The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 410: Just let the horses come.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately kicked the entire 40 Tianfeng Dan, as well as the 4 Qing Ling Dan previously refined, out of the residence.

Not yet.

He came to Hyun Wencheng's loft.

Xian Wencheng, like the three of them, came from the miracle fairy trail. When Qin Yi first entered the Holy See in Kyushu, Xian Wencheng was in the same door, taking Yang Shiqi and Long Yan as disciples.

“Qin Yi, what are you doing here in preparation for the ‘bid winning' competition in a month? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Xian Wencheng said seriously, there is a hidden iron hatred on his face.

Also from the miracle fairy tracks, Hyun Wencheng had no hope, the three of them were promoted in the "bid winning” competition, only hope that they would not lose too much and lose the miracle fairy face.

“Brother Xian, I am here to find Yang World and Dragon Flame. I have important business to discuss. Please tell the younger generations where they are now, and I will find them. ”

Qin Yi respectfully said.

“The two of them are practicing, you wait. ”

Xian Wencheng went out and shortly, he would take Yang Shiqi and Long Yan to the lobby.

“Qin Yi! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, they are both happy faces.

Qin Yi snooped and found that Yang Shiqi's cultivation had broken through the middle of Zongdao Three Realms, while the cultivation of Dragon Flame had also broken through the third half step of Zongdao Three Realms.


Qin Yi Xin Xi, there are many teachers pointing to practice, it is just different, the effect is quite remarkable.

“Sister Yang, Dragon Flame, I have recently refined four Green Lingdan, all of which are of three qualities, two of you, two of each. ”

Qin Yi took out four pieces of Green Lingdan and gave them to Yang Shiqi and Long Yan respectively.

“Ha ha, that's good stuff. ”

Dragonflame gripped two three-pint green spiritual dans tightly and smiled.

Yang Shiqi beside him, on the face of the world, also emerged a strong joy color.

“Are you going to take Green Lindane in the 'bid winning' contest? That's a pretty good idea! ”

Xian Wencheng instantly understood the intentions of the three Qin Yi. He couldn't help but admire them and slightly sighed: “Your fix is too low, even if you take Qing Ling Dan, in the 'bid winning' competition, the chance of promotion is zero. ”

“Otherwise. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, his hands and sleeves trembled, more than 40 Tianfeng Dan, was exposed to the eyes of Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xian Wencheng.

- What? - What?

Looking at the pile of Tianfeng Dan, Yang Shiqi three people, suddenly petrified, shattered the jaw.

“I have heard my master say, from the peak of the three realms of Zongdao, to the four realms of Zongdao, there are seven three pints of Tianfeng Dan, you can do it. These pills are enough for the three of us to break through the Zodiac Quadrant. ”

Qin Yi glanced at the dragon flame, Xu Xu Xu said: “Dragon flame, a descendant of the ancient warrior dragon family, special physical condition, ordinary Dan medicine, is ineffective, but unlike Tianfeng Dan, it is a very rare Dan medicine, not even in books, may be effective for you. ”

There are more than 40 Tianfeng Dan, most of which are three products, four products are also quite a bit, and two products, only a few in the district.

“Haha, Qin Yi, you are amazing, this is a great miracle. ”

After returning to the dragon flame of God, Long laughed and said excitedly: “Well, before that, I did not take any other Dan medicine besides Green Lindane. Perhaps, Tianfeng Dane really works for me, because there is a word 'Phoenix’ in Tianfeng Dane. Dragons and phoenix have always been complementary. ”

That makes sense!

Yang Shiqi and Xianwencheng are two people, and their faces are also intensely delightful.

Hyun Wencheng was even so excited that his body was trembling: "Okay, great! Qin Yi, this step of chess is fantastic. With the strength of Shiqi and Long Yan, as long as you can break through the Zongdao Four Realms, plus the Qing Ling Dan you gave them before, I believe they are half sure, promotion success! ”

His whole temper, before helplessness, swept away as if he were instantly ten years younger.

As long as Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are eligible for promotion in the "bid winning” competition, not only can they compete for the miracle fairy trail, but as the teachers of these two respects, he can also receive a corresponding rich reward.

Next, Qin Yi divided more than 40 pieces of Tianfeng Dan into three equal pieces, and Qin Yi divided 15 pieces in total.

Of Qin Yi's 15 Tianfeng Dan, 5 are of four quality, 7 are of three quality, and 3 are of two quality.


Just out of Hyun Wencheng's residence, he didn't walk very far. Qin Yi's eyes were slightly gazed.

Just a short distance ahead, Yu Rain, crane, the sky was cold, and the jade was gentle, walking towards this place.

Looking at Qin Yi, the faces of the four people suddenly appeared with a slight smile of malice.

They felt that Qin Yi's current modification was still the middle of the Zongdao Three Realms. Such modification, to abolish it in the "bid winning” competition, is as easy as a backhand.

