The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 201: Crazy Challenge

It's already so difficult to refine a three-pint medicine. I can't imagine how those four or five pints of medicine were refined by the alchemists.

“No wonder those super alchemists are so super super. ”

Qin Yi felt sentimental. You know, he had a mysterious left hand, fully refined, and eventually, he just refined a three-pint medicine.

The alchemist's grade is usually based on the quality of the alchemist's medicine, can refine one or two products of the medicine, belongs to the alchemist's boy, can refine three pints of the medicine, belongs to the alchemist, can refine four pints of the medicine, belongs to the master alchemist, can refine five pints of the medicine, belongs to the super alchemist.

Super Alchemist, Qin Yi has not met.

Even Old Ye, just between Alchemist and Master Alchemist, has not reached the realm of Master True Alchemist.

“Now I'm a sort of alchemist. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly. He was somewhat delighted and became an alchemist in just over a decade.

Of course, all of this is due to the mysterious left hand.


At that point, a knock sounded.

Qin Yi opened the door and was surprised. It was Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame who came in. They only saw Dragon Flame with scars. They looked quite wolfish.

Yeung Shiqi's clear and shallow eyebrows were also angry and resentful.

“Who did this? ”

Qin Yi frowned.

Dragon flame is the descendant of the ancient warrior dragon family, the strength of the war is extraordinary, but at this moment, it is not easy to see each other's cultivation.

“It was in the rankings of the disciples in the outer gate, Phoenix in ranking 11, North Gate Hiroshi in ranking 8, and Xintang in ranking 2. ”

"Yang Shiqi was angry.“ Dragon flames were meant to challenge Phoenix, "she said." Who knows? Later, Guanghe and Xintang of the North Gate arrived... ”

Yang Shiqi has always had an elegant temperament, but at this moment his face is full of anger. How angry it is to see how this happened.


This bastard can't wait any longer?

Qin Yi's gaze gradually became as cold as a blade. He could easily deduce the original cause of the matter. Xin Tang's goal was actually himself, but he had now been watched by both Chief Ye and Chief Shi at the same time. He dared not provoke. Therefore, his goal pointed to Dragon Flame and wanted to lead his own hand.

In the face of Feng Wen, Beimen Guang and Xintang, the power of Dragon Flame is anti-heaven, only the part of being abused.

“Xintang, since you are so eager to challenge me, I will fight you well. ”

At this moment, Qin Yi's mouth uttered a voice, as if it were sealed with ice.

Xin Tang, in order to lure his own hand, actually did the dragon flame, Qin Yi even got angry with his lungs.

“Qin Yi, what are you going to do? ”

Feeling Qin Yi's tremendous anger, Long Yan and Yang Shiqi were both shocked. Xin Tang ranked second on the ranking list, and his strength was visible. Now there are two people in Phoenix and North Gate Guang. How does Qin Yi fight?

“Xintang obviously came after me. If I don't fight him, I won't allow him to do it. Tomorrow he will hurt Master Yang again. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and said, in fact, his own mind was also a little confused. How could Xintang suddenly use this extreme method to force himself to strike, he was so anxious to fight himself?

He didn't go into detail about this problem. He took out two freshly refined two pints of Zijindane and gave them to Long Yan Shiqi: “Long Yan, this second pint of Zijindane is a very good physical medicine. I think it should also have a good effect in healing wounds. If you get injured like this, you can just take it. Sister Yang, you also took this second pint of Zijindane. Your health has not always been very good. ”

Just now, Qin Yi refined a total of three two pints of Zijindane, three of them, just one each.

“Two pints of purple gold dan, Qin Yi, where did you get this? As far as I know, this dan medicine is not cheap. ”

Looking at the second pint of purple gold, the dragon flame was stunned. Yang Shiqi beside him also looked at Qin Yi with amazement.

“I made it myself. ”

Qin Yi did not want to hide anything in front of both Long Yan and Yang Shiqi, and told them the truth.


Dragon flame and Yang Shiqi are completely petrified. It is difficult to calm their hearts. Qin Yi only stayed in the pharmacy for more than 10 days. Can he make Dan medicine independently?

Besides, two pints of Dan!

The two of them had not been involved in the field of alchemy before, but they also heard about the difficulty of refining the medicine. Who wants to, in a blink, Qin Yi can actually refine it.

It's all so hallucinating.

“If they knew that I had just made a three-pint medicine, they really didn't know what to be stunned about. ”

Qin Yi muttered herself.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately left the stone house.

A moment later, his figure appeared in the hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Qin Yi, the 15-day period for you to follow General Ye to refine Dan Pharmaceutical has expired, is this to register to follow General Shi to learn the matrix? ”

Seeing that Qin Yi appeared in the Foreign Affairs Hall Hall, he made the Fox Hall Master smile slightly and smile with pleasure. Although the juvenile's potential was ordinary, he was able to make the two supervisors look at each other at the same time, and he had to compromise to compete for it.

