The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 283: Super Wesen

Such a spiritual beast, before this, Qin Yi had not encountered it. Even though the ancient spiritual beast killed by Hongqiuyi in the depths of Demonic Wind Mountain in the past was barbaric, it was only a spiritual beast at the peak of the Nine Realms of Xuando.

Three days remain, the third phase of the Holy Virgin's Electoral Festival, and the time is quite pressing.

The next morning, when the sun was bright, Qin Yi went off with Xue Bichen towards the depths of 100,000 mountains.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness and sensation of spiritual power, covering a range of about one hundred and fifty feet.

As Qin Yi's cultivation continues to improve, the scope of spiritual perception is also constantly expanding. Today, he, as soon as the spiritual perception dissipates, the scope covered is about 150 yuan.

If it reaches the second realm of the Patriarchate, its range of spiritual perception will be about two hundred.

Within the scope of its spiritual perception coverage, any wind blowing grass, Qin Yi is perceptible.

“In the range of about one hundred and twenty meters on the left, lurking a blue-headed wolf with the strength of the Great Xuan Master at the peak of the Eight Realms of Xuando, we killed him. ”

Qin Yi suddenly said.

Although their main goal is super spiritual beasts, ordinary spiritual or vicious beasts, they also don't want to let go and accumulate much less.

Xue Bichen's moving eyes, some foxes looked at Qin Yi suspiciously: “How do you know? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and didn't say much. Immediately, he picked up the Chinese hunting knife, expanded his praise for his father, and burst out towards the left.

Xue Bichen was slightly stunned and had to keep up.

The distance of one hundred and twenty husbands, in the case of two people expanding at extremely high speeds, winks.

Surely, as Qin Yi said, there was only a wolf with big calves, lurking there.


Looking at the amazing size of the wolf, Xue Bichen looked at Qin Yi in amazement. For a moment, she felt the teenager in front of her, all covered with a sense of mystery, making it impossible to see through.

A hundred and twenty feet away, knowing there was a wolf with a blue head. How did he do that?

Ignoring Xue Bichen's astonishing gaze, Qin Yi carried a hunting knife and burst into the wolf.


Green-headed wolf growled, with his big mouth open, quickly facing Qin Yi, all over his body and down, emitting a faint green light.

Qin Yi's figure turned directly into a shadow. He easily swayed the wolf's head and the hunting knife fell.


With the sound of a hunting knife entering the flesh, the wolf died.

Kill the wolf with one face!

With Qin Yi's current strength, killing creatures with a single knife in the Eight Realms of Gendo is not for him. Therefore, Xue Bichen on the side did not show much surprise, as it should be.

Next, the two men proceeded to break up the wolf and remove a half fist-sized spiritual beast Dan.


Dan, the spiritual beast holding the blue head wolf, had a delightful color on Xue Bichen's face.

Although the spiritual beast Dan, who has less than the power of the Patriarch, is not obvious to her training aid, but as long as the number is large, it still has a certain effect.

Without delay, they continued to burst into the depths of 100,000 mountains.

Qin Yi, however, also remains in the emptiness, dissipating the senses of spirituality, covering a certain range of surroundings.

“There is a bloody python in front, almost as powerful as the wolf with the blue head just now. It is also about the eight realms of Gendo. ”

Qin Yi stopped and turned to Xue Bichen.


Xue Bichen looked at Qin Yi in confusion. “How the hell did you do that? ”

“Inspirational perception, because I have a stronger sense of inspiration than most people do. In fact, I was able to spot the flaws of your Nineteen Swords before, and also rely on powerful spiritual perception. ”

Qin Yi knew that if he did not explain this issue, the beautiful girl in front of him would continue to haunt the issue.

“Inspirational perception! ”

Xue Bichen suddenly realized, and at the same time looked at Qin Yi in shock.

For the spiritual perception, Xue Bichen is also slightly listened to. The world is amazing and huge. Some practitioners have powerful spiritual perception. Within the scope of their spiritual perception coverage, any wind blowing grass can be perceived. In front of you, there is a superpower perceived.

“Come on, don't be stunned. Kill the bloody python. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, carrying a hunting knife and bursting out towards the front.

In the blink of an eye, he bursts into front of a bloody python.

Bloody Python's body is as big as a bucket, several lengths long and quite a bluff.


The bloody python threw up a half-foot long serpent believer and rushed toward Qin Yi and Xue Bichen. The speed reached the limit. In between moments, it rushed to the front of Qin Yi and Xue Bichen.

Python attacks very fast, in life, very forwards.


Qin Yi and Xue Bichen, suddenly a point, burst towards both sides, avoiding the attack of the bloody python.

Perhaps it was perceived that Qin Yi was more dangerous. The bloody python actually gave up Xue Bichen, and the huge tail rolled to Qin Yi very quickly. Qin Yi was rolled up in a second.

