The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 426: Frost Fai's Challenge!

On the martial arts, everyone has dispersed.

Qin Yi returned to his residence.

“In a year's time, 30 qualified Tingwei, most of whom are estimated to have reached the peak of Path Six, and even some, will reach Path Seven. ”

Qin Yi sat on the edge of the bed and analyzed calmly.

In another year, the top 10 court guards, Pucky Mai, Yi Tai et al., Qin Yi believed that by the time of the competition, he had definitely broken through the seven realms of Zongdao.

“The last rain in the ranking of the '10 Great Court Guards', I activated the Third Formula of the 'Seven Types of Celestial Demons' before I forced it to defeat. In order to be promoted with some certainty in the 'Capture the Queen' competition, I cultivated that, at least, I had to break through the Patriarchal Five Realms. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly. For a year, it should not be too difficult to have the potential of King Senluo himself and break through the five realms of Zongdao.

Suddenly, Qin Yi remembered that he could unlock the gun of all evil as soon as he broke through the five realms of Zongdao.

The Gun of Evil belongs to the Jade King of the Immortal Age. He has seen the power of the Gun of Evil on his ancient journey to Immortal Age.

It's just a pity that the Evil Gun is unblocked and can only be activated three times. Otherwise, he can sweep all the Tingwei, pointing straight at the Divine Guard, with just one Evil Gun.

When I think of the gun of all evil, for a moment, Qin Yi is also a cherry, I miss it immensely.

“It's been a year, and I don't know how this immortal Sakura reborn little fellow grew up under King Sanroh's heart. ”

When I think of Cherry, he looked adorable. Qin Yi smiled wholeheartedly and said to himself: “In the future, I have to take the time to see this little guy. ”

After thinking about it, Qin Yi threw his head away, threw his confused thoughts away, and began to concentrate on training.

In accordance with the custom, Qin Yi first rehearsed the Fist of the Overlord, and then transferred the Heart of the Vajra, the Praise of the Father, the Tribute of Life, the Massacre, the Great Lord's Heavenly Hand, the Demonic Sound Six Changes, the Lingfeng Palm, and the Seven Devils, all of the first, second, and third styles, all of which are carefully practiced.

Three days have passed, and basically martial arts has yielded some gains.

It's just the three martial arts of "Praise for Father's Step", "Father's Return" and "Ling Feng Palm". There are still no signs of a breakthrough.

“To cultivate the three martial arts of" Praise for the Father "," Destiny Return "and" Lingfeng Palm ", to cultivate the great and successful realm, only to break through to the five realms of the Patriarchate, is not possible. ”

Qin Yi frowned and analyzed calmly.

Especially the martial arts of "Praise Father's Step" and "Father's Return". Qin Yi felt that there was an endless abyss between half-step fulfillment and great fulfillment. No matter how to fill it in, he was dissatisfied.

Of course, Qin Yi is clear that if the two martial arts of "Praise for Father's Step" and "Destiny Return" are cultivated into a great and successful realm, the strength is estimated to be in Shen Wei, it will not be too weak.

“Thirty Tingwei, who qualified for promotion to the ‘winner' in the 'winning the bid’ contest, quickly assembled at the stadium. ”

On this day, a loud voice suddenly sounded in the Holy See.

Qin Yi's blood, shocked by this voice, slightly numb ears.

He dared not be lazy, his figure flashed, his speed unfolded, and in an instant, he appeared on the stadium.

On the martial arts field, Lieutenant Laohuai stood there with a gruesome expression and a slight flurry of patriarchal strength.

Looking at Qin Yi's first appearance, Fei Laohui nodded slowly, over his face, passing the color of admiration.


Not long ago, the other 29 people were there.

“Qin Yi! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi's beautiful face, he swept past a glimmer of joy, walked up to him, snuggled close to him, had a silver-haired dragon flame, and smiled sharply at Qin Yi.

It was a great miracle that the three of them, only three months into the Holy See, succeeded in advancing to "winning the bid”.

“Qin Yi, you are very good. In such a short time of entering the Holy See, not only did you succeed in becoming a person of common anger in the Holy See, but you also succeeded in promoting yourself from a ‘bid-winning’ competition to a 'winning' competition. ”

A cold voice, suddenly from behind Qin Yi, slowly sounded.

Qin Yi's eyebrows, slightly flashed, slowly turned around.

Only a medium-bodied young man in a black robe, standing not far behind him, looked ordinary, not surprising, did not breathe a hint, no different from ordinary people.

It's just that this person opens his ordinary face, but he has a pair of cold eyes, giving people a feeling of uncoordinated.

Hearing the words of black robe youth, there are many people around, looking at Qin Yi and black robe youth, suddenly different meaning.

“You are…”

Qin Yi was slightly confused in his heart, while Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame beside him were also the color of confusion.

