The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 348: Dragon Clan Chiefs

A delicious sound, suddenly coming from a tree not far away. As the sound stopped, the thick and numb feather arrows around him disappeared immediately.

Immediately afterwards, a girl in a blue robe fell from the tree. Qin Yi and Yang Shiqiding glanced and saw only the girl in the blue robe, carrying a spear beyond her height. The whole spear was red, as if it was stained with blood.

The young girl has a fair and beautiful melon face, long hair, braided into two ponytails, between her slim waist and limbs, swinging on her delicate hips, playful and pure, with a little simplicity.

At the same time, more than thirty strong men floated down from the trees around them. Everyone had a huge bow on their bare, chunky arms.

Looking at the dragon flame, these strong men all show their excitement and rush to pay their respects: “See the Three or Three Young Lord! ”

“Brother Dragonflame, are you back from the miracle fairy trail? Great!”

The girl in the blue robe rushed to the front of the dragon flame with a big spear in her blood. She shouted excitedly. Her voice was crisp and beautiful. The girl twirled the spirited eyes again, doubtfully glancing at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi.

Girl's gaze, when touching Yang Shiqi's face, clearly passed a stunning colour: so beautiful!

“This is my friends, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, all from the miracle fairy tracks. This is my cousin, Yong-yun. ”

Dragonflame introduced Blue Robe Girl, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi to each other. Then again, she looked at Dragon Yun in confusion: “Cousin, what the hell is going on? Why are you ambushing here, and why do I feel so much less of a member of our family? ”

Qin Yi beside him, immobilized the left hand, into the emptiness state, perceived the spiritual power, covered the ancient family of war dragons in front of him.

He soon discovered that there were fewer than a thousand members of the Dragon family.

As an ancient extended family that has inherited endless years, this number of family members is clearly quite unusual, and at least, there should be tens of thousands of members.

“Brother Long Yan, it's hard to say. Let the chief tell you later when you see the chief. ”

Dragon Yun touched her full-bodied forehead, and then she waved the fine jade and led dozens of strong family members to the interior of the Dragon Warrior family.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are in the team.

Not yet.

They walked to a magnificent palace, and soon, a middle-aged man in a grey robe came out of the palace, and the middle-aged man had a medium figure, not surprising, and the only easy idea was to have a long, silver hair like dragon flame.

Qin Yi, who entered the state of emptiness, quickly spyed out the modification of this middle-aged man to: the early three realms of Zongdao!

Such a modification is not really too high compared to the high level of an ancient extended family. If it is placed in the Holy See of Kyushu, it can only be considered the existence of a cushion.

Perhaps not even eligible to enter the Kyushu Holy See.


Seeing a middle-aged man, the eyes of Dragon Flame suddenly lit up and rushed forward to salute him.

The middle-aged man, the father of Dragonflame, was not surprised by this, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi on the side. In fact, when they saw the silver hair of the middle-aged man, they had already guessed.

Dragon flame is the three younger masters of the Dragon Warrior family, in other words, the middle-aged man in front of him is the elder of the Dragon Warrior family.

“Yan 'er, why are you back? Didn't I tell you to grind it up in the miracle fairy trail? You're not... expelled from Sect? ”

The middle-aged man asked that his face was full of helplessness.

Expelled from Sect?

Dragonflame, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi all had to put their mouths together. Zhang was slightly stunned and smiled a little bitterly.

“Father, of course it's not what you think. I'll talk to you later. Now let me introduce you to my two friends, this is Qin Yi, the girl next to him, called Yang Shiqi. They are also in the miracle of fairy tracks, my brother and sister. ”

Dragonflame introduced Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi to their father.

I heard that Dragon Flame was not expelled from the Sect, Dragon Flame's father, obviously relieved, revealed a friendly smile to Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi: “Hello two teenagers, my name is Long Han Apathy, I am the elder of the Dragon family. ”

Hearing that Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi are also from the miracle fairy trace, Longhan's indifference is obviously very enthusiastic towards both of them, even hidden a hint of favor.

What is the miracle fairy trail like? A coalition of nations, second only to the Holy See of Kyushu, whose disciples come out, wherever they go, will be revered by the world.

After a slight chill, they entered the palace.

Dragonflame's cousin, Yoon Yeol, naturally followed the palace.

In addition to the Longhan desert, there are several high-ranking figures of the family. Several of them, also of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, cast a slightly fanatical eye. Of course, their focus was on Long Yan. For Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, more of that look was curious.

