The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 311: Three counts

In front of the whole sect, as a parish lord, he was actually smashed to the ground by a sword of Yang Shiqi. His grandfather and anger were abnormal. His gray-headed earthly face climbed up, his tall body suddenly turned into a golden stream. Between them, he rushed to the front of Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, then his arms shook, and the great sect strength, leaked out, and hit Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame hard.

After all, the Patriarch and the two strong people at the top of the Patriarchal Five Realms, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, how stunning, in front of them, is still too young, when the two people, even by the great patriarchal strength, shook more than a dozen lengths outside, fell to the ground.

“Huh! If you disrespect me, there's nothing left to die for! ”

At this moment, the grandfather and his killer heart, his face was terribly blue, step by step slowly forward Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, every step he took, the whole earth, was following suddenly trembling, space was strangely distorted.

At the same time, two invisible and immense forces directly trapped Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, rendering them immobile.

“Old bastard, if you dare to touch us with a sweat, I swear to God, one day I will break your old bastard into pieces! ”

Dragonflame growls, silver hair all over his head, madly dancing.

Helpless, the power of ancestral and confinement is too great, he and Yang Shiqi, there is no way to break free.

“It's ridiculous that the power of the tree, too, wants to shake the tree! ”

Grandfathers and cold drinks, in their eyes, killing intentions, full of strength in the aisle, constantly floating, squeezing the space around them, are all distorted.

Feeling the killing intentions of the grandfather and this moment, all around him, no one dared to speak, could only look at him, step by step, to Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame.

Among the crowd, Bai Xianzhen and others, looking at the grandfather-in-law and the dying Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, suddenly a little happiness appeared in the heart.

Qin Yi, what happened to several of them, was that they never dreamed of it.

“Huh, too good a man, life is always short! ”

Bai Xianjin hummed softly. The white face clearly had a delightful colour.

“Eight hands! ”

Just before the grandfathers and came to Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, raising their hands to abolish them, a cold drink, but suddenly from the crowd, suddenly sounded.

Then came the eight huge palm prints, all split on the grandfather and the body.

Unable to survive the defensive grandfather and was stabilised by the sudden stamp of eight huge palms, which broke off several major steps.

At the next moment, a figure in a red robe stood in front of Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, holding them tight behind him.

“Elder Kang, are you rebelling? ”

Seeing the shadow, the anger on the grandfather and his face, it got stronger, and he drank it out cold.

Yes, this man is the third oldest of the eight elders, Elder Kang!

“Master! ”

Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xi Xuan, all shouted.

And the people around you, they're all incredible looking at Elder Kang.

Elder Jiang did not retreat and still kept Yang Shiqi and Long Yan close behind him. He said to his grandfather and silence: "My lord, I am sorry that I have received such excellent two handed down disciples so easily that I do not want to see them die on your hands. ”

“Okay, good! I'd like to see you. How can I protect them? ”

At this moment, the grandfather and his eyes, as if they were blades, shine a sharp cold flash, and the voices in his mouth are as if they were frozen.

Even Elder Kang stood up against himself, the grandfather and already completely angry, all over his body, the ambitious patriarchal strength, rushing like a wave.

The fury of a powerful man at the top of the Zongdao Five Realms is terrible!

Everyone around them was shocked, scared to be impacted by the great road, hurried back.

“Jiang Xian, as an elder, but fighting you, I don't need to major in martial arts, deviant martial arts, enough! ”

Grandpa and a strong sense of confidence.

He majored in martial arts, Magic Six Changes!


Grandfather and hand suddenly added a thin Zen-like curved knife, the curved knife flashed like a round and a half of moon.

Half-moon machetes, like swords, are a relatively common weapon. Grandfather and this half-moon curved knife, is a Chinese moral device called “Cang Moon”.

In the face of the mighty grandfather and elder Kang did not show much fear. After a slightly bitter smile, he came to the center of the scene, and went to that stop at will, his body emitted a spectacular atmosphere.

“The Patriarch had to take the lives of my two biological disciples, and I could only protect them with death. ”

Elder Kang also suddenly slapped: “Sixteen heavy hands! ”

With his palm split, sixteen huge palm prints were split toward the grandfather and toward him, all together.

“Sculpture trick! ”

Grandfather and disdainfully put his mouth aside, “moon in hand”, randomly split: “Fantasy seven knives - first knife! ”

With the splitting of his knife, a giant knife of half moon, full of five long width, brilliant, powerful knife intent, when even open, those who repaired into a slightly lower disciple, face and hands were deliberately injured by the knife, suddenly a bloodshed appeared.

Back off!

Everyone was shocked and hurried back again.

“Wow! ”

The grandfather and the massive half-moon knife split apart, crushing and decaying, instantly, is the 16th palm print of Elder Kang, all stirred.

“Thirty-two doubles! ”

Elder Kang's face was gloomy, and his powerful patriarchal strength. His clothes were all swollen up. He chopped out his palm and made a huge palm print, turning into 362 lanes, rushing towards the grandfathers and grandfathers.

