The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 349: Dragon Tragedy

“The Blood Monkeys! ”

Born with a belligerent dragon flame, his fist snapped, his eyes emitted two kinds of anger.

“Dragon flame, don't be impulsive. ”

Qin Yi, however, appeared quite calm and calm. After a few inquiries, he learned that the big brother and the second brother of Long Yan were called Longde and Long Wang respectively. There is also some dragon blood in both of them, but it is far less pure than the dragon blood of dragon inflammation.

Long Yan's big brother, Longde, was a strong man in the early three realms of the Patriarchate, and the Second Colonel, Long Wang, was slightly more than a little bit, reaching only the late two realms of the Patriarchate.

From the standpoint of cultivation alone, the two brothers of Dragon Flame are not weaker than Dragon Flame, especially Dragon Flame, and Dragon Flame is at the same level, but because the blood of Dragon Flame is far less pure than Dragon Flame, in terms of strength, they are far less afraid.

“Senior Dragon, how strong is this young master of the Blood Monkey family? ”

Yang Shiqi asked with a smile, the most beautiful girl, acting like Qin Yi, has always been calm.

This problem, which allows Qin Yi and Dragon Flame, is also a curious look at Dragon Han.

“Very strong, very strong! ”

Dragon Han talked indifferently, and there was a feeling of powerlessness on his face: “The young master of the Blood Monkey family, called Blood Shaoyuan, has reached the beginning of Zongdao Four Realms, plus his own very pure ancient blood heritage, the fighting power is terrible, to this position, we in the Dragon family, have scores of masters, have lost their lives in his hands. ”

Early days of Zongdao Four!

Qin Yi slightly frowned. Such a mending, if placed in the miracle fairy tracks, is not really high. If it is just the Holy See of Kyushu, it is even less worthwhile to mention, but based on the fact that the other party is the descendant of an ancient family, the fighting power is much stronger than that of ordinary practitioners.

“There should be a level of existence with the Immortal Bai. ”

Qin Yi made a quick decision in his heart.

And the power of the immortal should be no less than that of the current dragon flame.

Not enough!

Qin Yi exhaled softly, and Yang Shiqi, his face, was also slightly softened.

“There have been dozens of family masters who have lost their lives in the hands of Blood Shaoyuan!” Dragon flame bites his teeth and sprays a raging rage in his eyes.

“Flame, don't be impulsive. ”

Dragon Han hastily waved at Dragon Flame and paused. He said: "Although your brother and Second Brother are weak in strength, don't forget that your brother, who has spent three years in the Royal Military Camp in the Land of the Clouds, has a great deal of combat experience, I believe he has a way to deal with Blood Shaoyuan. ”

“Yeah, Three Young Master, trust your brother and Second Brother's abilities. ”

Other members of the Dragon family present also persuaded Dragon Flame, but the color of worry on everyone's face was obvious.

“Well, Yan 'er, now take your two friends to the back mountain, most of our family members have moved to the back mountain. ”

“Younger was ambushed at the entrance of the family and transferred family members to the back mountain," Longhan said. "It was also arranged by your brother. He was preventing the blood-amonkey family from splitting up in two ways. Your brother and Second Brother were involved all the way, and he attacked our family all the way. ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were in the heart, and at the same time relaxed their breath. Most of the members of the War Dragon family had already moved to the back mountains, and were not slaughtered by the blood ape family.


Dragonflame wanted to say something else, but Dragonflame waved, interrupting the words of Dragonflame, said: "Flame, you are the purest of the dragon blood in our family, I don't want you to have any accidents, your two friends, now in our family, we have a responsibility to keep them safe. Yun 'er, take your brother Long Yan and his two friends to the back mountain. ”

Dragon Han can feel the desert. None of the three of them are as cultivated as Blood Shao Yuan Gao. Qin Yi was in the late three realms of Zongdao, while Dragon Flame and Yang Shiqi, only in the early three realms of Zongdao, were cultivated.

“Brother Dragonflame, please! ”

Dragon Younger came to the front of the dragon flame with a big bloody spear.

“Yoon Yee, when you were holding your pacifier, snotty nose, dragging bottles all the time behind my ass, I told you to go east, you would never go west, now your wings are hard, dare to be rude in front of my brother?” Dragon flame stared at Dragon Yun.

Dragon Yun's childhood momentarily remembered, that pretty face, suddenly red, with a reddish mouth: “Brother Dragon Flame, I'm sorry, this is the order of the chief, Yun does not dare to disobey. ”

Seeing this scene, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi beside each other, can't help Guan Er.

No one in the family can disobey the order of the chief.

