The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 400: Winning

- What? - What?

Almost made three pints of Tianfeng Dan!

Everyone opened their mouths in amazement and looked at Yuvan unexpectedly. The representative of Pharmacy 7, indeed, possessed superior alchemy.

In this regard, Qin Yi is also a microscopic figure. This Yufan alchemy technology is truly impressive.

“Euphan, how did you refine it? Didn't I tell you so many times? Be sure to feel the slightest change in the bin, every tablet. ”

A serious voice rang out from the palace, exactly what Pharmacy 7's son said.

It's just that everyone can see that he's serious, but in his eyes, he's obviously overwhelmed with uncontrollable joy.

“The lesson of teacher esteem is that later generations must remember the lesson of teacher esteem. ”

Euphan quickly said, respectful attitude, above his face, is also full of joy.

“Basically no more suspense, Pharmacy 7, will unexpectedly get the 1st place in this trial! ”

Yu Yu in the crowd suddenly smiled and said that he and Yu Gaohan of Pharmacy 7 were from Lingxiao Pavilion, because of the relationship, he was also very happy about Pharmacy 7, the special preference, that Pharmacy 7 was able to get 1st place.

However, his voice has not gone down.

“Qin Yi of Pharmacy No. 10 made four pints of Tianfeng Dan! ”

The male voice, in everyone's mind, slowly, sounds.

- What? - What?

Si Pin Tian Feng Dan!

The people in the hall, instantly petrified, shattered the jaw, many people, blinking hard, thought they had heard the wrong thing.

Qin Yi smiled faintly, no surprise. When that Tianfeng Dan was made by himself, just looking at the color, Qin Yi knew that this time, the quality of Tianfeng Dan that he had made was four!

He's got experience!

“You heard me correctly. Qin Yi of Pharmacy 10 did refine a four-pint Tianfeng Dan. It seems that this trial of Dan medicine still has a surprise. How many years have there been no such surprises among us in the Holy See? Qin Yi, you're good. Come on! ”

After the male voice said that, it was completely silenced.

The whole hall is so quiet and almost smells like a needle.

Even the top echelons of the Holy See are very appreciative of an ordinary court guard, which is unprecedented in the Holy See!

In the crowd, the laughter on Yu Yu's face was completely set there, and it was hard to recall for a long time.

He just said that Pharmacy 7 would not accidentally get the 1st place in this trial, and the next moment, a teenager as young as 16 years old, would “bang” and slap him in the face, hot, painful!

Those who had ridiculed Qin Yi for too long to refine, only afraid that he would refine the abandoned dan, were all hot pieces on his face, feeling like he had been slapped hard.

Including Ziyi, Yufan, Guqui and others, all of them were completely stunned.

Tianfeng Dan is made with four quality products, this must have superb alchemy technology to do it!

Even the big alchemists in the top 10 pharmacies are not necessarily refined!

“Damn, it's so irritating! ”

A rather unpleasant cold hum rang from the palace, which was the rain.

Yu Yu's body flashed and disappeared directly into the eyes of the people.

Looking at the empty place where Yu Yu had originally stood, Qin Yi frowned slightly. He knew that after this trial, Yu Yu's hatred for him was deeper.

However, Qin Yi does not care about this. He is the one with the mission of the King of Kyushu during the immortal years. He will face it in the future, only to train the world's highest master, a yuyuyu, is just a mud pill on his way to practice!

“Hahaha, Qin Yi, I knew you wouldn't be disappointed! ”

Natural and refreshing dragon flame, laughing uncontrollably.


Yang Shiqi, who was beside him, had a glorious smile like a summer flower.

She was Qin Yi's lover. She could see Qin Yi. She actually made an incredible four pints of Tianfeng Dan, and put other pharmacy representatives under her feet. She felt quite honored.

“Hee-hee, great, we pharmacy number 10, with absolute advantage, defeated the other pharmacies, Yufan made three pints of Tianfeng Dan without a scratch? So what? Bullshit! ”

Fu Qingqing, with purple hair, appeared to be extremely happy. He unnecessarily struck Pharmacy 7's son falsely and others.

She was surrounded by Huang Fushang's memories and Leaving Lo, and the faces of both of them also slowly emerged with a sincere smile.

Wang Fushang remembered touching the glossy, full forehead, and looked at the handsome teenager with surprise and pleasure. “Qin Yi, this time, you are really helpful, you actually made a four pints of Tianfeng Dan directly. ”

With the help of God?

Qin Yi smiled slightly and didn't say much. He himself knew very well, because he only had a powerful mysterious left hand.

“It is true that this trial of Dan Pharmaceuticals, as the top ecclesiastical of the Holy See put it, was a surprise. The representative of Pharmacy 10, Qin Yi, actually refined a four-pint Tianfeng Dan. ”

Lao Huai, the chief of the general affairs hall, was also a joyous color with a full face, smiling and nodding his head to Qin Yi.

