The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 211: Frenzy

At this moment, the two guards were smiling respectfully at Makita and He Kung, leaving Qin Yi a few people who had just arrived here, step at their feet, slightly suffocated.

“Who is this? This is Zongmen Heavy. Please leave quickly! ”

Looking at Qin Yi's four people, the two guards immediately put up a respectful smile and drank coldly.

That is what Makita and He Gong are trying to get in. The divine color is also slightly stunned. Then, He Gong lazily smiled: “It's okay, a few of them should just come to watch this treasure palace. ”

Makita next to He Kung, is not serious laughing. There is a hidden arrogance between the eyebrows. Only when Xi Xuan's eyes are touched, a slight war will emerge in his eyes.

In his view, Xi Xuan is his worthy opponent. On the day of the entrance examination, Elder Kang accepted Xi Xuanye as his biological disciple, in order to cultivate him and decide with himself.

“Even if you want to see the Tibetan Palace, you must look beyond 100 meters. Can't you tolerate disciples watching freely? ”

One of the guards drank the smell from his body and grew bigger.

“Watching? ”

Xi Xuanye Liu frowned. She was extremely unhappy. She took out the green jade card and snorted coldly: “Open your eyes and show me clearly. What is this? ”

Treasure Lodge Pass!

The two guards saw each other and hurriedly stacked a compliment on their faces: “It turns out it was Elder Kang's personal disciple. I don't know Tarzan. Please come in. ”

Elder Kang's status is higher than that of the Immortals!

“I forgot, Xi Xuan, when the entrance examination was made that day, Elder Kang looked at him and adopted him as his own disciple. ”

He Kung, beside him, shrugged his shoulders irrelevantly, and his eyes swept deep towards Qin Yi's three people: “However, these three people are potentially ‘supermassive’. At present, they are not the first-hand disciples of any elder. ”

The words of the Greeting Gong are extremely harsh.

However, Qin Yi and others found it amusing, unjustifiable and unnecessary.

“Since these three are not the first-hand disciples of any elder, please return! ”

The two guards' faces, instantly, became cold and handsome again, a great look, breath on their bodies, and a huge score.

Xi Xuan was slightly stunned and opened his mouth, eventually saying nothing. The potential of these people is truly extraordinary, but not “extraordinary” in the mouth of the Greeting Gong.

Heh, heh! Boo!

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, at the same time, will shine the green jade card.


What the hell is going on?

Both guards, as well as Makita and He Kung, were stunned and blinked incredibly. The potential of the three of them, isn't it “supermassive”? Why do they have green jade?

The three green jade medals of Qin Yi, Makita and He Gong, are both shocking and suspicious. When did these three become the disciples of an elder?

“These two have been my sisters and brothers. ”

Xi Xueer looked at Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame separately, and immediately turned his eyes to Qin Yi: “As for him, there is something special about him. Although he is not a protégé disciple of the teacher's esteem, he has obtained the permission of the teacher's esteem, and he can enter the treasure palace with us once. ”

- What? - What?

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame have become elder Kang's own disciples, and Qin Yi, too, obtained elder Kang's permission!

What the hell is going on here?

Makita and He Gong were shocked.

Especially Makita, the corner of his mouth is quite obviously a light smoke, his heart is angry, that's wonderful.

Elder Kang's identity, higher than that of the Immortal Being, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, are now his own disciples, while Makita and He Gong are merely disciples of the Immortal Being.

In other words, the two of them jumped directly over their heads and stepped on their feet!

Even teachers who want to suppress them are unlikely in the future.

The only thing that makes them happy, however, is that Qin Yi has not become an in-laws disciple of Elder Kang, and is now merely obtaining permission from Elder Kang.

“It turns out that three of the four of you are elder Kang's biological disciples. This teenager was also granted permission by elder Kang. ”

In the meantime, the two guards immediately nodded to Qin Yi's four people with great respect.

Ignoring the guards and Makita several people, Qin Yi lined up with four people, his eyes ignored, and the diameter entered the treasure palace.

In their current capacity, there is no need to worry more about Makita.

Looking at that handsome face, with some arrogant teenager, he didn't even look at himself when he passed by. Makita's heart was furious.

“Brother Qin! ”

Makita can no longer control her emotions and drink cold.

“Brother Reverend, are you calling me? ”

Qin Yi stopped and turned to look at Makita, Junyi's face with a little surprise.

“You haven't been a real disciple of an elder, have you? I'll see if you're crazy after your deal with the two supervisors. ”

Makita said very seriously.

After the agreement with the two chief executives, Qin Yi, at best, can become a disciple of the chief executives, only one chief executives, unable to contend with the elder Bai Xian.

“I'm always waiting for you to crush me. ”

Qin Yi faintly said, the wind on his face is light and cloudy.

