The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 260: Access to sites

More importantly, the legends, the common monumental sites, will leave some ancient treasures, such as fairies, artifacts, cultivation techniques, etc., perhaps the remains of the vaginal gates, but also other holes.

“Brother Qin, as long as you break this phantom formation, let us enter the site of the vagina gate, all the treasures inside, I can give you 50%. ”

Howard walked up, his face filled with laughter, and even rubbed his hands with excitement.

No bail. This mission will break into a treasure trove. If that's the case, then it's developed.

Of the four, only Qin Yi had followed Chief Shi of Tianjintang for half a month. Although the study time was brief, he showed an astonishing talent in formation, causing both Chief Ip and Chief Shi to earn blood flow.

At this moment, in the face of the phantom array covered over the site of the vagina gate, Howard three people, all showed a keen eye for Qin Yi.

“If you report this to the Patriarch, the treasure you have acquired from him will belong to the Patriarch, and I will never get one. ”

Howard's mind counts.

Now, only Qin Yi can be used to break this illusion formation apart, first to capture Zhao Fu master, kill him, complete the sect task, second to have a certain chance to obtain the treasure inside the site.

As for the promise just made to Qin Yi, Howard simply said it. The second goal of this sect mission is to kill Qin Yi. If it is in the ruins, Qin Yi can be killed by accident, it would be better. It can be said that it is an arrow and three sculptures.

Now, he has darkly pushed the poison gas out of his body, and his fighting power has been fully restored. It is not difficult to kill Qin Yi.

Qin Yi stood still and ignored Howard's promise.

“Brother Qin, I also heard something in the sect. You are a martial arts genius. Now, see if you can break this illusion array? ”

Howard whispered.

“Get out of here and get me close! ”

Qin Yi glanced at him coldly and gave no face to Howard.

Howard stunned, the corner of his mouth smoked, his face was red and white.

However, in the face of an unknown interest, such as the remains of the vagina gate, Howard also had a bad seizure, and he finally had a more calm mind.

Qin Yi looked at Howard slightly sarcastically and said nothing more. He didn't give a damn about Howard's promises. He already knew exactly what kind of person Howard was.

Qin Yi stopped ignoring Howard and put his mind all over this illusion array in front of him.

Howard was holding fire in his heart, but seeing Qin Yi was focusing on the formation in front of him, he could only stand silently.

In the half of the month following Chief Shi's study of Formation Law, Qin Yi mastered a lot of knowledge of Formation Law. Later, when entering the taboo world, he had some conversation with King Sen Luo about Formation Law. Now he, the creation of Formation Law, has actually been hidden from the general Formation Mage.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness, sensitized the spiritual power, covered this area, and carefully observed everything around it.

A moment later, Qin Yi sighed herself: “This illusion array is truly unusual. It has been around for thousands of years. I fear it will exist soon after being eradicated. ”

Fortunately, however, the illusion array in front of us still belongs to the low-level array method and has not yet involved space-time lines, except for some landscape layout.

Seeing Qin Yi focus on the phantom array in front of him, the three Howard people behind him didn't even dare to come out of the atmosphere, fear would disturb him, but their eyes, however, have a strong color of anticipation.

Another moment later, Qin Yi arrived in front of a masonry stone. Without saying a word, he broke the fast masonry with one punch.

Strong attack power!

The three of Howard, all of them, were taken aback by the dark.

However, as the stone was soon smashed by Qin Yi, the remains of the vagina gate were not revealed. In other words, the phantom array in front of us has not been broken.

“Brother Qin, what is going on? Can you break this law? ”

Howard asked anxiously.

Qin Yi didn't care about Howard, he just stood there with a faint face.


“Boom! Boom! ” ……

Just listening around, suddenly came a huge noise, like thunder, deafening.

With this sound, a glimmer of summer light bursts into the ground, directly into the sky, a hint of ancient breath, and it also spreads through the air.

“This law broke? ”

Looking at the glittering light coming out of the ground, they were all excited, knowing that an evil sect that disappeared thousands of years ago was about to appear before them.

“Brother Qin, didn't you say that the remains of the vagina gate were covered by the formation method? I don't think it's the right thing to do. It should be underground. ”

Stu laughed and said that his face was a colour of unbearable excitement.

Qin Yi didn't say anything, he just looked at him like an idiot and didn't want to waste his lips with him.

