The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 261: Prophecy

There is no doubt that this red-haired, middle-aged man, was the owner of the vagina gate 2,000 years ago.

The four members of the task team quickly made a judgment. Two thousand years later, allowing Qin Yi them to still see the scenery of the previous Yin Dynasty Patriarch.

“The cultivation of this sect is only feared to have broken through the imperial temple, even if it has not, it should not be far from each other. ”

Qin Yi made such a judgment in his heart.

Legend has it that, during the height of the Yin Gate, power came over forces such as the miracle fairy trail, almost sweeping the entire Kyushu mainland, several times shocking the Kyushu Holy See.

It's just a pity that stepping into a trajectory, even if it's stronger and better, can't be tolerated by the world, eventually eradicated, the entire vagina door, even uprooted.

In that era, countless patriarchal strongmen fell and even appeared in the shadow of imperial strongmen. It was only by joining forces that the corpses were eradicated.

As for the master of the vagina gate, his whereabouts are said to be unknown. Some say that he was slaughtered by the imperial mighty. Others say that he eventually escaped and has been hiding somewhere practicing himself, waiting for Dongshan to rise again when the time is right.

Anyway, the vagina door thousands of years ago was a nightmare.

People stopped at this mural for a moment, and they came to the front of the second mural.

On the second mural, a huge pool of blood, infinite blood, swept up huge waves of blood.

The whole blood pool gave people an evil smell that made them frown slightly.

“This huge pool of blood should have been a place where the disciples at the vagina door quenched their bodies thousands of years ago. ”

Qin Yi reckoned with himself.

Quenching the body with blood, together with some kind of trick at the vagina door, should allow the body to achieve some kind of efficacy, such as… the stiffness of the body, like a zombie, but the defense is perverted, like the three fathers and sons of Zhao Fu.

It's perfectly conceivable that this huge pool of blood, once quenched for the gates of the vagina, countless strong men.

Next, the task force of four, came to the front of the third mural.

Standing in front of this mural, people's hearts were all forced to Rin, just felt a chill, from underground to the spinal bones.

On top of the third mural, a demon is drawn, dragging several wires out through a pitch-black door.

“Here, it's hell! ”

Looking at the third mural, Naran Yunfang shouted.

For a while, the four of them stared at each other and looked a little ugly.

At this moment, all four of them have the same feeling that the content painted on this third mural is real, not fictional.

Is there really hell between the heavens and the earth?

And this evil sect, which has disappeared for 2,000 years, seems to have some connection to hell!

It's hard to calm down in people's hearts.

The next fourth mural, painted, was a pile of mountainous bodies.

There is no doubt that this mural is also evidence of the crime of the vagina door.

However, the vagina doors paint such scenes as murals, which do not seem to be regarded as evidence of guilt, but rather as a form of pride.

The last mural, the fifth mural, shows an ancient palace.

Five murals, all viewed.

Although the content of each mural is different, four members of the task force noticed a strange phenomenon, and each mural had the same spot, which was on the ground, with some skeletons.

“Why are these five murals so intact? ”

Looking at the five murals in front of him, Qin Yi couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. He hid the feeling that the five murals should not be simple, just afraid of what else was hidden in them.

“The site of this vagina gate has no treasure whatsoever, only five murals. ”

Howard and Stone's face, an irresistible disappointment, burst into the palace with enthusiasm, turning out to be nothing but five strange murals.

“That's not the point. The point is, where did Master Zhao go? ”

Naran Yunfang's eyes swept around, gauging confusion.

Everything here is obvious and empty. If Lord Zhao is here, he can't hide it.

“Let's look in the other hall. ”

Howard's eyes lit up and he continued to take the lead, some of whom couldn't wait to get out of here and go to another palace.

Qin Yi three can't stop crying. Howard's heart is most missed. It's always just this vagina door. Will it leave any treasures behind? He rushes to the front. Once there are treasures here, he has the best chance to get them.

Next, the mission team searched for a palace, a palace, but unfortunately, they were disappointed. Each palace was empty, with nothing but the remains of some human beings.

Finally, the four members of the task force had to return to their former palace.

“These five murals, with the exception of the first one, have all appeared in the minds of the mission team...”

Faced with five murals, Qin Yi frowned slightly and fell into contemplation.

He knew very well that all the Xuan machines at the site of the vagina door were in these five murals.

