The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 210: Learning Arrays

Just now Qin Yi showed the speed of "reading”, Chief Shi self-esteem city is out of reach.

In fact, there are a number of strangers in the world who have had the ability to remember, such as Makita, which is one of them. However, whether Makita or Chief Executive Officer Shi, and Qin Yi must think of it as jumping clowns, the gap between them is huge.

Next, Chief Shi patiently explained to Qin Yi some basic theories of formation law, as well as some of the most common methods of formation.

Qin Yidong felt perfectly happy, benefited greatly, the field of formation law, more complex and profound than Alchemy, vast and vast.

Formation, which is divided into two main categories, the Spiritual Array and the Legal Array.

Spiritual Array, which is the foundation of the law of formation, is the foundation of the Spiritual Array to rise and shine, and now Chief Shi, who is actually just a Spiritual Array Master, is far from involved in the field of law formation.

A spiritual warrior, in the miracle fairy trace, possesses an extremely noble status, and is seen in the field of formation law, how extraordinary it is.

In fact, before Qin Yi was involved in both the Spiritual Front and the Fa Front, the former youth genius summit in Phoenix, the chief disciple of the Immortal Sect had zero swords. At that time, the sword array was the Spiritual Front. To be precise, the swordsmanship was incorporated into the Spiritual Front.

At that time, the sword showed zero strength. Qin Yi has been in the past so far. He only beat him slightly.

Regarding the Falun Front, Qin Yi once chased the mysterious cloak man to the Moon God Kingdom in Tianxing Province. The snow mountains, cherry blossoms and yellow spring roads he encountered should be the Falun Front. Although King Sen Luo later told Qin Yi that those were the great gods of the Immortal Years, but the principles should be similar to those of the Falun Front.

And the third level of copper and animal chart of the entrance examination is the most basic principle of the Law Array.

Before Qin Yi said goodbye, Chief Shi obviously smiled with temptation: “Qin Yi, if you can understand the books I just gave you within ten days, the old man will allow you to practice in the ‘Gathering Spirit Formation’ of the Sect for ten days. Ten days of practice in this‘ Gathering Spirit Array ', equal to 30 days of practice outside the world...”

Obviously, Chief Shi is still interacting with General Ye, trying to compete with Qin Yi.

Practice in the Gathering Spirit Array, three times faster than outside practice.

Qin Yi's heart jumped and moved quite a bit.

Regarding the “Gathering Spirit Front”, on that day in the Foreign Affairs Department, General Manager Shi also mentioned it as a way to seduce Qin Yi.

The Gathering Spirit Array, located in the wonderland of the Zongmen, is a mysterious place where some rare bird beasts appear. Later, the Zongmen Array was staffed by several high men, who joined forces to lay down an exotic array, which was able to gather the spirits of heaven and earth. And the spirituality of the heavens and the earth is the essence of the practitioner.

This mysterious array, which has lasted for thousands of years in the Sect, has always been under the jurisdiction of Paradise.

“Well, thank you, Chief Schultz. We have a deal. ”

Qin Yi was delighted.

He could not ask for such a singular array that would promote practice.

Goodbye to Chief Shi, return to the attic.

In Qin Yi's mind, the contents of the four books "Shallow Talk of Formation Law", "Common Knowledge of Formation Law", "How to Arrange Formation Law" and "Deep Analysis of Formation Law" appeared shallow talk of formation law, and then quickly analyzed them.

The two books "Light Talk of Formation Law" and "Common Knowledge of Formation Law" basically don't need to spend much time analyzing, understanding, just remember the hard back of death to get a general understanding of them.

Qin Yi spent only two hours digesting the two books in seventy-eight points.

And then there's the third book, How to Arrange Arrangements, which is really difficult, and it already involves how to arrange arrays.

Qin Yi understands that laying out some simple array methods, mainly relying on space, that is, relying on the surrounding geographical environment, landscape, etc., creates an illusory environment.

Some advanced formations have to rely on space-time stripes in order to be arranged.

The snowy mountains, cherry blossoms and yellow springs encountered on that day should be related to the space-time pattern.

In the past, a sword formation with zero swords should also be made up of simple space-time lines.

“If you are a regular person, without 10 years, you are afraid that it will be difficult to truly master the four books, even some genius of battle law, to master the four books, without two or three years, you are afraid that none of them will work. ”

Qin Yi felt the difficulty of these four books.

That is, Chief Shi gave the four books to Qin Yi, in fact, it was a difficult one.

However, Qin Yi did not care about this, and continued to study the fourth book, Deep Analysis of Formation Law.

The book is so deep, it's a detailed description of the space-time pattern. Even though Qin Yi's ability to analyze and understand is far better than that of ordinary people, he still sees it in the fog in the cloud. After two days, he gained a general understanding of the book formula.

“If I could master the book completely, perhaps I could arrange a simple Spiritual Array, or even a Legal Array. ”

Qin Yi slightly overjoyed. He can even soar his own power with the horrors of Spiritual Array or Falun Array, a simple Spiritual Array.

