The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 184: Re-emerging Makita

Simply holding the sword awakens the soul of the sword smelting in its body, which is absolutely magical, even those who are legendary imperial powers may not be able to do so.

But anyway, this is a very welcome thing. With Yang Shiqi's sword in his hand, his power instantly rises to a level, which can be faster than any cultivation.

After acquiring the Solo Dragon Soul Sword, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi turned away without further delay and walked toward another medicine factory.

Looking at the shadow of two people leaving, behind the palm cabinet, the face still had an irrepressible horror.


He seemed to think of something, turning into a dark room.

One of the walls of the room was hung with a painting, which, obviously, had existed for many years. The picture was very blurred and had a sense of age.

But nonetheless, it's still invisible, and the painting shows a dying woman.

“The face of Kensei can no longer be seen clearly, but this figure is quite similar to the young girl...”

Looking at the woman in the picture, the body of the master cabinet, slightly shivering.

His family, generations of forged weapons, and the woman in this painting, is a legendary sword saint, holding the true meaning of the sword, a sword at will, is interpreting the true meaning of the sword.

This painting in front of me, the family of master cabinets, has been passed down for generations, basically every time a sword is forged, the swordsman comes to this painting with a sword and worships the woman in the painting.

“The Sword Sage on the painting obviously doesn't know how many years ago it existed, but the one who bought the sword just now is a young girl...”

For a while, the master cabinet was also confused: “Is the young lady... the descendant of this sword saint? ”

Yang Shiqi's body, how can it be like an endless years ago sword saint? She, the sword saint from before the ages? Or is she a descendant of Kensei, as the master guessed? Or just a coincidence?

Nowadays, no one can figure that out.

However, the master cabinet does not believe that this is just a coincidence. Yang Shiqi can wake up the blue dragon's soul melted in the sword body by holding the solo dragon's broken sword with her hand. There should be some unknown connection between her and the sword and the sword and saint before the endless years.

After Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi left the weapons shop, they entered a pharmacy and prepared to purchase some medicines to assist in cultivation.

Today, Qi Ping has emerged such a powerful enemy, Qin Yi cannot be careless.

With his current strength, Qin Yi speculated that it was easy to share the autumn color with him.

But behind Qi Ping, there is a stronger group of old disciples.

Like all pharmacies, this pharmacy also displays a wide variety of medicines, including Ganoderma lucidum, Blood Ginseng, Blue Field Jade, to Yuangrass...

And in the year, it was another grade higher than the pharmacy in Xingxian County. Here, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi actually saw 10,000 years of medicine.

“I don't know where they got 10,000 years of medicine. ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, both whispered.

However, the price is also unbearably expensive: 10,000 years of Ganoderma, a Kyushu Ganoderma stone!

This price makes Qin Yi feel a little powerless from the bottom of his heart.

Now, Qin Yi Huaili, there are already three Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones in the district, even if you take them all out to buy, you can buy only three 10,000 years old Lingzhi.

With a little contemplation, Qin Yi decided to buy two bags of a refining powder called "Wuzhi Hundred Pollen”, which is golden and has the effect of consolidating a person's physical defense.

Yang Shiqi has been lacking in institutional defense and is in perfect use.

Qin Yi's physical defense is already quite good, but he is not satisfied. There are a lot of masters in the miracle fairy trail. Physical defense becomes very important when the fighting power has not reached the level of ability to defeat the average masters.

Because of the good physical defense, fight!

And "Wuzhi Hundred Pollen” is not expensive, just 30,000 taels of silver a bag.

“Master, buy four 10,000 vintages of Ganoderma. ”

Just as Qin Yi was about to trade, a lazy voice suddenly came from one side.

Four 10,000 vintages of Ganoderma!

What a big fortune!

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, both slightly reflux and inhale cool air.

Four 10,000-year-old Ganoderma, four whole Kyushu Ganoderma stones, the magic fairy trail disciple, is vast.

Looking at this voice, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi's eyes, Xu slowly looked away, this look, the two suddenly slightly stunned.

The other party is... He Kung!

And beside He Gong, Mune's pasture is standing there.

Just a slight glimpse, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi are no longer paying attention to them. Together, they will meet here in the miracle fairy tracks, which is perfectly normal.

“Master cabinet, take two bags of 'Wuzhi Hundred Pollen’. ”

Qin Yi took out 60,000 taels of silver tickets and traded with the master cabinet.

Hand over the two bags of "Wuzhi Hundred Pollen" to the master cabinet. Collect them. Qin Yi and the two of them are about to leave.

“Stop. ”

A lazy voice came from behind.

