The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 371: Spirit Mountain Core

A dozen minutes later, the whole snow wolf herd was slaughtered clean by the three of them.

“What a reward for this fight! ”

Qin Yi's face smiled satisfactorily because he cultivated "The Art of Return of Life" into a half-step state of success. After a fierce battle, he still didn't mean to be a little tired.

He stood proudly there, his head full of dark hair without wind, all over him, hidden a strong Gestapo.

“Speak of the number of spiritual beast stamps you have collected so far.” Qin Yi glanced, Xu Xuwang to Fu Qingqing and Leaving Luo.

“I have collected 25 Spirit Beast Stamps. ”

Fu Qingxi said, now he suddenly finds that the young man in front of him is quite handsome, some adorable.

“I collected 26. ”

Leo also reported the number of spiritual beast prints he had collected, and in the narrow glazed eyes, there was an indescribable delight.

Qin Yiran said: "The number of spiritual beast prints I have now collected is 28. We don't know how to calculate the points, but with the number of Spiritual Beast prints we now collect, we're afraid there's still a certain distance to 500 points. Go, and continue deep into Spiritual Beast Mountain. ”

500 points, definitely not that easy to earn.

Led by Qin Yi, who has a mysterious left hand, the number of spiritual beast prints collected by the three of them has been rising at a very encouraging rate.

Two days have passed.

Qin Yi has collected 50 spiritual animal seals, 48 from Luo and 47 from Fu Qing Qing.

The number of spiritual beast prints collected by the three men is very close.

Compared to the three Qin Yi people, the other hunting teams are less fortunate. Of course, the main reason is that they lack a strong person like Qin Yi who is able to distribute spiritual awareness and all spiritual beasts within a thousand people are perceived.

In a dense forest, a hunting team led by Takaohan is marching towards the depths of Mount Spiritual Beast.

“Damn it, how can this spiritual beast of the spiritual beast mountain be so scarce, how can it continue to earn 500 points? ”

Liu Tongfu in the squad has completely lost patience and scolded him.

So far, they have fewer than twenty battles to hunt spiritual beasts, and have the first of eight hunting squads for nothing.

“Brother, how many Monster Stamps have you collected?” Walking in front of Tong Gaohan, he stopped and turned to look at Tong Liu.

“25 sheets. ”

Tongfu Liu answered with dismay.

“What about you?” Yet again, Gaohan looked to the other team members.

“23 sheets. ”

“27 sheets. ”

“Twenty. ”

“ …… ”

All the other members of the team reported how much they had received from the Spiritual Beast.

"This number of spiritual beast marks, 500 points away, is estimated to be quite a difference. But don't worry, I'm sure the rest of the hunting team won't be better off than us. Especially the hunting team of the Qin Yi kid, there are only three of them, which is harder than we found the spiritual beast, and, with the power of the three of them, if they encounter the super spiritual beast, they don't necessarily eat it. ”

Qin Yi's hunting team consists of only three people and cannot, like them, let the team members spread out as much as possible to discover the spiritual beasts around them.

From a normal point of view, the analysis is very correct.

“Humph, away from Lo's chick, let her join our hunting team. She preferred not to join. She had to choose to work with Qin Yi's kid. Even if they would get out of the game by then, they would have asked for it themselves. ”

Liu Tongfu said angrily, thinking of leaving Lo to reject him, and choosing to cooperate with Qin Yi, he felt a broken heart.

That's so annoying!

Ignoring the anger of Tong Fu Liu, the whole person behaved very calmly, and went on to say: “The number of spiritual beast prints I currently collect is also poor, only 30. Now, only a day away from the end of this phase of the assessment, but we still have the miracle mark, which is far less than 500 points, and if no miracle occurs in the next day, we will all be eliminated. ”


“Brother Chun, what shall we do? ”

The members of the hunting team, all panicked and stared at Gaohan.

Gaohan's cultivation was the highest of all the members who took the Alchemy Technology Assessment, and now he is the leader of the hunting team, the team members, who have developed a strong dependence on him, even viewing him as the main bone, and looking at his only horse.

“There is no need to panic. There can be no better situation for other hunting teams than us. If even we are eliminated, then all of the members who participated in the assessment will be eliminated. And the Holy See of Kyushu will certainly not let that happen. ”

"So I think there's going to be a miracle in the last day, so let's go and continue to kill deep into Mount Spiritual Beast, to encounter a miracle. ”

In another dense forest, the former young man in the golden robe, who led the hunting team, encountered the same situation as they did in Takaohan.

