The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 418: Defeat Rawland

More than an hour later, the second round of matches has already taken place in six games, with only 20 out of 140 promotions in the first round remaining.

Game 7, which is the last game, begins quickly.

“I went. ”

After a faint smile at Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Fu Qingqing, Leaving Luo and others around him, Qin Yi was carrying a long gun of smoke cloud and burst into the 10th stage, and then slowly landed on the top of the stage.

“This kid, who's the opponent of this round? ”

“Whoever it is wants to be able to party with him and not let him enter the third round! ”

“It better be a face photo, defeat him, that's how to relieve him. ”

“ …… ”

As soon as Qin Yi appeared, there was a noise all over the martial arts field, enough to see how angry other people are with God.

In this regard, Qin Yi relaxed his shoulder and did not pay attention to it.

But he's also curious about who he's up against in this round.


Among the crowd, suddenly saw a blue light, and as soon as it swept up, it burst into platform 10. In a moment, it came to Qin Yi's front.

Qin Yiding glanced at it and couldn't help but be slightly stunned.

Only this visitor was seen as a light and dusty blue robe girl with dazzling eyes, as if the poetry were a delineation, with a classical beauty and a hint of rejection from a thousand miles away.

As soon as the young girl appeared, the aura and stunning, the people under the stage, the eyes suddenly lit up, even the “Ten Great Court Guards” in the Holy See, were on her, slightly facile.


Qin Yi also felt that this young girl was not simple. He nodded for sure. He darkened his left hand to spy on her for cultivation.

Mid-Term Zongdao Six!

Such a snooping result caused him to inhale cooler air, which was a whole lot higher than the previous crane!

“Hey, it turns out it's Naran Joran, and even in the whole of the Holy See's Tingwei, his strength is far ahead. ”

“The boy is blessed, but unfortunately unblessed. ”

“Naran Jolan, work hard for a face, and fuck that kid! ”

“Up to five moves! ”

Many people on the field looked at Qin Yi happily.

Obviously, Naran Joran, because of his magnificent beauty, combined with his unmistakable modifications, weighed a little in the Holy See's heart of Tingwei, only to see the many males present, cast their hot eyes on him.

It is said that even the sixth ranking of the "Ten Great Court Guards", Yu Wang, tried to pursue the girl, but eventually failed to show the girl's pride and vision.

At this moment, the danger of being in the "10 Great Court Guard”, looking into Naran Joran's eyes, the heat is still unquenchable.

“Qin Yi's opponent in this round is actually her. ”

The pale eyebrows of Huang Fushang's memory, slightly flashed, cold and handsome face, appeared hidden and bitter.

And Zonghe Wang, Yuyu and others, they saw a glimmer of hope again and became happy.

On platform 10, Naran Jolan stood quietly in front of Qin Yi, holding on to a pale vegetarian hand and a long blue sword.

Although she has a soft and beautiful appearance, there is a lonely and clear height in her bones. Although Qin Yi is in the Holy See and has some amazing excellent records, even making her a target, she did not see the boy in front of her at all.

In the beginning, she refused even the danger of one of the "10 Great Court Guards”, so how could she see an untold teenager in her eyes?

In the face of a strong man in the middle of the sixth realm of the Zongdao, Qin Yi also did not dare to do anything big. In an instant, the seeds of the three elements of water, fire and earth in his Dantian were all burned.

“Naran Joran. ”

Naran Joran reported his name.

Spin, she slowly lifted the blue sword in her hand, pointing remotely at Qin Yi, a pale and elegant face, but that luxurious body, has already implicitly emitted a spectacular smell.

“Qin Yi. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

His name, in the Holy See of Kyushu, can be described as notorious, so when he said it, under the ring, it sounded like a laugh.

No extra bullshit, the two quickly fought each other.

However, at a moment of confrontation, Naranjoran's face changed slightly.

The juvenile in front of him, although he was repaired only in the middle of the Patriarchal Four Realms, was heavily calm, his hands were like thunder, his body law, speed and physical defense were impeccable, and the understatement of the room dissolved the attack that she thought was stable.


Naran Jolan's blue sword, a hard touch with Qin Yi's long gun, Naran Jolan felt only a little crisp as an electric shock, directly attacking her fragrance.

What a powerful force!

Naran Joran was intimately surprised, a Tingwei who had been repaired only in the middle of the fourth realm of the district pagoda, actually possessed such power, but how did she know that at Qin Yi Dan Tian, that seed of fire element that was burning, gave him the power, directly doubled.

