The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 395: The Gods of Man are Rage

“At about 300 feet on the right, a snow lotus grows. ”

Qin Yi burst towards the right. In an instant, he picked the snow lotus into his hand.


A silver flash burst from the snow and rushed towards Qin Yi.

“Damn it! Who's that shadow? I kept it for half an hour, and this kid just ruined it! ”

An angry roar came, only not far away, and a figure appeared. It was the leader of hunting team No. 1, Guqui, who, sadly, did not even see the figure.

This is horrible!

Guqui clenched his fist and his chest rose and fell sharply, apparently not lightly.

He dared not slack at all, rushed to speed martial arts, headed towards the damn figure, and went out crazy.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

Qin Yi, in the state of emptiness, saw all the faces of Guqui clearly. He couldn't help but laugh. He was delighted: “This is a great feat. As such, it is easy to manipulate the whole hunt. ”

More than ten minutes later, he found a snow lotus again, without hesitation, and rushed over, silently grabbing the snow lotus in his hand.


A golden mang, a golden Xuelian jade toad, rushed from the snow to Qin Yi.

Of course, Xuelian Jade Toad is not chasing Qin Yi, but Xuelian in his hand.

“Uh, this is...”

A figure of Lin Yutong stood up from somewhere and was the leader of Pharmacy 2.

Looking at the teenager in front of him, Lin Yutong's glamorous red lips stunned Zhang, angry and funny.

After being slightly stunned, Lin Yutong shook his delicate body, followed the explosion, and chased after Qin Yi. He finally guarded a Xuelian Yutong. She was so lured away by Qin Yi. How could she be willing?

But how did she know that Qin Yi had taken the golden Xuelian Toad away, in fact, to help her escape a heist.

Qin Yi can clearly see all the movements behind him through the images in his mind.

Nevertheless, he ignored it and continued his speeds in search of Xuelian.

“At about 800 feet on the right, a snow lotus grows. ”

Qin Yi discovered the target again. Without saying a word, he rushed over to remove the Xuelian.


As Qin Yi removed the Xuelian, a silver light rushed out of the snow and chased Qin Yi wildly.

“A snow lotus grows about 500 feet ahead. ”

“There is a snow lotus growing about a thousand feet on the right. ”

“ …… ”

Half a day has passed, Qin Yi has already acquired dozens of Xuelian strains, and behind them are dozens of Xuelian jade toads, golden, silver, all.

This spirit seems to have limited intelligence, and his eyes stared closely at the dozens of snow lotuses in Qin Yi's hand, and he persisted.

Of course, their speed cannot be compared to that of Qin Yi, but in order to seduce them, Qin Yi sometimes intentionally slows down.

Behind these Snow Lotus Toads are members of the Hunting Squad.

“Me grass, this kid is so disgusting, he plays us all like monkeys! ”

“Son, you stop right there, damn it, that Snow Lotus Toad is mine! ”

“Bastard, could you be a little more shameless? ”

“ …… ”

Looking ahead, the teenager who lured a group of Xuelian Yu Toad to flee quickly, everyone scolded him, and his lungs blew up.

“Ha ha, if you can, catch up with me. ”

Qin Yi looked at the scene behind him through the image in his mind. He laughed furiously and was in the most comfortable mood.

Fixed taller than me?

So what? I'll make you old dogs!

The people who came after him, everyone's cultivation, is much higher than him, helpless Qin Yi has cultivated the praise father step to half a step, and has water element seeds, far above these people.

Shortly afterwards, he discovered once again that there was a snow lotus in front of him. He quickly rushed over without saying a word and reached out to remove it.


A silver flash burst out of somewhere and rushed to Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi...”

Not far away, a quiet man was sitting there away from Lo. He looked stunned at Qin Yi, who fled quickly. At the same time, he was confused. Why did he do this?

Just before Luo Jiao God, there was only one Xuelian jade toad. Since the explosion in front of her, it has become a flurry of the same way. It chased Qin Yi wildly, and there are dozens of them.

“My God, how come so many Xuelian jade toads all of a sudden, did I lose my eyes...”

Blinked hard away from Lo, his tempting red, moist mouth, stunned open, smashing his jaw.

Before that, it was extremely difficult to meet a Xuelian toad, but now she sees a huge crowd!

Haven't waited for her to look back, later, was a shouting sound. Then, an individual hunting team member, the unusually angry madness chased forward Qin Yi and Xuelian Yuxuan.

“This is…”

Such a scene, leaving Lo directly petrified, was stunned.

