The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 212: Magic Six Changes

“The voice of the old man in the gray robe can actually be heard directly in my mind. It is incredibly powerful. ”

Qin Yi was sentimental. At the same time, he became more and more curious about the identity of the old man in the grey robe.

“The old man in the gray robe is truly extremely mysterious, fearing only the identity of this miracle fairy, extremely special. ”

Qin Yi reckoned to himself, and he concluded that the old man's true cultivation was much stronger than Elder Kang's.

Those who are so strong, who do not serve as elders or even the Patriarchs, appear in the Copper Guard, and later in this treasure palace, there must be secrets that the world does not know.

Qin Yi began to read the ancient episode of "Violent Execution". He was quite moved by the fact that once the inner Xuan Qi reversal succeeded, the war dragon would soar.

In two minutes, Qin Yi copied the contents of "Violent Execution" into his mind without a word. Spin, he picked up the next "Magic Six Changes".

At this time, the heavy voice of the "10th Bronze Man" reminded Qin Yi once again in his mind: “The Magic Sound Six Changes", is a patriarchal martial arts of the ancestral lord and majors of the Magic Fairy Trail... ”

- What? - What?

Qin Yi was stunned and incredibly blinked his eyes. No wonder this martial arts will be placed. It turned out to be a martial arts majored by the Sect!

At the same time, he finally learned the name of the master who was severely traumatized by the 10th Bronze Man: Grandfathers and.

The voice of the “10th Bronze Man" still rings in Qin Yi's mind: “" Demonic Voice Six Changes, "is a very hard to cultivate sectarian martial arts, the potential and enlightenment of the poor, only fear to spend a lifetime, can only learn some fur, unable to pry into the essence of martial arts, even as the paternal ancestors and, eventually, only understood six changes, the last change, he forgot to sleep, almost mad, is also unable to understand...”

Undoubtedly, the intent of the phrase "10th Bronze Man" is still to remind Qin Yi to make a careful choice. If he chooses a martial arts that he cannot comprehend, it would undoubtedly be a waste of time.

“Is it really so hard to practice this Magic Six Changes? ”

Qin Yi was somewhat curious about the martial arts of the ancestral lord and major.

Now, the potential of Qin Yi is King Sen Luo plus his original potential, absolutely arrogant to the ancient world, and in terms of enlightenment, because there is a mysterious left hand relationship, is also much stronger than ordinary genius.

After a moment of indulgence, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to begin reading The Magic Six Changes.


Soon after, Demonic Six Changes had been copied into his mind without a word, and he began to browse through its contents.


After browsing through the contents of "Magic Six Changes", Qin Yi breathed out a breath. This "Magic Six Changes" is certainly much more difficult than ordinary martial arts.

Overall, this is a magic work that can make demonic sounds after a successful practice.

Practice until demonic sounds change: will shatter the stones and break the knife gun.

Practice to the Magic Sound II: will rehabilitate the body of all powerful people in the Xuando.

Reforming to the three demonic sounds: will shatter the body of every powerful man in the Gazette, killing him.

Practice until the demonic sounds change: will shatter the steel, the inferior apparatus encounters this demonic sounds, the inches crumble.

Practice until the demonic sounds change: the demonic sounds are loud, like the thunder of nine days, frightening, ghost crying wolf howl.

Practice to the Six Changes of Demonic Sounds: the supreme realm of the Qigong, the birth of the ancient demonic sounds, the breaking of the heavens and the earth, the breaking of the mountains and rivers, the sun and the moon.

“Amazing! ”

Qin Yi was shocked in his heart, difficult to calm, unimaginable. This martial arts realm can crush the body of all powerful people in Xuando by practicing the three demonic sounds. If he practiced the six demonic sounds, he can even crack the mountain river sun and moon.

Qin Yi speculated that, for a long time, the Patriarch of the Sect rarely appeared, and should not be healing wounds, but practicing the last change of this "Magic Six Changes".

For so many years, the Patriarch has not succeeded in cultivating the last transformation of this Demonic Six Changes. It is difficult to cultivate and can be imagined.

“Let's practise the two classes of martial arts: Violent Execution and Magic Six Changes. ”

Qin Yi slightly pondered for a moment and made such a decision. He took a pen and paper, and quickly copied this ancient piece of "Violent Execution", while "Magic Six Changes" was put back where it belonged.

In fact, the contents of "Violent Execution" and "Demonic Voice Six Changes" have been completely copied into Qin Yi's mind, transcribing "Violent Execution", just doing the appearance.


Seeing Qin Yifei quickly transcribed "Violent Execution", “10th Bronze Man" heavily sighed, even spinning, even the sound of sinking.

Obviously, the "10th Bronze Man" was quite helpless about Qin Yi's collateral.

Practicing this ancient episode of Violent Execution, there is only one percent chance that Xuan Qi will not reverse the defeat and die suddenly.

Some Patriarchal disciples around him saw that Qin Yi actually chose the taboo martial arts of "Violent Execution", which is also a strange color on his face. Then, looking at Qin Yi's eyes, he seemed to be looking at an idiot.


Ignoring the strange gaze around him, Qin Yifei quickly transcribed the contents of this ancient episode of "Violent Execution". All transcribed.

Yeung Siqi and the three of them, at this moment, have also chosen their martial arts.

Yang Shiqi chose a swordplay martial arts: "Wan Jianzheng Zong". Between her and the sword, she was born with some kind of psychic spirit. Focusing on the practice of swordsmanship, she will be able to better exert her fighting power.

Dragon Flame picks out a martial arts of speed: "Microsteps of Roasted Smoke". This is a very intelligent choice. As descendants of the ancient warrior dragon family, it stands out in terms of strength and physical defense, with only a few shortcomings in speed.

Xi Xueer chose a physical defense martial arts: "Heavenly Immortal Showdown", which is also based on her own meritorious strength, and the female disciples will usually have some deficiencies in physical defense, painstaking the defense martial arts, which is very necessary.

The three of them left the Palace without further delay.

Returning to his pavilion, Qin Yi first carefully interpreted the ancient book "The Furious Technique" to understand the true nature of his martial arts.

This is a taboo martial arts, and if you don't, you will die suddenly, and he has to be careful.

Just as Qin Yi locked himself up in the attic and carefully interpreted The Violent Execution, something he didn't know happened.

Elder Kang's other courtyard cabinet, Bai Xian's tall figure, appeared here.

At this moment, he, the white face, was obviously drenched with horror, Xu Xu said: “Elder Kang, I heard from my apprentice that you have recently received two in-laws? ”

Turns out, when Makita and He Gong return, they will tell Bai Xianjin what happened to the treasure palace.

After listening, Bai Xianjin was extremely shocked when he even found Elder Kang here.