The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 298: Zongdao II Realm!

Qin Yi wants Tianxing Hou to see himself step on the foot!

“Qin Yi, are you sure you can win the battle with Bai Xianman in three days? ”

Although Yang Shiqi knows Qin Yi's peculiar, quite well, this time, she has always had some lack of confidence in Qin Yi, because his opponent is different this time, and is a giant of one of the super sects such as the miracle fairy trail.

“Sister Yang, go. When have I ever let you down? ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.


After a long time of silence, Yang Shiqi finally nodded.

After going to the Foreign Affairs Department to register, Yang Shiqi unfolded the speed, turning Nanaman's wonderful figure directly into a shadow, and burst towards the monument of the miracle fairy trail.

Looking at Yang Shiqi disappearing, Qin Yi exhaled slightly. He knew that Tianxing Hou's stone had been pressed against his heart for many years. This time, it was finally going to be completely removed, and the harsh export was offended.

Same moment.

The cabinet of the other courtyard of the immortal.


The real person Bai Xian pushed a little harder, and the cup in his hand suddenly broke open: “What, Qin Yi's kid said I wanted to fight again, so he fought? ”

The white face of the true Bai Immortal was filled with anger.

He remembered the last time Qin Yi said the same thing when he came back from the Western Sect mission. Unexpected, this time, he said it again.

“Huh, I don't know where this kid comes from so confident. ”

Bai Xianman's chest, a fierce landing and landing, as the elder of the parish, was so blinded by a disciple of the parish, he felt his face swept.

Seeing the anger of the true immortals, the three of them, Style, He Gong and Makita, but their hearts are dark joy. The more anger the teacher has, the more he will fight Qin Yi in three days, the heavier he will be.

“That's true, Master, looking at Qin's brother, it seems that he doesn't take you seriously at all. ”

Makita's divine colour, extremely serious, does not smile.

“He's just a disciple of the Sect. He can't even take me seriously. Okay, good! Qin Yi, don't fight against the fact that you are the elder's first-hand disciple, you can see everything. In three days, I will let you lose extremely badly! ”

Bai Xianjin's tall body, a strong spiritual pressure, suddenly leaked out, the three of Stuff, He Gong and Makita, couldn't resist, hurry back.

At the same time, I felt the strong spiritual repression of Bai Xianzhen. The three of them were delighted. The master was really strong. The boy Qin Yi died this time!

Qin Yi returned to his residence.

“Since there are only three days left before the battle with Baixian Real People, it is time to release the refined purple gold dan and make an effort to fix it. ”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Qin Yi slightly reckoned in his heart, he put out four drops of the praise father's divine liquid and more than twenty two pints of Dan medicine that Tianxing Hou gave himself on the day.

“These are the chips I prepared for the Immortals. ”

Looking at the four small white jade bottles in front of him, as well as a pile of two pints of Dan medicine, Qin Yi's handsome face was overflowing, hidden in the color of fanaticism.

Tianxing Hou gave Qin Yi those two pints of Dan medicine, basically, are all Dan drugs that quench bones, improve blood gas, and improve repair to the three kinds of efficacy.

Without hesitation, Qin Yi directly grabbed a pair of two pints of Dan medicine and swallowed it into his stomach, as if eating snacks, there were as many as seven or eight. With Qin Yi's current strength and horizontal strength, it is also unlikely that so many second-pin drugs will harm him.


Qin Yi's body, dispersed the power of these two pints of medicine, wildly absorbed.

One hour later, the seven or eight second-pintane drugs were all absorbed clean by Qin Yi's body.

“Slight change. ”

Qin Yi felt his body carefully and found that his various functions had become a little stronger. However, he was still 18,000 miles from the realm of Zongdao II.

Qin Yi has been very satisfied with the effect of the second pin of Dan medicine.

Next, he would take all the remaining secpindane, and half a day later, his body would absorb all the power of these secpindane drugs.

“Sect Half Step Two! ”

Feeling the physical changes, Qin Yi was slightly unexpected. He didn't expect that more than twenty second-pin drugs actually helped him break through half a small state.

“Just one more half-small, and I can break through Zongdao II. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly: “Once I have broken through Zongdao II, I have the power to barely fight the Baixiang Real People without enabling the Third Style of the Seven Devils. ”

Next, use the Father of Praise solution.

After a slight exhalation, Qin Yi took a large barrel and punched a whole barrel of fresh water, mentioning the residence.

Qin Yi remembers that praising the Father's Divine Fluid is not to be taken, but must be absorbed by the body in a quenched manner.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately took a small white jade bottle and unplugged the bottle. Suddenly, a very intense aroma, from a small white jade bottle, slowly spilled.

