The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 179: Entering the Magic Trail

Qin Yi accurately and accurately reported seven kinds of changes in the Copper Beast Array. How could the old man of the Red Robe easily miss such a "magical talent of the Array"?

One side stunned the Fox Hall Master.

He had no idea that a teenager whose potential had barely passed the examination would lead the two supervisors to compete with each other.

In the miracle fairy tracks, there are many institutions, such as the Foreign Affairs Hall, the Alchemy Room, the Paradise of Heaven, etc.

Among them, the alchemy room is responsible for the refining of dandelion drugs, the cultivation of medicinal materials, etc., while the paradise is the research method, formation and other matters.

The old man in the red robe, the chief of the paradise, is a magician of the formation, the copper and animal map in front of him, is from his hands.

Since the Copper Beast Array was successfully developed, so far, no one has been able to accurately report seven changes. Qin Yi is the only one.

“Junior, who do you want to defeat as a teacher? By the way, I forgot to remind you that the Alchemist, in the miracle fairy trace, has a very high status, even if it is not the miracle fairy trace, in other monuments, it is superior...”

The old man in the gray robe did not give in to each other, and said with enthusiasm to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

Both alchemists and matriarchs have a higher status than your fox hall, and now both want to take him as a disciple.

For a while, it was difficult for Qin Yi to be around.

To enter the miracle fairy trail, you do need to find a mountain to lean against, but these two mountains are still not big enough to be a little lower than the real person.

Don't forget, "Baixiang" is a real person, it's a new elder, if he wants to suppress it, it's still easy.

At the very least, the three of us must be elder-level beings in order to rely on the mountains, so that the real talent of "Baixiang" can't help it.

“Thank you for the kindness of the two seniors, but the seniors have just entered the Sect, want to practice, become an inner disciple first, for the other, do not want to think about it for now. ”

Qin Yi Wan said no.

The old man in the red robe and the old man in the grey robe looked at each other with some disappointment, but neither of them obviously intended to give up. After all, Qin Yi simply said that he wanted to become an inner door disciple before saying that if he became an inner door disciple, he would most likely be willing to learn alchemy or formation method.

It's just unfortunate that the two of them are unable to make Qin Yi a direct disciple of the inner gate.

In that case, everything can only be said later.

When Qin Yi left the house, he discovered that the fox hall master looked at his own eyes and had become different, even slightly feverish.

A teenager who beat nine bronzers in the second level of "Bronze Man Off” and now pisses off two chief executives against each other is absolutely remarkable.

It's just unfortunate that the potential of the teenager is, at the end of the day, somewhat poor.

“Old Ye, why are you competing with me for this teenager, don't you think, entering the Alchemy Room and learning Alchemy from you is a waste of a warfare genius? ”

The old man in the red robe is always a little angry.

“Old Shi, this is a bad word. This teenager's insight and memory are best suited for alchemy, good memory, can remember the performance, traits, etc. of Baihua, good insight makes it easier to grasp the fire. ”

The old man in the grey robe shook his head and said.

Next, they were blushing again.

Stunned the Fox Hall Master.

The elders of the red robe and the gray robe are second only to the elders in the sect, but at this moment, they have repeatedly given way to a teenager with mediocre qualifications.

Out of the house, Tianxing Hou Yang Shiqi and Long Yan three people learned that Qin Yi had scored a high score of 7 points, and all were overjoyed. One heart was implemented as if it were a stone.

So far, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and the three of them entered the miracle fairy tracks without any suspense.

The third level of 'Copper Beast Gate' assessment is still ongoing.

But the next teenager's grades were flat, not surprisingly, three or four points, and even that feather scored only three points.

Zhu Fangqiu, Princess of the Huaxia Empire, scored 5 points.

Two hours later, the ‘Copper Beast Off’ test was finally completed.

Three levels of entrance examination, and now, it is completely over. There is no shortage of brilliant genius, such as Xi Xuan, but there are also a lot of ordinary geniuses, and it is a dark end.

The fairy trail of the miracle was negotiated and, based on the total score earned by the crowd, it was decided to hire a juvenile ranked first.

“For this entrance exam, Sect decided to admit the top 30 of you. ”

Let the Fox Hall Master announce.

Top 30?

The people couldn't help but look at each other for a while.

