The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 215: See The Red Girl Again

Makita continued: “Even if Master Shi allowed Qin to study in the Gathering Spirit Formation for ten days, with the five-ringing potential of Master Qin, there would not be much improvement, Sister Hongqiu, don't you think? ”

Makita looked at the girl with the shy red robe on her face.

“Ah, only the five-ringing potential? ”

The girl in the red robe was surprised and blinked incredibly.

As Makita said this, the other disciples of the sect immediately revealed their disdain to Qin Yi, and a slight whining sound slowly spread from it.

The five-ringing potential, in such super gates as the miracle fairy trail, is undoubtedly the existence of a cushion. I'm afraid it's just some people who do chores, and the potential is higher than this.

Her name was Hongqiu!

Qin Yi felt it.

“Sister Hongqiu. ”

Qin Yi ignored the disdainful gaze of the road around him and looked at the girl in the red robe. She smiled slightly: “Thank you. Once upon a time, you not only sent me a penetration, but also helped me out of my predicament, so I had the chance to join the Teacher Gate Martial Arts Association and let me defeat my opponent in the Teacher Gate Martial Arts Association, so that I had the chance to enter this miracle fairy trail. ”

Hongqiu repair is higher than Qin Yi, the time to enter the sect is also longer than Qin Yi, but she is younger than Qin Yi, so Qin Yi calls her a sister-in-law.

“Ah, what did you say, before we... knew each other? ”

Hongqiu heard the mist in the clouds, the eyes of the water spirits kept twinkling, full of confusion.

Zongmen disciples around, including Makita and Princess Taiping, also looked at Qin Yi and Hongqiu in doubt.

“Not really. ”

Qin Yi shook his head gently, Xu Xu said: “Sister Hongqiu, do you remember that you and your master went to the depths of Mount Devil's Wind to practice? ”

“How do you know? ”

The girl in the red robe became more confused.

Indeed, in the past, she went with her master to the depths of the Mountains of the Devil's Wind, and she was impressed because only once had she done so.

“I also know that at the time, you killed an ancient spiritual beast barbaric. In fact, at that time I was trapped in the cave where the ancient spiritual beast was barely guarded, I could not come out, because when I came out, I would be brutally killed by the ancient spiritual beast. After that, you and your master came, you killed the ancient spiritual beast barely, and I got out of the cave. Later, I took out the ancient spiritual beast barbaric spiritual beast Dan, and sold a whole million taels of silver. ”

Qin Yi said the whole thing again.

“Ah, how could it be such a coincidence...”

The girl with the red robe had a small mouth and was stunned to open it.

Everyone around them is incredibly colorful.

“Oh, I didn't think that day my unintentional blow would save your life. ”

The girl in the red robe was obviously quite innocent and kind. After a while, she smiled and was somewhat happy. She didn't seem concerned about the “five rings” potential of Qin Yi.

She was even full of accomplishments when she could inadvertently save Qin Yi's life.

“It's just a pity that Hongqiu's sister saved a man with only five ringing potentials and no half future. ”

Mune Makita's voice came from the side: "A sect disciple with only five potential sounds, but at this moment it is a waste of space to join us in training in the Gathering Spirit Formation. ”

Faced with Makita's sharp words, Qin Yi did not care, and did not do anything about it.


At this moment, a golden figure, not knowing where it came from, came to the crowd in an instant.

Staying at the golden shadow station, everyone looked at it and couldn't help but stand still. This came as a copper man.

The copper man held a copper stick in his hand and, without saying a word, came between the two tablets, lifting the copper stick and slapping it.


A loud sound of a metal collision came.

Between the two tablets, the otherwise implicit golden spatial trace slowly swept away to both sides.

The Gathering Entrance, that's how it opens!

With a copper stick, the spatial stripes sealed at the entrance of the Gathering Spirit Array were smashed open. Such a force made everyone present to stare at each other.

“The entrance to the Gathering Spirit Formation has been opened, you can go in and practise for 10 days. After 10 days, if anyone fails to come out, you will be trapped in the Gathering Spirit Formation. You can only come out when the next Gathering Spirit Formation is open. And the next time the Gathering Spirit Array opens, it's an unknown number. ”

The bronze man said that his voice was extremely heavy and old.

If you don't come out in ten days, you will be trapped in the Gathering Spirit Formation. You won't be able to come out until the monkey months!

Everyone's heart is full of it. Keep that in mind.

The copper slowly glanced at Qin Yi in the crowd. The gaze, with some meaning, then he flashed and disappeared directly into place.

Qin Yi stayed put. In a moment, he judged who this copper was. He was the "10th Bronze Man” gray robe old man of the bronze man Guan.

