The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 218: Immortal Crane Truth

Qin Yi quickly felt a violent force form in his body with the "Fury Tip" drill, if a mad beast is like.

“To cultivate the Rage Technique into the second realm, it is necessary to draw that raging force from my body into the double fist. ”

Qin Yi explored and rehearsed.

After every drill, Qin Yi can clearly feel it. The fierce force in his body will be greatly increased. When the drill reaches 200 times, Qin Yi feels the fierce force in his body, almost bursting his body, it is extremely painful.

“Terrible martial arts. ”

Qin Yi was shocked. He remembered that this phenomenon also occurred when he practiced the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. At that time, he still used other martial arts to guide the strength formed in his body into his palms.

However, it is obviously not necessary to resort to other martial arts. At some point, the amount of madness in Qin Yi's body suddenly rushed into Qin Yi's double fists as if he had found the gate.


A large tree with a thick bowl in front of it, broken in inches.

“The second realm of fury! ”

Qin Yi was slightly overjoyed and finally broke the fierce tactics into the second realm.

In fact, Qin Yi was somewhat unaware of the power embodied in the second realm of violent tactics. One punch smashed a large tree with a thick bowl mouth, which was not surprising. Qin Yi could achieve this effect, even stronger, by simply exerting his Champion fist.

What he wants is the power after the reversal of the Fury.

The Rage Trick begins to reverse in the fourth realm, and once reversed, the power changes dramatically.

Fourth Realm: Xuan Qi reversed, his own strength reversed to the ancient boxing force, his fist can crush the rock, beat through the steel with a meat fist, easily defeat the Zodiac strong.

5th Realm: Successful, it can draw real ancient power, it is amazing, if you practice yourself to break through imperial roads, you can break through the mountains, even through the stars.

How could Qin Yi easily let go of such a stunning power?

So far, the 10-day training period set by the Gathering Spirit Front has ended.

Qin Yi's cultivation broke through the two realms in a row, ascending to the peak of the ninth realm of Xuando, and then crossed one step, which is Zongdao, "The Furious Technique", also broke into the second realm. In addition to that, he realized the fifth formula of "Lingfeng Palm".

Qin Yi was quite satisfied with such a harvest, especially the fifth edition of "Lingfeng Palm", which was considered an unexpected harvest.

Without delay, Qin Yi left the top of the cliff, headed towards the entrance of the Gathering Spiritual Array, and burst away.

Coming to the entrance of the Gathering Spirit Array, Qin Yi's eyes peeled slightly, because he saw the “10th Bronze Man" standing quietly there again, even carrying a bronze stick.

The other disciples of the Sect were gathered next to the "10th Bronze Man", including Makita, Princess Taiping, the Red Robe Girl Hongqiu, and others.

Seeing the explosion of Qin Yi, the eyes of the "10th Bronze Man" were obviously slightly bright, swirling, and returning to normal.

In front of everyone, Qin Yi noticed that the disciples of the sects present were all different from when they first came in and obviously had some gains.

And what stunned Qin Yi was that all the disciples present, including Makita, Princess Taiping and Hongqiu, were more or less wounded.

“Are you… just attacked by an external enemy? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and was confused.

“Qin Yi, why aren't you hurt? ”

Princess Taiping looked at Qin Yi with surprise and asked back. Her clothes were shattered and shattered, revealing a great deal of snow and white skin, causing some male disciples' eyes to become slightly feverish.

Everyone else in the room, too, looked at Qin Yi in confusion.

“Why should I be hurt? ”

"'I'm still wondering,' said Qin Yiqi. 'Why are you all wounded? ”

“… you were not attacked by a crane in the Gathering Spirit Formation? ”

In the face of Princess Taiping, the divine color became more confused.

Attacked by a crane!

Qin Yi was stunned and instantly understood what was going on. When he was in the Gathering Spirit Formation, the Spirit Crane not only attacked himself, but also all the disciples of the Sect who entered the Gathering Spirit Formation to practice, all attacked.

It's just that I've cultivated the Tips of Return to Life to its peak, and the scars left by that raging war with my soul have been completely healed.

“It seems that you have all been attacked by the spiritual crane. Of course I will not make an exception. As soon as you enter, you will be attacked by the spiritual crane. After that, every other time, the spiritual crane will appear and attack me. ”

Qin Yi confessed.

“Then you...”

Princess Taiping suddenly stopped talking and looked at Qin Yi with horror.

There is no need to explain anything more. Qin Yi's spiritual crane was not injured at all.

The whole scene was so quiet, there was only a loud breathing voice, everyone had taught the power of that spiritual crane, it was a pervert, the first time it appeared, it was weak, but when it appeared the second time, it had soared your martial arts to an incredible level, it was difficult to beat.

