The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 176: The Last Copper

Qin Yi did not change martial arts, and still fought with his most familiar champion, with the 7th Bronze Man.

“Ping-pong! ”

Qin Yi's fist seemed to have penetrated heaven and earth, completely integrated into nature avenue, and completely suppressed the seventh copper man.

Three minutes later, the seventh copper man flew out and fell.


The 7th copper man just fell down, an otherwise closed door opened, the 8th copper man came out of the door, carrying a copper stick in his hand, and walked indifferently to Qin Yi.

“Nice, five times stronger than the 1st copper man. ”

Qin Yi frowned and exhaled slightly. The divine color became slightly heavy.


Qin Yi's body burst out suddenly to the eighth copper man: “Ling Feng Palm! ”

Qin Yi finally stopped using the "Champion Fist" and started using the "Ling Feng Palm" to fight.

"Champion Fist", after all, is only one of the most basic martial arts, even if cultivated to the realm of success, its role is limited in the face of strong enemies.

With Qin Yi's palm split out, the entire palm was immediately massively clapped, wind rolled up, that palm wind turned into a wind blade, dense numbness, towards the 8th copper man.


The 8th Bronze Man withstood the thick hemp wind blade to the fullest, tremendous power and shook it out.

However, the battle power of this 8th bronze man, after all, can not be underestimated. In the course of flying, his body broke a strange angle, meanwhile, he went mad at Qin Yi.


Qin Yi gently nodded his head, some movement.

He did not hesitate, stepped on his foot to praise his father, put on "Lingfeng Palm", instantly, with the 8th Bronze Man again.

Five minutes later.


The 8th copper man, split by Qin Yi, flew out, fell flashly, for a moment, unable to climb up.

Qin Yi wins!

With the defeat of the 8th Bronze, the 9th Bronze appeared, carrying a bronze stick, and walked out of a door.


The footsteps of the 9th Bronze man, echoing in the hall, seemed to merge into the natural avenue. Every step was like stepping on the human heart, causing the blood in the human body to expand indescribably.

His body cast in copper emitted a tremendous amount of pressure, stifling slightly, all over him like a sharp sword.

The previous Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame were defeated in the hands of the copper man, whose fighting power is visible.

“Somewhat powerful! ”

Qin Yi frowned, the divine colour on his face, and weighed a few more points. Even Qin Yi felt a great sense of oppression when the inner strength emanated from the 9th copper man.


The 9th copper man, did not give Qin Yi any time to breathe, his legs slipped, the copper body burst out, waved the copper stick, and slapped towards Qin Yi.

With the shooting of this stick, Qin Yi just felt as if it was a huge mountain, crushing down towards himself, with a million troops.

“Type-1 - Fantasy style! ”

Qin Yi raised his head and slapped the copper stick over his head, the ninth copper man, slapped out, huge energy wave, swooping out, rushing to all sides.

“Knock! ”

The ground beneath Qin Yi's feet, unable to withstand the power of the confrontation between the two, directly tortoised.

“Really strong, this 9th bronze man, based on the 8th bronze man, directly doubled, no wonder Sister Yang and Long Yan are not rivals. Even Makita of the day was afraid he wasn't his opponent! ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart.

He stepped on his father's foot, brazen in his body, and floated wildly, bringing "The Wind Palm" to the ultimate, fighting with the 9th Bronze Man.

Now, his "Lingfeng Palm" has cultivated half a step into four realms, it is not necessary to be strong and horizontal. At the time of the war on the pasture, the pasture was always suppressed to death. However, the ninth copper man in front of him was a copper stick. He cut Qin Yi out of the palm shadow and blocked it as much as possible. None of them were split on his copper body.


Qin Yi's heart instantly burned with fierce warfare, clothes hunting, dark hair all over his head, madly dancing.

With the passage of time, the ninth copper man finally began to fade into hidden wind. Qin Yi's praise for his father's steps. Many times, it was as if he had directly shattered the space of one side. Suddenly left and right, his body was impossible to figure out, and completely suppressed the ninth copper man.

The people beneath the pavilion have long been fought by Qin Yi, completely stunned, looking as if they were drunk.

They never dreamed that, in the first level of the examination, only 5 points, the teenager who barely passed, had such tremendous fighting power!


The master of the fox hall over there, all for the war between Qin Yi and the 9th copper man, deeply moved, his face changed, feeling extremely unbelievable.

“Zhan Yan, you really taught an excellent disciple! ”

"Of all the exams of the miracle fairy trail, I have yet to see the 9th Bronze Man, the strongest, defeat the 8th Bronze Man. It is said that in the past, the owners of the Monster Trail came alone to challenge the top ten bronzers. No one knows the outcome of the challenge. The world only knows that the owners were severely traumatized by the 10th bronze man and rested well for six months before recovering. ”


Tianxing Hou's body was tremendously shocked, revealing a strong sense of shock on his face: “The 10th Bronze Man, who once severely traumatized all the owners of the miracle fairy trace? ”

Everyone in the room was breathless and shocked. How strong was the 10th Bronze Man?

