The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 287: Duel (top)

Gong Yu-ho didn't think so. Haha laughed: “The sword is nil. The three of you are useless. It turns out that your Sword Spirit Array is very ordinary! ”

Zero sword is very calm, from the beginning to the end, the wind is light and cloudy, Xu Xu Xu said: “Brother Gongyu, I never said how powerful our Sword Spirit Array is, let alone how it cannot be broken, but the five ‘candidate Virgin' who can finally stand out is the key, your disciples at the top of the moon, just won one battle, you look like a dwarf has learned, there is a disintegration. ”

Though the tone of the sword is gentle, the speech is not welcome.


In Gong Yu Hao's eyes, the anger clearly flashed, spinning, it doesn't matter haha smile: “You're right, who can finally stand out as the five ‘candidate Virgin' is the key! ”

In his view, as long as they were able to defeat Bayi and Ouyang pairs, their disciples at the peak of the moon would likely climb the throne of the Virgin, and only Xue Bichen, the miracle fairy, would be insufficient.

In other words, as long as the second Rumby tries, the Dreambolet can still win, and the Throne of the Virgin, basically, is already in the bag.

“Sister Xue, if it is the ultimate challenge to you, it is Dream Bob, try not to touch her weapon hard, just play the speed martial arts of" Praise Father's Step "to the extreme. ”

Qin Yi said to Xue Bichen correctly.

Dream Bob's mighty, surprised him.


Xue Bichen nodded nicely, and now he has an unconditional trust in Qin Yi.

Round two, start soon.

According to the rules of the Grand Dictionary, the winners of the first two matches, compared to each other, will challenge Xue Bichen.

The winners of the first two contests were: Bayi and Monpo.

The two quickly came to the center of the ring without excess crap. As Bayin drew a long sword in his hand, the two disappeared again into the sight of everyone and entered the Sword Spirit Formation of Bayi.

Everyone in the room can only wait patiently again, they can't see the wonderful scene of the two of them trying, they can only see the two of them winning and losing at the last minute.

Not yet.

As Baiyi's fingers rang, the two reappeared in the sight of the crowd.

Win or lose is scored!

And the result of this contest is still the victory of Dream Bob from the Moon Peak!


Qin Yi was slightly surprised. I was surprised by this result.

His previous budget, this contest, was supposed to be slightly stronger than Baiyi's, but the end result was that Dreamberg still beat Baiyi with a weapon advantage.

Holy Virgin Election Festival, so far, the two “alternate Virgins” of Yuhua Sect have all been eliminated, the five “alternate Virgins”, leaving only Dream Bob and Xue Bichen.

“Your name is Xue Bichen? We support you in defeating Dreamboldt and eventually climbing the throne of the Virgin. ”

Ouyang Double and Bayin came to Xue Bichen and Ouyang Double said to Xue Bichen.

Dream Bo actually defeated both of them, and they were quite unhappy, hoping that Xue Bichen could export offense for them.

“Qin Yi, our Sword Brother is very kind to you. We have always thought that this Holy Virgin's Day, your Sister Xue Bichen, is the ultimate winner. Don't let our Sword Brother down. ”

Baiyi also said that there was obviously a certain expectation in his moving eyes.

Looking at these two really beautiful girls, Qin Yi was slightly stunned. For a moment, I didn't know how to answer them.

“Haha, this‘ candidate Virgin 'from the Magic Fairy Trail will be the final winner of this Holy Virgin election ceremony, the sword is nil, you can see her too well, and soon you will know who is the final winner of this Holy Virgin election ceremony. I also want Xue Bichen to export offense for the three of you. It's a dream. ”

Gong Yu-ho smiled.

From the beginning to the end, he didn't like Xue Bichen.

His attitude, although arrogant and arrogant, but his words were implicitly identified by a number of senior people in the village.

“The power of this Dream Bob was unexpected, but the winning chances of losing the disciples of Yuhua sect in the final round were only slightly feared. ”

“Mengbai is mainly strong on weapons. Even the Sword Spirit Formation arranged by the two disciples of Yuhua Sect cannot defeat her. Xue Bichen's chances of winning are not very small, it is basically zero. ”

“ …… ”

Both on and off the stage, they were very fond of Dream Bob, and there was a lot of discussion.

Hearing these discourses, the male and female Yuho, the male and female gestures, and the three of them, all have a hidden appearance of some arrogance on their faces.

However, Qin Yi and Xue Bichen were always a light and cloudy face, ignoring the voices of discussion around them.

Any WU finals will undoubtedly be the best and most exciting, and the next finals between Dream Bob and Xue Bichen will naturally be no exception.

Although most of those present had determined that Dream Bob would eventually defeat Xue Bichen and climb to the throne of the Virgin, they were still looking forward to the ultimate battle.

