The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 291: Battle on Taiwan

“Knock! ”

Qin Yi's fist directly smashed the green knife.


I can't believe I just waved my fist at you. One punch will smash the stunning blue knife out of Taiwan!

Too strong!

Everyone under the stage blinked and felt this scene as if it were a dream.

“This Qin Yi also has two brushes, but it is still impossible to be a rival in Taiwan. There is a difference between the three realms of Zongdao and the middle realm of Zongdao. ”

Previously, those who desperately disliked Qin Yi and thought he would lose very badly changed their views on Qin Yi immediately. However, they still did not think that Qin Yi would be a rival in Taiwan.

“You're good! ”

On Taiwan itself, he was also slightly stunned. He felt a little surprised. A practitioner who had been cultivated as a middle-aged practitioner who was able to break through the pagoda. With only one punch, he broke his own knife. He had to look at Qin Yi with a whole new look.

Next moment!

“Breaking the wind! ”

In Taiwan, he continued to attack, and struck out his second type of moon chase knife, which is more powerful than the first type, and his figure in Taiwan is also quite subtle and confusing.

“Rage trick! ”

Qin Yi's boxing methods remained unchanged and still fought with ferocious tactics.

He was all over his body, spreading a tremendous amount of road energy, punched out, and the space around him was heavily distorted, seemingly crumbling directly.

“Knock! ”

Qin Yi once again smashed the blue knife from Taiwan, smashing it, that powerful punch was able to beat all the way out of Taiwan, clothes hunting, full of silver hair, suddenly floating.

Feeling Qin Yi's strong horizontal position, his face changed slightly again, and his divine color became slightly heavy. For the first time, he could shock himself with a fist.

I don't know why, at this moment, he, slightly under the illusion, stands in front of the slightly weak body of a teenager, even though he has been cultivated as a patriarchal realm, but as if he were a great god, invincible.

He shook his head and suppressed this fantastic illusion on stage.

“Xuan style! ”

After a cold drink in Taiwan, the "pursuit of the moon” in his hand suddenly became rudimentary, that chilly powerful killing, also in a moment, disappeared, even makes people feel the existence of the “pursuit of the moon”.

His whole person became immense, indefinite, a knife split out, the ancient “pursuit of the moon”, blinking is to split in front of Qin Yi's neck, less than half an inch away from Qin Yi's neck.


The knife has not yet been cut into the neck, but Qin Yi felt a sharp pain coming from the neck, which was caused by the sword.

Without daring to be slightly lazy, Qin Yi took the "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme, and the whole person disappeared directly under the Moon Chaser.

The next moment, his figure, suddenly appeared behind the stage, punching him in the vest.

“Headwind! ”

Feeling the punch behind him, he didn't even go back to the stage. His opposite hand chopped him and cut him to Qin Yi's neck again. Just for the next moment, Qin Yi's figure disappeared here.

“Rage trick! ”

Qin Yi appeared on the left side of Taiwan, punched out, almost punched through the heavens and the earth, powerful punch, as if it were a big wave, rushing towards Taiwan, silver in Taiwan madly danced.

“With the wind! ”

After the moon flies in the hands of Taiwan, as if it were a blue wave, it rushed to the left and hit Qin Yi directly on the point. Only at the next moment, Qin Yi's figure disappeared again.

Blinking his eyes, he appeared on the right side of the stage empty-handed, silent, one punch to the stage again, used, still a ferocious tactic.

“Windless! ”

Standing in the center of the ring, silver danced wildly, silver cannon hunting sounded, all over and down, strong road strength, rushing like a tao.

He chopped it out with a knife, and the Moonchase Machete was like an electric ray, reaching its limit and suffocating.

However, Qin Yi's figure disappeared once again in the sky. In a lightning blade, he split a sky.


Everyone under the stage was staring at each other and almost forgot to breathe. They opened their eyes one by one and didn't blink, as if they'd missed an amazing scene and regretted it forever.

They are almost under the appearance of petrochemical, but it is a hot blood boil. Qin Yi's competition with Yu Tai is too pleasant. They have never seen it in their entire lives. Such a wonderful competition.

Everyone at the top of the village, including Xue Bichen, who has become the Virgin, wrote horrific colors on their faces.

Always, Xue Bichen knew that Qin Yi was strong. In the Sect Gate, she had created a series of bandit-thinking achievements, but she did not expect that Qin Yi, today, was so strong that he did not work hard against a strong man of the Patriarchal Three Realms!

She originally thought that Qin Yi would be defeated when he came to power. However, she had skilfully given Qin Yi three drops of Praise Father's Liquid, enough to help him break through Zongdao II. Therefore, this fourth drop of Praise Father's Liquid, whether Qin Yi can obtain it or not, is no longer important.

