The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 414: The Battle of Siki


Yang Shiqi gently nodded her head.

At this time, Xian Wencheng, sitting in front of him, also looked over, eyes, joy and encouragement mixed.

As for Yang Shiqi and Long Yan's fighting power, he knew very well that both of them would win this round of the game, and there would be no second situation.

“I'm over it. ”

After looking at Qin Yi several people separately, Yang Shiqi slowly landed in front of Yu gently after looking at the Xuan Qi in the body. The whole person burst out and blinked.

And Yu Yu and others under the ring, seeing the appearance of Yang Shiqi, the unknown smile on his face, is even stronger.

“Tsk, for three months, your fix, but no progress at all. I don't know how you got into the Kyushu Holy See. ”

Feeling Yang Shiqi's body, that did not become strong breath, Yu gently and indifferently whispered, with his strength, to defeat Yang Shiqi to the north, it is really easy.


Yang Shiqi smiled shallow, even if she stopped suppressing her breath, releasing it all.


Mid-Term Zongdao 4!

Feel Yang Shiqi Nachana's delicate body, the strong breath emitted, Yu gently and suddenly stood still, mouth corner, subconsciously smoked, for a moment, felt a little hot on the face.

Everyone watching the battle under the stage also stood still. Everyone's face showed a strong sense of shock. Three months, from the beginning of the third realm of the Patriarchate, it broke through to the middle of the fourth realm of the Patriarchate!

This speed of cultivation, obviously, puts those supergeniuses in the Holy See at the bottom of their feet.

Seeing the shocking gaze of the crowd, the wisdom of the crowd is a smile, and the mood is quite pleasant.

“Brother-in-law, your disciple, how did you cultivate it? How did you break through so fast? ”

Hyun Wen was surrounded by a high sense of decency and shocked not even to speak. On that day, 10 new Tingwei, when he first entered the Holy See, went to see it. It was only a pity that he did not see any of it. Even Qin Yi recommended Yang Shiqi and Long Yan to him at that time.

Now he suddenly realized he had made an unforgivable stupid mistake.

“I'm just martial arts, just a little pointing at her. ”

Xian Wencheng said with a smile, seeing the regret of Gao Zhuangyi's face, he was so happy in his heart.

On the ring stage, Yu was so gentle and shameless that he returned to God. In a moment, he recovered his old beauty and smiled slightly: “No problem, even if you break through to the middle of the fourth realm of the road, what then? I'll beat you anyway, but don't worry, I'll beat you very ‘gently'. ”

Yang Shiqi shrugged her delicate shoulders and smiled shallow: “What are you doing with all that crap? Let's do it. ”

The corner of Yu's mouth was gently smoked again. In his eyes, he swept past. “Okay, you'll soon see my great shore. ”

Looking at Yang Shiqi's unmatched face, she remembered that there was only Qin Yi in the girl's heart. Yu had to be gentle and angry for a moment. Her body was turned into a white shadow, waving the jade folding fan, and bursting into the slender girl.

“Firestorm! ”

In a gentle sip, Jade gently folded the jade fan in his hand, and the trajectory was like a smoke rain, toward Yang Shiqi.

Yang Shiqi's fiber waist suddenly twisted, the whole person was also turned into a white shadow, oblique burst out, burst into the blast, the solo dragon soul sword, has already held hands.

“Ids_pjsd003_flight7s_pjsd003_type_1 ”

Once Yang Shiqi's counterhand split, the sword's trajectory, perfect, full of aesthetics and pleasing eyes, has risen sharply to the half length of the dragon's soul sword, not only to break the gentle offense of the jade, but also, in an instant, to the gentle neck of the jade.

Looking at it as if it were a waterfall, the fast falling sword, the jade softly disappointed, hurriedly burst away.

One move!

Yu softly hid the wind!

Yang Shiqi, Ben is a genius of a sword. He was born to connect with the sword, and even some simple sword lanes, are master free.

Flying Model 7!

Qin Yi was slightly stunned, but soon realized that this sword method must have been handed down to her by Xianwen.

Moreover, with regard to the sword that Yang Shiqi just used, Qin Yi has determined that the sword method, compared to Yang Shiqi's previous sword method, is quite smart, and its technique is also ideal for gentle women like Yang Shiqi.

“It is indeed a great master of the Holy See who understands the strengths and limits of a person. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart. He developed several admirations for Wencheng Xian.

Looking at Yang Shiqi's sword, he forced Yu to softly hide the wind. Everyone in the room had a strange color on their faces.

Yu gently cultivated, but there are more than two realms above Yang Shiqi!

And the people in that crowd, Wang, Yuyu and others, were all completely stunned there. They had hoped that Yu could not be softened without a trace of Yang Shiqi, but now it seems... unrealistic!

The jade above the ring is gentle, at this moment, as if to see a ghost, looking at the white girl who stood proudly there, but soon he pressed his heart down again, and smiled: “Girl, that's good, but I was just trying to test you. ”

“Xuan style! ”

In the next moment, the jade gently burst out again, striking out its own type 2.

Yang Shiqi was not panicked. She remembered Qin Yi's words, suppressed part of her strength, held the solo dragon's soul sword, and quickly greeted Yu gently.

“Flying Type Seven - Type Two! ”

“Ping-pong! ”

In the meantime, the two were at war.

Yu is gentle and gentle as his name suggests, but the trick is so weird that it is unprotected. It can be said that it is gentle and contains endless killing machines.

Yeung Shiqi's swordsmanship is also quite gentle and sophisticated. At the same time, it also implies sharpness. Moreover, she was born to connect with the sword. The sword in her hand is like running clouds of water. It is naturally natural, and she cannot find a glimmer of blossom.

The contest between the two men, the martial arts, the eyes of everyone, attracted to this ring, the other nine ring, basically unwatched.

Qin Yi in the crowd, prompted his left hand, entered the state of emptiness, carefully watched Yang Shiqi and Yu fight gently, and his heart was slightly happy.

“Although there is only a medium-term fix in the four realms of Zongdao, the inner strength of the Zongdao that has been emitted is not slightly weaker than that of Yu. Moreover, Master Yang's sword method is obviously more perfect than that of Yu's gentle fan method, and he can hardly find any blossom. In this way, Master Yang will win. ”

Qin Yi made such a judgment and completely relieved himself.