The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 174: The Ten Bronzers

Two hours later, the first level of the entrance examination “Bronze Clock Close” finally ended, leaving only half of the original 100 talented teenagers.


A white figure burst out from the far realm of the fairy trail of Xia Guang Mountain Gate, a breath came over the square and slowly landed.

In an instant, the people on the field felt a great deal of pressure. As the white shadow slowly landed, it became difficult for the people present to resist and feel like an ant.

It was an old whitebeard, haunted by a faint white light, like a cactus descending from the upper realm.

“This is…”

Everyone's hearts are full.

“Bye, Elder Kang! ”

Spiritual Fox Hall Master and other magical miracle fairy tracks and other members rushed to see each other. Big congratulations. Tianxing Hou et al., too, rushed forward and followed in worship.

Elder Kang, status is quite high in the sect, and its practice is even more unimaginable. Even if it is placed in the miracle fairy trail, it is very lean forward. It is enough to destroy the existence of the spiritual fox hall master, it is also two or three tricks.

Such heights, if not stunning potential, would be difficult to reach, even if they were exhausted for a lifetime.

Elder Jiang did not care about the people who worshipped him, suddenly his figure flashed, “shrugged”, and in the blink of an eye, he came to Xi Xuan.

“You… what are you going to do? ”

Xi Xuan made a big jump and asked out loud.

“Ha ha, the potential of the eight rings, that's great. Recently, I wanted to recruit a disciple. It's a shame that Makita was only taken by the 'Sacrifice' real person a few days ago. It's a shame to get ahead of him. But God still treats me well, and now there's another talented teenager with the potential to make a scene. I'm going to train you to defeat the disciple of ’Bye Fairy'. Are you interested in seeing me at my door? ”

Elder Kang smiled and looked at Xi Xuan. His face was an irresistible color of love.

Cultivate Xi Xuan to defeat Makita, the real disciple of 'Baixiang'?

Qin Yi and others were stunned. For a moment, they stared at each other and looked extremely strange.

Unexpectedly, this elder Kang also wants to deal with the "Baixian” real person.

Of course, Elder Kang is not really going to deal with the "Baixiang” real person, he is just the disciple he wants, he was taken away by the "Baixiang” real person, he is very disgusted.

Therefore, Elder Kang wanted to rebuild a disciple and defeat the disciple of the “Baixian” real person.

Such clandestine struggles are common in some parishes.

“Things seem to be getting better and better. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart.

“Xi Xuan, once you become an in-laws disciple of Elder Kang, you will be promoted directly to the inner gate disciple, without suffering among the outside disciples. ”

Remind the Fox Hall Master.

Xi Xuan's next moon was already very excited. She trembled slightly: “Xuan, why don't you say ‘I will’! ”

“I would. ”

Xi Xuanzheng said that the blush flutter was obviously quite exciting.

“Ha ha, good. In the future, you will be glad you promised to be my hands-on disciple today. Humph, 'Baixian' real person, you wait, my disciple, will certainly be much better than your disciple. ”

Elder Kang was very happy.

Without further delay, he left the square with Xi Xuan and went into the miracle fairy trail.

Elder Kang walked Xi Xuan. It was just a little insert. The "entrance examination” here is still going on.

At this moment, the first level of 'Copper Bell Gate' is over. Next, the second level of assessment is completed.

In accordance with the provisions of the entrance examination, the entire entrance examination process is divided into three phases, which were previously introduced by the Principal of the Spiritual Fox Hall.

However, it is not known what the next two levels of assessment are, and the young people present are curious about this.

“Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, the first level of potential testing has passed, and Bai Xian's eyes have also left, the next two levels of testing, you can no longer suppress yourselves. ”

Tianxing Hou whispered to Qin Yi three people.

Qin Yi nodded, the first level of potential testing is the most important level. If this level of achievement is even, the next two levels, even if the results are better, will not make the magic fairy track of the top level, attract too much attention.

“The next level of the assessment is Copper Man Off. ”

Principal of the Spiritual Fox Hall announced.

“Copper Man Off? ”

Everyone looked at each other, and I couldn't imagine what that was about.

“Now, the teenager who passed the first level assessment, follow me to the second level assessment, the teenager who failed the first level assessment, please go back. ”

Let the Fox Hall Master lead the crowd somewhere without further delay.

Everyone is a talented teenager. He is naturally extraordinary. He opens martial arts. He is as light as a swallow. He follows behind the main body of Fox Hall and continues to fly forward.

Here is a strange peak stone, the clouds are foggy, like the immortal realm of the human being, it is amazing, can see Qin Yi and others, how dark the tongue is.

A tea hour has finally arrived at its destination.

This is a huge valley that can hold hundreds or so of people.

It's amazing that, in front of the valley, there's a giant pavilion hanging in the sky, with ten faces, each side standing about the height of a copper man.

