The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 214: Gathering Spirit Array

After a full minute of narration, Qin Yi finally finished narrating the basic theory of the arrangement method array.

Managing Director Shi had a deep sense of frustration, his eyes flashed. He looked at the teenager in front of him like a monster. Such a profound and detailed basic theory of array layout, even his own, was not likely to be able to describe.

“Are you sure you haven't studied formation before? ”

Chief Shi was unhappy and asked.

“Copper Beast Array? ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. Similar questions were asked by Old Ye in the pharmacy on that day.

Chief Shi's mouth was obviously smoked. At the same time, he had the ability to remember. At the same time, he also had a very high talent in the field of formation law. In the Sect, he made a lot of contributions. Even in the League of Seven, he was famous, but compared to the juvenile in front of him, he was not even a fart.

After a deep sense of frustration, Managing Director Shi's mind also emerged with a strong sense of delight: "Well, boy, I didn't expect you to master such a deep theory of formation in a few short days. Hey, hey, I'm telling you, your talent in battle law is much higher than your talent in alchemy. You follow me in battle law is the best choice. ”

“Cough, Managing Director Shi, the tasks given by the seniors, the seniors have been accomplished, some of the promises made by the seniors can not be...”

Qin Yi's eyes flashed slightly.

“Gathering Spirit Formation? Of course the old man didn't forget about it. Now I'll let the deacon take you there. ”

Managing Director Shi looked very happy.

Qin Yi's heart suddenly rejoiced. He studied the formation method, mainly towards the Gathering Spirit Formation.

Soon after, a middle-aged man in a yellow robe arrived in the hall, the deacon of the heavenly track. After listening to Chief Shi explain the matter, Deacon Yellow's face was stunned.

Before bidding farewell, Chief Shi revealed a very important matter to Qin Yi. The owner who has been shutting down has already sent out a message. In twenty days, he will leave the gate once to inspect the situation of the sect for a period of three days. After three days, the owner will reopen the shutdown.

In order to give the Patriarch a better understanding of the power of the Patriarch, the Patriarch has decided to hold a large Patriarchate Martial Association on the day of the Patriarch's departure.

This large Zongmen Wu Guild consists of three parts.

Part 1: External disciples challenge alternate interior disciples, challenge successful interior disciples, will be promoted to alternate interior disciples.

Part 2: Alternate inner disciples challenge inner disciples, challenge successful alternate inner disciples, will be promoted to inner disciples.

Part 3: Compete among the disciples of the inner gate to compete for the ranking of the disciples of the inner gate.

“Zongmen Wu Guild? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly. He thought this was a good opportunity. Now he stands by as an internal disciple. If he challenges an internal disciple to succeed, he can be promoted to an internal disciple. Then the first step of the teacher's reverence will be completed.

“Therefore, I hope you will seize this opportunity to practice in the Gathering Spiritual Front and improve your cultivation to prepare for the Zongmen Wu Guild in twenty days' time. ”

“Thank you, seniors know. ”

Qin Yi respectfully thanked him.

As Superintendent Shi said, this is indeed a pretty good opportunity. It is easy for him to think of. In fact, this time, Superintendent Shi allowed himself to dive for 10 days. It should be his intention to arrange it. He knew that Zongmen would hold a large martial arts club, so that he could do his best before the arrival of the large martial arts club.

With this in mind, Qin Yi's heart raised a little warmth.

“Go, work hard, although last time you will defeat Sing Tang, the strength of the inner disciples is much higher than Sing Tang. ”

Managing Director Shi waved at Qin Yi with a smile. Obviously, in his eyes, Qin Yi had been identified as his disciple. He did not want his disciple to challenge failure during the Zongmen Wu Guild.

“The youngest understands. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

“Junior, please come with me. ”

The Yellow Deacon didn't have much mouth. He waved to Qin Yi with no expression on his face. He looked out and went. Qin Yi immediately followed.

Zongmen Summit!

Qin Yi secretly shook his fist. Almost, he had to grasp this. As soon as he jumped to become an inner door disciple, once he became an inner door disciple, he would be given certain importance by the sect. Bai Xianman wanted to find his trouble, so he was not so casual.

Once you become an inner disciple, it's much easier to find a mountain to lean on.

In fact, he can also recommend himself to Elder Kang Mao to become his own disciple, but if he does so, Qin Yi will have to expose himself to the ultra-high potential of King Sam Luo, which is too glamorous.

On the day of the introductory appraisal of the third level of bronze, “10th Bronze Man" also warned Qin Yi that his performance could not be too glamorous, he was afraid that he would come to kill him. The owner of the miracle fairy was severely wounded by the "10th Bronze Man", while Qin Yi defeated the “10th Bronze Man". In this case, if Qin Yi also showed super high potential, the owner of the miracle fairy will not tolerate him.

In other words, the owner of the miracle fairy trace is the object that Qin Yi must worry about.