In the face of such a shocking crane, Qin Yi did not leave a scratch on his body.

Looking at the horrible color on people's faces, Qin Yi knew that they had misunderstood themselves, but he was too lazy to explain it. It was impossible for him to speak of himself to cultivate "The Tip of Return to Life" to its peak.

“What, Sister Hongqiu, did you get hit by that crane too? ”

Qin Yi glanced at the red girl in the crowd, feeling a little surprised. Once the red girl tried to kill a brutal image of an ancient spiritual beast, she is now clearly reproduced in Qin Yi's brain. A girl with such tremendous fighting power, facing that different spiritual crane, she was also injured.

“I... am hurt, that crane is too strong. ”

On Hongqiu's cheek, a little red, very shy and quite seductive.

Her voice, Yingying Yingyan Yan, was very beautiful. Her clothes on one of her shoulders were ripped open, revealing a delicate, snow-white incense shoulder over which a long flesh wound was drawn.

“Brother Qin, in the face of such a powerful spiritual crane, you can do no harm. ”

Hongqiu said shyly, the eyes of the Spirit of Water glanced at Qin Yi. In that look, he obviously carried a hint of admiration.

“Sister Hongqiu, the battle power of Master Qin's brother, is very famous, defeating the top nine bronzers of the Bronze Mansion, only losing the last ‘10th Bronze Man, defeating Feng Wen, Beimen Guang and Xintang in a row, the three alternate inner door disciples, which are all good words in the Sect, but relative to the battle power, his‘ five rings’ potential, is even more famous. ”

A mune's voice slowly came along, and the man who spoke was Makita.

In the Gathering Spirit Formation, he also suffered some injuries during the battle of the spiritual crane, a paw print on his chest, which appeared to be a few wolves.

Hearing Makita's words, everyone in the room had a little balance, and even some people couldn't help laughing.

Qin Yi smiled faintly and did not make any excuses, which was unnecessary.

“I'll explain the crane here. ”

The “10th Bronze Man", who has not spoken, said in silence: “That spiritual crane is actually part of the Gathering Spirit Formation, which is constantly challenging you to unleash your potential and improve your fighting power, that is, this Gathering Spirit Formation, not only has a lot of spiritual energy in heaven and earth, but also a spiritual crane, for people to keep fighting, stimulate your potential, improve your fighting power. ”

- What? - What?

Turns out that crane is part of the Gathering Spirit Formation!

Everyone was stunned.

“It's just a pity that you don't seem to pay attention to the constant challenge of that crane and seize this opportunity to fight it well, unleash your potential and improve your fighting power. ”

“The 10th Bronze Man" said without regret, but his eyes were obscure and he glanced at Qin Yi and admired him in a way that was not easily detectable.

In their hearts, they regretted it for a while. Turns out the crane was trying to inspire people's potential, but unfortunately, they didn't seize this opportunity. Now, it is impossible to want to return to the Gathering Spirit Formation.

Qin Yi was also slightly stunned, but fortunately, he fought with Linghe Crane. He realized the fifth formula of "Lingfeng Palm" and gained something.

“Well, now, you all report on the progress you've made in the 10 days you've been practicing in the Gathering Spirit Formation, and I have to count it. ”

“10th Bronze Man," he said.

“I first, my cultivation to break through a small realm, now my cultivation to, is the peak of the ninth realm of Gendo. ”

Princess Ping immediately reported her progress in the Gathering Spirit Formation.

Ten days, breaking through a small situation, such an achievement, obviously, is good enough to show that the Princess of Peace has good potential.

Many Zongmen disciples on the field cast envious glances at Princess Taiping.

Princess Taiping smiled lightly, with a slight arrogance between her eyes.

“I have broken through half the country...”

“I'm a little short of breaking through a little bit...”

“I broke through a small situation...”

“ …… ”

Every disciple of the Sect, to the "10th Bronze Man”, reported his own progress in the Gathering Spirit Formation, these ten days are basically below a small state, there is an individual, like the Princess of Peace, breaking through a small state.

Soon, only Qin Yi, Makita and Hongqiu were left on the field, and have not reported their own repair and progress.

“I broke through half the small land, and the current modification, is the early part of Zongdao II. ”

Makita laughed and said with utmost seriousness that there was a hint of pride in Mune's face.

“What? Ten days from Zongdao, half a step from Zongdao 2, directly to Zongdao 2, what a freak! ”

All disciples in the court suck in the cool air.

Don't look at Makita only broke through half the small land, don't forget, his previous modification was the pagoda half step two land, at this height to make a breakthrough, it is not easy, any cultivation, the more upward, the harder it is to break through.

This achievement, even the “10th Bronze Man," had a slight glimpse.