Strategies smiled, but his heart was stifled. After entering the ruins of the vagina gate, he must find a way to completely kill the boy. Before coming, the master had already told him, and he did not want to see Qin Yi return to the sect safely.

The light that swept out of the ground gradually grew larger and was finally set about five feet in diameter, standing there like a magnificent Optimus Column.

“Real cheerful...”

Looking at the enormous sumptuous light, Naran's tiny red mouth opened with a shock.

Howard and Stonehenge, with a sense of shock and more anticipation, knew that disappearing with the vagina doors of thousands of years ago would soon reappear.

The diameter of the whole columns of sauvignon tilted down slowly until it reached the ground and began to sweep slowly.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

Where the huge sumptuous light swept past, all the trees, stones, and land were broken down in inches and directly turned into nothingness. This scene is like the earth was destroyed, even Qin Yi was staring.

Not long ago, the huge Xia Guang Zhuan, around Qin Yi and the four of them, swept a whole circle.

A disillusioned array that has been hiding the world for 2,000 years has broken apart.

When the task force returned to God, they discovered that everything here had changed.

In front of them is a palace, obviously it has appeared in Qin Yi's mind before. However, the palace in front of them is very ancient and full of years of change.

The air smells like rot, blood, corpses, etc.

That's what disappeared for 2,000 years!

The whole vagina section occupied the ground positively, the surrounding area was extremely quiet, there was no sound, and it was surrounded by a mysterious, ancient and awesome atmosphere.

From the surrounding magnificent buildings, you can see this evil sect hidden, the glory of the year.

Standing in the ruins of the necropolis, people's faces, curiosity, shock, excitement, all.

“Master Zhao, undoubtedly, is here to hide. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly. Suddenly, he glanced at Howard with cold relief. “Brother Huo, aren't you anxious to find Master Zhao? What are you still standing there for, another brother who just broke through the sect? ”

Howard's face turned red and said, “I don't know if there are any other methods of warfare in the ruins of this vagina gate? ”

Qin Yi smiled disdainfully, Xu Xu said: "Master Zhao, when you accidentally entered here through a loophole in the law of formation, it was not necessary for you to be tall. He can safely enter here and learn the ancient evil work, Brother Huo, do you admit that you are better than Master Zhao? ”

“Brother Qin, this cannot be compared. Now that Master Zhao is here, who knows if he can play tricks? ”

Howard laughed.

“Since Brother Huo is afraid to take the lead, let me do it. ”

The gentle voice came from Nalan Yunfang. She stopped saying anything and walked to the ancient palace ahead.

“Sister Naran, wait, let me go first. ”

Howard laughed, not saying a word. One horse first, straight to the ancient palace.

Qin Yi, Naran Yunfang, and Shi Jian were stunned. Is this Howard, too fast?

But in all three hearts, it was clear that Howard was worried that if there was any treasure in it, he would be the first to be climbed by Naran Yunfang.

Among these people, Wenalang Yunfang's cultivation is closest to him, ranking in the ranking of the disciples of the Zongmen gang. Once Nalang Yunfang earns what treasure, if she competes with her, she will only be hurt twice.

Of course, Howard will not ignore the power of Qin Yi. Although his cultivation only broke through the pagoda, it made people feel even more terrible. In the pagoda, Qin Yi made a series of brilliant achievements, and now even practiced the taboo martial arts "Violent Tips".

Not long ago, four members of the mission team entered the palace.

In the palace, empty, nothing left, only on the ground, there were human remains, which should have been left 2,000 years ago, when the vagina door was destroyed.

The four members of the task force did not pay much attention to this.

Awesome smell in the air. As you can see from the remains of those people on the ground, that war 2,000 years ago was quite intense.

Soon, Qin Yi four people found five murals on the wall inside the palace.

Mural paintings are large and each has a number of lengths wide.

Because the years were too long ago, the five murals, some of which had been peeled off, did not affect identification.

Mural paintings, however, are made of a special kind of pigment, which is now 2,000 years old, but the colour of the murals is still very bright.

Qin Yi four people parked in front of the mural, one browsing the past.

The first mural depicts a middle-aged man, tall and ugly, scary at first glance, as if he were a fierce god.

But surprisingly, this ugly man on the mural has a pair of cold eyes and a hunch in the air. A redhead spreads like a bloodthirsty monster.