The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 202: The Nine Realms of Gendo

Bai Xianjin sighed and said a moment later: “In this case, this Qin Yi is just a ‘floating body' that has not yet reached the 'floating spirit'. Sometimes, a ‘floating body' does have some amazing performance, but at last, he can't get out far enough, even the 'floating spirit' has not been reached, I presume that he will not be able to break through the pavement for life, so, it is not enough, let him go, soon, he can not stir up much wind wave. ”

Later, he explained a little bit about the difference between ‘phytospirits’ and ‘phytospirits’, which are extremely large and sometimes rise to astonishing bodies and sometimes seem very general. And the 'aerobic body', no matter how it rises, does not rise very high.

At the same time, in a more ordinary loft.

A colorful girl in a white robe, after a moment of slight consternation, sighed helplessly: “This Qin Yi, being reckless at the end, was not enough to challenge the single-minded hall, even the 11th ranked Phoenix and the 8th ranked North Gate Hiroshi, also challenged. ”

The more she wanted to get angry, the more she finally stamped her little foot: “Humph, I'm so angry! ”

And in another, more ordinary building in the attic.

“Haha, that's great. This kid Qin Yi can't hold his breath. He jumped out and challenged Phoenix with the North Gate. It's so wonderful! ”

Dressed in a silver robe, his face turned wild.

Spinning, in your eyes, is passing through the shadows again: “Humph, Xue Bichen, tomorrow's challenge, will you watch it on the spot, secretly in love with Qin Yi's kid? I'll ravage him in front of you. ”

Qin Yi returned to the stone house.

Sitting on the stone bed, thinking about challenging Xintang and the three of them, he took out the three pints of purple gold that he had refined and smiled slightly: “How did it work? ”

Without hesitation, Qin Yi took Zijindane down.

As Purple Golden Dan entered the belly, the slightest trace of purple fog emitted. It's purple gold.

Qin Yi's body, immediately wildly absorbed these purple fog, passed through the major meridian veins in the body, delivered to Dantian, then converted from Dantian to Xuan Qi, and retransmitted into Qin Yi's major meridian veins and bones.


Feeling his meridians and bones, in a little change, Qin Yi's heart, slightly rejoiced.

Three pints of purple golden dan, Ben is an extremely precious dan medicine, which contains the power, pure and pounding, a stock constantly spreading out.

Prior to that, Qin Yi had not taken such a pound of potency of Dan medicine, so many of his major meridian pulses were not able to withstand the impact of that potency and were expanding rapidly.

Qin Yi did not dare to be lazy. Run Xuan Qi quickly, and suppress the excessive amount of medicine. This is only a little easier.

“No wonder the Dan Pharmaceutical Shallow Talk describes Zijindane, the best assistive breakthrough level of Dan Pharmaceuticals for practitioners below Gendo, so powerful, only those who have not reached the eight realms of Gendo to take it, will have a direct menstrual breakdown. ”

Qin Yi speculated so.

Of course, three pints of purple gold dan, it is only for the cultivator of the Genji, it has a very strong supporting role, once the sect is reached, it is only afraid of the effect, it has to be a lot weaker.

It must be four or five pints of purple gold dan in order to have a significant effect, because the physical condition of the Zodiac strong has a distinct difference from that of the Gendo practitioner.

However, this is also just for Zijindane, Zijindane, is the Xuan Dao medicine Dan, Zongdao, has the corresponding Dan medicine on the pagoda, if all three or fewer Dan drugs have little effect on the pagoda strong, then the alchemy room here can be cancelled. Because of this miracle fairy trace, most of them are Patriarchs.

Over time, Zijindane became a little smaller under the frantic absorption of Qin Yi's body.

Two hours later.

“Pfft, pfft...”

When Zijindane was all absorbed by Qin Yi's body, Qin Yi's body was also followed by a sound of bone breakthrough.

With the sound of this skeletal noise, Qin Yi's inward qi also seemed to have suddenly crossed a huge divide into a whole new realm.

Then, when it entered the new realm of Xuan Qi, it suddenly leaked out of his body and swept around.

With the exhalation of this Xuan Qi, the phenomenon of demonization also appeared on Qin Yi, only in his eyes, the magic gusts, over his body, also the magic is haunting.

After this sign of demonization disappeared, Qin Yi returned to God.

“Gendo 9! ”

Qin Yi's handsome little face revealed a slight smile of satisfaction.

Everything, as he thought, a three-pint purple gold dan led him from the peak of the Eight Realms of Gendo to the Nine Realms of Gendo.

“Now, I also have the power to defeat Shinto without activating Type 2 of Seven, and if I activate Type 2 of Seven, I should be able to barely defeat the current Makita. If it is a battle celebration, it is only a little short. If it is a battle of so-called immortal worshippers, I can't walk in his hands. ”

Qin Yi speculated.