Qin Yi and Qin Yi stood still and slowly turned to God. Qin Yi looked faintly at He Gong and Makita.

Seeing Qin Yi, Makita's mouth corner, he obviously smoked slightly. Obviously, Qin Yi had always hated his disgrace in Tianxing Mansion in the past.

Qin Yi darkened his left hand, entering a state of emptiness, and spying on the cultivation of the pasture.

“Indeed, it has entered the realm of pagoda, the early days of pagoda. ”

Everything, as Qin Yi had originally expected, after entering the miracle fairy trail, under the fingertips of the “worship fairy” real person, Makita's cultivation, suddenly advanced.

As the new elder of the miracle fairy trace, Bai Xian is naturally also very rich in financial resources. In addition to personally pointing to the practice of the pastoral field, he will also satisfy the latter as much as possible in terms of medicinal materials and medicine.

This can be seen by buying four 10,000 vintages of Ganoderma in one breath.

“Tsk, it's you two. ”

He Gong smiled lazily, his handsome face had a disdainful color: “After such a long time, the two of you only broke through from the beginning of Gendo 8 to the middle of Gendo 8. It is definitely an 'unusual’ five-ringing potential, breaking through ‘fast enough’. ”

The words of the Hegong are extremely harsh.

The pasture next to him was still the colour of his face, but in his eyes, there was a glimmer of disdain.

“It doesn't matter if we're breaking through fast enough, and it's important that I just be able to suppress someone just right. ”

Qin Yi bluntly said, "Someone” in his mouth refers naturally to Makita.

Makita suddenly turned into a little angry, but he still laughed.

“Kid, being quick with your tongue is useless. ”

He Kung did not mind, but turned his gaze to Yang Shiqi: “I heard your name is Yang Shiqi, you follow this kid. In this miracle fairy trail, there can be no future. So, you follow my brother Makita, and make sure that you take endless refined medicines, Dan medicine, and fix it for a thousand miles a day. Now, I can give you 10,000 years of Ganoderma for nothing. ”

The words of Greeting Gong, how refreshing.

Give me a 10,000 year old Ganoderma!

That's 200,000 taels of silver!

That's not very generous!

Qin Yi was stunned.

Yang Shiqi's very tempting little red mouth was also stunned slightly open Zhang, for a moment, stood there.

Suddenly, in her heart, a somewhat playful thought appeared...

“Well, thank you. ”

Yang Shiqi's attitude came to an instant turn of one hundred and eighty degrees. She smiled. In Qin Yi's consternation, she stretched out two long white fingers and grabbed a 10,000 year old Ganoderma lucidum in the hands of Hegong.

Seeing her move, Makita on one side, after being stunned, immediately appeared an enthusiasm on her face, even her body, was all excited and trembling.

He Kung was also stunned. He didn't expect Yang Shiqi to be so “current affairs". He smiled happily. “Haha, Yang Shiqi, this is...”

As a result, before he had finished his sentence, his mouth stood still and his mouth was stunned.

When Yang Shiqi handed over the 10,000-year-old Lingzhi, he turned to Qin Yi. Sweet and sweet smiled: “Qin Yi, your cultivation speed has always been a bit slow. This 10,000-year-old Lingzhi is yours. ”

- What? - What?

In front of He Gong and Makita, Yang Shiqi turned his eyes and gave the 10,000-year-old Ganoderma to Qin Yi, without even blinking!

Qin Yi opened his mouth stunnedly, twirling, even ecstatic: “Haha, Sister Yang, thank you so much. With this 10,000 year old Ganoderma, in the recent breakthrough of Xuando 8 late, the problem should not be much. ”

Qin Yi has stayed for some time in the middle of the Eight Realms of Xuando. It should be a breakthrough soon, and Qin Yi herself has been sensing something recently.

In front of this 10,000 year old Ganoderma, Yang Shiqi really gave it away.


Makita at this moment, his heart was broken, his face was blue and his trembling body showed how angry he was at this moment.

The face of He Gong was also difficult to maintain a consistent lazy smile, became quite shady, and there was a hidden and violent atmosphere on his body: “Okay, good, you two, even we dare to play, have guts! ”

Qin Yi didn't think otherwise, he didn't believe it. In this miracle fairy trail, He Gong dared to open his hands against himself and Yang Shiqi.

“Qin Yi, don't forget, you and I made a First World War pact, and, I remind you, you once said that it would be easy to surpass me, I want you to remember! ”

Makita's eyes were sprayed with two glances, and her teeth chewed straight.

After that, Makita left without returning her head.