The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 207: Mutations

Elder Jiang was stunned and showed a slight interest in his face. Xi Xuan beside him reacted quickly. After winking, he immediately thought of Yang Shiqi and Long Yan with Qin Yi at the time of the entrance examination the same day.

“Hee-hee, those two friends of yours, if I remember correctly, they were also 'six-round' potential, right? Real 'high’ potential. ”

Xi Xuan dug a bitter smile.

“Six-round potential? ”

As soon as Elder Kang listened, he lost interest: "The potential of this level still does not meet the criteria for becoming my biological disciple. If there's nothing else, you go back. ”

Qin Yi certainly couldn't have left this way. He smiled. He said: "Elder Kang, yes, I want to recommend Sister Yang and Long Yan to your old door to become your own disciples. In fact, the potential of both of them is not as tested in the introductory examination of the day. ”


Elder Kang's eyes lit up and once again showed a slight interest: “Tell me what's going on. ”

Xi Xuan, beside him, also made a listening look.

“Dragon inflammation, unlike the average practitioner, is a family of ancient warrior dragons, the purest descendant of the blood line, blood inheritance, more than 90 percent. The potential of only six rings was tested on that day because it was mixed up in the field, didn't want to cause too much trouble, and deliberately suppressed it. ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu said.

The purest descendants of the Ancient War Dragons? Intentionally suppressing potential?

Elder Kang's eyes sparkled, and even slightly revealed a delight: “Among our sects, there appeared the purest descendants of the ancient warrior dragon family, and the husband began to be interested. Ancient descendants of perverted families did have extraordinary potential, saying why did he deliberately suppress his potential when he started the examination? This is unprecedented. What are you guys up to? ”

Ordinary disciples' entrance exams are very much obliged to have their potential as high as possible, but they, on the contrary, deliberately suppress their potential.

Xi Xuan, beside her, silently opened her little red mouth, the incredible color of her face.

“This, with all due respect, also asked the elders to keep this secret for the elders. ”

Qin Yi instinctively refused Elder Kang's request. Due to various concerns, of course, he could not tell Elder Kang, the reason for the matter.

Elder Kang smiled for a moment: "Well, if you don't want to reveal something, it's not hard for you. This dragon flame, nice. What's so special about that Yang Shiqi? ”

“Sister Yang, she is actually a rare physique. The potential of 'phytoplasmic spirit' is high and low. In Tianxing Mansion, she tested eight and a half sections of potential, which is half way higher than that of Makita. ”

Qin Yi confessed.

“A phytoplasmic spirit? Half way above Makita? ”

Elder Kang's eyes flashed again and a rave appeared on his face. However, he soon calmed down: “If what you say is true, it is naturally a very pleasant thing, but the old man cannot believe you alone, and accept them as his disciples. So you call them both, and I have my own way of proving whether what you say is true or not. ”

Qin Yi relieved herself and said goodbye immediately.

After a time of incense.

Qin Yi's figure appeared again in Elder Kang's other courtyard attic. Behind him, he has followed the dragon flame and Yang Shiqi. Both look a little excited.

They know that in front of them is an opportunity not only to jump to the inner gate, but also to find a way to lean heavily on the mountain.

Looking at Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, Elder Jiang's eyes slightly fever, while Xi Xuan next to him, curiously measured the two.

“With regard to your situation, Qin Yi just told me, now I must know if Qin Yi is making up a story. ”

Elder Jiang laughed, swirling, actually took out a crystal stick like Tianxing Hou, said: “The potential of the descendants of the ancient warrior dragon family is actually impossible to test, because the ancient warrior dragon family, is not a family sitting on the cultivation and upgrading, must fight through the battle in order to constantly break through the physical bondage, so the dragon inflammation need not be tested. Refer to your potential, your strength, or the degree of family heritage. ”

After listening to Elder Kang's words, it is clear to everyone that only those who rely on sitting and practicing can test their potential through the instrument.

“Yang Shiqi, you test it. ”

Elder Jiang gave the crystal stick to Yang Siqi, Yang Siqi exhaled gently, let herself relax as much as possible, make all the noise, focus completely on the crystal stick.


The golden wire inside the crystal rod, runs fast.

One paragraph, two paragraphs, three paragraphs...

Elder Kang and Xi Xuan, both opened their eyes and stared at the gold wire inside the crystal rod without blinking.

Four, five, six, six and a half...

Six and a half!

This has exceeded the “Six Rings” potential detected by Yang Shiqi during the introductory examination of the day. Elder Kang's divine colour was nitrogen, revealing a certain interest.