"So, the results of this trial came out, and the top 10 pharmacies, with the exception of the four pharmacies that were directly disqualified, all six of them went to the top three. ”

After a pause, Lieutenant Laohui began announcing rewards: "Pharmacy No. 10, first place, received 5,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones; Pharmacy No. 1, Pharmacy No. 2, Pharmacy No. 7, second place in parallel: received 3,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones; Pharmacy No. 3, Pharmacy No. 5, third place in parallel: 1000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Exactly 5,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, which is an extraordinarily huge fortune, Qin Yi didn't even dare to think about it before.

Several people in pharmacy 10 laughed at each other.

Especially Huang Fushang, who has always been cold and handsome, suddenly showed a very happy smile, and suddenly it was fascinating, a sense of glamour, so that many males in the palace couldn't help but look slightly hot at him.

Feeling around, the eyes of the male, the face of the Emperor's memory, was once again cold, the long and delicate body, an invisible spiritual pressure, burst out.

The surrounding males, the feverish minds, suddenly awakened, quickly turned away the slightly warm eyes.

“Qin Yi, let's go. ”

The eyes of Wang Fushang's memory restored softness and looked at Qin Yisha with a shallow smile.

Immediately, Qin Yi, Fu Qingqing and Luo several people left the hall, no longer staying in the hall, led by Wang Fushang's memory, in the envy and envy of the people of the hall, left the hall.

After receiving the reward, several people returned to Pharmacy 10.

“Qin Yi, this time your greatest credit, reward you with 1000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, leaving Luo, Fu Qingqing, the two of you, assisted Qin Yi with success, will also receive 500 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones each. ”

The Emperor remembered and said with pleasure.

Qin Yi threesome, suddenly happy.

With so many Kyushu Lingyuan stones, you can squander all you want. You can buy as many medicines as you want to refine Dan medicine.

Leaving pharmacy No. 10, Qin Yi returned to his place of residence. In his heart, he was still euphoric.

Soon, he calmed down and carefully analyzed his situation.

“Now that we are more than two months away from the ’bid winning' contest, I will have to break through to the Patriarchate Four at least to get a chance to get promoted to the 'bid winning' contest. ”

With his current strength, it is essentially impossible to defeat a powerful man of Patriarchal Six without activating the Third Form of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

Even if Type 3 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons is enabled, the chances of winning are not great for those who are strong enough to face the Six Realms of Zongdao, unless the Kyushu Demon Knife is enabled.

And in the "bid winning” contest, basically, they are the stronger than Patriarch Six.

After a moment of reflection, Qin Yi threw his head away, threw his confused thoughts away and started practicing.

In accordance with the usual practice, he first exercised the basic boxing technique of "Champion Fist", only to feel refreshed and full of strength.

Then, Qin Yi transferred the "Vajra Heart Scripture", "Praise Father's Step", "Father's Return", "Massacre Type 3", "Daluo Heavenly Hand", "Ling Feng Palm", "Magic Six Changes", "Tenjin Type 7", Types 1, 2 and 3, all these martial arts, all of which were transferred out and practiced sequentially.

Three days later.

Qin Yi withdrew from the practice state, and Junyi's face turned to a satisfied smile: “Nice, three days, all martial arts, has a lot to gain. ”

However, Qin Yi slightly regretted that the Martial Arts of the Vajra Sutra, Praise for the Father, Return of Life, and Lingfeng Palm were still unable to reach a satisfactory state of affairs, which seemed to be an insurmountable gap.

“To cultivate these martial arts to the full realm, it may be related to the cultivation of" Magic Six Changes, "just like the cultivation of" Magic Six Changes, "you can't cultivate all six changes of" Magic Six Changes "until you have reached the late realm of Zodiac Two. ”

Qin Yi made this assumption.

“Qin Yi! ”

At this moment, a beautiful voice rang from outside the house.

Master Yang!

When I heard the soft voice, Qin Yi suddenly smiled and pulled the door open. I definitely saw Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, standing outside.

“Qin Yi, Dragon Flame and I went to Pharmacy 10 to find you. When I saw you were not there, I knew you must have been hiding in the house to practice. ”

Yang Shiqi smiled shallow and went on to say: “You must not know this painstaking cultivation. Today is the drawing day of the 'bid winning' competition, right? ”

Today is the drawing day for the bidding contest?

Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. He certainly did not know.

“Let's go. ”

Dragon flame grinned, hidden burning in the eyes, this natural warrior, whenever there is a battle, will always be irrepressible excitement.

Not yet.

The three of Qin Yi appeared in the General Affairs Hall.

General Affairs Hall Hall, overcrowded, always quiet Yang Shiqi, obscured frowns.

There is no doubt that all the people in this Hall have come to participate in the drawing of lots. In the previous days, Tingwei, who had signed up to participate in the "bid winning” competition, had drawn his appearance and number here once.