Out of this concern, Qin Yi preferred to rely on his strength to hit the inner door step by step, rather than disclosing a little bit of his high potential to any elder, so that they could see him and take him as an inner disciple.

Soon after the two of them left heaven, they arrived at a fairy land, where the stones were strange, the white cranes were pale and the fairy danced.

When Qin Yi first arrived here, he sensed the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth here. At the same time, he obviously felt the space-time lines arranged around him.

“This is Zongmen's Gathering Spirit Array? It's a good place to practice. ”

Qin Yi was delighted and couldn't help but rush past.

And then.


In front of Qin Yi's eyes, a golden spatial stripe appeared, blocking him from the outside. The blocking force of this spatial stripe prevented him from moving forward.


Qin Yi was stunned and raised his hand to rub almost kowtowed a large bag of forehead.

“This Gathering Spirit Array has an entrance. To enter the Gathering Spirit Array, you must pass through the entrance before you can enter it. ”

Deacon Yellow said with no expression on his face: "You come with me. ”

The Deacon of the Yellow Robe is like a light swallow, looking somewhere to loose. Some of the cliffs, which are more than a dozen tall, all leap up and look relaxed without any hesitation.

Behind Qin Yi, you can see the dark tongue.

However, he is also a good man himself, and it is not too hard to climb over the cliff, as the Praise of the Father has cultivated to its peak.

The deacon of the yellow robe in front of him saw that Qin Yi had always followed Qin Yi without hesitation. That had always been a faceless face, and had finally glided past the colour of shock.

A moment later.

In front, a noisy colour suddenly appeared. Also at this time, Deacon Yellow said faintly: "Here we are. ”

Qin Yi glanced at him and saw only a short distance ahead, where more than a dozen sectarian disciples were gathered.

Not far in front of them, two tablets appeared, and the tablets appeared to have been weathered very well, apparently here for years, at the very least, for millennia.

On one tablet on the left, it says "Sect heavily” and on one tablet on the right, it says "idle man stop". Between the two tablets, there are hidden some golden spatial lines that flow slowly.

Here is the entrance to the Gathering Spirit Formation.


With the shadow of Qin Yi and the Deacon of the Yellow Robe, the dozen disciples who had gathered there immediately received a breath. After a slight glance at the Deacon of the Yellow Robe, he put his curious gaze on Qin Yi.

“These disciples of the Sect are privileged to be respected by their respective teachers, waiting to enter and practise in the Gathering Spirit Formation. ”

Deacon Huang explained that Qin Yi's face had no expression.

Qin Yi's heart was clear. It was easy for him to come up with the idea. The reason why these people gathered at the entrance of the Gathering Spiritual Front and went inside to practice was to prepare for the Zongmen Wu Guild in twenty days.

It is no surprise that the royal kingdoms of Lingjia, such as the miracle fairy trail, popped up powerful disciples during the Zongmen Wu Guild. In order to stand undefeated in the Zongmen Wushu, only before the arrival of the Wushu will every effort be made to improve its own practice.

Qin Yi's gaze, Xu Xuyi swept away, the whole person had to be stuck.

Of the dozen disciples in front of him, three are familiar to him: the first, Makita, the second, Princess Taiping, who has been gone for many days, and the third, Horan, is a young girl in a red robe.

“She was... a young girl who used to brutally kill an ancient spiritual beast deep in Mount Devil's Wind...”

In an instant, Qin Yi recognized the red girl in the crowd.

The girl in the red robe, only around the age of thirteen or fourteen, was able to brutally kill the ancient spiritual beast at the peak of the Great Xuan Master. Her potential and strength reached a truly appalling level.

At this moment, the girl in the red robe also measured Qin Yi curiously with a pair of Spirit of Water eyes.

Looking at Qin Yi's eyes, she fell on herself immobilized, a pair of "idiots” appeared, the red girl's cheeks suddenly appeared a shy red moisture, rushing her face over.

Qin Yi realized that he had lost his temper and coughed twice.

“Qin Yi, wait here with the disciples of these sects. Someone will come and help you open the entrance to the Gathering Spirit Formation later. Then you can come in with everyone. ”

After Deacon Huang explained to Qin Yi, he was shaken and disappeared in place.

“Qin Yi, it must be the old man Shi. Allow you to come here to practice in the Gathering Spirit Formation. Tsk, this old man is really into you. ”

Princess Taiping came towards the Qin Yi model, posing as Nana, allowing the male disciple's eyes to be present, all slightly feverish, staring dead at that twisted and extremely rhyming part.

Princess Taiping is a princess of the Chinese Empire. Her identity is noble. Naturally, she will not be too afraid of a chief executive of the Sect.

“He's just a Chief Shi. Even if he cares about Master Qin, what can he do? ”

A mune's voice, in the crowd, slowly sounded, Horan is the pasture.

Qin Yi frowned slightly and did not answer.