The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 226: Makita's defeat!

With the splitting of his palm, a wide, bloody palm shadow broke open, revealing a powerful atmosphere of chestnuts.

“This is…”

Looking at the bloody palm of the sky, Makita was tremendously shocked, and the corner of his mouth was violently drawn: “Wind Palm Type 5? ”


Before he could wait to react, the colorful palm of blood had slapped him so hard that the force seemed to weigh millions, he could not fight this force at all, his body flew dozens of lengths and fell under the ring.

Makita is defeated!

Everyone in the room stood up, not even the ancestors at the top of the stone steps, and their faces were full of horror.

The whole scene, it's quiet!

Many people, who initially thought that this battle would eventually be a tie, were the limiting assessment of Qin Yi's fighting power, because the difference between the two was too great.

Who thinks that Qin Yi was born out of nothing in the last moments of the fierce war, and the hard part is that he punched out Lingfeng Palm Type 5 Anonymous Ceremony, defeating Makita in one hand!

It's all so much more dreamy and untrue.

“I lost? After losing to Qin Yi," Lingfeng Palm "is only type 4, right? How did he hit the fifth..."

Makita lay down on the ground and was slapped by Qin Yi's last hand. She couldn't look back and mumbled in her mouth.

Qin Yi's hand was too powerful, so he almost broke up and was in tremendous pain.

Looking up at that arrogant standing on the ring, looking quietly at his teenager, Makita blinked lightly, feeling that he was such a great, great shore, mysterious, as if a great god from that distant and ancient era, broke up endless space-time, appearing here is generally not allowed to climb.

Since his acquaintance with Qin Yi, he has been eager to fight Qin Yi Zhengzheng, even practicing "Ling Feng Palm" desire and other times with Qin Yi, humiliating him with Ling Feng Palm.

Now, finally, waiting for this opportunity, however, the result is that Qin Yi suddenly had nothing to live for. He was defeated by striking out the fifth type of "Lingfeng Palm" nameless ceremony, one hand!

At a time when there were countless talents in the eyes of the world, and even let the Fairy Master take the trouble to compete for a thousand ancient talents, Qin Yi beat the stage.

He was so eager to fight Qin Yi, it seems like a big joke now.

He can't accept the fact!

“Impossible! ”

Makita was very unhappy and suddenly drank loudly. Her body burst out of the ground and rushed mad towards Qin Yi on the stage.

“Shepherd, no! ”

Bai Xianjin was terrified and rushed to drink it. However, he had lost his sensible pasture. Where can he take care of so much? His body was in constant shape. In between winks, he rushed to the ring. Without saying a word, he killed Qin Yi wildly.

All of a sudden, everyone in the room could not return to God, for a moment, stunned there.

Looking at it like a wild beast, the already completely out of control of Makita, Qin Yi frowned slightly, his left hand suddenly swung: “The heavens are extinct! ”

A golden giant palm print with two lengths wide appeared abruptly over the head of Makita, slapping him down, slapping Makita on the ring. Although the power of the golden giant palm print was not enough to slap Makita, it also shot him.

“Outrageous! ”

A cold drink came through.

At the next moment, only the fox hall master instantly burst onto the ring, his sleeves brushed, and directly blew Makita down the ring.

“Amidst the sects, don't you dare go wild here! ”

Make Fox Hall Lord proud to stand on the ring, face bright, cold drunk.

He cried out, Makita suddenly snapped, and came back to God. His face was so white: “Make the Fox Hall Master...”


"Now that you've been beaten, no one can make it again if you fail!" cried Fox Hall Master. ”


Makita was shaking, but he could only nod his head. Although he was a true disciple of the Baixian, in front of the high echelons of the sects, he dared not to be rude any more, let alone sit on the top of that stone step.

“Qin Yi challenged Makita to succeed and was promoted to an inner disciple! ”

The fox parishioner stopped looking at Makita and announced the results.

Qin Yi's heart was relaxed and breathed out a deep breath, his face was filled with a slight smile. Now he is finally an inner door disciple, plus the protection of the two main pipes that have not yet been removed from the leaves, Bai Xian Humans wanted to repress himself again, he had to weigh one or two.

In the future, if he completes the second step, and finds a mountain bigger than the true Bai immortal, the real Bai immortal basically loses his chance to suppress himself. He can only watch himself in the sect, step by step become stronger, and then crush him, completing the master's desire for many years.

“Ha ha, Bye Immortal, I just said this is a tie, it's all about overestimating your disciple, the real result is, your own disciple, defeat! ”

Elder Kang prayed and laughed, as if he had defeated Makita in this battle. He felt comfortable.

Bai Xian's real face was red and white for a while.

At this moment, he took it as a real embarrassment to the extreme. Not only was his own biological disciples defeated by Qin Yi, making him quite disgraceful, but Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, the three disciples that Tianxing Hou tried to recommend to Zongmen, they are all in Zongmen now, all mixed up in the wind and water. If you want to suppress them in the future, it will be a bit tricky.

“Damn it! ”

Bai Xianzhen clenched his fist and suddenly a little unease appeared in his heart.

“Look again, if they break apart one day and really break through the pagoda, we must do everything possible to suppress the three of them, especially this Qin Yi! ”

Bai Xianjin decided in secret that this Qin Yi was terrible and must be suppressed by all means.

Of course, if Qin Yi has been unable to break through the sect, let him be the fanatic in the sect and threaten himself, completely ignore it.

“It's not that Makita is not good, it's that Qin Yi's fighting power, it's really too frightening. ”

The Patriarch Ancestor spoke to Qin Yi, looking at Qin Yi, in addition to a little appreciation, with other complicated colors: “Qin Yi, if the husband is not mistaken, the Lingfeng Palm 5 you just put out, is a new type of martial arts, according to the" Lingfeng Palm "set of martial arts, is it? ”