The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 403: Acquisitions

Qin Yi calmly analyzed his situation. He did not believe in the completion of the Moon Peak, Yu Wang, and would not make a move. However, before the time came, he and Yang Shiqi and Long Yan were still too weak. They simply did not bother to make a move.

Same moment.

In a deserted mountain in the Holy See of Kyushu.

Wearing a white robe, the rain, like a fairy, turned into a white light, descended from the sky and suddenly came to the crane practicing.

“Yu Yu, what do you want? ”

The unusually tall crane, stood up violently, the vulture's eyes, watching the rain with vigilance.

The hexing cultivation can only break through the six realms of the road, but the cultivation of the rain has reached the end of the six realms of the road, the gap between the two, there is a difference between the clouds and mud.

In other words, you don't need five tricks to scrap Yu Yu!

“Don't be so nervous. ”

Seeing the heckling of the vigilant deity, Yu Yu's eyes glistened through the obscurity, spinning, even a lazy smile: “Actually, I'm here to make a deal with you. ”


The crane loosened its mind and showed a hint of interest: “What deal? Tell me about it. ”

“I can give you 50 Kyushu Lingyuan stones as long as you scrap Qin Yi's kid in the 'bid winning' competition in two months. How about that? ”

Yu Yu opened the door and said to the mountain.

50 Kyushu Lingyuanshi!

Crane body, suddenly shocked.

It's a tremendous asset!

“No problem! ”

Hehua didn't even think about it, but he nodded excitedly and agreed that 50 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, if converted into Huaxia Empire silver, it would be ten million taels!

This temptation, it's too much, it's impossible for ordinary people to live with it.

However, in the mind of the crane, at the same time, there was some confusion, trying to ask: "Yu Yu, in your strength and status, how can you know Qin Yi like that rookie? No matter whether he is scrapped or not, he can't be promoted to the 'claw' competition, why kill him as quickly as possible? ”

“Don't worry about that. ”

Yu Yu smiled lightly and said: “In short, any new Tingwei who is a miracle fairy must be abolished. ”

In the talking room, Yu Yu's eyes slowly swept past the shadow.

When I touched Yu Yu's eyes, the shade was harsh, the crane was turned into a Rin, and a chill appeared in my heart.

After a pause, he nodded: "Well, it's not easy to get rid of Qin Yi, I can just play with some means. ”

“Very good!”

Yu Yu was satisfied to soften his head, spinning, even without further delay, shaking, directly in the crane's sight, disappeared.

Not yet.

The shadow of Yu Yu is in a bamboo forest.

This bamboo forest, belonging to the Holy See of Kyushu, is covered in pale white mist all year round, but the air is quite intense and spiritual, a place suitable for cleaning up.

Typically, many Holy See Tingwei prefer to practice here.

“Sasha!” “Sasha! ”

Yu Yu's feet stepped on the dead leaves on the ground, the idle courtyard strolled in this bamboo forest, all over and down, emitting an invisible tract of strength, pressing the green bamboo on both sides slightly bent, with his current modification, without any deliberate, can achieve this effect.

Yu Yu's face was always hung with a slight lazy smile, but his eyes were hidden with a vulture chill.

Master Zong and Wang, have already told us that this time the three newly arrived Tingwei from the miracle fairy tracks must take advantage of the opportunity of the "bid winning” competition to abolish them, because, he implicitly felt that the three boys, some extraordinary, even he, had a hard feeling to see through.

This feeling, which upsets Dezheng and Wang quite a bit, even implicitly creates a sense of crisis.

“Who, bothering me here to clean up? ”

In front, a cold drink sounded suddenly.

Hearing the sound of cold drinking, Yu Yu smiled slightly, shaking in shape and disappeared directly in place.

The next moment, he appeared in front of the cold, which was being repaired.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Yu Yu, on the dark face of the sky, the colour of vigilance appeared: “Yu Yu, as one of the ‘10 great court guards', you don't want to be here, do you? ”

“How? ”

Yu Yu smiled lazily and said softly: “Don't be nervous, I'm here to make a deal with you. You can get 50 Kyushu Lingyuan stones just by scrapping the Dragonflame Kid in two months' time in the 'bid winning' contest. ”

After that, Yu Yu looked at the sky and the cold, he knew that the sky and the cold would definitely accept.


“50 Kyushu Lingyuan stones? ”

The dark face of the sky and the cold, when even a glimmer of joy appeared, said with joy: "When the dragon flame kid was still in the General Affairs Hall, I saw that he was extremely uncomfortable, and he had himself the intention to abandon Dan directly in the 'bid winning' competition. ”

At the time of the General Affairs Hall, the dragon flame did not put him in the eyes at all, making him extremely upset.