“Hmm, this strength is still not enough to look at. Fantasy Seven - Second Knife! ”

The grandfather and smile, the "moon" in his hand, once again randomly split, that huge half-moon knife, is also the destruction and decay, hectares, the thirty-two double palm prints, as much as possible stirred.

“Sixty-four hands! ”

Elder Kang's "Thousand Palms," each formula, that broke the number of false palm prints, is doubled, and the power, too, is doubled.

“It's only normal! Fantasy Seven Knives - the third! ”

The grandfather and chopped his own third knife, the knife of ten knives, as if to split the heavens and the earth, no accidents occurred, sixty-four palm prints, still the most stirred.

That huge wave of energy suddenly knocked Elder Kang out a few big steps, but he didn't fall down. He died stabilising, his blouse and hunting sounded.

“One hundred and twenty-eight hands! ”

Elder Kang had a sip, his hair was long and he was dancing wildly. He slapped it out with all his might. One hundred and twenty-eight palm prints. A large piece of dense numbness appeared to suffocate towards the grandfather in front and the havoc.

A hundred and twenty-eight palm prints!

It's amazing!

Everyone here was amazed and swallowed a sip and blinked hard.

A third elder, one hundred and twenty-eight palms, each stamp is enough to instantly kill a practitioner at the top of Gendo.

One hundred and twenty-eight palm prints, instantly, were the grandfathers and directly submerged!

“It's still not enough to beat me! Fantasy Seven Knives - the third! ”

Grandfathers and voices, like the demonic sounds of hell, hear people's hearts sink indefinitely.

As his voice sounded, the one hundred and twenty-eight palm prints suddenly all crumbled, and the grandfather and the hand-held "moon" reappeared in the sight of everyone present.

A huge wave of energy, just like a wave of giant waves, swept away.

Elder Kang finally couldn't resist, his body flew out dozens of lengths, fell to the ground, a bite of blood, from his mouth, penetrated.

Elder Kang!

“Master! ”

“Elder Kang! ”

Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xi Xuan and all the others present shouted.

“Elder Kang, as a generation of elders, you can barely resist my Phantom Seven Knives! ”

Grandfather and cold drinks, cold eyes, arrogant.

“You bastard, hurt my master, I'll fight you! ”

A delicate drink came, followed by a delicate figure, from the crowd, burst out, momentarily, standing in front of the grandfathers and the peace.

At first glance, Qi Qi was stunned. Only this person was seen. Horan was Elder Kang's third biological disciple, Xi Xuan.

“Xuan, don't move lightly. You're not his opponent! ”

Elder Kang shouted.

Xi Xuan's power is not as good as Yang Shiqi's and Dragon's Flame's, the war lord's peace, it is purely a search for death.

And the people around them showed admiration for Xi Xuan.

“Humph, it's just the power! ”

The grandfather, not even looking at Xi Xuan, blinked, a huge power of confinement, directly imprisoned him.

“Ah, you bastard, let go of me! ”

Xi Xuan was furious and angry and struggled, but could not move at all.

“Who else wants to challenge me? Stand up! ”

Grandfather and never looked at her, just swept the cold eyes, slowly sweeping around, mouth drunk sound, like rolling thunder, shocked the human body, the qi bloodshed, extremely suffering.

“Grandpa and you're guilty of three! ”

A deep voice, all of a sudden, the speaker, is the elder!

Only the elder slowly stepped forward, always gracious him. At this moment, over that face, iron blue, big Rin, sighed and drank: “The first sin: the innocent extermination of the disciples of the Sect, should be directly reduced to the disciples outside the Sect, forever losing the chance to compete for the inner door! ”

The practice of the elders is second only to the ancestors and, step by step, slowly stepping out. Every step, the earth is shaking, the sound of footsteps, as if Hung Zhong Dalu: “Second sin: heavily wound the top of the Sect, it is time to expel from the Sect, never step into the Sect Half Step! ”

The elder has come before the Patriarch and stood still: “For the third sin, you lured the former Patriarch into the 'Devil's Domain’ to murder him, causing the former Patriarch to disappear forever in this world! To usurp the throne! ”

The elders' voices, like a giant hammer, beat hard on the hearts of everyone present.

- What? - What?

Seduce the former Patriarch into the 'Devil's Domain’ to murder him and usurp his power!

Everyone here was shocked.

Hundreds of years ago, an innocent former ancestor disappeared and was lured into the "Devil's Domain” by his ancestors!

“I recall that a few years ago, during the time the former Patriarch disappeared, the 'Devil's Domain’ was also unmastered. One night, the former Patriarch came to me and said that he might be killed, and two days later, the former Patriarch disappeared in vain. Then, the 'Devil's Domain’ was sealed again somehow. Now, contacting Qin Yi this time was sealed into the 'Devil's Domain’, I suddenly remembered that the former Patriarch, was the Patriarch and sealed into the 'Devil's Domain’, the Patriarch and, what else do you have to say? ”

The elder sighed and drank coldly, his eyes as if he had a sword of substance, and he stared coldly at the grandfather and peace.