The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 332: Terror Level 5

By passing through these last three layers, he will be able to get the Fourth Style of Demon Seven, or a seed of an element.


Qin Yi stepped on the floor again.

“Knock! ”

With his arrival on the 31st floor, even with earth elements, he could no longer withstand the gravity of the space, his body, suddenly tortoised with a crack, red blood, and gushed out.

“Qin Yi! ”

Below the disciple Xuanhe and the sword floated zero, both shouted.

“I'm fine! Don't worry!”

Qin Yi drinks cold, at this moment, he feels his weight, seems to reach the average of 2 million!

It's horrible, this kind of space gravity, only afraid that the low-order common road strong will be instantly crushed into meat, like the ordinary 33-story stone steps, but in fact, there are endless killing machines!

At this moment, the seeds of fire elements at Qin Yi Dan Tian also burned violently. Such horrible space gravity, without the ultimate power, it is impossible to move the minute, let alone climb the stone steps.


Qin Yi stepped on a stone step again.


“Knock!” “Knock!” “Knock! ” ……

As this layer of stone leaped up, Qin Yi's body was suddenly as if it were a spider web. Turtles cracked a crack in a path, the blood of the path, sprayed out, making his whole person look like a miserable person.


The purgatory pain on his body made Qin Yi unable to help but scream.

Seeing this kind of Qin Yi, the disciple Xuan and the sword beneath the two of them were already shocked to speak, he could only look at him with his mouth open, his heart, mentioned the voice eyes.

“I have to hold on, hold on to the last stone step! ”

Qin Yi's eyes, a red spot at this moment, radiated like a bloodthirsty beast!

The last stone step, right in front of you, is only one meter high, such a height is not yet as high as Qin Yi's chest.

But Qin Yi knew that as soon as he jumped on this seemingly calm stone step in front of his eyes, he would immediately endure extreme space gravity, and even his body would be pressed into meat and mud in an instant!

Only one meter, such height, is negligible for a practitioner.

However, it is extremely difficult for Qin Yi to jump to this height, who is suffering from the average of tens of millions.

After saving his strength, Qin Yiqiang withstood the general pain of being torn apart. He even climbed and rolled up to the last stone step.

Thirty-three stone steps!

As soon as he went up, Qin Yi's body broke apart.

“Qin Yi! ”

Below the disciple Xuan and the sword floated zero, all terrified and shouted sadly.

In the next moment, the space on the thirty-three levels of stone staircase, suddenly like the surface of the water, swung a circle of ripples, that body is in the dimension of the crumbling Qin Yi, suddenly disappeared in the center of that circle of ripples...

“Qin Yi... is he dead...”

Looking at the empty sky at the top of the thirty-third stone step, the disciple declared the moving delicate body, suddenly a huge tremor, just felt a heartbreaking lung.

For a long time, she has been unnamed and faint towards Qin Yi, haunted in her heart and never left.

At this moment, she witnessed Qin Yi's body and inches crumble. The scene, although only for a moment, was quite eye-catching.

The sword around her was nil, and the divine colour of the moment was also quite ugly. She stood there motionless and her face was like water.

It took a while for the sword to float before sighing for a long time: “The body size is broken, only the possibility of survival is minimal. ”

“We wait for him here, no matter how long! ”

In the eyes of the disciple Xuan, two tears have been shed, the eyes are sad and the eyes are absolutely halfway.

If Qin Yi dies like this, she cannot accept this fact.

“We have to wait while we take the pills and medicines that were looted! ”

Zero Sword also lightened his head, met with Qin Yi not many times, but his excellence was to make the sword fly with zero heart. Such an excellent teenager, if he dies of it, he feels terrible regret.

The fifth floor of the mausoleum.

When Qin Yi ascended to this fifth floor from that thirty-third level of stone, his body stopped crumbling.

Thirty-three stone steps, still within the scope of the fourth floor, the fifth floor of the Divine Mausoleum, there is no space gravity.

As Qin Yi disengaged from the 33rd level of stone, his torso, which had been inches broken apart, was rapidly recovering.

“It's risky. Almost died without the scum! ”

Qin Yi long exhaled, has a sense of rebirth, thirty-three layers of stone, it is terrifying!

He looked at his recuperating body and a satisfied smile appeared on his face, which he knew was the result of half-step training.

Had he not practiced the ancillary martial arts of "The Arts of Destiny", he would have been dead by now.

This is the benefit of cultivating the "Return to Life".

Once again, he had to deplore the fact that Return to Life, a top assisted martial arts science that injured people's bodies, quickly recovered in the shortest possible time, which alone would suffice to allow any practitioner to covet it, let alone have a certain chance of remaining alive once it reaches the realm of fullness.