For this entrance examination, more than a hundred talented teenagers arrived. In the first level of "Copper Bell Close”, we eliminated half of them. Now, the top 30, that is, only half of the teenager geniuses here will be admitted.

“Number one: Qin Yi. ”

The Fox Hall Master began to announce the results, and everyone present listened carefully.

“Second place: Yang Shiqi. ”

“Number three: Dragon Flame. ”

“Fourth place: Zhu Fangqiu. ”

“Fifth place: Feng Yu. ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi and the three of them are steadily in the top three.

Fixed as the first feather, but only the fifth, slightly worse than Princess Taiping.

“Haha, Tianjing Hou, your three disciples are really good, the top three are all occupied by the three of them, but unfortunately, in terms of potential...”

Tomorrow's moon laughed at Tianxing Hou. The meaning of his words was very obvious. His qualifications were even. Later, he entered the miracle fairy trail, and he could not escape the fate of struggling at the bottom.

His disciple Xi Xuan, however, was seen by Elder Kang. He was directly adopted as an in-laws disciple, and his future was immeasurable.

Most of the disciples present at tomorrow's moon are quite agreeable with this statement, so Qin Yi and the three of them, even if they steadily occupied the first three, would not care too much.

“My three disciples, with equal qualifications, are naturally no better than those of the disciples of the Moon Hou. After entering the miracle fairy trail, I do not want to see how much success they can achieve in the future. I can learn some real martial arts, and I will be content. ”

The stars were humble and faint.

“The hearts and minds of the stars, ordinary people, how can you do that? ”

The moon will smile and I will be happy.

Soon, the Fox Hall Master will read the admission list. All the talented teenagers who have not been admitted are bleak, frustrated, but helpless. In their lifetime, they are doomed to no avail of the miracle fairy.

Thirty disciples were admitted to the Magic Fairy Trail this time. Of these, there is no shortage of all the stunning talents, such as Xi Xuan, who was directly adopted by Elder Kang as his own disciple. Feng Yu and Zhu Fangqiu also have very high potential. After entering the Magic Fairy Trail, there is no small future.

Especially Zhu Fangqiu, the future is basically visible if the potential is to have potential, if the appearance is to have appearance, and if the background is to have background.

Without delay, the Fox Hall Master led the 29 disciples admitted into the Monster Trail.

And Tianxing Hou said goodbye to Qin Yi and the three of them.

Before leaving, Tianxing Hou gave three more orders to Qin Yi. After entering the Sect, first, he must become an inner door disciple; second, he must find a mountain.

After the explanation, Tianxing Hou left with ease. He believed that Qin Yi and the three of them would be able to fulfill his wish.

Looking at the figure of the departure of Tianxing Hou, Qin Yi made a dark determination, not only to fulfill the desire of the master, but also to scold the wind and cloud in the miracle fairy trail, so that the miracle fairy trail can become its own springboard, and enter the Holy See of Kyushu, the supreme power of the Kyushu mainland!

The Cherry Emperor has been reincarnated, the turn has begun, and the Second Age of Great Destruction is coming!

Slightly, Qin Yi's mind appeared to think of Cherry's pink carved jade. For a moment, I missed her a lot.

“I don't know. What happened to the little guy at King Semiro's? When you break into the Patriarchal Realm, you have to go to that taboo world to see it. ”

Qin Yi snickered: “Perhaps on the little guy, you can also find a little clue about the turn of the Second Age of Great Destruction. ”

The Fox Hall Master brought twenty talented teenagers into the miracle fairy trail. The teenagers were full of curiosity and awe for the supernatural presence in the eyes of the world.

A golden and glorious palace in front of the crowd, haunting some glorious daylight, making it as immortal as any other.

Many teenagers are secretly excited.

“Tsk, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth here is quite intense and perfect for practice. ”

Feng Yu smiled and his face showed excitement.

Along the way, you can sometimes see some magic fairy trail disciples, Qin Yi found that they were basically full of disdain for their new outdoor disciples.

“It seems that the outside disciples here are indeed not to be seen. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart.

The owner of the fox hall first took Qin Yi and took them to the foreign affairs hall to register, and then arranged another stone house for each of them.

“This kind of treatment is the same as when you first entered Starling House, except that it's a wooden house in Starling House, and here, it's a stone house. ”

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan looked at each other and smiled.

The stone house of the three of them, is adjacent, the stone house of Yang Shiqi is in the center, the dragon flame is on the left, Qin Yi's is on the right.