Who wants, Qin Yi's performance at this moment, as she expected, is much stronger.

“This Qin Yi is really impressive. Only the later cultivation of Zongdao One Realm can actually be comparable to the Taiwan War banner drum. ”

A senior member of Kamimura dressed in a gray robe returned to God and sighed sincerely.

“This young man from the miracle fairy trace is truly remarkable and able to compete with the battle of Taiwan. ”

At last, the village chief and Yongnian had to acknowledge Qin Yi's strength. However, after a pause, he continued to say: "However, although the young man is strong, he is now tied to the battle of Taiwan. However, his strength in Taiwan's road is obviously much more ambitious than his. In this way, he will eventually defeat the north. To point out that our practice of the Virgin Mary must, at a minimum, reach this level of strength in Taiwan. ”

“Rage trick! ”

At the center of the ring, Qin Yi has always practiced the martial arts of "Rage Technique", which is the counterpart to Taiwan.

His figure, suddenly appeared in front of the stage, punched out, over that fist, through the fierce force of the outgoing, the mountains swept down to the stage.

Silver hair all over the stage, blown backwards by that huge fist, silver robe hunting.

“Phew Phew...”

Qin Yi's fist had not been attacked by him, and Taiwan had already been struck by this fist.

The Rage Technique is an ancient tale of immortality. After the fourth realm, it was replaced by the Third Formula of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

In other words, Qin Yi's "Violent Technique" only looked at the third realm of cultivation, but the power of immortal martial arts is definitely not comparable to that now by the Institute of Forehead Martial Arts, combined with the power of fire element seeds, it is normal to be able to strike such an effect.

Faced with Qin Yi's wild fist, he was not panicked at the stage. His feet were slightly lighter on the ground. The whole person was directly transformed into a shadow. He flew out obliquely. In between blinking eyes, he flew more than ten long distances.

“Broken wind! ”

The voice in Taiwan became a little indifferent. His body flew out from more than a dozen lengths and burst like a giant silver ray. He waved a knife, a dense and numb blue ray of knife, and broke into the sky. He saw a feeling of suffocation.


The thick and numb knife flashed, making a broken sound of the lane, heading toward Qin Yi, seemingly chopping up the space.

“Rage trick! ”

Qin Yi, unchanged and still punched out, smashed that dense and numb green knife as much as possible.

“Qin Yi, you are really good. I actually took almost all of my 'leftover moon knife' moves and made me have to show the last one. ”

Standing in the center of the ring, looking at Qin Yi in front of him, it was difficult to calm down in his heart. A teenager who had only a patriarchal realm and had been cultivated in the middle of the period had actually forced him to use a great trick.

“But to defeat this battle, I must get a drop of praise for the Father. ”

In Taiwan, he said arrogantly that the “handicapped moon” in his hand suddenly seemed to have life, and the "buzzing” trembled.

We're finally going to make a big move!

Qin Yi frowned slightly, but did not panic. He stood there with a light and cloudy face. He said softly: "Just put out your strongest moves. ”

He was covered in strong confidence with bamboo in his chest.

“Excellent! I just don't know where you're so confident. ”

He shook his head with helplessness.


He snapped the buzzing “moon chase” out of it.

With the splitting of the knife on Taiwan, only on the “Moon Chasing" machete, suddenly appeared a shadow of a ruined moon.

The shadow of the remaining moon was as wide as three lengths. It spinning toward Qin Yi, it seemed to break the void of one side. Between them, it was cut in front of Qin Yi.

The shadow of the shadow is dark as if it absorbs all the light.

With the advent of this handicapped moon, all of us here are all in our hearts. We can't help but breed a sense of fear. We just think it's a sickle of death coming out of hell.

Looking at the remnants of the moon, Qin Yi's temperament changed dramatically in an instant. The whole person suddenly became waveless. Even a hint of pitch-black magic appeared around him, as if a great immortal demon had suddenly landed on the stage.

“It's all over! Ids_pjus002_suo_suo ”

At this moment, Qin Yi's mouth spit out words, as if they were sealed with ice.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In Qin Yi's left hand, a sound of skeletal transformation was heard, and his left hand became sufficiently wide.


Jong-woon's left hand slapped hard toward the shadow of the ruined moon that had been slaughtered at great speed. The process seemed very slow, but in fact very fast. For example, it was used from a distant Immortal Age to smash up endless space-time and capture here.

“Knock! ”

The Moon Shadow could not resist the demon's left hand and collapsed on the spot. And the whole of Taiwan followed a few big steps backwards.

Qin Yi's attack did not stop, his indifferent voice once again exhaled from his mouth: “Type 7 of the Celestial Devil - Type 2! ”