At this moment, he was incredible, and the old man in the gray robe showed up here dressed as a copper man.

“What is the identity of the old man in this miracle? ”

Looking in the direction of the old man's disappearance, Qin Yi generated a strong interest.

The entrance to the Gathering Spirit Array has been smashed open by a copper stick of the "Copper Man", and the genius teenagers, even the fish, enter.

“Brother Qin, I hope you don't waste these 10 days of rehearsal in vain. If you don't have a breakthrough in 10 days, you're afraid it will become a joke for the Sect. ”

Makita looked at Qin Yi with a deep smile before entering the Gathering Spirit Formation. Even if it was not delayed any longer, her head would not return into the Gathering Spirit Formation.

With a smile, Qin Yi didn't care about it, but followed suit.

As soon as they entered the Gathering Spirit Front, the people hurriedly scattered, each looking for a place to practice, only ten days, not much, nobody wants to waste.

Qin Yi also came to the top of a cliff without delay. After discussing his legs and breathing out slowly, Xu Xu closed his eyes.

This Gathering Spirit Array is completely self-contained. From the outside, this Gathering Spirit Array is not very large and will not exceed a thousand acres, but as soon as you get inside, you will find that it is 100,000 acres wide.

This is the wonder of spatial traces, which not only make themselves unique, but also prevent the outside world from seeing their true faces.

According to the description in "Deep Analysis of Formation Law", Qin Yi also learned that some super formations master, can perfectly blend spatial and temporal stripes, the arranged formations are not only different from the outside world, even the flow rate of time is different from the outside world.

For example, in the past day, ten days have passed in the legal matrix, or vice versa, in the past ten days, only one day has passed in the legal matrix, and even the difference in time flow rates is even greater.

Of course, the greater the difference in the time flow rate, the higher the requirements for the construction of the opposing method.

“Pfft!” “Pfft! ”

Just as Qin Yi was about to practise, a breeze suddenly came.

Qin Yi was surprised for a moment and couldn't help but open his eyes. He was suddenly surprised, only to see him not far away, standing a giant Snow White Spirit Crane.

Snow White Spirit Crane opened his eyes and looked angrily at Qin Yi.

“What do you mean? ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned: “Do I occupy the land of this spiritual crane? This spiritual crane is angry and wants to drive me away? ”

He looked around and found that the area was either bush or steep and not suitable for cultivation at all.

“I'm practicing right here. You can kick me out if you want. ”

Qin Yi said to the giant Snow White Spirit Crane.


Qin Yi's voice had just fallen, and Linghe quickly rushed over with his wide wings. His long mouth and armor, like a sword, pecked hard at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi blinked incredibly. He never thought that the animal would actually kill him.

“Hopper Fist. ”

Qin Yi rushed to battle, this cliff top, is a good practice site, he does not intend to give up.

Spiritual cranes are huge, but their fighting power is not very good. They haven't finished a set of championship boxing yet. They have defeated and fled.

Qin Yi exhaled softly and sat down again.

Of course, before practicing, he did one thing, which was to coagulate King Senroa's entire heart into Senroa's own body.

When Senroa was fully integrated into his body, his potential reached an incredible height.

Qin Yi can even feel clearly, his constitution, became more suitable for practice, his mood, also became brighter, some tough martial arts. At this moment, he recalled, it became obvious.

At this moment, Qin Yi's potential is really high, and Qin Yi herself does not know, because there are currently no instruments to test, which can test his current potential.

Then, Qin Yi started practicing.

With the meditation of cultivating mindset, every pore on Qin Yi's body is stretched out, absorbing the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth around him.

These spiritual energies of heaven and earth were inhaled into Qin Yi's body, through the major meridian veins in his body, were conveyed to his Dantian, and then converted from his Dantian to Xuan Qi, and sent back to his major meridian veins.

The spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth here is too intense, as if it were the ocean, continuously absorbed by Qin Yi's body, and Qin Yi, can clearly feel his body change, constantly looking up higher realm.

His whole person, the old monk at this moment, just like, motionless, let time pass.

Two days later, Qin Yi's body, there are already signs of him breaking through the higher realms.


Qin Yi Xixi, King Senluo's potential, together with the Gathering Spiritual Array, self-cultivation, at a very pleasant speed, is a sudden and rapid progress.

Now, his cultivation is the Nine Realms of Gendo, just two days of cultivation, and there are signs of a breakthrough. If it were to be changed to a normal situation, a month of painstaking would not necessarily have had such an effect.

“Pfft!” “Pfft! ”

Just as Qin Yi was about to break through into the mid realm of Xuando 9, a flapping sound of wings came again.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and saw only the spiritual crane two days ago. He came here again.

“Is this bastard coming to chase me again? ”