The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 224: The Covenant of War I


Who would dare comment on the true Baixian?

The high echelons of the Sect Gate were surprised and looked at this disdainful voice. They saw, only among the disciples below, a handsome teenager with a faint smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

That slightly disdainful word came from the teenager.

Qin Yi!

The senior members of the Sect Gate immediately and sparingly looked at Qin Yi. The true Bai Immortal looked a little pale. In his eyes, Qin Yi secretly passed away a defilement. Qin Yi actually cut him off in the face of the senior members of the Sect and his disciples, making him feel quite disgraceful.

“Qin Yi, what are your opinions on this battle between Chen Xue and any fire? Can't help but say it and let everyone hear it. ”

Bai Xianjin said faintly, but did not show the anger in his heart, but anyone can feel that at this moment Bai Xianjin, all over himself, has hidden a chill.

All the disciples around them, suddenly all turned to Qin Yi, throwing the eyes of happiness and happiness, while Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and others around Qin Yi were the color of their faces.

Qin Yi ignored all kinds of eyes around him, his eyes slightly condensed, looked at that Xue Bichen's game with Ren fire again, and secretly entered the state of the sky and carefully observed it for a while before slowly saying: “On the surface, it is true as Elder Bai Xian said, but in fact, it is not. Xue Bichen instilled the strength of the zodiac into the long sword, plus the sharpness of her sword method itself, only very soon, she will have to break the defense of Ren Fire. Xue Bichen's sword method, the sensitivity is abnormal, and the body method of Ren Fire is fast. Once the defense is broken, it will soon defeat the north. ”

“Really? Qin Yi, your fighting power is good, but you can't talk nonsense here. You can see it in the eyes of the obvious people. From the perspective of Zonghe power, Ren is a little better than Xue Bichen, but you prefer Xue Bichen to Ren. ”

Bai Xianzhen said in disdain.


Qin Yi smiled faintly, without explanation, unnecessary.

At some point.


Above the ring, Xue Bichen suddenly delicately drank, with a long sword in his hand, drew a beautiful arc, a brilliant sword nearly two lengths long, broke out, and slashed hard towards the fire.

This to the sword is like a thunderbolt, killing machine, endless swordsmanship, shattering open, over the face of the fire, instantly a small trace of blood, it was scratched out by the sword, between blinking eyes, he has become a blood face, touching the heart.

The fire was terrified, the original wind was generally indestructible and hurriedly retreated.

Without waiting for him to steady his feet, Xue Bichen's body changed into a straight line with the long sword, as if he were a fairy from heaven, and burst into flames.

Her long sword buzzed and trembled like a meteor, drawing a brilliant sword, fast to the limit, the people under the stage, just felt the sword glittering and dizzying.

When everyone was slightly relieved, all they could see was Xue Bichen's long sword, which had been lit at the throat of any fire.


Ren Fire directly shouted out a voice, and he was stunned with a bloody face. His gazed eyes were full of shock and panic, and he stood there and dared not move.

“You lost. ”

Xue Bichen's divine color was faint. There was no slight emotional fluctuation on the face of the castle, so she retracted her sword and turned around to go down the stage.

What the hell is going on?

Shelby Chen really beat the fire!

This result is exactly what Qin Yifang said!

Everyone under the stage blinked incredibly. They looked back at Qin Yi, and it had become a little different, quite strange.

The Bai Immortal in the upper level of the gate stood there, some could not return to God, his face was hot, Qin Yi's ear slap, what a painful fan!

“Ha ha, Qin Yi, you are such a good boy. Even the immortal man didn't see things, and you saw them. ”

The elder Kang seemed particularly fond of seeing the true Baixian eat, glanced at the red face of the true Baixian and laughed.

Hearing him, the face of the immortal Bai grew redder and more red. A chill appeared again, staring at Qin Yi in the crowd.

“This Qin Yi is really good. ”

The ancestors at the top of the stone steps and, also, the Qin Yi gently lightened his head. In his eyes, the disciple's excellence completely exceeded his expectations.

The game is still going on.

Just the strength of the inner door disciples and the alternate inner door disciples, too wide a difference, in the next game, the other alternate inner door disciples, no more tree building.




An alternate inner door disciple, all beaten down by inner door disciples.

So far, in this second phase of the challenge, several people have been promoted to Xue Bichen, Princess Taiping, Xintang, North Gate Hiroshi, and so on. Such a result is completely expected. The senior members of Zongmen did not show any surprise for such a result.