You know, his cultivation is more than the dragon flame is two great realms, he should show fear for himself, even show good faith in himself, that's right, then maybe he will open his own net, show mercy, let him lose the “bid winning” two months later, a bit more decent.

“Well, that's settled, you waste dragon flame, I'll give you 50 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Yu Yu nodded satisfactorily, turning, his figure flashed again and disappeared into the gaze of the sky.

Soon he appeared in front of the courtyard of a stone house.

In the courtyard.

Jade writer Jade is gentle, is trying to practice martial arts, huge energy wave, full of the entire compound.

“Pfft, pfft! ”

Yu Yu gently clapped his hands: “The martial arts of the Jade Writer has been cultivated to the full realm, it is really rare. ”

Yu gently folded the white jade fan in his hand and suddenly stopped. The wave of energy that came out was also in the moment, disappearing.

“Hey, as one of the ‘10 Great Court Guards' Yu Yu, it is a real privilege to visit a cold house in Yu. ”

Looking at Yu Yu, Yu gently folded the white jade into a fan, slowly put away, and smiled. At the same time, he also looked at Yu Yu with confusion.

10 Da Tingwei, each with extraordinary strength, is usually quite disdainful of the average Tingwei, it is rare to visit the residence of a Tingwei like today.

Yuyu opened the door and said: “50 Kyushu Lingyuanshi, buy you two months later in the 'bid winning' competition...”

“Buy me two months later at the ‘bid winning' contest and get rid of Yang Shiqi? ”

Yu interrupted his words gently and shook his head with a smile. “It's impossible. Yuyu, don't you think it would be cruel to abandon a girl like Siqi Yang, who is so beautiful and beautiful as a flower? I, the Jade Writer, have never been able to protect flowers, not destroy them. ”

“Tsk, it's a miracle that Jade Writer has always played in the world. ”

Yu Yu shrugged his mouth. Xu Xu Xu said: “I know that you have some meaning for Yang Shiqi's chick, but I advise you, don't be delusional, Yang Shiqi's heart is only Qin Yi, you will never get her. ”

After that, Yu Yu looked at Yu gently, smiling lazily, full of confidence.

Yu slightly stunned, a smile on his face slowly disappeared.

Yu Yu's lazy smile on his face remained unchanged. He was patient and waited quietly for Yu to answer softly.

When I think of General Affairs Hall, Qin Yi directly scolded him with a toad. In his gentle eyes, he was chilled and flashed.

Spinning, his spirited smile reappeared: “It's just a chick. How hard is it to get rid of it in the 'bid winning' contest? By then, I'll be very gentle with that chick, scrapped, God knows it. By then, 500 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, no less! ”

The gentle cultivation of Yu has already broken through the six realms of Zongdao, while the cultivation of Yang Shiqi is only in the early three realms of Zongdao in the district, to abolish her, easy.

“Very good.”

Yuyu nodded satisfactorily: “Well, then, it's settled, 50 refined spiritual stones, my teacher can still afford it, rest assured. ”

Yan Bi, Yu Yu was no longer delayed, his figure swung and disappeared directly into Yu's gentle courtyard.

Yu stood still gently, slightly stunned, and shrugged her shoulders. “I didn't think I was going to be a jade writer. In the end, I was going to become a flower writer, Yang Shiqi. By then, I would very gently destroy you, making sure you didn't feel any pain. ”

Qin Yi has returned from Pharmacy 10 to his residence.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, frowning and pondering.

“There are still more than two months left, the 'bid winning’ contest, and the time is very tight. We must hurry to refine and produce a large number of Tianfeng Dan, so that we, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame can all break through the four realms of Zongdao. Only by breaking beyond the four realms of the Patriarchate will there be any hope of promotion in the 'bid winning' competition. ”

He pulled out four bluish-colored Xuelian Toad Lindane from his arms and, after a slight pinch, turned them into powder.

On that day in Yin Xueshan, Qin Yi obtained a total of 11 Xuelian Yu Toad Lingdan, handed over 6 pieces and left 4 pieces for himself.

“4 Xuelian Jade Toad Lingdane should be enough. ”

Looking at the blue powder on his hand, Qin Yi's handsome face showed a satisfied slight smile.

One Xuelian Jade Toad Lingdane can produce about 10 Tianfeng Dan, 4 Xuelian Jade Toad Lingdane can produce up to 40 Tianfeng Dan.

“Just buy back a few other medicines needed to refine Tianfeng Tan and you can start refining it. ”

Qin Yi's heart breeds a glimmer of anticipation.

Wang Fushang's memory of the control of their three disciples was quite relaxed and did not require them to stay in the pharmacy every day to try the medicine, they had enough time.