The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 321: Iceman

“Get out of here! ”

Shi Xiao was a strong man in the middle of the four realms of Zongdao. In an instant, he perceived the danger from behind him. He grabbed Gong Yuho and Zhuanglin, respectively, and burst out suddenly. In a blink, he plundered dozens of places.


The giant ice crystal clap, attached to the three of them 'coats, slapped down, made a shocking noise, and the ice layer below couldn't bear this force, even when it suddenly split, like a spider web.

“Knock!” “Knock! ”

Immediately thereafter, beneath the ice layer, there was a crumbling sound, and the next moment, an ice crystal man, almost five feet tall, began to rush, as if it were an ice crystal tower, standing there with an ancient and powerful smell.

“This is… the Iceman! ”

Looking at the giant ice crystal man, Shi Qiu's face, passing with fanaticism, but was soon replaced by a bitter bitter bitterness.

And the male Jade Ho and Zhuang Lin beside him, with the appearance of the Ice Spirit, both of their souls, were an irrepressible burst of trembling chestnut, the breath from the Ice Spirit, they instantly made judgment: the Ice Spirit, far stronger than them, even more powerful than the stone.

“Run! ”

Stonehenge is very decisive, have a big drink.

However, they were obviously unable to escape, they had just started, and the Ice Spirit suddenly shook, his tall body, and turned into a crystal clear glare, and between the inclinations, he rushed into front of the three of them, not saying a word, and shooting them in the palm.

The three of them were horrified and rushed to hide. In the process of hiding, Gongyu-ho was slightly slow, almost shot, and he was shocked and shouted.

The Ice Spirit is too fast to escape. The three of us can only fight with a hard scalp.

Suddenly, a wild war with the Ice Spirits opened before Qin Yi and them.


Shi Xiao is a strong man in the middle of the four realms of Zongdao. Even when the strength of the Zongdao moves, he waves his hands toward the Iceman, forming a huge palm power, forming a purple palm print, severely smashing on the Iceman, directly chopping the Iceman out several lengths, but did not do much harm to him.


The Ice Spirit roared, his crystal clear body rushed, punched out, that huge fist, between that, was blown on Shi Yu's body, that huge power, beat Shi Yu out of the sky, fell to the ground.

“Elder Shi! ”

Zhuang Lin and Gongyu Ho shouted, not yet waiting for them to return to God. The Iceman's movements continued, swinging his fists at them both quickly.

“Boom” and "Boom” punched again, Zhuang Lin and Gongyu Ho two people, severely bombarded out.

In fact, it's not the speed of the Ice Spirit attack, it's the clarity, almost transparency, it's defensible.

“Damn it! ”

As a strong man in the middle of the Patriarchal Four Realms, Shi Xiao had never been so luscious before. He burned in anger, a white hair, madly danced, launched his full strength, and fought against the Ice Spirit.

Zhuang Lin and Gongyu Ho were also angry and rushed to the Ice Spirit at all costs.

However, this was destined to be a one-sided war, and the Ice Spirit's own power was not only unimaginably powerful, but it also gave him an immense advantage over his near-transparent body, making it impossible to see how he was.

Just for a moment, Shi Yu three people, under the attack of the Ice Spirit, became quite overwhelmed, the festival defeated.

Looking at this somewhat strange war, the three Qin Yi men in the distance all stunned and opened their mouths. With the constant wave of powerful energy in the war, the three of them, constantly retreating, afraid to harm the pond fish.

“Ha ha, what a wonderful war! ”

Seeing the three of them, under the wild attack of the Ice Spirit, Qin Yi couldn't help but smile and was quite happy in his heart.


Stop dreaming!

From the beginning to the end, he lacked a sense of kindness towards Shi Yu three people. He had to beat them to death by the Ice Spirit, and that was the only thing that made him happy.


The disciple around him announced that he was also very happy with a series of laughs like UnionPay.

Prior to entering the mausoleum of the Divine Demon, Gong Yuhao showed no taboo to occupy it. If it weren't for some of the unscrupulous stones, the disciple would have beaten him in the morning.

“Fortunately, the disciples and sisters felt in advance that there was danger, or we would inevitably be in a bitter war at this moment. ”

The sword fluttered and exhaled lightly, and the steady face had a relaxed color.

The three of you in the Great War heard Qin Yi's shyness and anger. The three of you in the fierce war drank: “What do you mean by that? Come and help me...”

As a result, his voice had just fallen, and a crystal huge fist was suddenly hit hard on his chest. The power of that fist was incredible. Even the strong people of the Patriarchal Four Realms, such as Shi Yu, felt only a bit of blood flickering in his chest and a bite of blood erupting.