Master Zhao, who rushed in earlier, will disappear, afraid it is also related to these five murals.

“And now we're in the fifth mural…”


Appeared in the fifth mural!

Qin Yi's eyes lit up slightly. He caught something hidden, but it was not clear for a moment.

“Are these five murals… also a method of formation? ”

Qin Yi sighed, approaching the five murals, carefully detailed.

Of the four, only Qin Yi knew the method of formation, and Naran Yunfang three people. Seeing him do this behavior, all stood aside, silent, afraid to make a little noise, would interrupt Qin Yi's thinking.

Suddenly, Qin Yi discovered a strange phenomenon. The number of skeletons in each mural was four.

“Why are there four skeletons on each mural? ”

Qin Yi muttered to himself.

Naran Yunfang, Howard and History also discovered this phenomenon, all of them stunned.

“Is it a coincidence? ”

Naran Yunfang said carefully.

“It can't be a coincidence, it should be a hint. ”

Qin Yi shook his head. If the skeletons in the two murals were four, coincidentally he said in the past, but now the skeletons in the five murals are all four, it can never be a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence, it's also a possibility —— hint!

These four skeletons, what are they implying?

Sincerely, Qin Yixuan summoned all knowledge of formation law. A lot of information appeared in his mind. Qin Yixuan quickly read this information.

“Cause and effect! ”

In Qin Yi's mind, these three words suddenly appeared.

“This… should be a causal array! ”

Qin Yi remains uncertain.

The realm of formation was too vast, and the time involved was quite brief, even though he had a mysterious left hand, and he basically mastered an approximation.

Cause and effect?

Naran Yunfang and all three of them looked at Qin Yi in confusion.

Qin Yi ignored them and continued to frown.

In the detailed explanation of the method of formation, there is a form of formation called the "causal array”, which is extremely peculiar, is arranged by the cause and effect of a person, and every person who enters the causal array receives the corresponding result for his own cause.

For example, a man who does not forgive evil, falls into such a formation, will receive an extremely tragic fate, that is, an evil consequence, because he does not forgive evil.

Conversely, if a man of great goodness falls into the line, he reaps the benefit, which is the good result.

Qin Yi's eyes fell on those four skeletons again.

“I see, there are four skeletons on each mural, and this is indeed a prophecy, and we have four people here, and on each mural, there are four skeletons, that is, these four skeletons, that is, ourselves, are the fruits that we get. ”

Qin Yi was horrified.

- What? - What?

Howard, Naran Yunfang, and Stone were three, and the color changed from time to time, making it difficult to calm down.

It's a bad thing to be a skeleton. You know, skeletons are death!

Four skeletons on each mural, alluding to four members of this task force, will die!

Incredible, the five murals in front of us, 2,000 years ago, in other words, 2,000 years ago, the people who painted these five murals, the people who set up this causal array, predicted that two years later today, four people would break in and die!

“Is there really an unknown stranger of the Prophet in this world? ”

Qin Yi frowned.

“How did this happen? ”

Howard, all three of them have lost some soul.

“Brother Qin, are you mistaken? How could someone 2,000 years ago have predicted that in 2,000 years, we would break in here and die? ”

Naran Yunfang's delicate little face is a little pale.

“It shouldn't be wrong, evil sects like vagina, what kind of strangers can be collected, is normal, don't be too surprised. ”

Qin Yi shrieked for a moment and continued: “Now, we are in this palace, and this palace is the fifth mural, that is, everything in the mural should be real, if I am not mistaken...”

Yan Bi, he forcibly calmed himself down, came to the first mural, raised his hand and slapped him hard on it.

Suddenly, an incredible scene appeared, only the palace in front of him, the inches crumbled, between the blinks, turned into nothingness.

Everything in front of us has changed in an instant.

In front of them, a large square, in the middle of the square, stood a five-length stone sculpture.

The stone sculpture is a middle-aged man, ugly in appearance, cold eyes, a redhead spreading away, as if he were a bloodthirsty monster, distinguished by the content of the first mural.

In other words, the stone statue in front of us, 2,000 years ago, was the lord of the vagina gate.

The four members of the task force, standing there somewhat unreasonable, all this is as unreal as dreaming.

In the center of the square, beneath the stone sculpture of the lord of the vagina gate, is a pentagonal stone pier, about half a length tall, each side with a mural painted.

The contents of the five murals are the same as the five murals in the Hall of Talent.