Most importantly, Xue Bichen did not understand the Sword Spirit Formation, and the next two battles were visible to everyone in the site.

“After a rotating battle of dragons and tigers, the time has finally come to decide who is the true Virgin! ”

The village chief and the everlasting male voice, echoing in the square, let everyone present, instantly the blood boils, and the everlasting self, at this moment, is also a little excited, said: “The final contest: Dream Bob Challenges Xue Bichen, the ultimate winner, will be on the throne of the Virgin, the new generation of the Virgin of our divine village, the Virgin of our divine village, is the servant of our praiseworthy ancestors, she will have countless glory, infinite power, recorded in the history book! Now, I announce that the ultimate contest in the Holy Virgin Election Ceremony begins...”


And as the perennial voice went down, Dream Bob slipped the long leg, and the whole person appeared in the center of the ring.

“Xue Bichen, come out, I will tell you in my strength that I Dream Bob is the only one qualified to be on the Throne of the Virgin. ”

Mengbai pointed the “Phoenix Flying Sky” at Xue Bichen. The “Phoenix Flying Sky” sounded like a purple wave rushing towards Xue Bichen.

“Qin Yi, I went. ”

Xue Bichen smiled shallow at Qin Yi.

Throughout his life, he had a great deal of faith in the legendary teenager in front of him.

“Go on, remember what I just said to you. ”

Qin Yi encouraged him to nod his head at Xue Bichen.

Xue Bichen moved two long, sexy long teams, slowly came to the center of the ring, standing still, white dress, floating with the wind, three feet of green silk, windsweeping exhibition, like a fairy who seemed likely to take the wind at any moment.

The wind alone brightens the eyes of the crowd.

“Misty Smoke Type 1! ”

If there is no excess, Dream Paddings even launched an attack on Shelby Chen.

Two consecutive victories, coupled with the affirmation of the people present, gave Dreamball a lot of confidence in the battle.

With her attack, she only saw the “Phoenix Flying Sky” in her hand, as if a ray of purple smoke was generally indescribable, sublime, viewed with pleasure, and at the same time, sent out an extraordinary killing intent.

“So powerful! ”

Everyone here was amazed.

Previously, Dream Bob had two contests, because in the Sword Spirit Array, people could not see their wind, and now they know their identity at first glance, so subtle.

Feeling the power of Dream Bob, Xue Bichen did not panic. He walked out of praise and turned directly into a shadow. He could avoid this blow of Dream Bob.

“Smaller Smoke Style 2! ”

Unhit, Mengbai punched out the second type, the trick was like running clouds and flowing water, and her “phoenix flying sky” grew more subtle and sharp.

Xue Bichen, however, was always restless, again praising his father, did not work hard with Dream Cypress, shaped into a remnant of the way, and shut off on the stage.

Mumbai's weapons are powerful and martial arts are extremely intelligent, but all the time, they cannot be attacked by Xue Bichen.

“Misty Smoke Type 3! ”

“Misty Smoke Type 4! ”

“Misty Smoke Type 5! ”

“ …… ”

Dream Parrish's "Smoky Smoke", which is more subtle than one, the power of attack is also more powerful than one, at the end of the day, even the surrounding space is with that floating zone, and twist, waves of energy waves, as if it were a big wave, rushing to all directions.

Fortunately, on the edge of the ring, are all extraordinary generations. Otherwise, they are afraid of being hit by the energy waves emitted by Dream Bob's drift.


Xue Bichen's figure, transformed into the remnants of the path, never touched hard with the drifting belt of Mengbai.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness. For a moment, the battle scene between Xue Bichen and Mengbai became very slow in his eyes. He could clearly see every slight movement.

“The attack of Monbur, almost nothing broke! ”

Qin Yi was slightly shocked. Then he observed Xue Bichen and Junyi's face. He couldn't help but admire the colour: “Not bad, Sister Xue did not make the" Praise Father's Step "to the extreme, so he could easily hide from all the attacks of Dream Pak. ”

“This Xue Bichen is quite intelligent, knowing that Dream Bichen's weapon is powerful, it's just a hiding place, and it's not hard to spell. However, if this continues, it is only to her detriment that she does not pose any threat to Dreamborn. ”

An elder of Kamimura, dressed in a yellow robe, watched for a while and frowned.

“Indeed, if it continues, Xue Bichen will eventually lose, and then Dream Bichen will defeat it in just one move. ”

Another elder in a black robe nodded.

“The two adults, so insightful and admired by the younger generations, this battle, the dreamer sister won, will not happen unexpectedly. ”

The male jade laughed and did not hide his joy at all.


The village chief and perpetual year also nodded and smiled slightly: "This time, at the top of the moon, you did cultivate an excellent 'alternate Virgin', very good. ”