The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 255: Pursuit

“Qin Yi, keep your eyes open and don't let anything go wrong. Otherwise, it won't be easy to cross over when you get back to Sect. ”

Stu smiled and looked at Qin Yi, with a playful look on his face.

He clearly meant that if he was unable to complete the task this time, Qin Yi must take full responsibility.

Qin Yi didn't care to smile lightly. He had anticipated this situation.

“I will patrol with Qin Yi. If this task cannot be accomplished, I will take responsibility with Qin Yi. ”

Sweet voice, suddenly ringing beside, is Naran Yunfang.

Her words stunned Qin Yi, Howard and History.

Qin Yi had no idea that this second elder's handed down disciple actually had some sense of justice, so he volunteered to patrol with himself.

“Sister Naran, what's wrong with you? ”

Strange smiled helplessly.

“No problem. ”

Naran Yunfang shook his head gently.

At a glance at Howard, Stone stopped saying anything and went into the mansion to rest.

The night soon arrived, Qin Yi and Naran Yunfang stayed outside to patrol.

“Don't think too much, I really can't watch anymore, I'm on your side, and you and my sister, before entering the sect, have a side edge. My sister and my brother have a good impression of you, I will help you. ”

Naran Yunfang looked at Qin Yi and smiled shallow, leaving Qin Yi stunned and slightly creating a feeling of suffocation.


In Qin Yi's mind, immediately emerged a girl with a very spiritual forehead and red robe. At that time, the girl in the red robe did help herself a lot by accident.

“Brother Qin, what have you discovered about this tragedy in Zhao Fu? ”

Naran Yunfang casually strands some confusing hair in front of his forehead, and reaches behind his ears, that casual flavor, beautiful.

Qin Yi looked at him and stayed there again and paused. He said: "Sister Naran, this mission of the Sect is only a rather difficult one. I even suspect that the people who hurt Zhao Fu are not even human, but a horrible group of fierce beasts. ”

This Naran Yunfang has no malice towards herself, and Qin Yi doesn't want to hide anything from her.

“Turns out, you also found the abnormality. ”

Naran Yunfang looked slightly surprised at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi frowned and continued: “However, it does not seem to be a vicious beast. At least so far, I have not seen a vicious beast capable of killing the peak of Zongdao II. This is the thorny place of this tragedy. ”

Naran Yunfang stunned there, and she didn't expect the teenager in front of her to have such thoughtful thoughts.

“So I was wondering, there must be a third situation in this tragedy, just this third situation, and what is it? ”

Qin Yi was caught in contemplation.

Now he, not thinking about Howard and History for the time being, is going to hurt himself, and he's going to throw himself into a tragedy.

Anyway, the two of them wouldn't dare come forward even if they wanted to do it to themselves. There is absolutely no problem in defeating the History if you are using the Third Edition of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

As for Howard, he believed in himself, and he worked hard.

Qin Yi estimated that if he was in the middle of a full-scale war, he and Howard should not be separated from each other.


Right here, a ghostly figure suddenly swept out of somewhere in the mansion, and for a moment, it didn't go into the night.


Qin Yi had a cold drink.


The people in the mansion were shocked by Qin Yi's cold drinking and rushed out of the mansion quickly. It was Howard and History. Behind them, they followed several Zhao Fu household generals.

“What's going on? ”

Howard impelled Qin Yi and Naran Yunfang between them, with a chill on his face, all over his body and a spectacular smell.

“There was a dark shadow coming out of the mansion and now into the woods. ”

Naran Yunfang said.


Howard's eyes lit up: "This man must be the murderer, go after him! ”

Once the killer is caught and killed, 30 Kyushu Spiritual Stones will be obtained, which is a great temptation.


Without saying a word, Howard flashed and turned directly into a shadow, bursting into the woods.

Qin Yi several people, too, dared not be lazy, walked in Howard's back dust, rushed into the forest, and the Zhao Fujia who followed them, repaired to far worse than Qin Yi and others, dared not rush into the forest.

Under Howard's leadership, the task force continued to storm forward, tracking the killer.

At this moment, Qin Yi, his heart is full of curiosity. He wants to see how this black shadow really exists, the marks of killing people, why do they show claw marks, and even brutally remove the organs of the dead.

Soon, that ghostly shadow appeared in front, slower than the mission team.

“Where did you escape? ”

Howard roared and poured a golden stretch of road, sweeping forward like a gust of wind, frontal distance from the shadows, rapidly pulling closer.


