The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 289: The Power of Qin Yi

In that future cooperation, Gongyu Ho will certainly have many opportunities to play with various means, even to kill himself directly, which is not too difficult.

However, Qin Yi did not intend to retreat as a result.

For his mission, he must become strongest in the shortest possible time, and he does not want to miss any chances of becoming stronger.

“Compared to you? I'm not interested, but if you want to play any tricks on me, do it. ”

Qin Yi's face was faint and the wind was light. He looked at Gongyu Hao and smiled slightly. In that smile, there was obviously a glimmer of disdain.

Gong Yuhao was obviously stunned and smiled. “Qin Yi, you are really special, you are not interested, I am very interested in you. Well, I'm here today, and that's what I want to tell you: the comparison between us, it's not over! Goodbye!”

Gong Yu-ho left without any further delay. He turned out of the stone house and left with Gongxi and Mengbai.

“This male Jade Ho is a real trouble. Qin Yi, in the future, our cooperation, he is afraid it will only be extremely detrimental to you. ”

Looking at the shadow of Gong Yu-ho's departure, the sword drifted zero and said with some apprehension.

“No problem. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and did not care. He had his own mysterious left hand, the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, and even the Jiuzhou Demon Knife. He believed that it should not be too difficult to cope with the male Jade Ho.

“By the way, disciple Xuan is currently in Yuhua Sect, how are you? ”

When I think of Phoenix in the past, Qin Yi's gaze became a little soft when she was an immortal girl with three swords.

“The disciple sister is very good in the Sect, extremely talented, the cultivation has already broken through the Zongdao 2 realm, plus the appearance of her sunken fish falling geese, but in the Sect, there is a great deal of attention. ”

After a pause, the sword drifted to zero and said: “Since the last time I left Chiaki Pavilion, I miss you a lot, so I think that in the search for the ruins of the ancient gods in the future, bring the disciples together. If we are lucky, we can really find something, we can also give the disciples a spoon. ”

“Okay, let's do this. ”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

It has been many days, Qin Yi also announced to the discipline teacher, quite missed.

If it weren't for the discipline teacher announcement, I would recommend myself to the discipline warrior, and now I am afraid that I would still be in a place like Ling Yumen, there can be no achievements today.

Next, Zero Sword did not do more staying, rose to bid farewell to Qin Yi, led Bayi and Ouyang pairs, and returned to Yuhua Sect.

“In more than two months, we will be searching for an ancient site where we can meet with disciples who have been gone for days...”

Qin Yi's heart is full of anticipation.

After thinking about it, Qin Yi dumped his head, temporarily put these down and ready to practice.

Defining the god, Qin Yi first made a trip to "The Fist of the Superior King", spinning to "King Kong's Heart Scripture", "Praise Father's Step", "Father's Return", "Massacre Style 3", "Dalo Heavenly Hand", "Ling Feng Palm", "Violent Tactics", "Tenjin Style 7", Types 1, 2 and 3, and transferred out to practice in turn.

Two days later, all this martial arts has yielded some gains.

Blink between your eyes and come to the third day.

On this day, it was the ceremony of Shelby Morning's ascent to the Throne of the Virgin.

In the vast square, all the villagers in Shen Village gathered here, popular, and the ceremony was quite solemn.

In the center of the ring is a magnificent throne.

Today's Xue Bichen, wearing gold and silver, less than in the past, but more than a few points of immortality and nobility, has a different rhyme, can see Qin Yi in the crowd, are all slightly divine.

The villagers of Kamimura are even more drunk. It's quite a celebration to have a song and dance around.

After the village chief read the ceremonial speech, only four handsome maids appeared around Xue Bichen and waited for her to sit on the Jade Throne.

“Tsk, this Master Xue really looks a little like the Virgin. ”

Looking at the pure, beautiful, solemn, noble and sacred Xue Bichen, Qin Yi in the crowd couldn't help but whisper.

“See the Virgin! ”

The village chief and perpetual year, led all villages of the village, worshipped, with excitement, fanaticism, piety and other divine colors on his face.

Xue Bichen on the throne of the Virgin Mary, naturally also excited, after a long effort, at this moment, she finally sat on the throne of the Virgin Mary and became the new generation of Virgin in the village of the priest.

Xue Bichen's beautiful eyes, Xu Xu slowly flowed, saw Qin Yi in the crowd, in her heart, suddenly gave rise to an unknown sense of security, she smiled lightly, the heavens and earth had a sense of instant discoloration, said: “This time, I can sit on the throne of the Virgin, all thanks to Qin Yi, his full help to allow me to have today, he helped me to find" Praise Father's Step ", took me into the depths of 100,000 mountains to hunt for the super ferocious beast, obtained the training of the spiritual beast Dan, heartfelt pointed to me practice. ”


Points to the Virgin Practice!