The gap between the inner gate disciples and the alternate inner gate disciples is not normal if a certain number of alternate inner gate disciples can be promoted.

Over time, an alternate inner disciple has fallen, and this second phase of the challenge is slowly coming to an end.

“It's my turn. ”

Slowly exhaled, Qin Yi stood up, gazed at the ten rings, slowly swept through, and picked the target of the challenge. These 10 inner door disciples on the stage do not have any greater strength than the outer door disciples, each of them has.

“Brother Qin, what else are you picking? Have you forgotten that we had a war? In my opinion, choosing a day is better than crashing into a day, and you and I have a war today. What do you think? ”

Above the ring, Makita stood proudly there, looking down at Qin Yi, in his eyes, burning bear war will.

With Makita's cry out, everyone's eyes on the field suddenly focused on Qin Yi and looked at him with a lot of fun.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. He didn't expect that Makita was in such a hurry to fight himself. However, he did not retreat. He smiled slightly at Makita on the platform. “Okay, Pastor, if you want to fight, I will...”

“Qin Yi...”

Yeung Shiqi, beside him, grabbed Qin Yi's shoulder and looked worried: “I think you should choose another inner disciple to challenge. ”

“Yeah, Qin Yi, it's not too late to challenge Makita after you break through the pagoda. ”

The dragon flame beside her also said with a worrying face.

Qin Yi's fighting power is very strong. Recently, the wind at the Sect Gate is very strong, but the practice level, compared to Makita, is really too far apart. Makita is already a strong man in the second realm of Makita, but Qin Yi has not even broken through the sect.

“Qin Yi, don't worry too much. After all, you and Shepherd have worshipped under the starry Hou Gate together. I don't think Shepherd will embarrass you too much. ”

A joyful voice, coming from behind.

Qin Yi slowly turned around and looked at the true Bai Immortal above the stone steps. He was looking at himself with encouragement. It was only in the encouragement, obviously not with good intentions. Everyone could see that he would very much like to see Qin Yi abused by Makita.

Years ago, Tianxing Hou was killed and stepped on his feet. Years later, today, he tried to recommend disciples from the Zongmen. He was also killed and stepped on his feet by his own disciples. He felt this feeling, quite pleasant!

Don't worry too much?

Do I have to worry?

Qin Yi blinked in dismay. He wanted to listen to Yang Shiqi and Long Yan's dissuasion. He would push the war against Makita backwards, but Bai Xianjin's words made him quite upset.

“Sister Yang, Long Yan, it's all right, I have my share. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, relieved of Yang Shiqi's hand, and looked at Bai Xian Huan and said faintly: “Since Bai Xian Huan so desires to see me brutalized by his pastor brother, I will do as you wish. ”

Yan Bi, Qin Yi had a slight gust of Xuan Qi, and the whole person burst out. In a moment, he stood in front of Makita.

Yang Shiqi and others all sighed slightly.

The quiet Xue Bichen appeared on the face of the world, and there appeared to be a hidden fear.

“Very good.”

Looking at Qin Yi on the stage, Bai Xian's real face emerged with a delightful slight smile. Other Zongmen executives, as well as disciples, are also the colors of intense expectations that appear on their faces.

The two people on the ring, one is a super genius, the true disciple of Bai Xian, has reached the realm of Zongdao II, one is a black horse with a tight wind, losing nine bronze men in a row, only to lose to the "10th Bronze Man”, such a record of war, only the Patriarch has ever created.

Such a big collision between the two is undoubtedly full of suspense.

“Brother Qin, this day, I waited too hard. Fortunately, finally. ”

Above the ring, Makita was flooded with madness. Even if Qin Yi was five feet away from him, he could feel the strong pressure from him.

Makita's eyes, the Chinese war will burn, looking at Qin Yi gently shaking his head, said with extreme seriousness: "Brother Qin, to this day, the gap between you and me is still like a divide, but you and I are inevitable. ”

At this moment, he can't wait. Today's Wushu Guild, everyone in the whole sect is here. He is going to beat Qin Yi in front of everyone in the sect in a scenic way, especially in front of Yang Shiqi, and stomped this disgusting brother Qin at his feet.

“Brother Reverend, what are you doing with all that crap? Let's do it. ”

Qin Yi waved at will and the wind was light and cloudy.

At the same time, the soil and fire seeds in his Dantian also burned violently. In the face of such a powerful opponent as Makita, he naturally won't do anything big.

Makita's mouth corner was obviously lightly smoked. It hasn't been seen for many days. The nature of this Master Qin is also still so straightforward, so annoying.