The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 347: Going to the Holy See of Kyushu

By this simple secret letter alone, Qin Yi can basically deduce that the former Virgin of Father's Village is, most likely, a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu.

And the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See, as he had previously guessed, have been playing the role of God in secret, manipulating the Divine Guardians in the Holy See, allowing them to encounter, constantly grinding, strengthening and even killing each other.


Exhale gently, Qin Yi returned to God from that extreme shock, in his eyes, obscured passing a resolute gaze. Since he can get all kinds of opportunities and encounters, then, when he enters the Holy See in the future, he must become a divine guardian!

“Exactly. This letter is most likely from the Holy See of Kyushu. What was the name of your former Holy Virgin of the Holy Village? ”

Qin Yi smiled and said that the four words “Divine Demon Mausoleum” had made his body a little hot and bloody.

“Oriental Lawn. ”

Xue Bichen gave the name of the former saint of the village.


Qin Yi kept this name in mind, Dongzhi, most likely the first Jiuzhou Holy See divine guardian he knew.

Farewell to Xue Bichen, Qin Yi returned to his attic.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Qin Yi thought about the matter of the former Virgin of Father's village.

Clearly, Qin Yi was merely speculating about everything about her, and there was no conclusive evidence to prove that she was a brand Christian of the Kyushu Holy See, whose disappearance for centuries was to go to the mausoleum.

In the past, Qin Yi learned from Shi Yu's mouth that the Divine Demon Mausoleum in Kyushu mainland was divided into five main parts. East, south, west and north of Kyushu mainland, and below the Holy See in Kyushu, each had an entrance, leading to a part of the corresponding Divine Demon Mausoleum.

A few days ago, Qin Yi and several of them went to explore only one part of it.

After a moment of reflection, Qin Yi dumped his head and temporarily let go of these things. These are all afterwards. At present, the most important thing is to improve his alchemy technology as much as possible.

Take out the medicine ding, according to the amount of medicine needed to test the medicine, and the amount of medicine, Qin Yi headed towards the medicine warehouse, lost several corresponding strains of Dan medicine, swirled, and in the coal warehouse, added some corresponding charcoal.

After a slight exhalation, Qin Yi gently covered his left hand on the ignition port on the drug-ding-wall. With the traction of a hint of Xuan Qi on his left hand, a slight surge, charcoal in the charcoal warehouse, the sound of "Teng” burned.

After igniting charcoal, Qin Yi went directly into the state of emptiness, covering the medicine ding with spiritual perception. Suddenly, all the changes in the medicine in the medicine warehouse were reflected in his mind...

At the pharmacological level, Qin Yi now possesses the full level of the great alchemist. What is missing is practical experience. Simply knowledgeable about pharmacology, but without practical experience, is no different than talking about soldiers on paper.

In the days to come, his alchemy technology will continue to improve at a very encouraging rate, as he continues to strictly ask himself.

Five days later, his success rate in refining three pints of Dandane had reached 95 percent.

Such a success rate has undoubtedly entered the realm of the great alchemist, even the leaf main tube, the success rate of refining the three pints of the medicine, at most, is at this level.


Qin Yi exhaled softly. He smiled with satisfaction on his handsome face.

Five days into the realm of the Great Alchemist, very good.

Of course, it was not Qin Yi who reached the level of the great alchemist in just five days. Mainly, there was a very painful process when purple gold was previously refined, which allowed him to lay a good foundation.

With mysterious left hand, let your alchemy technology reach the level of a super alchemist, Qin Yi believes that this day will not be too far away.

“Everything's ready. It's time to go. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. In his eyes, he aspired to the distant Holy See of Kyushu.

At this point, half a month is left until the original public household, Taylor, says.

The Holy See of Kyushu, not in the Huaxia Empire, but in the central part of the Kyushu mainland, surrounded by some easy and unfamiliar countries, Qin Yi remembers that the home of Dragonflame, Yunwang, is very close to the Holy See of Kyushu.

Going from the Huaxia Empire to the Holy See in Kyushu takes some time.

Half a month, not much longer.

Qin Yi left the attic without further delay.

Not long ago, his figure appeared at Elder Kang's residence.

“Qin Yi, we have been waiting for you here for a long time, knowing that you are studying hard to refine Dan Pharmaceuticals, so do not dare to come and interrupt. ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, who had been waiting there for a long time, suddenly smiled lightly and showed joy.

Yang Shiqi's side, Elder Kang, Dragon Flame and Xi Xuan, are also there.