Naran Joran not only didn't take advantage, but ate a dark loss.

And what surprises Naran Joran even more is that every assault on the teenager in front of her happens to be the hardest place to defend herself, even with a few shots, and forces her to be quite fragile.

Why could he spy on my blossom?

Naran Joran was shocked and confused, repaired to a height like hers. Each attack was almost negligible, but the young man in front of him was able to grasp a flash and launch an attack.

At this time, Qin Yi is equally extremely uncomfortable.

For the first time, Qin Yi fought with the strong in the middle of the sixth realm of Zongdao. Qin Yi only felt that the inner strength of the Zongdao emitted from the other side was like a huge mountain. Even if he possessed earthly seeds, he felt impatient to breathe.

And Naran Joran's attack was even more terrible, and when he stabbed it, it was magical, and it was so natural that it seemed to fit into the natural avenue that he had to go very fast to escape.

Over time, the battle between the two people has not made a single sound, only two of them have that incredible way of being, on the stage, going and going.

Watching the game under the ring, one can hold his breath, his eyes don't blink, as if blinking, he will miss an incredible picture, unfortunately for life.

At some point.

Naran Joran's figure burst out of nowhere.

“I lost. ”

Naran Jolan's beautiful face, miserable white as paper, over the corner of his mouth, already hung a little blood, touching his heart, looked into Qin Yi's eyes, full of shock and unwillingness.

- What? - What?

Naran, Joran lost!

Everyone under the stage was staring.

As strong as Naran Joran, he was defeated by that fellow who shared the anger of God, and was temporarily eliminated from the game. Such an end would make many people unable to return to God.

“Fuck, this kid, he hurt Naran Joran, don't you understand Xiangxiaoyu? ”

“When I'm in the third round, I have to find a chance to beat him up and get justice back for Naran Joran. ”

There was a wave on the field.

Qin Yi Ben was the common wrath of the human gods, and now he injured Naran Joran. Everyone was furthermore an outrage. He couldn't help but jump immediately and brutalize him.

However, more of them were shocked. Qin Yi's cultivation, but in the middle of the four realms of Zongdao, Naran Joran was defeated.

What the hell is he, a demon?


The royal father dressed in a silver robe, from the shock, returned to God, a heartfelt laugh appeared on her face, she also did not expect, Qin Yi was powerful to this point.

And the king and Yu Yu several people, that joyful mood, once again swept away, and replaced it with shock and anger.

It was so irritating, I was counting on Naran Joran to abuse this kid for a while, and whoever wanted to, she actually lost to him.

“Qin Yi, the shame left today, when the third round of the game, I will ask for it back. ”

On stage 10, Naran Joran glanced at Qin Yi and said softly.

How could she be offended if she was defeated by a teenager in the middle of Patriarchate Four?

“If you really want to come back to life after the third round, don't choose me to challenge you. ”

Qin Yi, however, understated. Junyi's face was full of confidence.

He had long decided that, in any event, he must succeed in the promotion to the "Capture the Queen” contest, even if he had activated Formula 3 of the Seven of the Celestial Demons.

And with Naran Joran's strength, it's obvious that he can't resist the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

His impression of Naran Joran was not bad, he did not want to see a good Tingwei and was eventually eliminated by the unknown.


Naran Joran trembled slightly and looked back incredibly at Qin Yi. At this moment, she suddenly realized that he had not done all he could in the war with the teenager.

What a terrible teenager!

Naran Joran's heart was difficult to calm down. After a while, she nodded her head: “Thank you! ”

When the two of them finished, the second round ended.

After this round, 70 Tingwei were promoted to the third round.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan are all in this list.

“Well, today's game, that's it, the third round, is scheduled for tomorrow. ”

Lieutenant Laohuai announced.

The third round of the competition, some exceptional, had to be negotiated by the five Supreme Archbishops of the Holy See for 30 scheduled to take Quentin Wei, a process that would take some time.

In addition, people need some time off to better participate in the third round of the competition.

“Tomorrow's third round, winning or losing is very important, and it will be decided whether or not to advance to the 'winner' race. ”

Qin Yi has returned to his stone house and thought about the third round tomorrow.

The 30 scheduled to take Quentin Wei by the five Peak Archdeacons will undoubtedly have quite extraordinary power, and the '10 Grand Wei' will surely be there, and such a race will undoubtedly be quite intense.