The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 315: Re-enabling the Knife

There is no further way back. Qin Yi is very decisive and directly promotes the Nine Stories of the Devil.


Kobe Tyree shouted.

However, Qin Yi ignored it. At this moment, he has completely entered the state of knife release. The whole person is like an ancient demon head. His body is haunted by silk magic, and life can quickly withdraw.

With the emergence of the illusion of the Kyushu Demon Knife, an invisible and powerful killing will, instantly, fill every inch of space here, making the soul of man, can't help but tremble.

“Damn, how do you get so familiar with this phantom knife? ”

Seeing the illusion of the Kyushu Demonic Knife above Qin Yi's head, the Immortal Ghost King also shouted. He was in a mixed state of embarrassment and confusion. In his heart, an uncontrollable appearance of fear appeared.

And what perplexed him was that this fear, which he was familiar with, seemed to be in the distant past, he had met this powerful knife shadow.

“The Knife Nine - The First! ”

Qin Yi drank loudly, half-length magic knife fiction, silently chopped out.


Hundred-height immortal king flew out on a rolling roll.

It's so raw!

One knife, and the Undead King will split!

Both Taylor and King Samroe, both stare at each other.

As soon as the Jiuzhou Demon Knife comes out, there is no forward movement.

After one knife was cut out, the second magic knife was shadowed and formed over Qin Yi's head again. It was 20 feet long, and the magic surged. Really like a Gestapo head, it came here!

The energy of life in Qin Yi's body, in the rapid evacuation, at this moment, his face, became a little white.

The Virtual Kyushu Demon Knife that King Senroh created for him can only be used three times in total, and now he is using it for the second time, for the first time, for Cherry, and now he is using it to save himself!

“The Knife Nine - Part Two! ”

Qin Yi drank a loud drink, and the magic knife hanging over his head shadowed, silently slaughtered out, severely splitting on the immortal king in reverse flight.

“Boom! ”

The immortal King's hundred skeletons, suddenly scattered, and the bones fell to the ground.

“Goddamn it, you broke up the king! Ignorant, don't you know the King's name is immortal? ”

The Undead King was angry, full of bones, and quickly reconstituted.

Qin Yi stood proudly there, his head full of black hair danced wildly, his clothes hunted and sounded, and the third magic knife shadow slowly formed on his head, up to fifty lengths, pointing straight to the heavenly dome.

At this moment, he, the energy of life in his body, has been almost withdrawn, he has reached the edge of death, his face is so pale, the whole person has even become a little faint.


Looking at Qin Yi like this, the public household Tai was shocked: “What kind of magic work is this? How can it be motivated by the power of life? ”

When Qin Yi first entered the miracle fairy trail, he noticed the teenager. He was willing to wait until later to bring him to the Holy See in Kyushu. If he died like this, it would be a shame.

King Samroh on one side, in that one-eyed eye, also had a strong shock color.

“As soon as the knife comes out, there is nothing between the heavens and the earth to resist...”

Looking over Qin Yi's head, the magic knife of fifty fathers fainted shadow. The immortal ghost king was really angry to the extreme. In his heart, an unstoppable fear bred.

Suddenly he shouted: “Damn, I suddenly have some impression that you are a legendary madman...”

“The Knife Nine - Part Three! ”

Above Qin Yi's head, the magic knife of fifty fathers was shadowed out silently.

“Boom, boom, boom...”

The immortal king's hundred-bedster skull, inches crumbled into a pile of bones!

With the third episode of the ninth book of this magic knife, the power of life in Qin Yi's body was also completely withdrawn from the clean. He remained proud to stand there and no longer had any signs of life, but still breathed a strong smell.

Is that how Qin Yi died?


Kobe Taili shouted and rushed quickly. One hand held on to Qin Yi, who had already died, inevitably bred a sense of sadness in his heart.

A talented, stunning teenager who died like this!

King Samroh on one side, for a moment, on that half face, is also divine and peaceful.

Right now.


Qin Yi's left hand, self-trembling, a powerful power of life, from that left hand, constantly poured into Qin Yi's body, his pale face as paper, became red again.

The next moment, Qin Yi opened his eyes suddenly.

“Everything, just like last time, mysterious left hand, brought me back to life! ”

Qin Yi, who regained his life, was amazed, wonderful, and his left hand was able to ensure that he would not really die while carrying out the Nine Stories of the Devil.

Seeing that Qin Yi has life again, the public household Tyree and King Samroe are both relieved.

“As I said, the king is immortal! ”

An arrogant voice came.