“Whether you are Chief Ye or Chief Shi, you can have extraordinary achievements in the future, Qin Yi, as long as you are diligent in learning, you should seize the opportunity. ”

The fox hall owner looked at Qin Yi with admiration.

“No, I'm here to apply for a challenge. ”

Qin Yi shook his head slightly and quickly reported a series of names: “Challenge the disciples of the outer door to the ranking list, ranking No. 11 in Phoenix. ”

“Challenge the ranking of the disciples in the outer gate, ranking 8th in the north gate wide. ”

“Challenge the outside disciples to the top of the list, ranking second in the singing hall. ”


Makes the Fox Hall Master just dumb there.

Throughout the hall, it was extremely quiet and almost smelled like a needle. Everyone, shattered their jaws, looked at Qin Yi like a monster.

Challenging the ranking of the disciples in the outer door, ranking No. 2 Shintong, is already extremely shocking. Now, Qin Yi still has to challenge the three people with one breath.

Moreover, all three of them are famous on the rankings of disciples in the outside world and will never be generalized.

“Qin Yi, isn't your cultivation the only peak of the Eight Realms of Xuando? And all three of them have entered the pagoda, even the worst Phoenix has reached the pagoda half-step. ”

The fox hall master blinked incredibly hard, a kind reminder.

Everyone in the place can feel it. Qin Yi's current cultivation is only the peak of Xuan Dao 8 Realm. Now, he's challenging the three masters of Patriarchy with one breath, it's crazy!

“No problem. ”

Qin Yi shook his head gently.

No problem!

The fox hall master and the others in the hall stood still again, and the juvenile in front of him, all over his body, revealed a confident chest of bamboo.

They couldn't imagine to understand that a teenager who was built only at the peak of the Eight Realms of Xuando had any confidence in challenging the three famous masters in the rankings of disciples from the outside world?

Seeing the resoluteness of Qin Yi, he stunned the Fox Hall Master for a moment and sighed a long time: “Okay, I approve your challenge. ”

“arrogant. ”

“The last time I was lucky enough to defeat Qi Ping, I thought I was strong. I don't know how thick the heavens and the earth are! ”

“Such a delirious teenager must strike hard in order to recognize himself. ”

“ …… ”

In the main hall, a low noise, diffuse and open, many people, are looking at Qin Yi with disdain.

Faced with that despicable gaze, Qin Yi did not care and turned away from the main hall.

In the near future, what he will face is a perverted genius like Makita, even the so-called "Baixian" real person, if not even a single Shinto can handle, then how will he face them?

So the matter was settled, Qin Yi will challenge the disciples in the rankings of the outer door, Feng Wen ranked 11th, North Gate Hiroshi ranked 8th, and Xin Tang ranked 2nd.

And the challenge is scheduled for tomorrow.

Soon, Qin Yi challenged the news of the three major road masters on the rankings of the disciples in the outer door, as if there was a wind, and in an instant, swept the entire magic fairy trail.

Such a challenge is unprecedented in the Sect.

Most importantly, Qin Yi's cultivation is only the peak of the eight realms of Xuan Dao. Even the nine realms of Xuan Dao have not yet broken through. There is still a very long way to go.

Without a doubt, this challenge of Qin Yi caused a huge wave in the Sect. Let alone the disciples of the inner and outer doors. I find this extremely strange. Even some of the senior members of the Sect are surprised by this behavior of Qin Yi.

“The disciple named Qin Yi of Tianxing Hou actually took a breath to challenge the disciples of the outer door on the ranking list, ranked 11th Phoenix, ranked 8th North Gate Hiroshi, and ranked 2nd Xin Tang...”

A noble other courtyard cabinet, a middle-aged man in a golden robe, slightly shocked his face after hearing Qin Yi's horrific demeanor.

This person is the real "Baixian”, the star's longtime enemy. His face is clean, his nose is tall and his eyes are vultures, giving him a very plotting feeling.

“He Gong, didn't you say that he only had the potential of" five rings ”at the entrance exam that day? ”

The Immortal Bai looked at the eyes of some vultures and looked to the praises beside him.

With a shock, He Gong instantly felt a huge spiritual pressure, which made him a little unbearable. Over his forehead, the sweat beads quickly seeped out.

“Back at this time, it is absolutely true that the first level of the entrance examination of the day, that Qin Yi, indeed only has the potential of 'five rings’, this can be testified by Pastor Brother Makita, you can also go to the fox hall master to ask. ”

He Gong respectfully said.

“Master, indeed, that day Qin's brother, indeed only tested the potential of 'five rings’. ”

Makita beside him also said, "However, last time in Tianxingfu, Qin Shi tested the potential of seven and a half segments, half the difference between disciples. At that time, the test tool was a crystal stick of Tianxingfu. ”

“Five rings? Seven and a half? ”