“Qin Yi...”

Xue Bichen shouted and rushed forward with a long sword to save Qin Yi.

However, at the next moment, Qin Yi, caught in a bloody python, suddenly dissipated and turned into a black smoke.


What the hell is going on?

Xue Bichen suddenly stopped his steps and opened his red mouth to a "0” type, stunned to the extreme.


Just amidst Xue Bichen's consternation, Qin Yi suddenly appeared on the other side, holding a hunting knife in his hand and drawing a dazzling forehead knife. The sound of “Ying” was to cut the blood python into two pieces.

Xue Bichen watched the scene happen. It took a while before she looked back: “This is… an extreme speed! ”

She was suddenly euphoric, because she and Qin Yi, practicing, were the same speed martial arts "Praise Father's Step".

In other words, as long as she works hard, she will be able to achieve such an amazing speed effect in the future!

After breaking down the bloody python and removing the spiritual beast Dan, they continued to kill to the depths of 100,000 mountains.

“On the right, about a hundred feet from us, there is a grizzly bear with the strength of the Great Xuando Nine Kingdoms. We kill the past. ”

Qin Yi continued to enter the left-handed state of emptiness, quickly discovered the target again, the two rushed over, easily killed the grizzly bear with comparable strength to the Great Xuan of the Nine Realms of Xuando, and took out his spiritual beast Dan.

“A blood hawk flew in front of us. Our strength is still comparable to that of the Great Xuando Nine Kingdoms. Sister Xue, we will wait here for the bastard to arrive. ”

Qin Yi commanded.

Xue Bichen gently beautifully headed.

Qin Yi not only has a strong sense of spirituality, it can easily locate prey, but also has a great deal of hunting experience. Xue Bichen has an unconditional obedience to him and even a slight admiration for him.

“Pfft! ”

The bloodhawk soon appeared, stirring up a pair of broad wings, pounding down towards Qin Yi and Xue Bichen on the ground.

Without saying anything, Qin Yi went up against the sky, with the Blood Eagle and for as long as it was entangled, he killed it with one knife.

“On the right, about eighty feet, there is a giant leopard with a strength comparable to that of the Great Xuando Nine Kingdoms. We kill the past. ”

“The position on the left is about eighty feet, with a giant toothed tiger, comparable in strength to the Patriarch of the Patriarchate. We kill the past. ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi and Xue Bichen killed all the way to the depths of 100,000 mountains. Half a day had passed. They had collected seven or eight spiritual beasts, which was considered to be exhausting fruit. Xue Bichen's clear and shallow eyebrows appeared with a delight that could not be suppressed.

However, with the deepening of the two, the level of spiritual beasts or vicious beasts encountered is also increasing, and the difficulty of hunting is also increasing.

Of course, with the current strength of Qin Yi and Xue Bichen, even some of the spiritual beasts or murderers of those who are stronger than Zongdao will not last long in front of them.

Especially Qin Yi, not only has amazing fighting power, extremely rich hunting experience, but is also his indispensable chip in this hunt, its display of rhythmic killing tactics, many times, he stared at Xue Bichen, feeling all this, like a dream.

At this moment, Qin Yi became a god killer!

In the case of fast forward movement of two people, for half a day, two people are already a certain distance away from the village of Khua Father.

“Ho ho...”

Suddenly, a low roar came from the front.

With this roaring noise, the whole earth is shaking gently.

Both Qin Yi and Xue Bichen were forced to stop moving forward. They were standing there, facing each other, and there seemed to be a big guy ahead.

“Qin Yi, what kind of beast is that? ”

After returning to Shelby Chen, his face suddenly turned excited and hunted for so long, he finally met a big guy.

“Don't know.”

Qin Yi shook his head in vain.

He was in a state of emptiness, but he didn't feel the presence of the big guy in front of him.

In other words, at this moment, the big guy in front, has not yet entered the scope of Qin Yi's inspirational perception coverage.

Still one hundred and fifty feet away, it can make such a big move, it is a big guy, at least has the power of Zongdao II. For a while, Qin Yi was also a little excited.

“Boom! Boom! ”

In the forest ahead, suddenly came a big work, shaking the mountain, accompanied by a low roar, which was extremely dull and shook people's hearts.

“Very good!”

Xue Bichen held on to the long sword in the shake of his hand. In his narrow, beautiful eyes, he slowly set fire to his will. Apparently, she was quite excited at this moment.

Qin Yi beside him also held the Chinese hunting knife in his hand and waited tightly.


A super vicious beast bigger than the house, entered Qin Yi's psychic perception coverage, its appearance, extremely weird, sheep's body, eyes under the armpit, tiger tooth man claws, over the neck, with a huge head, a large mouth of blood basin, fierce each other, quite a bluff.