For Yu Yu four, Qin Yi lazily ignored them, his eyes did not oblique, and he walked past them.

“Qin Yi! ”

A lazy call came from behind, from Yu Yu.

Qin Yi had to stop and slowly turn around. He looked at Yu Yu with a light wind. “What's the matter? ”

“Oh, nothing, I'm just reminding you, just now Crane told me that he won't be merciful to anyone in the 'bid winning' contest. ”

Yu Yu smiled lazily and faintly. “So, watch out for being abused as a dog in the 'bid winning' competition. ”

Obviously, now the three people of crane, sky and cold, and jade are all looking at Yu Yu, only the head of the horse.

Yuyu, not only is he the "Ten Great Court Guard” in the Holy See, but his teacher and one of the "Great Five Peak Masters”. It is an honor to have a certain amount of weight in the Holy See's Tingwei to be around him.

When Yu Yu came out, Howard, the sky was cold and the jade was gentle. The smile on his face grew stronger.

Hehua raised his face slightly, with some arrogance: "Brother Yu, isn't that superfluous? How can I be merciful in such an important game? Even if someone is abused by me as a dog, I can't blame myself. I can only blame myself for being worse than people. ”

His voice, his sharp ears, is painful.

However, Qin Yi was completely unconcerned, shrugged the shoulder, "That's a lot of bullshit, wait a month after the 'bid winning' competition, you just put your horse over. ”

He already possesses 15 Tianfeng Dan, if he takes them all down, plus his mysterious left hand, he won't believe it, he won't be able to dry out the crane.

The cultivation of the crane can only break through the six realms of the Patriarchate.

Don't forget, the former ancestral princess of the miracle fairy trace summed it up to be at the top of the five realms of the sect, Qin Yi all easily defeated him.

Cranes and ancestors are just a big difference!

“Tsk, that's a good saying." Come on, Qin Yi, I really don't know. Where did you come from so confident? ”

Yu Yu's lazy smile on his face remained unchanged and he shook his head helplessly. Then he said, "Oh, by the way, I heard you were caught in the door when the miracle fairy tracked you. ”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Yu Yu, and don't look who you are. Are you qualified to ridicule me? ”

Qin Yi's mouth corner suddenly outlines a slightly amusing laugh. Then, a simulated face smoking sound, is his mouth, rushing out: “Pfft! ”


This voice, for Yu Yu, is so familiar, so carved!

The lazy smile on Yu Yu's face, his sudden rating, even his body, all followed by a sudden tremor, above his cheek, the conditions reflected a hot, his eyes, slowly became dull and terrible.

At the same time, over his body, a trembling patriarchal energy, a wild surge, and his chest rose and fell dramatically.

With the strength of the pagoda on Yu Yu's body, it rushed out. The three people around it were craned, the sky was cold, and the jade was gentle. Sometimes there was a sense of shortness of breath, and I had to go away.

Looking at Yuyu, the whole person suddenly changed their appearance. The three of them were all staring at him with dismay. The crane turned confused and asked: "Brother Yu, what are you? ”

“Hold your breath! ”

Qin Yi turned away slowly without further delay. “What a crisp and pleasant voice! Yu Yu, you'll never forget that sound, will you? ”

“Kid, you want to die! ”

Yu Yu roared, full of dark hair, all rooted upside down, eyes red, as if a mad bloodthirsty beast, obviously furious to the extreme.

Hehua three people, greatly disappointed, and hurriedly left a few long distances, looking at him in horror.

This is the first time they have seen Yu Yu, which is very different from his usual image. In the world's impression, Yu Yu always looks like a light cloud.

At the same time, the three of them were confused to the extreme. Yu Yu and Qin Yi were playing some kind of mute mystery. What was Qin Yi's "bang” sound?

Of course, this is the secret between Yu Yu and Qin Yi. Even if he dies, Yu Yu cannot tell.

After a while, Yu Yufang slowly returned to God from his fury, but his handsome face was still so gloomy that he let the three of them crane and dare not approach.


Returning to his stone house, thinking of the scene just now, Qin Yi couldn't help laughing a few more times. He felt extremely comfortable in his heart.

“From now on, you can take these Tianfeng Dan well. ”

Shaking his head, Qin Yi took out a four-pince Tianfeng Dan, without hesitation, and swallowed it directly into his belly.

With the ingestion of Dan medicine, a strong drug power, is from Nadan medicine, dispersed, while Qin Yi's body, is to absorb that power, mad.

“It's a pretty good pill. ”

Feeling the strong pharmaceutical power of Tianfengdan, Qin Yi smiled satisfactorily. His whole person, with the pharmaceutical power of Tianfengdan, entered the body, and his spirit shocked, as if he injected a strong force directly.

He sat quietly on the ground, his body, the medicine of Tianfengdan, was constantly inhaled into the muscles and bones.