“Tsk, that's a good drug! ”

Qin Yi whispered softly, rejoicing in his heart and complaining.

As Qin Yi tilted the white jade bottle, a drop of blue divine liquid was from the white jade bottle, dripping into fresh water, not much, only one drop.

With that drop of blue praise Father's liquid slowly dispersed, a moment later, a large barrel of fresh water, all turned blue.

It was not the first time that Father Kwai's liquid was used to quench the body without delay. Qin Yi jumped directly into the barrel even after quickly removing his clothes, except for a clean, slight exhalation.

The pharmacological power of the priest's liquid is extremely gentle. Qin Yi's whole person is immersed in it, as if soaked in a hot spring.

“It's so comfortable. ”

In a gentle breath, Qin Yijing leaned against the edge of the wooden barrel and closed his eyes to support the gods.

And every pore in his body, it's all about relaxing, breathing that blue divine fluid into his body, passing through his great meridians to Dantian.

After reaching Dantian, the divine liquid is converted into Xuan Qi, and sent back to Qin Yi's major meridian veins. Qin Yi's body Xuan Qi is also climbing at the speed Qin Yi can feel.

As Xuan Qi climbed, Qin Yi's various functions were also following to higher areas, constantly approaching.

At the first time, Qin Yi's cultivation was still at the peak of Xuando 9. At that time, the body absorbed the amount of divine fluid, not particularly fast. It took more than a day to absorb it.

After breaking through the sect, Qin Yi's various functions entered a completely new field. The speed of absorption of divine fluid was also more than twice as fast.

Half a day, a drop of Father's Divine Fluid, is Qin Yi's body, absorbed clean, a large barrel of original blue medicine, turned into fresh water.

At the same time.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In Qin Yi's body, there was a sound of bone breakthrough. Immediately afterwards, a huge breath emerged from Qin Yi's body and swept out towards all directions.

And the signs of demonization also appeared on Qin Yi's body. In his eyes, a pitch-black magic appeared, slowly passing through, his head constantly floating with dark hair, all over his body and down, and a hint of faint demon appeared in the sky.

This scenario, which looks rather frightening, is like a real king of the world, coming here in the sky.

After a while, this sign of demonization disappeared from Qin Yi, and Qin Yi returned to God from some strange state.

“Advanced, Zongdao II! ”

After a careful feeling of his body, Qin Yi's handsome face was on his face, with a slight smile of satisfaction.

“Now I beat the certainty of the Immortal Man by 50% without activating the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. ”

Qin Yi calmly analyzed the power between himself and Bai Xianzhen.

Obviously, only 50% of the certainty is not enough. What Qin Yi wants is absolute suppression, because by then, Tianxing Hou will come to watch the war. He will only show absolute advantages. If he puts Baixian real people under his feet, Tianxing Hou will feel painful and fierce.

“Now there are three drops of praising Father's Divine Solution. To achieve the absolute advantage, it is not difficult to severely step on the foot of the immortal. ”

Qin Yi's mouth corner hidden a slightly abusive smile.

He dared not imagine what it would be like for a Sect disciple, with absolute advantages, to stomp a Sect elder under his feet, and how the whole Sect would feel shocked.

This is insane!

Qin Yi's eyes suddenly raised some expectations.

Without delay, Qin Yi picked up the barrel, called a large barrel of fresh water again, picked up the second white jade bottle, pulled the bottle plug, and poured a drop of blue praise Father's liquid inside it slowly into the fresh water.

A moment later, a large barrel of fresh water turned into a barrel of blue medicine again.

“Second bucket of liquid...”

Looking at the big barrel of blue medicine in front of him, Qin Yi felt delighted. Even then, he removed his clothes and jumped into the wooden barrel again.


As Qin Yi jumped in, every pore in his body was once again fully relaxed, like a thirsty demon, sucking that bright blue medicine, mad inhalation...

Over time, between winks, another day passes.

There is one last day left before Qin Yi and Bai Xianjin fight.

The whole people of the sect are looking forward to the upcoming competition, the elders challenge the disciples of the sect, such competition is unprecedented in the sect.

Although everyone knows the end of this war, Qin Yi will surely fail miserably, many people still want to see Qin Yi abused.

Along the way, Qin Yi went on to sing high, creating a series of achievements that ordinary people could not even think about. This has made many disciples' hearts full of jealousy. Naturally, it would be a great pleasure to be able to see him being abused by the Immortals themselves.