Tianxing Hou, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame all had to show a worrying color on their faces.

Qin Yi's power is strong, but compared to the lord of the miracle fairy...

“Yes, the 10th Bronze Man, who will devastate the Patriarch, when his life was almost at stake, but unfortunately, that challenge, the Patriarch came alone, and no one witnessed the prodigal war between the Patriarch and the 10th Bronze Man. To this day, nobody knows how powerful the 10th Bronze Man was, or even how strong he was. ”

Ask the Fox Hall Master Xu Xu to say.

The 10th Bronze Man, what kind of fighting power, what kind of Gestapo attitude?

Everyone in the venue has a great curiosity about this, even some people are suspicious, 10 bronze people, what kind of existence is it? It actually seriously damages the owner of the miracle fairy trace!

In the palace, Qin Yi's war with the 9th Bronze Man continues.

At this moment, Qin Yi's war intentions were outrageous. Not only did he simply carry out "Ling Feng Palm", "Kill Style 3", but he also carried out it.

The physical defense of the 9th largest copper man reached the extreme. Qin Yi punched the three punches of "Kill Three" firmly and firmly on his copper. He directly punched several deep punch prints, and even failed to punch them.

At some point.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

Qin Yi's whole human rhythm changed dramatically in an instant, as if he were a fairy demon king who suddenly came into the hall.


Jong-won's left hand slapped the 9th Bronze Man hard and made a huge copper tremor.

“Boom! ”

The 9th Bronze Man fell.

Qin Yi wins!

“This teenager really beat the 9th Bronze Man! ”

Below the pavilion, a shout.

Until then, the 9th Bronze Man was defeated by the Patriarch.

Now, I can't imagine a teenager as young as fifteen years old with such a fighting power!

“Defeat the 9th Bronze Man, the 10th Bronze Man, coming out! ”

To make Fox Hall master drink, the divine color is a little exciting, all along, in the miracle fairy trace, no one but the lord has seen the true look of the 10th bronze man, and the lord, also, is never willing to mention the 10th bronze man.

Though the 10th Bronze Man appeared to be standing there with a bronze stick in his hand, it was extremely obscure and impossible to see clearly.

“Finally beat the 9th Bronze Man! ”

In the main hall, Qin Yi Qin Yi breathed out a long breath. This battle was quite difficult to fight. At this time, he was already scarred.

However, the effect of "The Art of Return of Life" cultivation on the realm of small formation is remarkable. His wounds, between rapid healing and blinking, are no major obstacle.

The whole person, too, became instantly full of spirits without a bit of exhaustion after the Great War.

The advantages of Return of Life are manifested at this moment.

“Next up is the 10th Bronze Man! ”

Qin Yi frowned and burned in his chest.

He is ready for the last and most terrible battle!

“Pfft, pfft...”

A gentle round of applause came from behind.


Qin Yilin turned quickly and was confused: “The 10th copper man didn't show up, but... an old man appeared? ”

An old man in a grey robe with a white beard is walking slowly towards Qin Yi. The old man in the gray robe doesn't know how many years he has lived. He has skin on his face, like pine bark.

“I, the so-called 10th Bronze Man. ”

The gray old man smiled and said.

- What? - What?

Qin Yi blinked his eyes a few times and broke his jaw directly.

The 10th copper man, not a copper man, but an old man who lived indefinitely, but before he came in, Qin Yi saw that he stood beside the pavilion, obviously ten coppers!

“Juvenile, I know you're confused right now. The top 10 bronzers standing by the pavilion, the top 9, are real, but the 10th bronze man is an illusion. ”

The old man in the grey robe whisked his sleeves.

With this stroke, the people outside the pavilion just felt the scene in the pavilion shake, and immediately, everything was still. What they saw was that Qin Yi and a copper man sat there motionless.


What the hell is going on?

Everyone at the venue, including the Fox Hall Master, was stunned.

They wanted to take a good look at the 10th Bronze Man, and the image stopped moving.

“It was the 10th Bronze who did something special to keep us from seeing their fights. ”

Let the Fox Hall Master make such a decision quickly.

Everyone regretted it.

One of the most mysterious, wonderful, suspenseful battles, yet invisible.

Seeing this scene, Yang Shiqi, Tianxing Hou, Dragon Flame and the other three can't help but show anxiety and anxiety on their faces. They are very worried about the safety of Qin Yi.

In the past, the 10th Bronze Man, the owner of the miracle fairy trail was severely damaged. Can Qin Yi resist the 10th Bronze Man attack?