Each of the ten bronzers held a bronze stick.

It's just that the ten bronzers are a little peculiar, and there's only one shadow to hide, and it's impossible to see clearly.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand, entering a state of emptiness, and Ling Li perceived to cover that huge pavilion.

“It is still impossible to see the face of these ten bronzers. ”

Qin Yi's heart was slightly horrified.

“This is Bronze Man Guan. How do I test it? ”

Dragonflame frowned.

His words, too, raised questions in the hearts and minds of all present.

“This second level of bronze is challenging the ten bronzers. I have to explain that the ten bronzers' cultivation, which is floating, will take root in your own cultivation, and float in your own cultivation. You fix it high, the ten coppers fix it, you fix it low, the ten coppers fix it low, and in short, they will always be the same as you. ”

"One more thing, I must mention, is that the top ten bronzers, although they are always in line with you, will change in battle power. If you defeat the first bronze, then the second bronze will be a little higher than the first bronze. If you defeat the second bronze, the third will come out of the bronze, and the battle power will be a little higher on the basis of the second bronze, and so on. ”

It's amazing!

What do people say, their hearts are even more confused, what exactly are these ten bronze men?

Of course, in the hearts of the people, more bitter, the battle power of the bronze is higher than that of one, and if you hit the tenth, how terrible would it be?

Someone's been, in the dark, beating back the drums.

However, this is an assessment, and even if the drum is retracted, it must be hard on the scalp.

“The score method, like the first level, is very full, beating a copper man and score. Now start the second level of the Bronze Man Off. ”

The Fox Hall Master announced that there was not much expression on his face.

Obviously, the difficulty of this examination is enormous, the bronze will not be tired, and the strength will gradually rise, while the young men who take the assessment will have to fight continuously against the increasingly powerful bronze.

“Number two, Zeng Qing! ”

Make the Fox Hall owner start to break through by name based on the number, because the first level has been eliminated by nearly half, so many numbers have become empty.


As his voice dropped, a young man in a yellow robe jumped lightly and rushed to the giant pavilion. The pavilion is not very high from the ground, only about three lengths, such height, the average practitioner can jump up.

As soon as he rushed to the pavilion, the face of Zeng Qing revealed a horrible colour. The whole person was a little stunned and shouted: “What's going on? ”

This is…

Seeing the strange performance of the past, the people below are all confused.

“This pavilion, a law formation, is in the pavilion, invisible to the outside world, what you see in front of you, not even the pavilion. ”

Let the Fox Hall Master explain.

“Turns out, this is Falun...”

Everyone was stunned.

The miracle fairy trail, after the Holy See of Kyushu, is filled with magical machines, even a pavilion, is a magical formation, in the pavilion, can not see the outside world, while the outside world can see the inside of the pavilion.


In the pavilion, a copper man with a bronze stick suddenly rushed towards Zeng Qing without any signs, waved the bronze stick, until he had swept it up, was terrified, hurried to battle, the two men instantly fought together.

Nevertheless, he was a talented teenager, and a moment later he defeated the copper man.

However, before he could catch his breath, another copper man rushed out. He dared not to be lazy at all and could only continue to fight.

“Ping-pong! ”

The Cultivation of the Copper Man is the same level as that of Zeng Qing. When Zeng Qing knocked the copper man over, he was already sweating.


Without giving Zeng some rest time, the third copper man had rushed out, waved the copper stick and killed Xiang Zeng Qing.

The people below, staring, dark bitterness in their hearts, continuous fighting, no breathing opportunities during the period, and the battle power of the bronze people, will continue to climb...

In this case, defeating all ten bronzers is harder than climbing the sky!


In the face of the third copper man, Qing Qing could no longer support him. He was beaten out of the pavilion by a copper stick and fell under the pavilion. His face was unhappy.

“Zeng Qing defeated two bronzers and scored 2 points. ”

The result of the pronouncement without the expression on the face of the Fox Hall master.

According to the assessment rules, in addition to the first level, people will be eliminated directly, and the next two levels will not be eliminated directly. Those left behind from the first level will wait until the second level and the third level are all evaluated, and then the scores of the third level will be added up and screened.

Subsequently, juveniles continued to challenge the top 10 bronzers to take the second level of the "Bronze Gate” assessment.

Most people, can barely beat two or three bronzers, can beat four bronzers, very few, can beat five bronzers, no.

“The only weakness of these ten bronzers, who are extremely defensive and infinitely powerful, is that they are slightly slow, but nevertheless much more difficult than their average peer practitioners. ”

Qin Yi did not move his voice to motivate his left hand, put the fights of the ten bronze men into his mind, analyze them, and find out their weaknesses and strengths, so that it can be easier to wait for the next time he breaks through.