The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 279: Praise Father's Village

Only one of the five of them can become a Virgin.

Two years ago, in order to compete for the position of the Virgin Mary, praised the senior members of the Patriarchal Village and sent the five beautiful girls to the three neighbouring coalitions of powers: the Magic Fairy Trail, the Feathering Sect and the Moon Peak.

Two years later, the five beautiful girls actually chose, quite implicitly, to return to the village of Kwafu on the same day.

Looking at the appearance of these five beautiful girls, Qin Yi and others can't help but laugh.

“Hello, I am Yu Hao, the chief disciple of the Peak of the Moon. I'm sure you two are from the Magic Fairy Trail and Yuhua Sect respectively. ”

The red-haired man smiled sharply, his tall body, in addition to emitting a tremendous intra-partmental strength, also hidden a violent atmosphere, giving people a feeling of not being kind.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand and spyed on Gong Yu-ho's cultivation. He quickly spyed on the results.

In the middle of Zongdao II, it was slightly higher than Zero Sword.

“Gentlemen, what were you talking about? Existence in the ancient ruins of the Warsaw Empire? What a coincidence, we're at the top of the moon, looking for it. ”

Gong Yu-ho sat down and his eyes flashed. He said: "It's just a pity that we're at the top of the moon, only a quarter of the animal pictures, can't know the exact location of the ancient site of the ancient gods. Do you have several other pictures of the animal pictures on you? ”

A quarter of the animal pictures?

It's the ruin of the ancient gods you're looking for!

Qin Yi's heart was overwhelmed with ecstasy. I didn't expect this trip, and there was such a gain.

The sword opposite him was nil, and in his eyes, it was also obvious that a sperm appeared, showing a strong interest: “Yes, we Feathered Sect, indeed, have a picture of the beast of the ancient relic of the Empire of Huaxia. ”

To date, Qin Yi has fully understood the original distribution of the four animal pictures of the ancient god ruins in the Huaxia Empire, one for the vagina gate, one for the miracle fairy trace, one for the feathering sect and one for the peak of the moon.

“Our miracle fairy tracks, there are two pictures of animals. ”

Qin Yi faintly said that he had to get the complete animal pictures, so at this moment, he could only reveal his two animal pictures.

Xue Bichen next to Qin Yi looked at Qin Yi with amazement. How could she not know that the miracle fairy had two animal pictures?

However, to think that he was the elder's biological disciple, Xue Bichen's heart was a bit of an explanation.

“What? So you miracle fairies have two beast pictures, haha, that's great. So, four beast pictures are perfect. ”

Gong Yu Hao laughed happily, the fanatical colour of his face paused, and said: “So can we come and work together, take out the respective animal pie charts, put them together into a complete animal pie chart, then we find the geographic location of the site of the ancient god, and then go in and explore it? ”

“No problem. ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi nodded and agreed.

Qin Yi had a hunch that an opportunity was about to come to him.

This intuition caused his body to boil an unstoppable burst of hot blood.

Collect the seeds of the five elements, re-condense the Kyushu magic knife, and return the immortal gods to power. This mission has always been carried on Qin Yi's shoulders, making him not dare to relax for a moment, and he must seize all opportunities to become stronger.

In the shortest possible time, become strongest!

“I have no problem either. ”

The sword drifted zero after a moment of silence, and nodded in agreement.

He has always been steady. At this moment, in his eyes, there is also an enthusiasm. Obviously, he also looks forward to the cooperation of the people.

“That's it. ”

Gongyu Hahaha smiled and went on to say: "However, the animal pictures at the peak of the moon are not on me at this time, I must collect them when I return to the peak of the moon. Let's meet again in this town in three months. By then, everyone will bring the animal pictures. What do you think? ”

The Beast Pitum is in the Sect and must be acquired for some time.

So Gongyu-ho set the time, three months later.

Qin Yi and the sword glanced at each other and nodded: “No problem. ”

“Great, have a great time! ”

Gong Yuho laughed and rubbed his hands with excitement.

So the matter was settled. Three months later, Qin Yi, Sword Floating Zero and Gong Yu Hao will bring their respective animal pictures, meet here, and then explore the site of the ancient gods according to the geographical location on the animal pictures.

Qin Yi secretly analyzed his situation in the miracle fairy trail. Now, not only did he worship the immortal, but he had made a war with himself. Even his lord was wary of himself and wanted to get himself out.

If this exploration of the ruins of the ancient gods can have a great harvest, make his own modification, and make rapid progress, then, even the Patriarch, he has no fear.

His ultimate goal was the Holy See of Kyushu, and as for the miracle fairy trail, he didn't care too much, it was just a springboard.

Of course, this exploration of the ruins of the ancient gods will eventually yield something that is still unknown.