Including the village chief and forever, all are looking to Qin Yi, eyes full of questions.

Is this boy better than the Virgin?

Some of the more powerful executives in the village can feel it. This young man, with some weak stature, was cultivated into the late realm of Zongdao, far less than Xue Bichen. How can you point her to practice?

“Either of you can challenge Qin Yi's ability. Of course, the cultivation of the challengers must be controlled within the Patriarchate Three. The winning party will be rewarded with a drop of Father's Liquid. ”

Xue Bichen said slowly, his face was hidden and sly.

Reward a drop of Father's Liquid?

Qin Yi's eyes suddenly lit up and he was delighted. He was very clear. Xue Bichen's move was just to honor her previous promise and give herself a compliment on the Father's liquid.

Once again, he had to admire Xue Bichen's wisdom, so that he could give himself the Father's liquid without a trace.

After all, Qin Yi is a foreigner. Xue Bichen has just become the Holy Virgin of the Divine Village. If it is a gift of Father Qin Yiquan's Divine Fluid from Dafang, he will only cause the villagers to complain.

As a reward, the praiser will be given to the victorious party. Qin Yi will not get the handle on the conversation. Qin Yi, was won on his own strength, and those who challenged him will also have the opportunity to obtain the praiser's praise.

“Praise Father! ”

Many of the villages present showed greed.

You know, Kwafu is the most precious sacred medicine in the village of Kwafu. It works wonders for auxiliary cultivation. No practitioner can resist its temptation.

“So good! ”

“Qin Yi, get to the ring, we want to challenge you! ”

Villages that have been built to have broken through the pagoda, one by one, are very excited to wipe their hands.


Qin Yi did not say anything, when even the body's Xuan Qi, slightly surged, and the toe gently slammed to the ground, the whole person was lightly spirited to jump to the stage.

One stop toward the center of the ring is like a sheathed sword, giving a sharp feeling, all over the body and hidden in a spectacular atmosphere.

“The young man's momentum is good, he's afraid of being a man of a hundred wars, but if he's qualified to point to our Virgin, I doubt it. ”

Village chief and perpetual year, Xu Xu said.

Seniors in Kamimura also showed a slight interest in the juveniles in the ring.


Soon, a tall, dark-faced young man rushed to the ring and stood opposite Qin Yi.

“My name is Yu Fan, and I am currently repairing it to the late realm of Zongdao I. ”

The black young man grinned, reported his name and cultivation, his sharp eyes burned with a sense of war.

“Qin Yi, from the miracle fairy trace, is Sister Xue's younger brother, currently cultivated, Zongdao One late. ”

Qin Yi said faintly.

It just so happens that the two of them are fixing, at the same level.

Qin Yi raised a slight interest in this, and he was curious to know how much stronger he was compared to practitioners at the same level.

“Lock your palms! ”

If there is no excess, the black youth immediately launched an attack on Qin Yi, slashing him, always staying with Qin Yi's heart, fast to the limit.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter a state of emptiness. In an instant, the black youth would have been extremely aggressive in their attacks. In his eyes, it became thin and ordinary, with no point of color.

Qin Yi complimented his father, easily avoided the attack of the black youth and punched him backwards: "Hopper Fist! ”

His punch was simple, but he looked rather subtle, and he punched straight into a small bloom of black youth with a random punch. How can the young man in front of him easily see the small fracture in his body when he is in shock, hastily retreating, and confused in his heart?

Of course, he would never have thought that Qin Yi, not to mention blossoming at this moment, even every pore in his body was clearly visible.

“Lock your palms! ”

The angry, black youth, drank loudly, and fully practiced their martial arts. One hand is stronger than the other, and one hand is bigger than the other.

However, Qin Yi's face was always light and cloudy. He was not impatient and steadily carried out the Fist of the Overlord.

At some point.


Qin Yi's fist struck a small blossom on the black youth, that powerful fist, the black youth could not resist, the whole person flew out and fell to the ground.

Xu Fanbei!

The whole scene, it was so loud.

However, the crowd did not have many accidents. It is normal for both of them to cultivate, at the same level, and Qin Yi is a disciple of the miracle fairy trace, able to defeat Xu Fan.

“Faced with practitioners of the same level, I just need to enter the emptiness state, soil and fire two elements seeds, without the need to push, can easily win the Champion Fist. ”

Qin Yi finally knew about his own fighting power. The gap between the normal practitioner and himself is undoubtedly like a gap.

Qin Yi was satisfied with this conclusion.

“Xu Fan challenged Qin Yi to fail, winner Qin Yi, will get a drop of praise for Father Shen Liu! ”

Xue Bichen's soft voice came from Xu Xu Xu, making people feel like spring wind.