The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 187: Alchemy Genius?

With the constant absorption of the potion, his skeleton and all the muscle tissue gradually became a little golden.

“Eh, it works. Thirty thousand taels of silver, worth it! ”

Qin Yi in extreme pain, feeling the physical changes, suddenly the spirit is one of a vibration, can not help but smile.

It's just that he smiles in pain, and when he looks at it, it doesn't look much better than crying.

Since stepping into the cultivation world, such as this immersive cultivation method, Qin Yi is still the second time, the first time was in a cave deep in the Devil's Wind Mountain. He remembers that his left hand, at that time, was rushing out a little old Xuan Qi, suppressing that medicine, I don't know how this time it can't work.

The drug power of "Wuzhi Hundred Pollen” was extremely ambitious. It took Qin Yi several hours to absorb the drug power completely.

As the power was absorbed, the potion in the barrel turned into fresh water.


Qin Yi felt his physique and strongly crossed a few points, showing a slight smile of satisfaction.

“The attack of the Patriarch can no longer hurt me at all. If I add the effect of earthly seeds, even the repair in the middle of the Patriarch's territory, it is not expected to do me much harm. ”

Qin Yi made serious assumptions.

Now, he is completely confident. Faced with the battle with Qi Ping two days later, as long as the seeds of earthly elements are activated, he will stand still and Qi Ping will not be able to fight himself.

Qiping's cultivation is currently only in the early stages of the Patriarchal Realm.

“Of course, if I confront the strong of the latter part of the Patriarchate, with my present strength, I can't resist. If I break through to the ninth realm of Gendo, any strong man facing the first realm of the Patriarchate will be fearless. ”

Qin Yi felt it was still necessary to break through Zongdao 9 as soon as possible.

The next morning.

Deacon of the General Affairs Department, found Qin Yi again.

“Meet the Deacon! ”

Qin Yi was respectful and unwilling to do anything disrespectful in front of the Deacon of the General Affairs Hall.

The Deacon of the General Affairs Hall smiled lightly, and the color of pleasure, in his eyes, with some admiration, said: "Qin Yi, your position has been assigned, you will follow me to the Foreign Affairs Hall Hall first. ”

“Thank you, Deacon. ”

Qin Yi was slightly confused, but didn't ask much. As the Deacon of the General Affairs Department left.

A moment later, they arrived at the entrance to the Hall of Foreign Affairs.

“Qin Yi, you are here, go inside, the two chief executives, are waiting in the hall. ”

The head of the hall of foreign affairs ordered the head of the fox hall to stand in front of the hall and smile at Qin Yi.

Two chief executives?

Qin Yi frowned slightly, her mind became more confused.

Thanks to the Fox Hall master, Qin Yi entered the hall in diameter, but he could see the hall. He sat down with an old man in a white robe and an old man in a grey robe. Huo Lan was the pharmacy chief of the third level of the entrance examination in the past, Ye Tianfeng, and Sky Rail Hall chief Shi Yun.

Seeing Qin Yi, both chief supervisors, both eyes immediately lit up.

“I've seen two chief executives. ”

Qin Yi did not dare to be lazy. Hurry up and salute him.

At this time, he asked the Fox Hall Master to follow in and pay tribute to the two supervisors: “I have called Qin Yi in accordance with your two intentions. Only Qin Yi has been transferred to a different location. Let the three of you discuss it yourselves. ”

He always wondered how Qin Yi, a qualified disciple who barely surpassed the mortal body, could lead the two chief executives to argue to include it under his own door.

The two chief executives are so attached to Qin Yi, he is not suitable to transfer to anyone, and will be informed of the other chief executives. Therefore, he can only call Qin Yi to discuss it together.

“Qin Yi, how are you thinking? Join my pharmacy and learn Alchemy from me, old man. I promise you your future is immense. ”

The head of the pharmacy, Old Ye, glanced at Qin Yi with a keen look.

Old man Ye said, is completely true. At present, the magic fairy trace basically comes from the pharmacy. If he enters the pharmacy himself and becomes an alchemist in the future, then this magic fairy trace must have a certain status.

Even if you walk out of the miracle in the future, you will surely become a "pickpocket" for all the gates.

“Old Ye, what do you mean? The juvenile's talent in battle law is clearly greater than that of alchemy. Qin Yi, you enter paradise and learn formation law from me. I promise you will be a master of formation law in the future, and, old man, I will give you two pieces of Kyushu Lingyuanshi's salary every month. The Gathering Spirit Formation, famous for its miracle fairy tracks, belongs to my heaven-track paradise. I allow you to enter the Gathering Spirit Formation for ten days to practice, and I guarantee that your repair will be rapid. ”

Old man Shi made no concession, not only doubling his salary, but even proposing a “gathering spirit formation” to seduce Qin Yi.

Gathering Spirit Array?

Qin Yi's eyes lit up. Literally speaking, he could understand what it was. It should be a method of gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Any cultivation is inseparable from the spirituality of the heavens and the earth, and a legal formation that gathers the spirituality of the heavens and the earth, if it sits in the formation to cultivate, can see the effect.