“If I can now arrange a spiritual formation, then with my present strength, I should be able to overcome the practitioner at the top of the Zodiac Frontier. ”

With this in mind, Qin Yi's face showed a rave of enthusiasm: “This time, I really should thank Chief Shi very much. It actually provides me with such a short cut to the strong. ”

Without hesitation, Qin Yi immediately followed the description above in the Deep Analysis of Formation Law and began to learn how to arrange the pattern.

The tattoo, in fact, is a prototype of the law of time and space. At the height of Qin Yi now, it is very difficult to relate to these things, as you can imagine.

Half a day went by, Qin Yi was sweating and tried hundreds of times, but did not succeed once.

“Tattoos, a very deep thing, have to be done slowly to arrange a spiritual formation with them. ”

Finally, Qin Yi had to give up temporarily.

Anyway, the contents of the two books "How to Arrange Formation Law" and "Deep Analysis of Formation Law" have been copied into his mind and can be studied slowly later.

Once he was able to arrange his own spiritual formation, he was confident that he would be able to disdain the disciples of the whole sect.

Today, only three days have passed, five days from the deadline of Chief Shi, and a full two days, but Qin Yi has already gained a basic grasp of the contents of the four books that Chief Shi has explained, and even some more profound problems, have some understanding.

“Gathering Spirit Formation, I'm done! ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and was still quite satisfied with the speed with which he mastered his knowledge.

When I think about the speed of training in the Gathering Spirit Array, it's three times faster than the outside world. Qin Yi has some expectations.


The next day, Qin Yi just woke up, outside the attic, a knock came.

Qin Yi was slightly confused. He opened the door and met Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xi Xuan. He was standing outside the attic.

“Qin Yi. ”

Seeing Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, they were both happy, and Xi Xuan's little face also squeezed a little smile. Ever since Yang Shiqi and Long Yan became the biological disciples of Elder Kang with super high potential, Xi Xueer's perception of Qin Yi has also changed.

“The three of you, instead of practicing well at Elder Kang, ran to me. ”

Looking at the three people in front of him, Qin Yi said with some blame.


Yeung Shiqi smiled.

The glamorous glassy eyes of the young girl were obviously delighted: “Qin Yi, here's the thing, the teacher asked the three of us to now go to the treasure palace to select martial arts suitable for our own training. All kindred disciples at the elder level of the zongmen have such an opportunity. ”

Girl's voice is beautiful, extremely beautiful, makes people feel like spring breeze and refreshed.

Qin Yi's heart is clear. Now, the advantages of becoming an in-laws disciple of the elder rank of the zongmen have been highlighted. All in-laws disciples of the elder rank of the zongmen have an opportunity to enter the treasure palace to select martial arts.

The other disciples, even the inner disciples, do not enjoy this treatment and can only enter Tibetan scripture to select martial arts.

Tibetan Sutra Pavilion and Tibetan Pavilion are not in one grade at all. Tibetan Sutra Pavilion collects more ordinary martial arts, and Tibetan Pavilion martial arts are all boutiques.

Yang Shiqi went on to say: "The Master said that he can receive me and Dragon Flame as two of these kindred disciples. You can do a great job. Therefore, in order to thank you, the Master also allowed you to come with us to the treasure palace to choose the martial arts suitable for you. ”

“What, Elder Kang also gave me a chance to enter the Treasure Palace? ”

Qin Yi blinked incredibly.

Yeung Shiqi stopped saying more, two slender white fingers, a pinch, clamped out a fine green jade card, and handed Qin Yi a smile.

“Collect the pavilion order! ”

Qingyu brand the four words in some special way, and under the four words, the words “Qin Yi” are also branded.

There is no doubt that this is a pass-through token for the Treasure Palace.

Holding the green jade card still slightly carrying Yang Shiqi's body temperature, Qin Yi's heart breeds a joy. This is a great opportunity.

You know, a good martial arts school can soar your strength.

There was no delay. Immediately, Qin Yi and the four of them went straight to the treasure palace of the gate.

The treasure palace, in the miracle fairy trace belongs to the Patriarchate, usually guarded, without the permission of the elder level, no one in the Patriarchate can be near half a step.

The institutions of the Sect were familiar when they first entered the Sect.

Not yet.

In front of a rather quaint building, it appeared in the sight of four people in Qin Yi's line of sight.

Above the gates of the ancient architecture, hung a plaque that had been around for some years. Among the plaques, the dragonfly phoenix danced with the words "Collection Palace”.

On both sides of the gate, the two physically fit guards, guarded to the left and right respectively, both of them emitted a spectacular atmosphere, even ordinary people, can be seen at random, both of whom are masters of pawns.

Many of the disciples in the Sect were deterred by the threat of the two guards, and the treasure palace could only be viewed from afar, gazed at, and admired.