In a stone house, as in the days of the Horse of the Stars, it is still as simple as ever, with only one stone bed, a stone bed, and an old mattress.

“You are now familiar with the three-day environment. Three days from now, someone will come to arrange chores for you. The outside disciple of Magic Fairy Trail must start with chores. ”

This is what the Fox Hall Master tells everyone when he leaves.

If Sect provides food and accommodation, you must do the chores for Sect. It is fair.

That evening, Qin Yi trailed his legs and sat on the stone bed. He pondered for a moment. He was very emotional about his journey.

At the time of entering the Ling Yu Gate in Phoenix, Qin Yi's cultivation, however, only Xuan Dao One Realm, the existence of the Ling Yu Gate mattress, was despised by the disciples.

Unexpectedly, less than a year ago, I have entered the core of the alliance of nations that the world must look to: the miracle of fairy tracks.

All of this comes from your left hand!

At some point.

In Qin Yi's mind, he calmly remembered the introductory examination stone, and the 10th “copper man” gray robe old man in the second level of "copper man closed”. He felt it. This 10th “copper man” was quite remarkable, whether he was built or born.

“Perhaps there are unknown secrets...”

Qin Yi speculated that he had an impulse to go and explore, but all three major places for entrance examination were forbidden by the miracle fairies. In general, the disciples of the sect were not allowed to enter without permission.

“There may not be a chance to learn the secrets of the 10th ‘Copper Man' in the future. ”

Qin Yi felt a little sorry for himself.

The magic miracle fairy trace, the ground is huge, these three days, Qin Yi and their new outdoor disciples are familiar with the environment everywhere, to understand some of the normally inaccessible restricted areas.

This day, Qin Yi heard a fierce fight outside the house before getting up. A moment later, the fight stopped.

Qin Yi stepped out of the house, turning out to be some new disciples, and clashed with several old outside disciples.

At this time, several newly arrived disciples, beaten to the ground by several old outside disciples, all scarred and dressed up.

Around, he surrounded a number of newly arrived disciples, and was quite angry at several even outside disciples, but no one dared to go forward and scold those old outside disciples.

Fixed as the first feather and the second princess of peace, Horan was also in the crowd.

“Newcomers, listen to me, be honest with me, tell you to wash clothes, pick water, cook, that's for you, don't lose face! ”

A flesh-faced man with a sharp eye and a cold sweep through the new entrance disciples present, all over his body, exuded a violent atmosphere.

Qin Yi secretly entered the emptiness state, spying on this person to cultivate: the peak of Xuando 9!

Such a mending, beyond the new introductory disciple ranked first, no wonder he could only stand by silently, face angry, but dare not go forward.

“Tsk, look at you boys, don't you like it? Come on, bite me! ”

Seeing the new introductory disciples around, none of them dared speak, the man with a full face became more arrogant, his hands forked waist, his face was full of the feeling of superiority of lack of smoking.

His name is Shizhou and he is about to enter the pagoda at the peak of Gendo 9.

Qin Yi speculated that the strength of this person should be similar to that of discipline, perhaps slightly stronger.

The outside disciple of the Magic Fairy Trail, has a ranking, this Shizhou ranking, ranked 27th, ranked medium.

“This bastard is so arrogant, he knew to bully the new entrant disciple! ”

Feng Yu et al., had a heart forward on Shizhou's dark teeth cut, but ultimately lacked a bit of courage.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, and Long Yan were all three of them, but the clouds were faint and the wind was light. Qin Yi had no fear of him.

At this moment, however, he did not want to force the beginning. He had just arrived at the miracle fairy trail. He was not yet familiar with everything here. He appeared out of the blue and feared that unnecessary trouble would ensue in the future.

“Tsk, of the new introductory disciples admitted, there are a few good looking chicks. I hear one of them is also the princess of the Chinese Empire. ”

Shizhou's arrogant gaze slowly swept over the faces of the new entrant disciples and stayed on Princess Taiping. He quickly came lazily to the front of Princess Taiping, his eyes wandered unchecked on the latter.

Princess Taiping has a shallow brow, a delicate face, and a disgust.

“Princess of the Warsaw Empire, beautiful. ”

Shizhou licked his lips.

“If you can, why don't you give me a try? ”

Princess Taiping's face is frosty, she drinks cold.