For a while, Qin Yi was quite impressed.

“Qin Yi, if you come into the pharmacy with me to learn to refine Dan medicine, I will raise your salary to three Kyushu Lingyuanshi. ”

Old man Ye said.

Three Kyushu Lingyuanshi!

Qin Yi was stunned. That was exactly 600,000 taels of silver. Even the 10,000 year old Ganoderma Ganoderma can buy three shares!

Old Ye and old Shi did not give in to each other, and fought red-handedly.

The owner of the fox hall beside him, staring at him, said a moment of silence: “Both chief executives, don't argue, I am a suggestion. ”


The two chief executives, unable to stop arguing, looked to the Fox Hall master.

“Let Qin Yi study at the two main offices for a while, then compare, see what he is better at, then determine which general office he is going to, what do the two chief executives think? ”

Makes Fox Hall master laugh.

The two chief tubes' eyes lit up and thought the method was working. They all nodded immediately: “Yes. ”

This is the only way to determine Qin Yi's whereabouts.

Qin Yi's mind couldn't help but rejoice. By then, can he learn from both Alchemy and Falun Front?

“That would be a good idea. ”

Making Fox Hall master look at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, which chief administrative office would you like to study at first? ”

Qin Yi sighed slightly and said: "I want to go to the pharmacy first and study alchemy with Chief Ye for a while. ”

He remembered that Princess Taiping, who was also assigned to the pharmacy, was a new disciple in the outer door, and should be able to communicate with each other more.

As for Falun Front, Qin Yi is still extremely unfamiliar with the word. It is not too late to go to Heaven Rail Heaven after getting familiar here for a while.

So the matter was settled, Qin Yi's task assignment, first go to the pharmacy to study for half a month, then go to Heaven Rail Hall to study for half a month, finally decide where he will go.

In the early morning of the next day, Old Ye appeared in the residential area of the new outside disciple, smiling and taking Qin Yi to the pharmacy.

Many disciples, seeing Qin Yi and General Ye, went straight to the pharmacy, all showing envy on their faces.

Pharmacy, that's an absolute incense eating profession, you know, the Princess of Peace of the day only entered the pharmacy because of her status as a princess.

Now, Qin Yi actually went in, don't forget, the potential of Qin Yi is only the "five rings” of the district.

But how do they know that even the “five rings” potential of Qin Yi's district is to keep Old Ye and Old Shi alive and obsolete so much energy to get it.

The pharmacy of the miracle fairy trace is huge, covers a large area and has a number of process departments.

“I've seen the main leaf tube. ”

On the way to the pharmacy, many people saluted Chief Ye, and then curiously measured Qin Yi behind him.

Qin Yi was not arrogant, they all nodded with laughter.

Chief Ye obviously attached great importance to Qin Yi and took Qin Yi straight to the pharmacy, namely the Alchemy Room.

The Alchemy Room, the last and most important process of the entire pharmacy, is all the Dan Medicine from the Alchemy Room.

As soon as you enter the alchemy room, a faint smell of medicine comes to your nose, it comes to your nose, and you can't help but feel refreshed. Here, the legendary alchemists are everywhere.

“Qin Yi, are you here? ”

A surprisingly soft voice came.

Looking at the voice, Qin Yi glanced at her side and saw the Princess of Peace in the Dungeon City. She stood there and looked at herself with dismay.

“Princess Ping, we meet again. ”

Qin Yi nodded at her and smiled.

With Princess Taiping, there is an incredibly beautiful alchemist who is there to concentrate on refining a pot of Dan medicine. When he heard the noise, the beautiful alchemist turned his face and gave a smile to the old man: “Master Ye. ”

Old man Ye glanced at Princess Xu Xu and asked with a smile: "Imei Alchemist, is this the distant cousin you mentioned to me? ”

“Exactly. ”

The alchemist named Imei nodded and smiled somewhat melancholy, with a temptation that was extremely lethal to men.

In the conversation that followed, Qin Yi learned that this alchemist named Imei, is a distant cousin of Princess Taiping, and her identity is naturally quite honorable.

“Chief Ye, this new disciple, did you recruit the Alchemy Boy? ”

Eden Alchemist's charming Dan Phoenix eyes, curiously measured Qin Yi.

“The Alchemy Boy? This is the genius of Alchemy that I took so long to compete with Old Shi. ”

General Ye smiled and felt quite an accomplishment.

Alchemy genius?

Princess Taiping seduced her little mouth, slightly flashed, her face full of stunning and questioning.

The teenager, who is very unpopular and has only the potential of “five rings” in the district, is actually a genius of alchemy in the eyes of Master Ye! Could a potentially mediocre teenager be an Alchemist genius?

Besides, the so-called "Alchemy Genius” in front of you, it was not easy for General Ye to compete!

The Imei Alchemist beside him was also slightly stunned. He couldn't help but look at Qin Yi in a fresh light.