The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 350: The Great Kills

Hearing the words of Dragon Wave, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi's heart were all warm and flowing past.

At the same time, in Qin Yi's heart, it is also true that the strength of the blood Shaoyuan can be compared to worshipping the immortal. Such a strong person, in some families, is indeed difficult to find someone to fight against.

“Second Brother, I'll go with you. Kill the blood Shaoyuan! ”

The dragon flame growled, the silver hair burst out, a powerful killing intent, from his body, leaked out.

“Brother Yan, don't be impulsive. Father has ordered you not to move lightly! You are the purest heir to our Dragon Warrior bloodline. We Dragon Warriors, even if we do everything, must protect you and your two friends! ”

After that, the dragon wave turned to the stone hole of the giant meteor without further delay.

“Damn, the Blood-Amonkey family is horrible. I want to kill them all now! ”

In the chest of the dragon flame, the fierce anger burned, in his eyes, radiated a bloodthirsty wild beast ray, biased by the orders of his father, so that he could not move lightly.

Normally, in the extended family, the word of a chief is iron, and no one can disobey.

The whole stone hole, a silence, the people of the Dragon family can only secretly pray that the Dragon family sent out people and horses, can resist the attack of the Blood Ape family.

Faced with such a situation, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were also helpless.

In the midst of dullness and worry, another day passed.


A delicate blue figure plunges into the stone hole and leads dozens of archers to guard Dragon Yoon at the entrance to the War Dragon family.

Dragon Yun was carrying her bloody spear, all scarred and hurried to the front of Dragon Flame: "Brother Dragon Flame, no, the blood ape family did send a family elite to attack us, as Brother Longde expected, and now they have killed at the entrance of the family. As instructed by the chief before he left, you and your two friends immediately rushed to the Holy See of Kyushu, the rest of the cave, to come with me to the entrance of the family to resist the elite of the Blood Ape family. ”

“Master San, you and your two friends go, even if we fight our lives, we have to drag the elite of the blood ape family! ”

The Dragon family in the stone cave suddenly screamed, an indignant anger filled, can't wait to follow Dragon Yun, rush out of the cave.

“Wait! ”

Qin Yi, who couldn't hold his breath any longer, suddenly drank loudly and saw these angry and abnormal family members of the Dragon War. He almost wept.

But the question is, how can these Dragon warriors, many old and weak, resist the elite of the Blood Ape family? Just because the Blood Monkeys are so elite, these people will die and get hurt.


Dragon Yun, who had just rushed out, and his family all had to stop and stare at Qin Yi in confusion.

Take a breath out, Qin Yi tried to make herself feel cheerful and calm, and said: “You all stay here, Long Yun 'er, you take me, Long Yan and Master Yang with you to see what's going on outside? ”


Long Yunye shouted at the red mouth, stunned.

“I and Sister Yang are not members of your warrior dragon family, so don't listen to your elder. As for Dragon Flame, I assure you he will be safe. ”

Qin Yi faintly said, all over his body, through a strong confidence.

For the power of dragon flame, Qin Yi knows the truth. This mad warrior will be unsafe, so damn it!

“Qin Yi! ”

Dragon flame beside, excited body trembling, excited laughter: “Haha, Qin Yi, I knew you would stand up, how could you let the three of us hide in this stone hole all the time, this is not your style! Yun 'er, lead the way! ”

“Brother Long Yan, but...” Long Yun stood there, his face revealed a difficult color.

“Nothing, but didn't you hear what Qin Yi said? He and Yang Shiqi, not members of the Dragon family, did not need to listen to their father, and I, they have promised to keep me safe. ”

Dragonflame glanced at him and said: "Yun, am I still your brother Dragonflame, with his pacifier, with his two noses, following him all the time? ”

Dragon Yun suddenly sighed helplessly, twisting his rather delicate buttocks, carrying a big bloody spear and rushing out of the stone hole.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan looked at each other with a smile and walked towards Shi Dongkou, walking on the back dust of Long Yunye.

Not yet.

Long Yunye led Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan to the entrance of the War Dragon family.

Shh, shh, shh...

Still far away, you can see both sides of the entrance, an arrow of feathers, shooting like rain from the lush woods towards the surface of the road all the time wearing armor.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to cover this elite sensing of spirituality. Soon, he received the following news: number of people, 368; repair: between the peak of the first realm of Xuan Dao and the peak of the first realm of Zong Dao.

At the same time, he noticed that this elite chest had a bronze ape-shaped cardboard on it.