Since the time of entry into the Holy See was too short, for many Tingwei, he had only heard his name and did not know his people.

“His name is Frost Fai. ”

A gentle voice sounded in the room, coming from the mouth of a girl in a green robe.

The green robe girl, named Lin Xuanxuan, is one of the disciples of the Fiber King. The handsome girl in the red robe beside her is another disciple of the Fiber King, Dongmen Yan.

These two people, ranked third and fourth in the "10 Great Court Guard” respectively, after Pucky Mai and Yi Tai from Yulan mainland, were so high that they could imagine, only now Qin Yi, in their hands, can't even get out of five tricks.

“Frost Fai? ”

Qin Yi was stunned and suddenly remembered. Among the two disciples of Zong and Wang, the other, wasn't it Yung Hui?

There is no doubt that Qin Yi's strong defeated Yu Yu, causing Yunhui to be extremely upset.

Another powerful enemy has emerged!

Qin Yi was a helpless sigh, but his heart was not afraid. He was a man with a heavy mission. Any strong enemy, compared to his heavy mission, was insignificant.

“Remember who I am? ”

Frost glow in a black robe smiled slightly, but his eyes were cold.

“Remember, isn't that another disciple of the King? ”

Qin Yi nodded slowly, his face was not shocked, and the clouds were light.

Looking at Qin Yi, she didn't take herself seriously. Frost Fai's face was obscured and overwhelmed with discomfort. She said: "On the stage three days ago, my teacher, just one line away, just scrapped you. This is unfortunate, I must say. Interested, after the 10th, let's have a little consultation? ”


Yuanhui actually challenged Qin Yi!

This scenario, the people present, are slightly stunned, even the book indifferent to this, Pucky Mai at the head of the "10 Great Court Guard” is some unexpected looking forward to the glow.

Punchy Mai is surrounded by an extreme indifference and is also very silent, giving a deep and unpredictable feeling.

At this time, Yuan Hui actually challenged Qin Yi. It was obvious to everyone that he wanted to make up for the regret that Zong and Wang failed to abolish Qin Yi three days ago.

“Qin Yi...”

Yang Shiqi next to Qin Yi shouted anxiously and softly. On the face of Dragonflame, the divine color was also mixed with anxiety and anger. Frost Hui's actions annoyed him.

“Frost Fai's strength is obviously stronger than rain. Qin Yi, the challenging system of the Holy See, is free. As long as it is not a competition, any person wants you to initiate a challenge, you can refuse. ”

Fei Laohuai stood aside and warned Qin Yi.

Qin Yi's potential is quite good, and the comparison between the Holy See's Church guards, as long as no life is lost, is that one party is abolished, and the top ecclesiastical of the Holy See, will not care. Lieutenant Laohui is unwilling to see a good seedling, it has not yet grown, it is abolished.

“Qin Yi, you were in the 'bid winning' competition, but you won 50 consecutive unprecedented battles, and you won't have the courage to connect to my challenge, do you? ”

Frost smiled faintly.

Everyone's eyes are focused on Qin Yi, fears, happy disasters, indifference, all of them.

Frost Fai's cold eyes constantly looked at Qin Yi. That slightly raised corner of his mouth hidden a provocation.

Qin Yi exhaled slightly, his eyes on the faces of the people on the scene, slowly swept over. Finally, he looked calmly at Frost Fai, faint voice, from his mouth, slowly exhaled: “OK, if you want to fight, I will fight. ”

- What? - What?

Qin Yi actually agreed to Yuanhui's challenge!

Everyone here stood still and stood there with a slight opening of their mouths. Even the two Pucky Mai and Yitai from Yulan Mainland had some unexpected glances at Qin Yi.

Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Fei Laohui and others sighed helplessly.

Frost Hui's strength is definitely much stronger than Yu Yu. Although Qin Yi defeated Yu Yu in the “bid winning” competition three days ago, in front of Frost Hui, it is obvious that it is not enough to look at it. Even if he activated the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", he can't even be afraid.

“Okay, good. So that's it, 10 days later, you and I fight. ”

Frost Hui himself, also unexpected, Qin Yi actually felt that he had promised his challenge. After being stunned, over his face, it was Xu slowly emerged with a happy smile.

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders irrelevantly. He had not thought of the first war after 10 days. He wanted to win Yuanhui. He just wanted to use this to test Yuanhui's true power.

In the future, this Frost Fai will surely be extremely detrimental to himself. If you test out his true strength, you can better prepare.

“Don't delay, the rules of the 'bid winning' competition stipulate that the last 30 promoters will be given an opportunity to go to the first Wushu Pavilion to select martial arts. ”

After a rather lamentable glance at Qin Yi, Fei Laohui turned around and burst towards somewhere in the Holy See of Kyushu.

The people dared not to be lazy and hurried to catch up.