The elders present also showed a slight interest.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand. The whole person instantly entered the state of emptiness. He could clearly see every pore in Bai Xian's body.

At the same time, the soil and fire seeds in his Dantian are suddenly burning, allowing his physical defense and strength to reach their peak in an instant.

“Bye, Elder Fairy. Cut the crap and do it. ”

Qin Yi said that it has always been clean and straightforward, even in the face of Bai Xian people.

Bai Xian's real mouth, obviously lightly smoked, the heart, suddenly raised a little annoyance.

In the next moment, Bai Xianman's tall body, evil wolf polar speed pounced to Qin Yi, palms suddenly row, as if a sharp blade, crushed to Qin Yi's neck: “Smoke wave Xuan Palm! ”

Although the repair was suppressed to the middle of the three realms of the Ecclesiastes, the speed of the Baixian still reached the limit, and the mastery was fantastic, just like the environment.

Such an offensive, which brightened the eyes of the elders present, had to admire the profound martial arts of the true man of worship.

As soon as Bai Xianzhen took the shot, Qin Yi felt that this man, indeed, was much stronger than his former teacher respected the stars, besides the speedy and subtle of the palm, he also felt a strong spiritual pressure, and came to his face. In an instant, he felt a breathless feeling.

However, Qin Yi, who entered the state of emptiness, was not afraid of this. In the eyes of others, he was close to the limit of the palm, but in his eyes, he could only count as ordinary.


Qin Yi expanded his praise for his father's steps. Just as Bai Xian Humans' hands were like blades, to cut his throat, his body suddenly burst out and opened. There was no unexpected wolf, and he even looked a little casual.


All the elders in the lot, their eyes couldn't help but shine slightly. This Qin Yi does seem to have some doorways.

Qin Yi exhibited a speed that was close to instantaneous shifting, completely exceeding some of the higher echelons in the Sect.

How do they know that "Kwafu" is an ancient speed discontinuance, even the treasure of the village of Kwafu, home of Xue Bichen, the ultimate speed of "Kwafu" is transient.

And Qin Yi, has cultivated this immortal ancient school to a half-step success.

Bai Xianjin herself was also slightly stunned. Her face shook with a shock. Then she smiled slightly: “Qin Yi, I seem to underestimate you a little - Smoke wave Xuan Palm Type 2! ”

This type of smoke wave is much more subtle than the first type. The sharp palm is drawn, directly covering the whole of Qin Yi. The strength within the vast pavement, since the hands of the immortal, is transmitted out.

The palm of Qin Yi has not yet been drawn, Qin Yi feels his throat, hidden pain.

He did not panic, he continued to spread the "Praise for Father's Walk" and escaped easily.

“Smoke wave Xuan Palm Type 3! ”

“Smoke wave Xuan Palm Type 4! ”

“Smoke wave Xuan Palm Model 5! ”

Bai Xian's palms kept shaking. "Smoke wave Xuan" was faster than a Xuan second. All the elders present showed bright eyes and admiration for Bai Xian.

However, no matter how subtle and fast Baixian's mastery is, it seems to Qin Yi's eyes entering the state of emptiness to be thin and ordinary, and does not pose much of a threat, he can even spy on some of Baixian's blossoms.

Of course, cultivation reaches such a height as the Bai Immortal Man. Even if there is a rupture, it is extremely fine. Normal people will never be able to snoop out, but Qin Yi is different.


Qin Yi's figure, in the palace, turned into the remnants of the road, and all attacks on the true person of Bai Xian were avoided.

Sometimes his entire instinct disappears in place, and the next moment, he suddenly appears in another place.

“Amazing speed. ”

The elders present, their eyes flashed, and they shocked Qin Yi's way of being.

“Before entering the Sect, this Qin Yi, together with my own disciples Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, were both in Tianxing Province in Phoenix, Empire of Huaxia. According to my two own disciples, this Qin Yi, while still in Tianxing Province, performed quite well, even passing on Bai Xian's own disciples, is hidden suppression. ”

Third elder Jiang Xian, Xu Xu said.

“Passing on the real person's own disciple Makita, all suppressed invisibly? ”

The other elders present were stunned by a slight mistake. They suddenly understood that Bai Xianzhen had come forward to test Qin Yi's strength, not only to see if Qin Yi had the power to defeat the remains of the North Yin Gate, but also to mix a little selfishness, that is, to pass on his disciples to himself.

Besides, just recently at the Zongmen Martial Arts Conference, Qin Yi defeated two of the three in-laws of Bai Xianzhen. He was somewhat dissatisfied with Qin Yi, which is understandable.

The center of the hall.

Bai Xianzhen saw that Qin Yi continuously hid his five styles easily. The first three styles, even the other party's coat of clothing, were not received, and his heart was also horrified.

The kid's strength exceeded his expectations completely. He Kung and Makita both lost unjustly.