Such an elite, if it were to rush into the War Dragon family, with the power of those who remain in the family now, would be unable to resist for only two hours.

“Don't worry, slowly consume with these archers, their feathers should be almost finished, when their feathers and arrows are finished, we will rush in, kill all the people of the Dragon family, steal all their money, burn down the house! ”

A middle-aged man like a chief, excited to scream, with a gorgeous face, horrible.

Qin Yi frowned slightly. In his eyes, the obscurity swept away.

“Brother Dragonflame, as I said, this family of blood apes is elite and fierce and abnormal. And the feather arrows on our archers are really going to be finished soon, so let's get the three of you out of here before it's too late. ”

Dragon Yun smiled bitterly. In the eyes of the Spirit of Water, two begging eyes were shot, looking at Dragon Flame.

“Run away?”

The Blood Ape family's elite has discovered the four of them, the kind of chief, laughing in disdain: "We've all killed your doorstep. Do you still have a chance to escape? Ha ha, those two chicks look really good. They'll be taken back to the Bloody Monkey family. Just the two guys, kill them! ”


In the elite of the Blood Monkey family, there was a blatant laugh.

Qin Yi smiled faintly and didn't think otherwise. Turning to Long Yun 'er, he said: "Long Yun 'er, there's nothing left for you here. Let the archers, they are all handmade. ”


Dragon Yun was stunned.

Before she could return to her senses, Qin Yi had resolutely confronted Yang Shiqi and Long Yan. He waved his hand: “Do it! ”

Without the excess bullshit, the three were headed toward the elite, exploding family of blood apes. The shape of the three were all directly transformed into a shadow, hundreds of husbands away, and the blink of an eye arrived.


Dragon inflammation of the stomach fire had been held up for a long time, the sugar gun in his hand shook, instantly seven or eight elite people, shocked his body directly tore apart, and fell to the ground to die.

With the strength of the three of them, the effect of rushing into the family of blood apes is undoubtedly like dropping three bombs into it, suddenly blowing up, it is impossible to resist, Qin Yi's Yan Yun Long gun, Yang Shiqi's Unilong soul sword, dragon flame ink gun, a random selection, stabbing, splitting, sweeping, a large amount of elite, is falling under their feet.

Too strong!


Long Yun 'er in the distance, staring and staring, completely stunned there.

And those archers who were ambushed in the dense forest on both sides, all of them also retreated at this time, came to Dragon Yun's side, looking at the three Qin Yi who were in the deserted realm, and directly broke the jaw.

The elite of the Blood Monkey family, whether equipped, combat experience, or repaired, are quite good. However, in front of the three Qin Yi people, more than 300 people, do not pose any threat. The weapons in the hands of the three of them are randomly swept away, many elites are directly killed, and there is no ability to resist at all.

“My God, am I dreaming that the Three Young Lord and his two friends are so powerful! ”

Someone shouted and incredibly blinked, and such a battle, when it was truly pleasing to see the blood boiling.

“I only have three feather arrows left. Fortunately, they arrived in time. Otherwise, the consequences are unthinkable. ”

“I only have four feather arrows left...”

“ …… ”

After the return of God, the archers were all scared for a while. Once all the feather arrows on them had been shot, this elite of the Blood Monkey family would crush them like a giant wheel, and then, the people in the family would never escape bad luck.

Once this elite family of blood monkeys occupies the Dragon Warrior family, along with other family armies of blood monkeys, forming the external forces, then the Dragon Warrior family also declares a complete fall, there can never be any chance of reversal.

Dragon Yun has figured out all this. Her pretty face is a little white. This time, the Dragon Warrior family is only one line away from the total fall! It is also fortunate that the brother with the long blue gun decisively ordered himself to bring the three of them out. Otherwise, the Dragon family is truly trapped in a place of total destruction.

In a fierce battlefield.

Qin Yi entered the state of emptiness, and the sensation of spirituality covered it all. Everything here is not escaped from his sensation of spirituality. Such a scenario, let him fight and write with incredible ease, is like walking in a idle courtyard.


Qin Yi's hand smoke cloud long gun shook room, randomly stabbed, suddenly like a barbecue, directly stringed a piece, one hand swept the long gun, that string of blood monkey family elite on the long gun, directly thrown by him more than a dozen heights, suddenly fell down.

Relative to Qin Yi's idle courtyard stroll, Dragonflame attack, is much more brutal. He is a mad fighter himself, and he held his stomach. Throughout the battle, he basically did not use gunshot stabbing, but shot directly, because this will more quench the qi.