Qin Yi threesome shocked, rushed to look, and found out when, the immortal ghost king's inches of broken skeleton, he actually reorganized again, Hundred Patriarchs skeleton, standing behind them.

“Good, then I'll smash you again! ”

Qin Yi jumped up and smiled coldly. His heart burned instantly.

“Junior, stop it! ”

But the Undead King was shocked and waved: “I have a few memories. You seem to be some kind of legendary madman. Damn, how could I have met that Sha Xing! ”

Qin Yi, of course, knows that the madman in the mouth of the immortal ghost king, is the king of Kyushu, only his memory is severely damaged, only a few impressions.

On one side, the public households of Terry and King Senroe, were baffled to the point.

“Not fighting? That's best, though. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. His virtual Kyushu magic knife has only been used once. It would be a shame if it was used up.

He paused and looked at King Senroe and the Undead King, respectively, and said softly: "Actually, you two, there is no need to fight at all, because you two are not enemies. King Senroe, I can tell you very clearly that your head, the Immortal King, was split in half, but he did it to protect you. ”


King Senroe, King Immortal Ghost, and Public Household Tyree all stared suspiciously at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi smiled faintly and said: “Immortal Ghost King, I want to make a deal with you. You tell me the sixth change of" Magic Six Changes ", the complete cultivation technique, I will help you find your son? ”

“What, my son? You said I had a son? ”

Immortal King Hundred Tall skeleton, suddenly shocked, in suspicion, full of excitement.

“Of course.”

Qin Yi nodded, Junyi looked, confident: “I'm sure you'll make a deal with me, won't you, Undead King? ”

“A broken cultivation technique can be exchanged for a son, fools don't trade! But, boy, if you lie to me, I won't let you go! ”

The nature of the immortal demon king, quite simply, spinning, he was silent, the skeleton big hand flashed, a dense and numb text, immediately emerged in the air.

This is the sixth variation of Magic Six, the complete cultivation technique!

Looking at the dense numbness text in the air, Qin Yizhizhi, when even provoking the left hand, copied the dense numbness text into his mind.

"Magic Six Changes" sixth change, complete cultivation technique, finally got it!

Grandpa and, this time, you're done!

Qin Yi clenched his fist and held it tight.

“Well, boy, I've already told you the complete cultivation technique of" Magic Six Changes "number six, you go help me find my son, I'll wait here for your good news. ”

The Undead King scrubbed the skeleton hand with some excitement.

“Don't look, because your son, he's standing right in front of you. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, pointing his finger at King Sam Luo around him.

- What? - What?

The three of us, all tremendous!

“Junior, what do you mean? ”

In King Senroe's one-eyed eyes, there was a shocking and angry light.

The immortal king of the tall foot stared angrily at Qin Yi and said coldly: “Kid, this is not funny! ”

Tyree, the public household beside him, is also completely petrified. He clearly knows that Qin Yi cannot lie. I'm sure Qin Yi knows something. He says that King Sen Luo is not the son of the Undead King, he must be the son of the Undead King.

“It's not a joke. ”

Qin Yi was not panicked. He was not forced to do so. Even though he was about to encounter another king of Senluo in the Temple of Senluo, he slowly said it.

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! ”

King Senroe growled, riding the skeleton horse, between them, disappeared without a trace, fought the enemies of endless years, but in the end, he found out that the other party was his father, he could not accept this fact!

A pair of fathers and sons who fought wildly for endless years, beneath the sky, is there anything more ridiculous?

The immortal king of hundreds of fathers was also completely stunned there.

Although he is just a skeleton, at this moment, Qin Yi can feel it clearly. His heart is mixed with flavors, shocked, questioned, surprised, and guilty.

A long time later.

The Undead King sighed and said: “Kid, I know you're not lying to me. It's just too strange. I have to digest it. In a short time, King Senro, it's absolutely unacceptable. You can leave. ”

Qin Yi took a deep breath.

Next, he and Taylor, without further delay, went to speed martial arts and exploded towards the top of the cliff.

This tour of "Devil's Domain” is finally a surprise, and the sixth change of "Devil's Sound Six Changes", complete cultivation technique, successfully obtained.

As long as the sixth transformation of "Demonic Sound Six Changes" is successfully cultivated, and the cultivation is carried out, Qin Yi has already gained half the certainty.

Through this “Devil's Domain” tour, the public household Taylor had to look at Qin Yi with a whole new look. He could not have imagined that the teenager, not only had an unusually powerful knife shadow, but had broken into the Yellow Springs and entered the Temple of Samroh!

And this time he showed remarkable talent.

“If this young man is brought to the Holy See of Kyushu, he must make a big difference in the future! ”