Qin Yi, the disciple Xuan, and the sword floated and looked at each other. In each other's eyes, there was a disdain.

“Let's go, look around, see if there's any treasure. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. At this moment, the wonderful feeling in his mind was quite strong. He knew very well that he was now very close to the Fourth or Elemental Seeds of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. Most likely, it existed on this second level.


The disciple Xuanhe sword drifts zero, and both hands gently nod their heads.

In their hearts, a similar thought arose at this moment, waiting for the Ice Spirit to kill the three men before returning, robbing them of all their treasures.

After a slight hint of far-flung distance and the three Shi Yu who were in a bitter death battle, Qin Yi and the others were no longer delayed. Each of them carried out a slight flurry of gas in the body, unfolding speed martial arts, and sweeping away towards the front.

In the distance, Shi Yu, Zhuang Lin, Gong Yu Hao and the three hard-won Ice Spirits, at this moment, they really think that they have reached the extreme point, each with different degrees of wounds.

The three of them will never last long and will be killed by the Ice Spirit.

Seeing the three of Qin Yi, he let go and Shi Yu broke their hearts.

“Three ignorant youngsters, do you know what kind of creature Ice Spirits are? It is the essence of the heavens and the earth, gathered together after endless years. This is the Divine Demon Mausoleum, nature is the finest feng shui treasure land, it is extremely easy to concentrate heaven and earth essence, so long as we kill this Ice Spirit together, it is equivalent to having a lot of heaven and earth essence. ”

Shi Yao roared and told the secret of the Ice Spirit, but his voice dropped and he was inadvertently punched by the Ice Spirit.


Ice spirits gather together the essence of heaven and earth!

Qin Yi burst into the shape, suddenly stopped, and developed a strong interest in the huge Ice Spirit.

Heaven and earth essence, like the Sun and Moon essence, plays a good supporting role in the cultivation.

Now he must, at all costs and in the shortest possible time, become the strongest!

“When the Ice Spirit kills the three of you, it's almost hurt itself. Then we'll kill you back. Why help you now? ”

Qin Yi said faintly, over the corner of his mouth, there was a chilly smile.

Shi Qiu three people, shaking in anger, Shi Qiu furiously laughed: “Ignorant generation, after this Ice Spirit killed us, do you think you can still find its shadow? Innocence, not long after the Ice Spirit is wounded, it will dissipate itself, re-dissolve the invisible essence of heaven and earth, and fill the whole demonic garden. ”

“Really? Well, I guess I have to. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly. There was some regret in his heart, but he could not see Shi Yu three killed by the Ice Spirit.

“Qin Yi...”

The disciple Xuanhe and the sword are nil, all of which have some worrying color on their faces.

The powerful King of Ice Spirit, placed there, even Shiyu three people can do nothing, even almost have reached the end of the strong crossbow, how Qin Yi can kill it.

Qin Yi was strong, but that was just relative. Don't forget, he only had the cultivation of the peak of Zongdao II.

“It's all right, you don't have to worry. I have my own way to kill the Iceman.” Qin Yi smiled warmly at the disciple Xuanhe and the sword, all over his body and through a strong confidence.

The disciple announced that the tempting red mouth was slightly open and wanted to say something, but remembering Qin Yi's previous strength, he spoke the words of his mouth and swallowed it back again.

“After I killed the Ice Spirit, he gathered the essence of the heavens and the earth into his body. The three of you can only divide ten percent, and the remaining ninety percent must belong to us. ”

Qin Yi spoke faintly to Shi Yu.

Ten percent!

Shi Xiao three people heard that they almost fainted. They fought the Ice Spirit at this moment. Although they were invincible and scarred with wounds, the Ice Spirit, under the madness of the three of them, suffered a lot of damage, and in some places, they had even cracked open.

If it was the last time the Ice Spirit was really killed, the credit of the three of them was actually not small. However, Qin Yi only gave them poor all day essence, thanks to what he said!

“If you don't want to accept this distribution, forget it, Master Xuan, Brother Miao, let's go. Let the three of them die here against the Ice Spirit. ”

Qin Yi did not delay, waved towards the disciple Xuanhe Sword.

“Wait a minute, as long as you can help kill this Ice Spirit, it's a 10% achievement! ”

Shi Yao roared, his heart was broken. Since the people of the town met, he had been dominating by the middle-strong people of Zongdao Four Realms. He was high. Who thought, now that he had just arrived at the second floor of Shenmu Garden, he had been severely stepped on his feet by Qin Yi.

Especially unacceptable to him is that Qin Yi's cultivation has not yet broken through the three realms of Zongdao.