The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 336: Grandfathers and Power

Above the stone step, carrying the “moon" of the paternal ancestors and speaking, the voice was bright, causing everyone present, the blood in the body vibrated, even the eardrums, are some numbness.

His eyes were like a blade, slowly sweeping the whole field, and all the people on the scene felt a strong spiritual pressure. The disciples who had been repaired to be slightly lower, some of them could not bear it, became shortness of breath.

The whole stadium, a silence, a lot of people, a little angry, but obstructed the grandfathers and the majesty, afraid to speak up.

The atmosphere was extremely depressing.

Everyone on the scene was constrained by their own majesty, and the face of their grandparents and the word "country” was obscured and overwhelmed with satisfaction.

Right now.

“Grandpa and you dog thief! ”

An angry roar broke the silence on the field.

This scolder is the dragon flame mouth tied to his limbs. His silver hair was all over his head and he danced wildly: “Even if I sealed Qin Yi into the ‘demonic domain’, I would not let you go if I were dead and turned into a ghost! ”

Yang Shiqi next to him, in the eyes of the glass, also emitted tremendous anger, but deep in the eyes, more heartbreak.

“A hairy boy, already dying, is still so arrogant. That's ridiculous! ”

Grandfather and disdain.

At this moment, he is a supreme master who has killed and seized life. He will not even look at a disciple such as Dragon Flame.

“Master, not only did you seal Qin Yi into the ‘Devil's Domain’, but a few years ago you sealed your predecessor into the 'Devil's Domain’, why? ”

A beautiful voice, sounding from the crowd, is exactly the second elder raised the tongue.

Last time, when the Patriarch and Yang Shiqi and others were taken down, Yangtze Qing had drunk to make people drink, take down the Patriarch and the Patriarch, but was eventually stopped by the elders, because the Patriarch and the Patriarch at the time carried out their major martial arts "Demonic Sound Six Changes".

Yangtze Qing, the cold drink, the other Sect high level in the presence, and some Sect disciples, all cast their questionable eyes at the top of the stone steps, the high ancestors and.

“What an irritation! ”

On the face of the grandfather and his face, a defilement appeared, his breasts rose and fell sharply, and he stood up every time. It was so disgusting. Is it necessary to have so much sense of justice?

The anger in his chest was suppressed with a slight exhalation, and he said coldly: "Today is the day the elders and others asked and beheaded. As for a few years ago, I sealed the former Patriarch into the ‘Devil's Domain’, not to mention it. ”

“You must give the next account to the Sect! ”

Yangtze stepped forward, the face of Zhuang Xiu Beautiful, covered with frost, all over the body, has implicitly issued a killing intent.

“Second Elder, what are your identities, qualified here to ask me to give the next statement to Sect? ”

The grandfather and the angry, coldly asked, murderous appeared: “Second elder, you have no respect, now I will cancel your elder status, become an outside disciple, forever disqualified from competing for the inner door! ”

“Grandpa and, you seek power to usurp the throne, dawg! ”

Yellow tongue and delicate drinking, although she is a woman, but she is also quite righteous, delicate drinking her, the moving body of Nachana has already burst out, instantly, it is in front of the grandfather and the grandfather, the jade hand split, the clap is like a big wave, rush out.

“How dare you provoke me to death! ”

Grandfather and angry drinking, carrying “the moon”, suddenly with the Yangtze blue war.

As the second elder of the Sect, Yangtze Language cultivation has reached the middle of the five and a half steps of the Patriarchate. Its fighting power is also quite admirable. Under the outbreak of its fighting power, for a moment, it also became a tie with the Patriarch and the war.

Her weapon, a red dagger, was a sharp red light that directly covered her grandfather and her.

However, her cultivation, after all, was very different from that of the grandparents, unable to confront the powerful ones and, with the recommendation of time, quickly fell into the wind.

“Break it! ”

In the cold drinking sound, the grandfather and a knife split out, directly cut out the thick and numb red sword of Yangtze blue, broke down as many as possible, strong intra-partal strength, shook Yangtze blue out dozens of distances.

“In the miracle fairy trail, I am the master! ”

The grandfather and the anger drank, his voice thundered, sounded the whole fairy trace of the miracle, his golden robe was filled with the strength of a majestic patriarch and swelled up, like a giant.

“Master! ”

Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang, Hongqiu three Yangtong Qing's first-hand disciples, Qi Qijiao cried out, the three turned into three shadows, and burst into the grandfather-in-law peace.

“Do you guys want to go together? Good, I'll show you my great shore! Humph, the power of the shrewd, also want to shake the tree, really ridiculous! ”

The grandfather laughed with disdain and slashed the “moon" in his hand randomly: “Fantasy seven knives - the first knife! ”

With the splitting of his knife, a giant knife of half moon, wide enough, eye-catching, powerful knife, when even the sword opens, like a wave.

