The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 242: Refining Space

Qin Yi thought a little, and sighed: "When Cherry Emperor's chess is really smart, Cherry is still very weak. In the future, there will be no danger if Fire Dragon, a powerful pet, protects her. ”

“That's exactly what Cherry Emperor meant. ”

King Senroe nodded.

“By the way, seniors, you are from the Immortal Age, in those distant times, I don't know, have you ever heard of such a powerful man as the Heavenly Demon? ”

Thinking of his left hand, Qin Yi asked King Samroh.

“The demon? ”

King Senro-san, in that one-eyed, flashed a strange light: "The name is quite familiar, I even have a feeling of thunder. ”

Qin Yi's eyes lit up and saw a glimmer of hope: “Really? Do the predecessors remember what kind of strong man he was, and what were the signs in those distant times? ”

King Senroe fell into contemplation, and a moment later, his face was again in pain: “My head hurts, I only have half a head, I really don't remember that distant age. ”

Qin Yi sighed at himself. King Etherol had only half a brain scenario. He had no hope in this matter.

One thing he could conclude, however, was that in that distant age, the demon was an absolutely remarkable figure, otherwise King Senroh would not have a sense of thunder when he heard the name.

“The Immortal Age is a remarkable figure. Who is he? ”

Qin Yi frowned and tried to recall the old fairy trip. However, that fairy trip, he knew that the great gods of fairy ancient times were the only ones. The kings of Kyushu, Sword Emperor, No Great Dragon Emperor, Time and Space Emperor, Sakura Emperor, Immortal Ghost King, Praise Father, etc., did not encounter the demons at all.

It seems that for a moment and a half, it is impossible to understand the mysterious left-hand master, exactly how it exists.

Qin Yi sighed softly.

“Junior, you suddenly ask the devil, why is that? ”

King Senroh's one-eyed, bewildered look at Qin Yi.

“Because of my left hand. Senior, my left hand seems ordinary, otherwise it merges the left hand of the demon. ”

Qin Yi does not want to hide his own affairs about the existence of King Sen Luo, the immortal Jiyuan, and may also have the opportunity to learn some clues.

“What, in your left hand, merges the devil's left hand? ”

King Senroe's body trembled, half his face revealed a strong sense of shock: “I said I felt a hint of ancient breath on you, I see. Against the sky! ”

“Against the sky? Senpai, do you think I'm someone who's been rescheduled? ”

Qin Yi's mind is a little uneasy.

“Of course.”

King Senroh nodded, Xu Xu Xu said: "If you have not been altered against heaven, the left hand of the demon cannot merge with your left hand. I even suspected that you, the devil! ”

“What, am I the demon? ”

Qin Yi jumped directly and his heart was shocked. This is the most incredible thing he has ever heard.

“But it seems unlikely. ”

King Senroh shook his head gently, denying his thoughts, paused, and said: “Young man, in any case, you are extremely simple. The left hand of the demon can never merge with your left hand for no reason. Someone must have changed your life against the sky during the immortal years. ”

“Someone changed my life in the Fairy Age? ”

Qin Yi blinked her eyes. She felt like this. It was amazing to think about it. During the fairy years, was she born? Even those who recreate the heavens cannot change the life of an unborn man against the heavens?

These questions are too deep and subtle to pry into the magic of Qin Yi's present situation.

He didn't tangle on these issues and moved on: “Senior, you just said that creating a special cultivation space for Cherry, what kind of cultivation space is that? ”

Speaking of special cultivation spaces, King Senroe's half face clearly shows a sense of accomplishment: “You come with me. ”

She frowned slightly and Qin Yi was confused.

Not long later, Qin Yi hugged Cherry and came to a seven-color sphere with King Senroe.

“Simply put, this is the enrichment of a law array, and I made it out of space-time stripes, but now I have only half my head left, and I've almost forgotten about the space-time stripe array, and the time flow rate in this training space is only ten times the time flow rate of the outside world. ”

King Senroe said with some regret.

“A space-time pattern array? ”

Qin Yi's face was enthusiastic. Not long ago, when he followed Chief Shi to learn the formation method, he was involved in the knowledge of arranging the formation method with space-time lines. Unexpectedly, this King Sam Luo in front of him was also a magician of the formation.

Although the temporal flow rate in front of this practice space is only ten times that of the outside world, it is also quite astonishing.

While practicing outside the world for one day, in the practice space, it was practiced for 10 days, reducing the training time by a factor of 10.

Next, King Senroe threw the baby directly into the practice space.