Yan Bi, Qin Yi, without further delay, and Yang Shiqi and others, entered the treasure palace.


Makita was so angry that her fist snapped.

Makita is now mending, in the second half of Zongdao, compared to the stars of the day, is not much different, but Qin Yi is not afraid, because he has the powerful base card of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" type 2.

He believes that he should at least be able to tie it to Makita by enabling this style of immortal martial arts.

Besides, after two days, he will go to the Gathering Spirit Formation to practice. After the Gathering Spirit Formation comes out, Qin Yi believes in his cultivation and will go wild.

And within two days of entering the Gathering Spiritual Array, even if Bai Xian wants to move himself, he has to weigh one or two, because he has two umbrellas, the Leaf and Shi.

There are two kinds of martial arts in the Cabinet, one is Xuanjie martial arts and the other is Zongjie martial arts. Xuanjie Martial Arts is offered to disciples who have not yet broken through the sect. And sectarian martial arts is offered to those who are mighty.

It is said that the top martial arts in the Sect all come from here.

“Class martial arts? ”

Qin Yi's eyes were slightly feverish.

In my own martial arts, a few of them are inherited from the ancient years of martial arts. Even if not, they are much stronger than general martial arts. There is some lack of interest in the martial arts in front of Qin Yi.

Without hesitation, Qin Yi came to the area where the classes of martial arts were arranged.

“This guy, has his head been stuck in the door? I just broke through the Nine Realms of Xuando, and I wanted to learn classroom martial arts. Can he understand? ”

Xi Xuan's behavior towards Qin Yi was slightly stunned. Even the color of disdain appeared.

Yang Shiqi and Long Yan understand Qin Yi's gifts, and no matter what incredible things happen to him, don't be too surprised, so it's not surprising that they both are.


Without any courtesy, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to quickly go through those sectarian martial arts and copy them into his mind.

In 10 minutes, he has copied more than a dozen copies.

This speed of reading led some of the Patriarchal disciples around him to look at Qin Yi with disdain: “A Patriarchal disciple came here to read Patriarchal Martial Arts, still so fast? Impersonation! ”

Qin Yi ignored it, just quickly went through the class martial arts, and made a crazy duplication.

Locking palm: lower order martial arts, refined to adulthood, randomly slap a hand, can center the other heart, severely traumatize it, even shatter the other heart.

Five Thunder Book: Low order martial arts, refined to adulthood, can elicit nine days of five-thunder, attack opponents, very powerful.

Electric Cold Flame: Low order martial arts, refined to adulthood, can elicit nine days of electric light, attack opponents, practitioners below the pagoda, one blow to death.

Chong Luo Yin: Patriarchal Medium Martial Arts, refined to adulthood, can gather minds into seals, attack opponents, practitioners below Patriarch 2, will be killed by one blow.

Tian Du Chop: Patriarchal Medium Martial Arts, refined to adulthood, can gather minds into Heaven Du Ghost Chop, attack opponents, practitioners below Patriarch 2, will kill...

That martial arts outline appeared in Qin Yi's brain. Qin Yi was stunned by their powerful killing power.

“One move can kill all practitioners below the second realm of the Patriarchate. ”

It's amazing!

Qin Yi stared.

He transferred these classical martial arts cultivation methods, but found them to be extremely difficult and difficult to cultivate.


Qin Yi's eyebrows suddenly slightly flashed, because he found that one wooden shelf was somewhat special. The other wooden shelves were filled with martial arts. Only that wooden shelf, there were only two martial arts.

“These two martial arts are just afraid of something special. ”

Qin Yi made this assumption, he did not hesitate, and immediately walked to the wooden shelf, sweeping at the two martial arts books above. Two martial arts books, one called "Violent Decisions" and one called "Magic Six Changes".

Without thinking too much, Qin Yi picked up "Violent Execution" first.

Qin Yi quickly noticed that four small words were noted on the top of this "Rage Tip": the ancient immortals.

However, just at the moment Qin Yi picked up this ancient tale, a heavy voice was in Qin Yi's brain, suddenly sounded: “" Violent Decisions, "a contraindication to the ancient tale of immortality, the evil is extreme. Once the cultivation succeeds, the internal Xuan Qi will be reversed, there is a 99 percent chance, the cultivator is violent, there is only a 1 percent chance, the cultivator can reverse the success, the strength of the war will soar. ”

This voice is undoubtedly a reminder to Qin Yi to make a careful choice.

This ancient book is not Xiangrui Martial Arts.

However, when Qin Yi heard this voice, his heart suddenly burst with horror, because he was familiar with this voice, and it turned out to be... the 10th largest copper man in the Bronze Guard!

“The 10th Bronze Man, the gray old man, how did he show up here? ”

Qin Yi's heart was very uneven and he hurried to sweep his eyes around him, yet he did not find the shadow of the "10th Bronze Man”.