Next, Dragon Flame, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were “held" by Dragon Yun 'er with a big blood spear to the rear mountain.

Not long after, four people came to a stone hole.

“Brother Long Yan, most members of our family, are in this stone hole. You and your two friends, you stay in this stone hole, and no matter what happens out there, you're not coming out, okay? ”

Long Yun 'er said.

Clearly, Dragon Flame, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi have been listed as key protection targets by the War Dragon family.

In this regard, the three of them felt quite helpless. With Qin Yi's current strength, it was more than enough to overcome the Blood Monkey family's youth peak master Blood Shao Yuan.

In the stone cave, it is quite spacious enough to accommodate thousands of people. Most of the family members of the War Dragon family are there. Apart from the old, the sick and the sick, some living equipment has also moved in.

Looking at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi's stunned expression, Dragon Flame explained: “This stone hole was manually cultivated by our warrior dragon family a long time ago, in order to prevent a future war between our warrior dragon family and other families, in case of emergency, unexpectedly, it is useful today. ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, heartfelt.

The members of the Dragon War family in Shi Cave, excited to come to salute Dragon Fire, Dragon Fire, the purest dragon blood heir in the history of the Dragon War family, have an extremely noble place in the hearts and minds of the family members.

“Let me introduce you, these two, are my friends, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi. ”

Dragonflame introduced Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi to everyone. Everyone looked up Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, full of curiosity.

Faced with a curious look, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi both had a smile on their faces.

After a day in Shidong, the situation outside, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan were ignorant.

The next day, there was a disturbance outside the stone cave, and then a tall figure burst in from the stone cave, screaming in his mouth: “Heard Father, Brother Yan is back. Where's Brother Yan? ”

“Brother, I'm here! ”

Dragon flame in the crowd, suddenly happy, hurried up.


That man burst into front of the dragon flame in an instant. He hugged the dragon flame and laughed. “Brother Yan, it's good to see you again. I also heard from my father that this time, you are going to the Holy See of Kyushu with your two friends. Great! You are the pride of our Dragon family! ”

At first glance, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi only saw that this person was quite tall, half a head taller than the dragon flame. He held a long knife in his hand and looked quite dignified.

“Second Brother, haha, it's good to see you! ”

Dragon flame looks very excited and hugs the dragon wave tightly.

Let go of the dragon flame, the dragon wave looked at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, laughing: “You are my brothers' friends, very good, able to become friends with the brothers, and enter the Kyushu Holy See together, enough to show that you two are quite powerful. ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, both smiled and nodded to the dragon wave. The dragon wave's nature was very delightful and very similar to the dragon flame. Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were also very fond of him.

“Second Brother, how's it going out there? ”

After a chill, dragon inflammation brought the topic to the fore.

The dragon wave became a bit heavy, said: "The situation is not too good, the blood ape family has been darkly gathering strength, trying to defeat our Dragon family, many masters, the blood ape family general, is also one who is not afraid to die, especially the bastard of Blood Shaoyuan, it is a pervert, yesterday in the First World War, we Dragon family, more than a dozen patriarchal masters died on his hands. I heard people say you were back in the tribe and came back to see you. ”

“What, yesterday we were in the Dragon family, and more than a dozen other masters of the Patriarchate died at the hands of Blood Shao Yuan! ”

Dragon flames face iron blue, eyes in, sprayed with anger.

Qin Yi and the lack of news beside him also couldn't help but stand still. More than a dozen Zongdao masters were killed. What is this concept? They had been growing and grinding in the Sect before and had never heard of it.

The people in the stone cave, after hearing this news, were also shocked and angry.


Dragon wave nodded and went on to say: "Fortunately, Big Brother is strategically well built, otherwise, people who are only afraid of the Blood Monkey family have now killed our people. Yesterday, the father has led the elder level of the family to support the elders. This is the last of our Dragon warriors. If these masters are unable to resist the attack of the Blood Ape family, we Dragon warriors will fall! ”

The whole stone hole, it's so quiet.

Only the words of the dragon wave echoed on the bumpy stone wall, like a giant hammer, striking hard on the hearts of the people.

From the words of the dragon waves, you can totally feel that the blood ape family, really strong, the war dragon family, is already in danger.

Dragon wave will look like a blade. Xu Xu Xu swept Xu Xu on the faces of Dragon Flame, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi. Sigh said: “Brother Yan, my father has already told me that if our Dragon family really falls this time, you and your two friends will rush to the Kyushu Holy See, we will do our best to protect you. As long as you enter the territory of the Kyushu Holy See, the Blood Ape Family will not dare to pursue you again. ”