The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 216: War Crane

Qin Yi was confused.


Indeed, Ling Crane did not hesitate at all, fanning the wide wings, blinking and slaughtering the past towards Qin Yi.

“Hopper Fist! ”

Qin Yi did not panic and was not busy. He stood up to fight.

Then, after just fighting, Qin Yi was surprised to discover that the power of Linghe was much stronger than before.

“Strong learning ability. ”

Qin Yi's divine colour became a little heavy, his heart was difficult to calm, the last time Ling Crane was easily defeated by himself, even a "Champion Fist" has not yet been completed.

This time, he found that he had fought against the spiritual crane with the "Champion Fist". With his speed in Jerome, the spiritual crane could easily hide Qin Yi's powerful fist and even fight back with lenient wings.

After the implementation of a set of "Champion Fists," Lingcrane did not defeat, standing there, even some proud to look at Qin Yi.

“Two days apart, this bastard totally touched my Champion. How did it do that? ”

Qin Yi's divine color grew heavier and heavier. He had to admit that this spiritual crane in front of him was the most amazing creature he had ever seen.


The spiritual crane's broad wings pounded, fanning a raging wind, rushing again to Qin Yi at great speed.

“Ling Feng clap! ”

Qin Yi no longer uses the Champion Fist, but rather stretches out the wind palm.


A piece of palm seal formed by the wind struck the spiritual crane directly, and the spiritual crane's huge body flew out, falling more than ten lengths apart, falling off a white feather.

Just one palm, Qin Yi easily defeated Linghe to the north, Linghe fled again, not in love with the war.


Looking at the figure of the Ling Crane Wolf fleeing, Qin Yi was slightly stunned. As soon as Ling Feng clapped his hand, he defeated Ling Crane north. This resulted in some surprises for him.

The gap between the front and back shown by this crane is too great.

Earlier, Qin Yi made every effort to implement the "Champion Fist", and Ling Crane coped with it, but it was more than a swimming blade. Now, he transformed martial arts into "Ling Feng Palm", and Ling Crane defeated immediately.

This is an unexplained phenomenon.

After a moment of inactivity, Qin Yi grinned and shook his head. After a moment of inactivity, Qin Yi continued to sit down and practice carefully.

So much for another day.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In Qin Yi's body, there was a sound of a bone breakthrough.

With the sound of this skeletal sound, a powerful breath, also following from Qin Yi's body, emitted, towards the surrounding area, havoc, Qin Yi's head full of dark hair, suddenly floating.

At the same time, the whole person of Qin Yi, is also demonized again. In his eyes, the ancient demonic qi slowly passed, and over his body, a hint of demonic qi also appeared in the sky.

After the signs of demonization disappeared, Qin Yi returned to God. He felt that his body had climbed to a whole new realm of Xuan Qi Qi. Qin Yi smiled faintly: “Slightly okay, Xuan Dao in the middle of 9 realms. ”

In this Gathering Spirit Formation, only three days of cultivation, from the beginning of Gendo 9, to the middle of Gendo 9, such cultivation speed, the word "evil” is not enough to describe.

However, Qin Yi was not too satisfied. Collecting the seeds of the five elements, reformulating the Jiuzhou Demon Knife, and returning the Immortal Gods to power. This heavy burden, like a mountain, pressed him into breath.

He dared not forget the orders of the King of Kyushu.

The turn has begun, and the Second Age of Great Destruction is approaching. In the shortest possible time, he must become the strongest before the Second Age of Great Destruction can be reached, and the Jiuzhou Demon Knife can be reconstituted to return the immortal gods to power.

In terms of the situation at hand, in more than a decade, it will be the great martial arts club of Zongmen. Now Qin Yi's mending, looking at the whole Zongmen disciple, can not say the existence of a cushion, but it is also extremely low.


Breathe out gently and Qin Yi continues to practice.

In this Gathering Spirit Formation, there is a great deal of spirituality, perfect for practice, and their time is just ten days.

Ten days is too short. He doesn't want to waste it. If he can break through, he will try to break through.

He believes in other disciples, who are also working hard to cultivate at this moment, such a good opportunity for idiots to waste.

“Pfft!” “Pfft! ”

However, just at this time, in the sky, a white light crossed the sky, extremely bright, the spiritual crane reappeared, a long whistle, fanning the broad wings, and burst towards Qin Yi.

The spiritual crane flew extremely fast. In an instant, it flew over Qin Yi's head.

Without hesitation, the spiritual crane fanned a pair of flying wings, one meter long sharp mouth armor, in a high and low position, toward Qin Yi at the top of the cliff, pecking down.

“This bastard is really haunting me. ”

Qin Yi looked up at the rapidly slaying crane and smiled bitterly.

Knowing the peculiarities of this spiritual crane, Qin Yi did not dare to be a bit lazy, quickly came out of the ground and shouted the "Lingfeng Palm" out to confront the spiritual crane.

“Ling Feng clap! ”

However, he was surprised at the start of the attack, as he found that the Crane had been able to easily fight the Lingfeng Clap.

