The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 409: Refining Tianfeng Dan

Zonghe Wang was quite surprised, and his face slowly subsided.

Frost Fai beside him, his face also had to float and irritate him. He asked, “Yu Yu, sacral divine fluid, why is it so precious? In Yun Wan City, the merchant would be bought by Qin Yi, you wouldn't think of a way, for example, halfway, to rob him? Halfway through Qin Yi, the Holy See is hard to spot. ”

“That's what I did. ”

Yu Yu's face became more bitter and bitter, said: “And surprisingly, although this boy was only trained in the middle of the Zongdao Three Realms, he didn't know what speed martial arts was practiced. The speed was incredible. I tried my best to carry out the speed, but I could only keep up with him. I couldn't catch up with him at all. ”

Being abused by Qin Yi as a dog by "the world of annihilation”, he finally slapped him hard. Yu Yu didn't mention anything, because it was so embarrassing, he couldn't help but think that it was a secret that the world would never know.

If the world were to know that he had been repaired by a kid who was only in the middle of Zongdao Three Realms, he would have brutally beaten and even slapped, and would have laughed off his big teeth.

After hearing Yu Yu's account, Yun Hui opened his mouth incredibly, and for a moment, he stunned there.

In Zonghe Wang's heart, a certain amount of irritation was bred, a few breaths of heavy breath, and he sighed: “At the time of entering the court examination, he earned more than a thousand points, refreshed the record, then hunted the Shady Snow Mountain, and played with all the hunting squads in his crotch, and the trial activity, even more incredible, produced a four-pint Tianfeng Dan, just enough to see this kid, remarkable noise, you can't catch up with him, is also in reason. ”

“Master, what now? How about I try to destroy it and compete for that sacral liquid? ”

On the face of Yu Yu, the colour of the shade appeared.

“Bullshit! ”

Zonghe Wang sipped and Xu Xu said: "Where do you think the Kyushu Holy See is? It's always much more mysterious, complicated, and scarier than you think. Anyone in the Holy See who does it, the higher echelons of the Holy See, can see that they are God, and they are always looking at us, and when the higher echelons of the Holy See punish them, they will not be able to protect you, not even me. ”

Yu Yu silently stopped, but in his heart, he was still very unhappy, so he beat the crap out of him, even slapped him hard?

By now, Yu Yu had been fanned one cheek, and the hot feeling had not completely disappeared.

“Forget it, this sacral liquid, lose it, anyway, that Qin Yi, you don't need it anyway, we have already bought the crane, in the ‘bid winning' competition, quietly abolished him? He never had a chance to quench this sacral liquid. ”

Zong and Wang Xuxu said, but in the deep eyes, it was also obscure to pass away.

This sacral fluid, he was prepared for Yu Yu and Frost Fai, in the second round of the "winning the prize” competition, the first round of the "winning the bid” competition, the promotion of the two of them, without any suspense.

Who wants to kill a Qin Yi halfway, ruining his plan.

It's so... irritating!

“Sacral Divine Fluid! Copper reel! ”

In Qin Yi's stone house, he took these two items from the arms of the Chamber of Commerce. His palms loved to let go of these two items, gently rubbing them. On that handsome face, full of delight.

“These two items were the biggest reward for this trip to the city of Cloud Waste. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

He doesn't know the effects of sacral fluid at the moment, but at the auction, the fanaticism of Yu Yu has shown that it is quite remarkable.

As for the copper scroll, it is even more discouraging to say that it is a semi-style "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" type 4, the words "even the city” are not enough to describe its preciousness.

Of course, that's just for Qin Yi, in the eyes of others, it's just a fairy year old copper scroll left behind, only a little collection value exists.

The Seven Types of Celestial Demons cannot be practiced by others. Only Qin Yi, who has a mysterious left hand, can do so.

Yan Tang, a former elder son of the miracle fairy trace, was handed down to his disciple in the first place because he forcibly cultivated the Seven Types of Tenjin, which led to his brutal death.

After collecting the sacral fluid and copper scroll, Qin Yi is out of the stone house.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's figure appeared in Pharmacy 10.

“Dear teacher, in two months, is the Holy See's 'bid winning' contest, so I want to hurry up and fix it. ”

Finding Wang Fushang's memory, Qin Yi touched his nose and opened the door to the mountain to say.

“That's how it should be. In the meantime, you don't have to come to the pharmacy to concentrate. ”

Huang Fushang remembered, softened his beautiful head, twirled, and sighed slightly again. It was only two months before the "bid winning” competition.

In just two months, Qin Yi's hardship, at best, reached the peak of the three realms of Zongdao, and will not be higher.

Tingwei, at the peak of a Zongdao Three Realms, will still have no hope of being abused as a dog in the "bid winning” competition, which is already quite good.

“Hee-hee, Qin Yi, I'd love to see you being abused on the stage. ”

Fu Qing, beside him, smiled joyfully.