Next, everyone leaves the tavern, leaves the town and enters the 100,000 mountains.


The bodies of all men, turned into remnants of the way, travelled in the mountains of 100,000.

Qin Yi discovered that the speed of Bayi, Ouyang Double, Gongxi Pose, and Mengbai was not so bad as to suck with Xue Bichen. He had to be secretly sentimental. This praised the five “Virgin Candidates” of the Patriarchal Village, all of them certainly had extraordinary potential. This time at the Virgin's Election Festival, he feared that it would be a tiger battle.

Under the rapid bursts of people, not long ago, the trees around them became scarce. Through this sparse Lara tree, an ancient divine village on a large scale, appeared in front of everyone.

Praise Father Kamimura!

Looking at the ancient divine village in front of us, everyone's face is full of fanaticism.

Praise Father, a respected name, a mighty immortal from Kyushu, but he eventually crashed in that distant war of immortality.

And the speed at which he created the "Praise Father's Step" was not only crazed by the descendants, but the ultimate of the "Praise Father's Step" was the transient movement, which every practitioner yearned to have.

Inside Kwafu Shen Village, we received early news of the return of the five “Holy Candidates” today. Qin Yi's travelers just entered Shen Village and saw the village chief leading the villagers and standing at the entrance of the village to greet them.

“Knock, knock...”

The drums kept sounding, a song and dance, and the scene was quite lively.

“Welcome back to the top five 'Virgin Candidates'! ”

A fierce voice came in, with powerful intra-partmental energy, heard in the human body, and the blood shook.

This speaks precisely to the mayor of the village of Father Shen Village, a Baishu elderly man who has lived for centuries, named and eternal, born with an eyebrow of charity, stiff body, all over his body, hidden in a spectacular spiritual repression.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand, entering a state of emptiness, and his spiritual perception covered the mayor of Shen Village, spying on his cultivation.

The culmination of the five realms of Zongdao, just a little short, entered the six realms of Zongdao.

Zongdao Six, only four realms away from Emperor Dao!

So powerful!

Qin Yi took a sip of cool air and quickly retrieved his senses of spiritual power. He feared that he would be detected by the mayor of Shenmun village.

“This man is only as good as the lord of the miracle fairy. ”

Qin Yi made such a judgment in his heart.

As he greeted the team, Qin Yi, Xue Bichen, Sword Floating Zero and others went straight to the inside of the divine village. Qin Yi's gaze constantly surveyed, and found that around this divine village, it was a stone house. The stone house looked quite ancient and full of years of change.

In the center of the village, a large square that can accommodate thousands of people, in the center of the square, set up a platform.

Looking at the center of the square, Shelby Chen and five other candidate maidens, their eyes burned in a hidden spirit of war.

There is no doubt that this ring is a trial for the five best candidate Virgin Mary.

Take a night's rest in the village of the priest of Praise, and the next day, the day of the Holy Virgin's Electoral Festival.

The next morning, on the big square, the villagers were standing in the village, the people were loud and the scene was loud.

The Holy Virgin Election Ceremony was the most solemn day of the village.

Above that ring, the village chiefs and perennials, as well as the elders of the village, and the heads of the houses, deacons, etc., sat there.

Across from the top of these villages, Xue Bichen, Bayin, Ouyang Double, Gongxi Statue, Dream Pak, all five candidate daughters stood there standing on the pavilion jade.

Their appearance of extinction, as well as their sacred status, attracted all the gaze in the square.

Qin Yi, Zero Sword, and Gong Yu Hao were also invited to the ring as the assistants of the five candidates for the Holy Virgin.

At this moment, the three of them are with the five candidate Virgins.

“Since the death of the Virgin of our village hundreds of years ago, no new Virgin has been elected, and today we will elect a new generation of Virgin, which is undoubtedly a great day! ”

And the everlasting male voice sounded on the scene, and the mighty inner strength of the peak of the five realms of the road suppressed all the noise in the square.

“Qin Yi...”

Xue Bichen shouted softly. In his clear eyes, there was clearly a color of tension, and even his subconscious shake Qin Yi's hand lightly.

“Nothing, you can do it. To believe in yourself, you must be able to stand out among the five Holy Queen candidates and eventually become the new generation of the Holy Virgin in the village. ”

Qin Yi's handsome face flashed with a gentle smile and patted Xue Bichen on his delicate shoulder, comforting him.

Once Xue Bichen became the Virgin, Qin Yi, who came with her, was also able to reap considerable benefits. Therefore, Qin Yi was also quite hopeful, and Xue Bichen was able to stand out in this election ceremony for the Holy Virgin of Shen Village.


Xue Bichen softened her head, her face was gorgeous and relaxed a little.