A day ago, Qin Yi was still a Lingfeng palm, defeating this immortal crane in the north. A day later, the animal was able to easily combat the "Lingfeng Palm" martial arts.

“This learning ability is a little scary! ”

Qin Yi shouted. At this moment, any adjective is not enough to describe the shock in his heart. He went to the Immortal Age and broke into Huangquan Road. Such a strange thing, he met for the first time.

Without daring to be slightly careless, Qin Yi made every effort to "Ling Feng Palm" and waged war with Linghe.

“Fantasy style! ”

“Phantom Rain! ”

“Fantasy Thunder! ”

“Extinction! ”

Lingfeng Palm Type 4, in one form is stronger than the other, with the current Qin Yi Xuan Dao in the middle of the 9th realm as the implementation, its power is much stronger than before, a vast and powerful blade, as if a platoon fell into the sea, rushing towards the spiritual crane in the sky, the end is the killing machine tens of millions.

However, the spiritual crane fanned the wings, and the powerful "Lingfeng Palm" Type 4, all easily caught.


The spiritual crane floated, parked in the air, overlooking Qin Yi, full of arrogance and disdain.

“Terrible! ”

Qin Yi's heart was stunned. Before that, he had never met such a terrible opponent. He concluded in his heart that this spiritual crane was absolutely odd. Even those advanced spiritual beasts could not be so perverted.


Without saying anything, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of the Sky Spirit, and saw clearly any minor movements of the spiritual crane.

“There are no blooms! ”

Qin Yi was shocked and difficult to attach. He found that the spiritual crane had a huge body, but it was all over the body, but there was no bloom at all, almost impeccable.

“Ling Feng clap! ”

Qin Yi's manoeuvre remained the same. He continued to develop the martial arts of "Lingfeng Palm". He fought hard against the spiritual crane. His clothes sounded hunting and his head danced wildly with black hair.

However, he did not have a point of advantage. With his excellent flying ability and powerful wings, Ling Crane not only withstood Qin Yi's attacks as many times as possible, but was also able to easily fight back.


A huge wing, drew a bright white light, came out of the sky, and between blinking eyes, was to sweep Qin Yi upright. Qin Yi only felt the power that the wing had uploaded, seemed to have millions. He couldn't resist it at all, and was swept out dozens of lengths.

Fortunately, Qin Yi's own physical defense is good, coupled with the seeds of earthly elements. Otherwise, Qin Yi is only afraid of serious injuries.

“Pfft! ”

The spiritual crane did not give Qin Yi a chance to breathe. He fanned his wings and dived down at great speed. His mouth and armor, like a sword, went toward Qin Yi on the ground and pecked hard.

Such horrible nails, once pecked by them, are afraid to be ripped out directly by a cave.

Qin Yi did not dare carelessly, hurried out to praise his father's footsteps, and his figure turned into a shadow. He avoided this blow by the spiritual crane in a dangerous and dangerous manner.


The spiritual crane, like a sword, pecked on a big tree, directly pecked the big tree lazy waist to break.

“Amazing! ”

Qin Yi, who had already rushed behind Linghe, was stunned by this scene.

“It would be nice to warm up before the Zongmen Wu Guild! ”

For a moment, Qin Yi's chest was also burning with fierce warfare intentions. He stepped on his father's foot and carried out the Lingfeng Palm. He was in a crazy war with Lingcrane.

The speed of the spiritual crane is too fast. Qin Yi's "Da Luo Heavenly Hand" is the last type of "annihilation of the world”. In front of it, it is only difficult to play a role, and he will avoid it.

The basic boxing technique of "Champion Fist" has been touched by the Lingfeng. "The Seven Types of Tenjin", he does not want to be easily applied. Therefore, Qin Yi can only carry out "Lingfeng Palm" over and over again to confront the Lingfeng. Alternatively, use Kill Three.


Spiritual crane whistled, in both eyes, also burned the mad war intentions, constantly fanning the wings, dissolving the four styles of Lingfeng Palm from Qin Yi's wild attack.

Over time, Linghe relied on the advantages of speed and a powerful body, gradually suppressing Qin Yi, causing Qin Yi to sink into despair.

Qin Yi's wolf was overwhelmed. He never thought that one day, he would be forced to be so wolfed by a spiritual crane. His "Wind Palm" has been cultivated to the fourth degree. It is not necessary to be overwhelmed, but in front of the spiritual crane, the wind still falls, and his wounds are scarred, and he is extremely wolfish.

However, Qin Yi's wounds are healing rapidly because he has cultivated the "Return of Life" to its peak.

Qin Yi knew that Linghe could so easily resist his own Lingfeng Palm, which is because it has unparalleled learning ability, has already mapped out the "Lingfeng Palm" martial arts, plus its own advantages, it is already a miracle that he can persist to this day without carrying out the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons".

At this moment, his body was pouring wildly, and the whole person was in a state of complete emptiness.

When "Lingfeng Palm" Type 4 reached its ultimate, Qin Yi's heart, as if a dust sealed door had been open for a long time, suddenly at this moment, it seemed a bit of holy light spilled in, which was a kind of trick he had never touched before.