the battle, and moved out the most basic boxing method, "Ju Wang Fist", to confront the discipline of the heavens.

Ji Wu Tian's "Blood Cutting" seemed endless. He couldn't even finish the fight. After that, there was a stronger one. Moreover, the technique, none of which was completely different, so it changed.

Regardless of the evolution of "Blood Cutting" in discipline, he has consistently been a set of "Champion Fists" to not adapt to all changes and to play the ultimate in Champion Fists.

This is quite a battle. Fantastic!

At this moment, everyone fought with big eyes, staring dead at the war between the two, and fearing that they would miss a minor action would cause lifelong regret.

Looking at the battlefield, the teenager who has always been at war with the disciplined world, the hearts of the people cannot be calm. You know, the strength of Ji Wu Tian is very poignant in the whole of Tianxing Province, and it is arguably second only to the existence of Tianjing Hou.

“Incredibly, a teenager who was built to be only the peak of the Seven Realms of Enlightenment has such a fighting power. ”

“I have consulted with Ji Wu Tian in the past, and unfortunately, Ji Wu Tian eventually defeated me. If I faced this teenager, I would undoubtedly have defeated at this moment! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone at the top of Tianxing Province, whispered, many people's faces, appeared shameful, and thought they were not rivals of Qin Yi.

Tianxing Hou's gaze was also always brilliant. Qin Yi's fighting power truly exceeded his expectations. However, it was always difficult for him to truly rejoice.

Because Qin Yi's previous potential tests showed that he had only seven and a half legs of potential.

If the crystal rod showed correctly at the time, it would be difficult to fulfill that wish for him if the strength of the battle was even stronger at this time.

“Blood refining chopped off formula twenty! ”

In the fierce battlefield, unconsciously, Ji Wu Tian has finished the "Blood Refining and Cutting" Formula 19.

With the cultivation of this type of blood in Ji Wu Tian, he only saw a dramatic change in the strength of the blade, forming a blood palm shadow, the blood palm shadow is full of two lengths wide, through a tremendous, so that the winner could not help but a chestnut.

That bloody palm smelled terrible, as if it were a staggering hand cut out of Shura's field.

“So strong! ”

Qin Yi's heart was slightly shocked, suddenly the whole popularity rhyme changed greatly, all over her body, a hint of magic haunted, how one of the Wangu demons suddenly came into the martial arts.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

He finally activated this school break, which belongs to the Immortal Age.

“Pfft, pfft...”

The bone in his left hand, a sound, suddenly, his entire left hand rose to a width.


Jong-woon's left hand greeted the bloody palm as if it had been taken since the fairy years, smashing endless space-time and shooting it here.

The speed of the left hand shot by the demon was extremely slow, as if the flow rate of time had suddenly slowed down at this moment, but in discipline day, this clap was fast to the limit.


The demon's left hand crumbles the bloody palm shadow directly.

A huge wave of energy swept away, hitting two people, both of them backwards and backwards, the blood in the chest fluttered, extremely painful.

The ground beneath their feet was blown out of a huge pit by huge amounts of energy.

Dixie Warfare was shaped slightly and almost fell to the ground, but he finally stopped.

Ji Wu Tian resisted the Seven Types of Celestial Demons!

Qin Yi had a war with so many people, it was the first time he had met someone, he could take this style hard next.

“Blood refining chopped off type 21! ”

Ji Zhengtian drank heavily, his palms split, and his palms gathered directly into a bloody palm that was three feet wide.


In that bloody palm shadow, there was an awesome strange sound coming out, heard human scalp numbness, a skeleton shadow appeared empty, carried the big knife, carried a spear, carried a bow and arrow, did not enter the bloody palm shadow.

This masterpiece seems to really accommodate a Huo Yuan.

Everyone broke their chin in shock.

“Amazing martial arts! ”

Looking at that strange bloody palm, even the star marquis, couldn't help but microscopically look: “The entire star palace, beneath itself, is the most powerful, when the centuries are at war! ”

“Since when has Ji Wu Tian become so powerful? ”

Many Tianxing Mansion executives are incredibly ashamed to have struck such an incredible hand in discipline warfare.

“Strong indeed! ”

Feel the bloody palm that seems to hold a Huo Yuan, Qin Yi is also shaken by herself.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo ”

Qin Yi did not hesitate to exhibit his strongest cards. Tenjin's left hand was instantly as wide as his two brothers, and his hidden magic surrounded him was also more intense at this moment.


Full of two legs, the demon's left hand whistled towards the bloody palm.

“Knock! ”

The bloody palm shadow just crumbled!

Nevertheless, the demon's left hand did not stop and he broke everything without moving forward.

Qin Yi suddenly harvested half of his power when the demon's left hand was shot directly on the body of Ji Wu Tian.

Nonetheless, it still felt as though it was a mountain, coming towards him, making it difficult for him to resist, and the whole person flew out.

But Ji Wu Tian was the second person in Tianxing Mansion. The strength in the Gendo was unimaginable. On that day, the rebellion formed on him by the Devil's left hand clap also lifted Qin Yi out.


The whole scene was so quiet.

Such an end, unexpectedly, Qin Yi, can't believe that the battlefield with Ji Wu Tian is normal!

“Pfft, pfft! ”

Tianxing Hou gently clapped his hands and looked at Qin Yi with admiration: “Qin Yi, your fighting power completely exceeds my expectations. The fighting power of Ji Wu Tian, all over Tianxing Province, is also beneath me. He exercises the strongest martial arts, but you can still tie hands with him. Makita Shufu is on the same line as Makita, but in terms of fighting power, things are slightly inferior to Makita, that is, the battle you fought Makita a few days ago, Makita lost! ”

Through this battle with Ji Wun Tian, everyone knew the results of the first battle between Qin Yi and Makita that had no ending a few days ago: Qin Yi, slightly stronger, Makita, defeated!

Unimaginable, the cultivation of Qin Yi, only the peak of Xuando 7 realm, actually cut even with Ji Wu Tian!

This makes the rest of the Tianxing Mansion's high level, the color of their faces is a little unhanging. Their modification grade is higher than that of Qin Yi. The lowest, they also reached the peak of the Eight Realms of Xuando, but they are not rivals of Qin Yi when it comes to fighting power.

“This teenager, the word 'evil’, is not enough to describe his pervert! ”

Many people have this idea in their hearts.


Yang Shiqi, the tempting red mouth in the crowd, after an extremely stunned slight opening for a while, the light eyebrows between the eyes, revealed a strong delight.

My beloved teenager did such a wonderful job, she felt like she had an incredible view.