All three of them had different degrees of delight on their faces. Of course, Xi Xuan's face had a slight discontent in addition to the delight color. On that day, she came in with Qin Yi, Dragon Flame and Yang Shiqi. Today, more than a year later, the three of them were about to go to the highest power in Kyushu mainland.

“You don't have much time. Let's go now.” Elder Kang smiled.

Today, it is extremely honorable that two of his three biological disciples are about to enter the Kyushu mainland.

No more words, Qin Yi, Long Yan Shiqi and Yang Shiqi went to the foreign affairs hall to register, turned into three streams of light and shot at the mountain gate of the miracle fairy trace, between blinking eyes, the miracle fairy trace this super sect.

The miracle fairy tracks, in the southern part of the Kyushu mainland, are a million kilometers from the central part of the Kyushu mainland. Even Qin Yi and the three of them all have a pretty good speed. Such a journey is not too short.

Out of the miracle heart, Qin Yi three people, each began their own speed martial arts, towards the central area of the Kyushu mainland, burst away.


The three of them turned directly into three illusions, marching forward in the wilderness hills.

From the rapid explosion of all three, Qin Yi, who has water element seeds, obviously has to go a lot faster than Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame. Every time you rush a road, you have to stop and wait for them. This scenario makes Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame quite helpless.

They clearly felt that Qin Yi now had a qualitative improvement in speed compared to before being sent into the "Devil's Domain”.

“After the 'Demon Gate Domain', I actually went to a fairy ancient site in the western part of Huaxia, called the 'Divine Demon Mausoleum', where not only did I get my fix to soar, but I also got a smoke cloud gun, most importantly, I got a water element seed, and the water element seed, which can be doubled directly. ”

Looking at Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, who were both helpless and confused, Qin Yi smiled and said that in front of both of them, he would basically have no reservations, except his mysterious left hand.

“Get a water element seed! ”

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, stunned to open their mouths, they had to admit that the boy's luck in front of him was a little too good.

Three days later.

The three of Qin Yi entered the homeland of Long Yan, Yun Waste Country.

Cloud desert country, not much different from China summer country, urban pool architecture, humanistic scenery is similar to China summer country.

It's just the size of a deserted cloud country, but it can't be compared to Huaxia, it can only count as a small country.

The Cloudy Land is the highest power in Kyushu, the Holy See of Kyushu.

Returning to his hometown, Dragonflame's face was filled with excitement, and he was proud to introduce Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi: “Don't underestimate that Yunlao is only a small country, but it is quite famous in Kyushu, because it owns the largest pharmaceutical trading house in Kyushu. In the Yunluan City of Yunluan Empire, all kinds of large and small drug pawnshops, visible everywhere, rare drugs can be purchased in the Yunluan City, while those alchemists in the Kyushu Holy See usually choose to come to the Yunluan City to buy medicines. ”

Yan Bi, he looked at Qin Yi with satisfaction.

Qin Yi, is currently struggling to learn to refine Dan Pharmaceuticals, and even has quite a good alchemy technology.


Qin Yi's eyes also gradually emerged a fanaticism.

“Well, I'll show you both to the Dragon family now. ”

Dragonflame smiled at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, even though some couldn't wait to burst into the direction of the ancient warrior dragon family.

Half a day later, at the speed of the three of them, they stood on the territory of the Ancient War Dragons. The ancient warrior dragon family, in the cloud desert country, is also quite famous, it has been in Kyushu mainland for endless years and has a lot of land.

Looking at it, there is a palace ahead, which looks a little ancient, but it's worn out.

This is the Ancient Dragon Family!

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi looked at each other and each other's faces were all excited.

“What's going on? ”

Dragon flame with a gun, but he swept his eyebrows up slightly and his eyes swept away confused.

“Dragonflame, what's wrong? ”

Yang Shiqi did not understand. Qin Yi, beside her, was also confused looking toward Dragon Flame.

“No, back in the day when I left, we were the dragon family, and it was very popular, but now I have a little bit of Shawther.” The colors of dragon flame, confused to the extreme.

Right now.

Shh, shh, shh...

Around them all of a sudden there was a feather arrow, as if it were a rainfall point, and it burst towards the three of them with a whirring, broken voice.

“There's an ambush! ”

The dragon flame was shocked and angry, drank loudly, and hurriedly danced the sulfur gun. In an instant, it was shooting down as many feathers and arrows as possible as rain.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi looked at each other. Both faces were full of shock and confusion.

The three of them were ambushed just as soon as they came to the ancient Dragon family. What the hell is going on?

“Stop shooting arrows, it's Brother Dragonflame! ”