“Ah, ugly bastard, where are we? ”

Cherry was trapped in the cultivation space, unable to come out and shouted in his mouth.

“Don't be ridiculous. Practice inside. ”

In front of Cherry, King Senroe is a strict master.

“Cherry, practice inside. When you get out, my brother will take you to a good meal. ”

Qin Yi also seduced.

“Delicious? ”

Cherry immediately frowned and laughed: “Okay, Cherry needs to practice, practice well, after going out, you can eat good food, there are so many... grunt! ”

Sakura swallowed the saliva and hurried to have some kind of plate leg to sit down and practice carefully.

Qin Yi and King Senroh outside the cultivation space couldn't help but laugh.

“Sakura, the reincarnation of the Sakura Emperor of the Immortal Age, naturally has nothing better to say than to describe it by the word 'perfect’. Normally, I taught her a lot of practice, and although she was extremely resistant to it and unwilling to practice, she was always able to remember and master the practice I taught her. ”

King Senroe sighed, even jealous on that half of his face.

Inside the practice space, Sakura sits with her legs plated and her eyes lightly lit, practicing in earnest.

Because the time flow rate in the cultivation space is ten times that of the outside world, and with Sakura's perfect potential, the outside kings of Qin Yi and Sen Lo can even clearly feel the change of Sakura.

A day goes by, and within the practice space, ten days have passed.

Cherry is still motionless, the whole person seems to have sat down, a serious book, trying to cultivate, fighting for a lot of good food.

The next day, around Sakura, various images began to emerge, quickly rushing into Sakura's mind.


These images disappeared so fast that it was impossible to see them clearly, but Qin Yi and King Senroh of the outside world still hid a woman from the air.

“This is Cherry's consciousness awakening! Indeed, she was the reincarnation of the Sakura Emperor in the distant Immortal Age. ”

Seeing those rapidly disappearing images, King Senroe danced with great excitement and showed a sense of accomplishment.

These images are so numerous and endless that it took a whole day for them to disappear.

One day outside, 10 days inside the cultivation space, such a huge amount of information, absolutely recorded Cherry Emperor's life.

On the third day, the scene in the cultivation space mutated, and many ferocious beasts appeared, killing wildly to Cherry, not less than some ferocious beasts, whose strength has reached the peak of Gendo.

“Ah, how can there be so many fierce beasts, ugly bastards, it's ominous here! ”

Cherry shouted, frightened by the fierce beasts who came running, hurriedly pulled his legs and ran away.

“Senior, what's going on? ”

Qin Yi also looked at King Sen Luo confused, his face was a little worried.

“This cultivation space is divided into two modes, the first is pure cultivation, the second is grinding. Anyone who enters the training inside will automatically convert to the second mode, the grinding mode, once a certain boundary has been reached. Don't worry, the presence of these beasts means that Cherry's power has reached the point where he can barely cope with them. ”

King Senroe explained.

So that's it.

Qin Yiran felt a little relieved.

Indeed, in the cultivation space, the beasts quickly caught up with Cherry, who had nowhere to run, had to fight, and in a moment, were killed with them.

“Oh, my God, how can this be? How can this be done with so many beasts? ”

On Cherry's right middle finger, a sword-shaped golden ray appeared, caught in the fierce herd, shouting and waving the golden ray to kill.

Though she was greatly dismayed, the force she displayed was very weak, and a golden ray swung past her, basically killing or severely wounding a vicious beast.

“Pfft!” “Pfft! ”

A bloody hawk appeared in the air, fanning a pair of wide wings and blasting towards Cherry.

“This is... Bloodhawk! ”

Qin Yiyi frowned. He was not stranger to such a vicious beast. When he was attacked by the herd of animals in Tianxing Province, a blood hawk appeared. Qin Yi remembered that the blood hawk was killed by Makita.

Qin Yi came out feeling that the strength of this bloody eagle was no different from that of the past, reaching the peak of Xuando.

In the cultivation space, the two wings of the Blood Eagle are more than a dozen feet wide, in stark contrast to the little guy on the ground.

“My God, how can there be such a big bird in this world? ”

Looking at the bloodhawk, Cherry shouted, completely losing his confidence, pulling his legs and running: "Brother, help me, there is a big bird here! ”

Qin Yi and King Sam Luo both showed a little interest and wanted to see how Cherry was dealing with this weak bloodhawk.

Blood eagles go much faster than cherries. One eagle at a time, getting closer.

“Oh, my God, this is so horrible, this big, horrible bird, how could it be so fast! ”