While his body recovered quickly, Qin Yi gazed, slowly sweeping, and measured the fifth floor of this demonic mausoleum.

The fifth floor of the Divine Demonic Garden is a mountain range that is no different from the outside of the Divine Demonic Garden.

“Here… it's like the Monstrous Wind Mountains! ”

Measuring the surrounding landscape, Qin Yi opened his mouth in amazement and even had the illusion of re-entering Mount Devil's Wind.

Entering the Devil's Landscape Garden for the fifth time, that wonderful feeling in Qin Yi's heart was already strongly difficult to attach, as if in that distant past, he had a very precious thing, which was lost here.

“It's true, the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, Type 4, or a seed of an element, is here! ”

Qin Yi is very certain.

The assisted martial arts "Return to Life", after cultivating to the peak, although the physical recovery speed, is 100 times the normal speed, this time, Qin Yi's injuries are too severe, therefore, his body completely recovered, also after two days.

Looking at his body, Qin Yi smiled satisfactorily. Even without further delay, he carried a long gun of smoke cloud and walked towards the deep end of the mountain.

He had no purpose, but seemed to have an invisible power, just as he had led him somewhere deep into the mountains, and he knew very well that it was Type Four of Seven, or a seed of an element, that was seducing him.

He was delighted with it.

“My grass, the landscape here is like the Monster Wind Mountains, and it's not like the Monster Wind Mountains, and all of a sudden some advanced spiritual or vicious beast is coming at me, is it? ”

Qin Yi held the smoke cloud gun tightly in his hand, his eyes swept vigilantly around him, but he didn't forget. On the fifth floor of this demonic garden, there was a big guy who guarded the demonic garden.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

Things tend to be like this, and the last thing you want is to come.

Qin Yi's voice had just fallen. In the dense ancient woods around him, it was a howling noise. The howling noise was very low, but it shook people's hearts.

“My grass, I've been told, there are really a lot of fierce or spiritual beasts here, listen to this noise, it seems to be a super big guy. ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned, afraid to be careless. The soil and fire seeds in the Dantian were instantly burned.


At the same time, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of the sky spirit. The spiritual power perception, covering the range of a thousand square feet, within this range, any wind blowing grass cannot escape its spiritual perception.

“A thousand feet ahead, with a super giant tooth tiger, whose strength is already comparable to that of the five kingdoms of Zongdao. ”

“At about 800 feet on the left, there is a 200 meters long black python, whose strength is already comparable to that of the Five Realms of Zongdao. ”

“At about 500 feet on the right, there is a blue-headed wolf, whose strength is slightly weaker than the peak of Zongdao's four realms. ”

“Around 300 feet behind, there is a six-armed monkey of gold filament, whose strength is slightly weaker than that of the six kingdoms of Zongdao. ”

In an instant, Qin Yi is going to be all around the scene, perceived clearly, instantly bitter.

Unconsciously, he had already entered the surrounding of the super ferocious beast. Four super ferocious beasts looked at him, each with very good strength, especially the rear gold silk six-armed ape, actually reached the strength of the Patriarch Six Realm.

Better than grandfathers and fathers!

“The fifth floor of this mausoleum is indeed an extremely dangerous place! ”

Qin Yi clamored badly. He had not encountered the dragon that guarded the Devil's Mausoleum. He had been surrounded by four super ferocious beasts.

“These four super-vicious beasts, I'm sure I'm not their opponent, just the six-armed golden silk ape in the back, to kill me, is an easy thing to do. Break through to the right. Kill the wolf! ”

Deeply in despair, Qin Yi was unusually calm. He did not delay at all. Even with a long gun with a smoke cloud, he praised his father and burst towards the right.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

The other three super-virulent beasts rushed in all of a sudden, and that huge body, letting the trees of the past, no matter their size, destroy them.

Five hundred feet away, blinking.

Powerful compared to the blue-headed wolf at the peak of Zongdao's four realms, his body was like an elephant, with a big mouth of blood basin, towards Qin Yi, exploding.

“Die! ”

Qin Yi drank cold, had a long gun with smoke cloud in his hand, buzzed and shook, killing like a green flush, quickly stabbed the blue head wolf.

With one shot, we sealed off all the backtracks of the Bluehead Wolf.

“Ow! ”

Feeling Qin Yi's powerful, the blue head wolf in the blast, his body violently emitted a faint green light, surrounding space, slightly distorted.

Qin Yi was shaped into a shadow and held a straight line with the Yan Yun Long Gun. At that extreme speed, he stabbed the air with a “whoop” voice.

The blue defensive light appearing on the surface of the wolf body could not have resisted the attack of a holy weapon. The bursting smoke cloud gun easily smashed the blue light.