“Yan 'er, why did you leave the miracle and return to your family? In the past, I tried so hard to get you into the miracle fairy trail, but now you come back to your family without cherishing it or even informing me? Yan 'er, a brilliant future, that's all. Tell me, have you been expelled by the miracle fairy? When the family dispute has subsided, let me see if I can use some means to reconcile them with the high echelons of the miracle fairy trail so that they can reintegrate you. ”

The eyes of the dragon desert became a little harsh, but also a little helpless.

“Yes, Master San, what the hell is going on? Now you suddenly return to your family, didn't you waste the hard work of the elder? ”

In the palace, a few other family members, with a gorgeous face, are also questioning and blaming.

Dragon flame, is the purest descendant of the Dragon family in history, the whole family has high hopes for him to become a strong man at the peak in the future.

However, dragon inflammation is now back, and, if not sooner, prefers to come back on this oculomotor.

In the face of Longhan's interrogation, Dragon Flame, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi all stunned and opened their mouths and smiled again, quite helplessly.

He lifted his hand and touched his nose, dragon flame eyes, swept away the elders of the family in the main hall, and finally smiled indifferently at Dragon Han: “Father, it is not what you think. The three of us have indeed separated ourselves from the miracle fairy trail, but we are not expelled by the miracle fairy trail, but are going to the Holy See of Kyushu. The three of us passed through the clouds and walked into the family. ”

- What? - What?

Enter the Kyushu Holy See!

The whole hall, between winks, is absolutely quiet, with only a loud breath.

The Holy See of Kyushu, the supreme power of Kyushu mainland, exists that they dare not even think about!

Good for a while.

“Am I… mishearing? Brother Longyan and his two friends are going to Kyushu Holy See? ”

Sitting in one place, Long Yun blinked his inspiring eyes and asked carefully, breaking the quiet of the main hall.

The people in the palace, coming back to God, including the Longhan desert, are all incredibly looking at the three Qin Yi people.

It's amazing, these three teenagers, even the miracle fairy, can't stand them anymore, going to the Holy See of Kyushu!

“Flame, are you serious? The three of you, now, are you really going to the Kyushu Holy See? ”

In the eyes of the dragon's desert, the sperm glittered, staring at the dragon flame three of them.

“Senior Dragon, Dragon Flame is telling the truth, the three of us, this trip is indeed to enter the Holy See of Kyushu.” Qin Yi said with a smile. The young man raised his hand and threw himself into the room, revealing a subtle aura, which gave rise to a sharp sense of liking.

“Ha ha, great, Yan 'er, you're much better than I thought, Holy See of Kyushu, that's the highest power in Kyushu. ”

Dragon Han smiled long and comforted, and the people in the palace were also a fanatic and excited person. Even some people, by the news, were directly petrified.

After a while, the Longhan desert returned to God from shock and surprise, and some worried asked: "But do you three know how the Holy See exists in Kyushu? I was told that among the faithful, it was extremely dangerous. In the beginning, I sent Flame into the miracle fairy trail, and on the one hand, I feared that you would be persecuted by the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

“Father rest assured that there are high men in the Holy See of Kyushu, who should protect us in secret when necessary. ”

Dragonflame replied: "At the time of the miracle fairy trace, we also had a prior understanding of the Holy See of Kyushu. The danger of the Holy See of Kyushu is only at the level of divine defense, while ordinary court defense is protected by the Holy See, and usually there is no danger. ”

To hear him say this, the dragon desert and the people in the palace, this relaxed the breath and relaxed.

“Father, what happened to our Dragon Warrior family, why are the members of the family so present, at least, and when the three of us came in, were even ambushed by Yoon? ”

Dragonflame frowned and asked the questions in his heart.

Yet Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi are also confused eyes, looking to the dragon desert. Yang Shiqiqing shallow eyebrows, slightly smiled, said: "Senior Dragon just spoke of family disputes, it should be you Dragon family, there are some disputes with other families, right? ”

The great palaces, the original color of fanaticism on their faces, suddenly became angry.

Dragon Han said with indignation: "What is more than a dispute? Another ancient heirloom family, the Blood Monkey family, of our cloud desert country, has been staring at us for years. Recently, a very pure young man from their Blood Monkey family has emerged with a very scary power. By virtue of this young master, the Blood-Amonkey family has massively violated us in an attempt to plunder the territory of our warrior dragon family. Now, your brother and Second Brother, have led the family masters, and the family will go to battle, have not come back yet, and there is no return on the probe. I don't know what the situation is. Now, we are worried about your brother and Second Brother, is something wrong? ”