Qin Yi lifted his finger and, without any courtesy, knocked on Fu Qingqing's head. “Just wait and see. That scene must be quite wonderful. ”

Without delay in pharmacy 10, Qin Yi returned to his stone house.

“Will I be abused in the 'bid winning' contest? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and shook his head gently: “Think about nothing now and focus on refining the alchemy. ”

Take out the old medicine ding, Qin Yi in the charcoal warehouse, put in some black charcoal, then again in the medicine warehouse, thrown in blood lotus grass, three strains; pure grass, three strains; Shouyuan fruit, one; clear poison grass, one strain, orthopedic grass, one strain, Invisible, four strains; Pluto Yin, five tablets; Living Dead Immortal Hand, half.

This is the ingredient needed to make Green Lindane, and the amount of each ingredient.

He had his own mysterious left hand, he could not need Green Lingdan, but Yang Shiqi and Dragon inflammation were different, he wanted to help the two of them first to refine a few of these dandrugs.

With this Dan drug, it is believed that both of them will soar directly in the "bid winning” competition.

After these two processes, the next step is alchemy.

Qin Yi Light Vehicle familiarized road, pressed his left hand against the ignition port of Pharmaceutical Ding, inside the body Xuan Qi, slightly surged.


The black charcoal in the charcoal bin burns.

After igniting the flame, Qin Yi again sensed with inspiration, covered the medicine, let the medicine warehouse. All changes in the medicine are directly reflected in the mind. Then, according to the changes in each medicine, skillfully control the flame.

A day goes by.

Qin Yi refined a total of four Green Lingdanes.

However, this time, all four are three pints of Dan medicine, none of them are of the quality of Dan medicine, it is four pints.

In this regard, Qin Yi was not surprised. In fact, there is a certain amount of luck ingredient in the refining of four pints of Dan medicine. Even those super alchemists cannot guarantee that the quality of each of the refined Dan drugs has reached more than four pints.

Such as Qing Ling Dan, which is extremely difficult to refine, can 100% guarantee the quality of the three products, it is enough to explain that Qin Yi's alchemy technology implicitly surpasses the great alchemist.

One 3-pint Green Lindane Effect: Maintain the Emptiness for 60 minutes.

That's enough.

“The next step is to refine Tianfeng Dan. ”

Qin Yi took a short break and came to the pharmacy again.

There are only five kinds of medicines needed to refine Tianfengdan. There are far more medicines required for the refining of Qinglingdan, but it is also much more difficult to refine than Qinglingdan. It is mainly the refining of Xuelian Yutong Lindane powder, and the control of the dan fire is extremely difficult.

To refine Tianfeng Dan, purple charcoal is required.

Qin Yi is now in the charcoal warehouse, put some purple charcoal, and then in the medicine warehouse, respectively: purple spirit grass, one strain; poison dragon beard, two strains; bright fire, three strains; feeding Ling Lotus, one strain; Ujingen, two strands; Xuelian Yuling Dan powder, ten grams.


Qin Yi exhaled softly and tried to calm himself down and concentrate.

Rotate, then with your left hand, carefully ignite the flame, according to the changes in several flavors of medicine in the pharmacy, and extremely carefully control the flame.

“The two medicines, Purple Spirit Grass and Bright Fire, have finally changed, and Dan Fire can be slightly bigger. ”

The spirit of Qin Yi, tightened to the extreme point, carefully controlled the dan fire, every very small part is strictly in accordance with the requirements in the book.

“The poisonous dragon is finally starting to yellow, and the fire can be slightly smaller, so as not to feed the medicine of Ling Lotus and Ujingen, and burn some. ”

“Xuelian Yu Toad Lingdane powder has finally changed...”

“ …… ”

Three hours later, a heavenly phoenix lay quietly in the drugstore.

“This is a three-pint Tianfeng Dan. ”

Taking Tianfengdan out of the pharmaceutical warehouse, Qin Yi quickly judged its quality.

Although there is no miraculous refining of the four pints of Tianfeng Dan, Qin Yi is already quite satisfied with this result.

The next day, Qin Yi Gate couldn't get out. Without going, he hid in his stone house. He was relieved to refine Tianfeng Dan, tired, rested, rested enough, and continued to refine Dan medicine.

Between winks, twenty days pass.


Qin Yi exhaled softly and smiled slightly with a triumph on Junyi's face: “Twenty days, finally, all the medicines purchased are refined. ”

In 20 days, Qin Yifu fully refined more than 40 pieces of Tianfeng Dan, with the quality of 2, 3 and 4 products.

“These more than 40 Tianfeng Dan, enough to help me, Master Yang and Long Yan, will be repaired into the four realms of Zongdao. ”

Qin Yi smiled satisfied.

In fact, within the past 20 days, Qin Yi's harvest was far more than 40 Tianfeng Dan, because he buried his head every day to refine, constantly exploring, so that he had a lot of improvement in alchemy technology.

Of course, with his current alchemy technology, there is still a certain distance compared to Huang Fushang's memory.

After all, Huang Fushang remembered that in the Holy See of Kyushu, it had been mixed for hundreds of years.