There are five of his hunting squadrons, all of them masters who have made it to more than five roads.

The name of the Golden Robe man, Yu Tianxiang, comes from a royal family called Ferris Kingdom.

At this time, Yu Tianxiang was standing on a huge blue stone, his eyebrows locked tight.

For a long time, Yutianxiang sighed: “It was disappointing. After a full two days, our team harvested very few signs of spiritual beasts. Until now, I have obtained 28 marks of spiritual beasts. What about you?”

“27 sheets. ”

“26 sheets. ”

“ …… ”

All the team members were bitter and reported the number of their spiritual beast stamps.

“Don't be discouraged, I believe the rest of the hunting squads are not much better off than we are. ”

Yu Tianxiang Xu said: “In the last day, there must be a miracle. Otherwise, everyone will be eliminated. Let's move on. ”

His tall body turned into a giant golden ray and burst forward.

The rest of the team, keep up.

As Yu Tianxiang and Ji Gaohan predicted, a hunting team entering Mount Spiritual Beast has had a poor harvest over the past two days.

Of course, the hunting team composed of Qin Yi, Fu Qingqing and Luo is not included.

“Around 300 feet to the right, there are three giant arm monkeys, who have discovered our existence and are fleeing. We must kill them and not let them escape. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly, carrying a long gun with a smoke cloud, hurried to the right, and burst away.

Fu Qingqing and Lilo looked at each other. Both of them had strong colors of joy on their faces. They dared not be lazy and rushed to catch up with Qin Yi.

Three giant apes were quickly caught up with the three of them expanding at very high speeds.

“Do it! ”

The three men made a decisive move, and momentarily, they fought with the three giant apes.

The power of these three giant arms monkeys has reached the peak of the Zongdao Three Realms, but it is obvious that they cannot compete with the three Qin Yi.

After a fierce war, the three giant monkeys were killed by Qin Yi by accident.

“Hee-hee, another monster. Break through 60! ”

Fu Qing was quite happy. With a strong smile on his face, he reached out his small white hand and sucked the mark of the spirit beast on the forehead of one of the giant arms monkeys into his palm.

If any other hunting team heard Fu Qingqing's voice, it would definitely break his jaw.

Break through 60 Spirit Beast Stamps!

You know, Fu Qingqing collected the seal of the spiritual beast, or the smallest of the three people.

At present, the number of spiritual and animal seals collected by Qin Yi has reached 65, while the number of seals collected by Qin Yi has also reached 63.

This number is twice as many as any other Hunting Team member has collected!

However, at this moment, a loud voice suddenly sounded in their minds.

“The heart of Mount Spiritual Beast is the gathering place of the Spiritual Beast, where there are a multitude of Spiritual Beasts to be hunted by the members participating in the assessment. And it must be mentioned that there are some super spiritual beasts with terrible powers, in the hunting of spiritual beasts, if you encounter super spiritual beasts, it can only be your own misfortune, independent of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

The alchemist!

In an instant, Qin Yi is to determine who this voice is.

For a while, the three of them stood there staring at each other.

For a while, the wind died away, sighed slightly, and slowly said: "Hunting the spiritual beast, it was all just a game designed by the Holy See of Kyushu, where we fought wildly, while the Holy See of Kyushu, playing the role of God, watched us fight, even found this game quite interesting. ”

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded in favor, pausing to say: “Anyway, we have collected enough spiritual beast marks to have 500 points, so let's go check it out. If it is a spiritual beast there, with a very high level of fighting power, we will ignore it. If it is very ordinary, it is fine to collect some more spiritual beast marks. ”


Qin Yi's proposal was immediately endorsed by Fu Qing and Liu Luo.

Next, without delay, the three men began their journey at very high speeds to the heart of Mount Spiritual Beast, where the shadows of the three men continued to travel in the dense forest.

Half a day later.

Qin Yi, Fu Qing Qing and Liu Luo appeared in the heart of Lingxian Mountain.

It's not just them, it's all the other seven hunting squads that are here.

Obviously, half a day ago, the heroic voice of the host, all the members who entered Mount Spirit Hunting Beast, was heard.

At this time, the other seven hunting squadrons, at the foot of a small mountain peak, stood to look at the small mountain peak, where the constant roar of spiritual beasts was heard, and where the spiritual energy in the air was extremely intense.