The shadow made a funny laugh, shaped like a rabbit, cleverly tongued, and a few blinks disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

The whole forest suddenly became dead silent, without making a sound, and became a little haunted.

This is where the daytime task force came to explore, the burial place of Lord Zhao Fu.

This is an absolutely ominous place.

Howard suddenly held his footsteps and dared not venture to go. He stood still and looked around with vigilance.

A moment later, Qin Yi, Naran Yunfang, and Shi Jian, also arrived and came to Howard.

“Brother Huo, how are things? ”

Stuff's face is full of colour.

“The shadow rushed into the forest in front of us, but it was clearly an unknown place, and perhaps the shadow set a trap, waiting for us to know. As a result, we are not in a position to rush in. ”

Howard said in a low voice, suddenly turning his head and looking at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, you are destined to die anyway, you will go into the forest to explore, the three of us, here to take care of it. ”

Qin Yi's face turned cold. This Howard actually used himself as cannon ash in a blatant manner and directly pointed out that he was destined to die.

“Brother Huo, will I die or not? This has nothing to do with you? ”

Qin Yi said indifferently, in the heart, a smear of annoyance arose.

“Qin Yi, Brother Huo is the captain of the task force, he has any orders, we must all obey. Why, do you want to disobey his orders? ”

Strategies on one side, drink cold right away.

Qin Yi was a pale face and did not speak, but looked at the plan with a smile and not a smile.

For a while, the task force was at an impasse.

“Howard, it's too dangerous to let Qin Yi go into this forest alone, so let's go in together. ”

Naran Yunfang suggested.

Howard pondered for a moment and nodded: “Yes, but Qin Yi had to play first, the three of us, right behind him. He's destined to die. As captain of the task force, I must take into account the security concerns of the three of us. ”

The tragedy of Zhao Fu is full of weirdness, and this forest in front of us is the place where the master of Zhao Fu was killed. It is also a fierce place to fight the front lines, which is undoubtedly extremely dangerous.


This time, Qin Yi promised painfully.

If the killer is far more powerful than himself, then no one can escape and die together.

Without hesitation, Qin Yidang instantly flashed into a shadow and rushed into the forest.

“This kid can't wait to die, can he? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, who burst forward, Howard was slightly stunned and dared not slack. He led History and Naran Yunfang, then rushed into the forest.

Qin Yi in front, expanding the speed, will praise the father to the ultimate, always keep a distance from the three people behind.

“I see the shadow, right up ahead. ”

After a moment of wild pursuit, Qin Yi quickly discovered the black shadow ahead and rushed to catch up.

“Everybody, go after him. Don't let him go. ”

Howard, Nara Lan Yunfang and Stone in the rear also saw the shadows, and Howard shouted with excitement.


Everyone didn't neglect at all. One by one, they took their speed martial arts to the extreme. They walked behind Qin Yi and pursued the dark shadow in front of them wildly.

Thirty whole Kyushu Lingyuan stones, this temptation, the average person, is irresistible.

Immediately after, however, only Qin Yi was seen in front of him, and the speed was getting faster and faster. Howard, Naran Yunfang and Stone could not be traced in any way.

The "Praise Father's Step" is the speed of the praise fathers left behind during the immortal years. Under the circumstances of Qin Yi's full implementation, even the practice of Howard has reached the Patriarchal Three Realms, it is difficult to reach.

Qin Yi in the front only looked at the speed forward, and didn't even look at the three people in the rear. The distance between them increased. Finally, Qin Yi disappeared directly into the night.

“Qin Yi! ”

“Qin Yi, wait! ”

“Qin Yi, where are you? ”

Howard's third person stared and shouted.

However, in the silent night, there was no sound, and Qin Yi was as if he had been devoured by black.

“Did Qin Yi suffer like this? ”

Shi Sheng said that his heart was mixed with joy. Happily, Qin Yi's nail in this eye finally disappeared in front of his own eyes. Worried that even Qin Yi had such a silent and unimaginable experience, he dared not imagine how horrible the other party was.

Howard and Naran Yunfang's faces were also a little shady, staring at each other.

“Look around. ”

Howard ordered.

He was the captain of the task force, whose members disappeared, and he could not be blamed.

Without delay, the three of them searched around the neighborhood immediately. It's just a shame that they searched for a whole hour, but still haven't found Qin Yi's shadow.

Qin Yi disappeared completely. There was no clue. The whole forest was covered by the night and there was no sound.