You know, the day Happy Gong said that two years ago, the Immortal Bai had broken through the four realms of the Path, and now two years later, only the peak of the four realms of the Path had been breached, even the five realms of the Path.

“If the Bai Immortal has now broken through the five realms of the Path, then the strongest of these miracles should not exceed the seven realms of the Path. ”

Qin Yi contemplated.

“The trail of miracles is second only to that of the Holy See of Kyushu, and it can therefore be inferred that the Holy See of Kyushu, currently the strongest, should have been at the beginning of the imperial period. That is, the strongest of the Kyushu continent, just broke through the Empire Road. With such power, if the era of great destruction were to come, mankind would only be afraid to perish in an instant. ”

Qin Yi carefully deduced that in his eyes, he couldn't help but raise a little apprehension.

Of course, this is just Qin Yi's inference.

What was really going on, he couldn't tell at the moment.

Next, Qin Yi transferred the "Vajra Heart Scripture", "Praise Father's Step", "Father's Return", "Massacre Type 3", "Da Luo Heavenly Hand", "Ling Feng Palm", "Tenjin Type 7" and the first and second types of martial arts, all of which were transferred out and practiced.

One night, Qin Yi cultivated "Massacre Three" to the full realm, "Ling Feng Palm", also finally cultivated to the fourth degree.

"Da Luo Tian Hand", the immortal martial arts, is also directly practiced into the realm of Dacheng.

“Feng Wen, Beimen Guang and Xintang must be challenged. ”

Early the next morning, Qin Yi exhaled softly.

The miracle fairy trail, the heart of the alliance of nations through which the Monster Wind Mountains run, such vast gates are few, even if they look at the whole Kyushu continent.

Nearly a thousand members of the Sect, but its power is an ordinary human being, not imaginable, and in an instant, it can destroy a country.

Of course, this is not to say that thousands of people in their districts can resist millions or even millions of armies, but their power, far above the wilderness of the Ling family and nations, becomes superior to the royal family of nations.

However, such a huge gateway was still caused by a hurricane by Qin Yi, a teenager under the age of 16.

One breath in a row challenged the three players on the rankings of the disciples in the outer door, which is unprecedented in the Sect.

At this time, the square, which can accommodate thousands of people, the outside disciples of the miracle fairy, the inner disciples, the upper echelons, are basically here, come to watch this unprecedented challenge, they want to see what this arrogant teenager really looks like.

Yes, in the eyes of most people here, this behavior of Qin Yi is - arrogance!

Qin Yi is just a new outside disciple, has no status at all, most people here, even what Qin Yi looks like, have not seen.

The people who came to see Qin Yi Fengfeng sat in a semi-circular shape. Some of them had a hidden and powerful aura. Some of them were like ordinary people, and even gave people a feeling of no waves in the well, but their faces were basically the same: Expectations!

Full of expectations for this unprecedented challenge!

On one side of the square, there are some tall stepping stones that gradually rise. These stepping stone seats are sitting on the upper level of the miracle fairy trail, roughly the higher it is, the higher the status, and the higher-level stepping stone seats are empty, according to the rules of the monument of the miracle fairy trail, this highest-level stone step should belong to the Patriarch.

Just the lord of Zongmen, since the challenge in the previous years was 10 big coppers, rarely appeared, the whole man, has been covered in a mysterious veil.

Beneath this empty stone step, sitting eight zongmen elders, the “Bai Immortal, Horan is also among them, these people, although on the surface, do not have any special characteristics, but the clothes on them are like steel, let the wind blow, but they are always tattooless, but it is a surprise in my heart.

Beneath these eight elders are the heads of parishes, as well as the chief administrators, who are slightly worse off than the eight elders above. Qin Yi's relatively familiar directors of Fox Hall, Ye and Shi are among them. The three of them showed surprise and helplessness at Qin Yi's shocking and horrible behavior this time.

Below the housemaster and chief executive, there are deacons, alchemists, inner door disciples, etc. Among these people, He Gong, Makita, and Xi Xuan, whom Qin Yi has never seen again since his introduction, are undoubtedly among them.

These men descend, the lowest level of the Sect - the disciple of the outer gate! These include Princess Taiping, Feng Yu, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, etc. One of them is a beautiful girl in a white robe, with a light eyebrow, a slight, delicate face and a helpless color.

The scene was not quiet, the low voice of argument rang from time to time.

“Over the years, the Patriarch has been seldom present, and we cannot know whether he is healing or practicing in closed confinement. This time, the monarch feared that the disciple called Qin Yi could not know such a horrible act. ”

There are elders who say that apparently there is confusion about the fact that the Patriarch has not appeared at great speed.