The gold wire in the crystal rod only slightly slowed down until this point and continued to rise, easily beyond seven segments.

Seven and a half, eight and a half!

Another eight and a half!

Elder Kang and Xi Xuan are completely petrified.

The potential of Makita and Xi Xuan is eight and a half times, which has led to the high level robbery of the miracle fairy trail. Now, the girl in front of her is eight and a half times over them.

However, Yang Shiqi shrugged her shoulders. She didn't seem too concerned about the test score.

Since Qin Yi last bought her a One-Dragon Soul Sword, as she continued to practice swordsmanship, she felt that her body seemed to seal a vast "sword power”.

If she could unlock the power of the sword, she believed in her potential, afraid of more than eight and a half paragraphs.

As for herself becoming a "floating spirit," she now understands a bit, because in her body, that sealed “sword power” is constantly trying to break through the seal, “sword power” every time she tries to break through, it leaks a little bit, and her potential, too, soars.

She is well aware that in order for the "power of the sword" in her body to break through the seal, she must first become strong and clamp with the “power of the sword” inside and outside.

“Ha ha, eight and a half legs of potential, great! ”

Elder Kang was pleased.

Eight and a half, among the disciples of the whole gate, are the peaks of existence, how could he not be pleased? This time, when I really found the treasure!

Xi Xueer next to him was completely stuck, feeling deeply struck. She thought that she and Makita had completely arrogant of all disciples in the sect, who expected, but now Yang Shiqi directly popped out an eight-and-a-half segment of potential, dumping her and Makita far behind.

“Good, Yang Shiqi. My husband wants to take you in as a disciple. Would you like to? ”

Elder Kang's eyes burned and looked at Yang Shiqi.

“Yes, Master Xie! ”

Yang Shiqi nodded shallow smile immediately. This is a double sculpture, not only promoted directly to the inner disciple, but also found a mountain stronger than the true Bai immortal. How could she not?

Elder Kang smiled and turned his eyes to the dragon flame: “Next, it's your turn. I'm interested to know how many dragon wars you inherited as a descendant of the ancient Dragon warrior family? ”

People look at dragon flames with curiosity.

Yet this is the moment.

Elder Kang suddenly emitted an unparalleled and powerful atmosphere. Without any sign, he was the big hand and shot towards the dragon inflammation speed, the speed reached the limit.

The sudden transformation stunned everyone.

However, Dragon Flame is the descendant of the Dragon family. It was born for the war. In an instant, it reacted. The body burst out and drove away. It escaped Elder Kang's surprise attack.

“Elder Kang, what does this mean? ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were shocked and angry. At the same time, they drank for Elder Kang. Xi Xuan over there was also stunned.

“How many districts do you want to lie to your husband? The purest descendants of the Ancient War Dragons? That's ridiculous. Your lies are so childish. ”

Elder Kang drinks cold. At this moment, it has become a killer: “Look at me today, I will destroy the descendants of your so-called Dragon Warrior family. ”

Everything's turning too fast.

“Old pig, dare you! ”

Qin Yi drank angrily, without saying a word, and Yang Shiqi and the two of them rushed to Elder Kang at all costs.

However, as Elder Kang's sleeve swept, a huge force of confinement directly trapped Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, leaving them standing there, unable to move.

“Old bastard, if you dare to sweat a dragon flame, I swear here, I will slaughter you in the future! ”

Qin Yidang was really pissed off. He wondered why Elder Kang suddenly took on Dragon Flame. Is it... his family, and the Ancient Warrior Dragon family were born enemies?

Qin Yi made this assumption.

At this moment, his intestines regretted and he knew that revealing the birth of Dragon Flame would bring him the scourge of death, and that killing him would not reveal it.

Elder Kang stopped ignoring Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, but walked slowly toward Dragonflame. Every step, even the earth seemed to tremble.

“Descendants of the Dragons? Come on, show me your strongest martial arts. My husband wants to see how powerful your so-called Dragon of War inherits. ”

The cold voice came from Elder Kang's mouth.

The third elder of the miracle fairy trace, strong and unimaginable, conservatively estimated that the cultivation had all broken through the five realms of the Patriarchate.


Dragonflame's sulfur gun was born, the length of the barrel, a "buzzing” self trembling, a powerful killing intent.

“Old Piff, if you want to kill me, you have to ask me if I agree with the gun in my hand? ”

Dragonflame held a gun with one hand, pointing remotely at Elder Kang, his head full of silver hair, madly dancing, in cold eyes, not a single colour of fear, but rather burning a tense warfare.

In the face of the sudden situation, Xi Xuan, completely stuck, stood there overwhelmed.