“Ha ha, sis, why are you so stunned? Follow me to see the noise! ”

A purple shadow of Hannah rushed to the side of Luo, holding up her hand, said, it was Fu Qingqing, because of excitement, Fu Qingqing's cheeks were red, and looked quite attractive.

“Sister, what the hell is going on? ”

Leaving Lo confused to the extreme, he frowned and asked.

“Can't you see that? Xuelian Yu Toad looked at Xuelian as if he were dead. Qin Yi's guy collected a handful of Xuelian, seduced Xuelian Yu Toad to run with him. Many Xuelian Yu Toad, who was being hunted, were seduced away by him. Can't you see that these people are about to vomit blood? ”

Fu Qingqing happily said the matter again.

“Pfft! ”

Always elegant to leave Lo, they couldn't help but laugh out loud, the chest twisted together, a wonderful ripple, quite spectacular.

Qin Yi, also the leader of their hunting team No. 10, now he has almost the whole Shady Snow Mountain, all the Xuelian Toad running with him, the whole hunt, firmly in his own hands.

In this way, the hunt, their hunting squad number 10, will have a great harvest, while the rest of the squad, fearing only a lot, will not escape the fate of zero harvest.

“Hee-hee, such a great miracle is indeed worth a look. ”

Rarely reveals a playful divine colour on Los Angeles's immortal face.


The large group of Xuelian jade toads, running behind Qin Yi's ass, golden, silver, all, the number of these groups of Xuelian jade toads, not many, just 50.

In other words, at this time, the whole snowy mountain of Xuelian jade toad was lured by Qin Yi.

Of course, of these snow lotus toads, the golden snow lotus toads do not exist, and as for the silver ones, which are also a significant part of the snow lotus toads, have been removed.

Even so, this time, Qin Yi will not be surprised to have a huge harvest.

“Goddamn it, you little bastard, I want to kill him! ”

“Qin Yi, you stop! Such an act is terrible, I will surely report it to the General Affairs Department! ”

“ …… ”

Behind you, the sound of cursing continues unabated.

“Ha ha, go to General Affairs, I don't care. ”

Rushing forward Qin Yi, laughed happily.

He accelerated suddenly, exploding forward, and those who only followed him, Snow Lotus Toad, hastily also accelerated to follow.

Not long ago, Qin Yi led a large group of Xuelian jade toads and disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

The people behind him, angry to the extreme, were suffering from their own speed far less than Qin Yi, and could only watch him lead Xuelian Yu Toad to disappear.

“This little bastard is pissed at me. When I get back, I'm going to report it to the General Affairs Department! ”

“The gods are angry! ”

Qin Yi has disappeared without a trace.

Everyone had to stop, a face of iron and blue, and their lungs were blown up.

Qin Yi's cultivation is that, among all the hunting members, almost all people are extremely disrespectful to him, but now...

That's heartbreaking!

And Fu Qingqing and Lilo in the crowd, the faces of the two are irresistible appearance of joy.

This one by Qin Yi, let them Pharmacy No. 10, on this hunt, defeat the other pharmacies.

They also don't know why, with Qin Yi hunting, great miracles always happen, the second stage of the last entrance examination was, this time, again!

“Ha ha, it feels like monkeys to treat those bastards like monkeys, that's cool! ”

Qin Yi laughed.

By then, he had come to an empty snow, pausing and slowly turning around.

In front of him, 50 snow lotus tortoises burst out from afar and rushed to his front. They also suddenly stopped, a pair of round and slippery eyes, greedy looking at the snow lotus in Qin Yi's hand.

Qin Yi glanced and found 50 Xuelian jade toads, 32 gold Xuelian jade toads, and only 18 silver Xuelian jade toads.

Of the 18 silver Xuelian jade toads, 8 are still present in Lindane, and the remaining 10 have been picked.

“Prior to that, I got three Lindanes myself, and seven more, from other hunting squads. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. There is no doubt that this hunt, their Pharmacy No. 10, won all.

Qin Yi, without further delay, swayed the Xuelian in his hand towards the 50 Xuelian jade toads in front of him.

“Ho!” “Ho! ”

50 Xuelian jade toads shouted excitedly.

He grabbed Snow Lotus with his hands and tried to walk cautiously toward the Snow Lotus Toad herd. These spirits, whether gold or silver, were highly poisonous, and he dared not carelessly.

Xuelian Jade Toad actually wouldn't have released poison gas to attack people if they didn't attack them. Plus Qin Yi grabbed a Xuelian in his hand. For a moment, these spirits were an unusual coincidence. He just looked up at Qin Yi's hand Xuelian and swallowed a powerful sip.

Looking at these spirits like this, Qin Yi is funny and completely relieved.