“Qin Yi, while your escape speed is admirable, the problem is obvious. The remainder of the vagina gate is strong thousands of years ago. Even if there are old injuries, it has not been repaired. How can you defeat it if you only carry out speed martial arts? ”

Bai Xianzhen suddenly put an end to the offense, Rin said that he must do everything in his power to beat Qin Yi to the ground within ten moves.

What he meant was that Qin Yi had to fight himself and could not hide from him.

As soon as this was said, all the elders present nodded and reached a consensus with the Bai Immortal.

They showed a slight interest in whether Qin Yi could defeat the Bai Immortal who was to be suppressed into the middle of the Patriarchate Three Realms.

Qin Yi frowned slightly. This real person Bai Xian was a little anxious. He was afraid that he would attack with all his strength.

However, Qin Yi is not afraid.

“Okay, that's what you want - the frenzy trick! ”

Qin Yi drank a loud drink, directly displayed taboo martial arts, punched out, that punch, directly pressed the surrounding air, all severely distorted.

“The Peak of the Third Realm of Rage! ”

Seeing Qin Yi's punch, all the elders present were shocked and difficult to calm down.

"Rage Tip" cultivates to the peak of the Three Realms, and further, is the fourth realm. At that time, Xuan Qi will be reversed, and the possibility of Xuan Qi reversal, is zero, which means that Qin Yi will die suddenly!

“Rage trick? ”

The immortal is also stunned.

He did not expect that Qin Yi had fought himself with a fierce tactic, and that his "Violent Tactics" had cultivated to the peak of the Three Realms.

“Ha ha, good! ”

The next moment, in the heart of the immortal, a moment of uncontrollable joy, laughed out loud.

However, the motion in his hand did not stop. He continued to spread the smoke waves and quickly attacked Qin Yi.

Smoke wave Xuan Palm Type 6.

Smoke wave Xuan Palm Type 7...

Although Qin Yi has cultivated the "Violent Technique" to the peak of the Three Realms and will soon die, Bai Xianman still wants to crush Qin Yi before Qin Yi dies, and try to beat Qin Yi to the ground within ten moves.

Smoke wave Xuan Zhuan under the circumstances of Bai Xian's full efforts, the power is unimaginable, every move is more powerful, at the end of the day, the whole body of Bai Xian has become subtle, uncertain, the majesty that comes out of the palm, as if it were a big wave.

However, Qin Yi, who entered the emptiness state, still dissolved the fatal killing technique of Bai Xianjin.

Although Qin Yi worked harder and harder as Bai Xianjin's moves became stronger and stronger, Qin Yi was still not down when Bai Xianjin's moves to the 10th model.

“Formula 10! Qin Yi resisted the Ten Styles of Baixian Reality! ”

The elders present, all of them have some difficulty in peace. Qin Yi just broke through the pagoda, but stood up to ten tricks in front of the middle-strong people of the three realms of pagoda!

However, although the original ten tactics had been agreed upon, the angry Bai Immortal in his heart did not stop, and continued to attack Qin Yi with all his strength.

The elders sitting next to them were also very tacit. No one came out to stop this battle. They all wanted to see how strong Qin Yi's battle was, and how strong he could resist Bai Xian's manoeuvres.

“Smoke wave Xuan Palm 11! ”

Bai Xian Humans burst into a drink, his body turned into a shadow, waved his hands like a demonic knife, and slammed towards Qin Yi. In an instant, it was cut in front of Qin Yi.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

Qin Yi's rhythm changed dramatically. The whole person seemed like a sudden wangu demon head. His head was dancing wildly with black hair. His body was haunted by magic silk, his left hand palm grew bigger.


With a sharp whistling sound in his left hand, the demon slapped, seemingly smashing everything in the heavens and the earth.


Qin Yi's celestial demon's left hand will burst into the Bai Xian Man, a photograph of a positive, immense power, no more than millions. Bai Xian Man only felt like a huge mountain, hit himself hard, he couldn't resist, his body flew out, and fell to the ground.

“Here we go again! ”

All the elders in the room had bright eyes. They remembered that Qin Yi had defeated Makita and He Kung Bei at the Zongmen Martial Conference on that day, all using this formula.

Now, Qin Yi once again exhibited this formula against Makita and He Gong's teacher!

Although Bai Xianzhen has suppressed the cultivation to the middle of the Patriarchate Three Realms, his strength is definitely not comparable to that of Makita and He functions.

In the next moment, he was seen running up on the ground, coming out towards Qin Yi, the fierce god's evil burst: “Get down, boy! ”

In front of the elders, Qin Yi slapped him hard. Although he did not suffer much harm, Bai Xian Humans had been completely angry and even killed.

All the elders present were shocked when they felt the violence that had suddenly erupted on the immortal Bai.

“Bye Immortal, no! ”