Back off!

Everyone was shocked and hurried backwards, afraid to harm the pond fish.

“Take Grandpa and give it to me! ”

Yangtze Qing and Qing drank. In a moment, he joined forces with Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang and Hongqiu, and fought with his grandfathers and wild wars.

The Patriarch and the Patriarch, who is a miracle fairy, cultivated the culmination of the five realms of the Patriarchate. Only one step away, they entered the six realms of the Patriarchate. In the face of the attack of the Yangtze Qing, Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang and Hongqiu, there was no fear at all. Not only did it not fall, but it hid the upper wind.

“Fantasy Seven Blades - Second Blade! ”

“Fantasy Seven - the third! ”

“ …… ”

The “moon" in the hands of the grandfather and the giant half moon sword, as if to split the heavens and the earth, suppressed the Yangtze Qing, Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang and Hongqiu.

Too strong!

The Patriarch and the owner of the miracle fairy tracks, with one enemy four, still steadily dominated the wind, surrounded by people, saw the cold, the rolling energy wave, let people, retreat again.

“Damn, how did the lord get so tough? ”

Many of the high echelons of the Patriarchate, feeling quite disturbed, the Patriarch and too strong, are simply an invincible God.

“Fantasy Seven - Seven! ”

With Grandpa and a cold drink, the “moon" in his hand, like the night sky spilling silver, endless swordsmanship, pouring out, all those present felt only a flash of silver in front of him, could not see the trajectory of Grandpa and the sword out.

With the grandfather and "Fantasy Truth Seven Knives", to the incredible last knife, Yangtze Qing, Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang, Hongqiu four people, for a moment, all had some hair, had not yet waited for them to look back, the endless knife intent, was to strike them hard, and shook them all out, and fell to the ground.

“Well, what about the four of you? If you want to take me down, it's not enough. I can still beat you with the Phantom 7 Knife! ”

Grandfathers and arrogance stood there, all over and beneath, wary, above their faces, full of disdain.

Then, his big sleeve flashed randomly, a powerful force of confinement, directly trapped Yangtze Qing, Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang and Hongqiu, so that they could not move at all.

“Grandpa and, you bastard! ”

Yelling blue and angry to drink.

She was surrounded by Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang and Hongqiu, and a man who looked angrily at the grandfather and peace. Xue Bichen, already a new generation of saints in the village of Khu Father Shen, has not been treated differently because of this noble identity at this moment.

Naran Yunfang, the chief disciple of the miracle fairy trail, has broken into the three realms of Zongdao. She is the disciple of Zongmen, the most peak of existence. She looks like a messy, untidy wolf, but can't hide her worldly appearance.

Hongqiu, a beautiful girl only fourteen or five years old, quite a water spirit, at this moment, her crystalline jade cheek, a red flutter, yet the eyes of the water spirits were full of rage and drink.

Ignoring the Yangtze Qing, Xue Bichen, Naran Yunfang, Hongqiu four people, the grandfather and the half moon curved knife, he swept the cold gaze towards the people present and said softly: “Any one of you who wants to take me down, come out. ”

Many people, when touching their ancestors and cold eyes, were forced to lower their heads slowly and dare not look at them. Some of these people, too, are filled with bloodbaths, but they dare not speak out because they are subdued to their ancestors and their dignity.

Of course, there are also a significant number of people who have an unexpected attitude towards what is happening today, such as the Immortal Bai, and his own disciple Makita, who in the past have been devalued as disciples of the outside world, forever disqualified from competing in the inner door, no matter how there is an overturning change in the parish, have nothing to do with them.

Throughout the scene, the scene of collective silence was very satisfactory to the ancestors.

Right here.

“My lord, you have gone too far. Do you want to destroy this super-kingdom that has lasted thousands of years today? ”

A cold drink, in a quiet setting, suddenly sounds.

Then, only the head of the fox hall, the pharmacy's chief leaf, the Imei alchemist, Princess Taiping, and the head of the heavenly track hall stood out slowly.

These people, have had a lot of contact with Qin Yi before, and, they all appreciate Qin Yi a lot. Obviously, they will come forward at this time, half the reason is because of Qin Yi.

The grandfather and his eyes suddenly reached the extreme cold. On the faces of these people, he swept them slowly. He thought he was dignified and everyone present had been deterred.

Anyone who thinks that there is no fear of his majesty stood up.

It's so irritating!

Grandpa bit his teeth and sighed and drank: "Destroy the miracle fairy once? I am only cleaning the portal. My fathers and my fathers are the Lord of the land. Whoever disloyal to Us is an enemy of the gates and must be cleansed. All of you, stand up right now. You're my enemy. You're the enemy of the Sect. Clean up! ”