The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 434: Flame Seven Kills

Seeing Yunghui's powerful, Huangfushang's memories in the crowd, as soon as his heart rinsed, he had to rush out to stop the competition, Qin Yi, is her proudest disciple, she did not want to see Qin Yi truly abandoned by Yunghui.

However, this is the moment.

“Wang Fu Da Alchemist, do you want to mess this up? Although that Qin Yi is your disciple, you also have no right to interfere in his test of force, only the power to point at Alchemy. ”

An indifferent voice rang from the crowd.

Wang Fushang looked back and saw only that Zong and Wang had come to the martial arts field sometime before, watching Frost Fai compete with Qin Yi.

At this time, he was standing not far from the memory of the Emperor, looking at the memory of the Emperor with a smile.

“You old bastard! ”

Wangfushang's memory was irritated and he couldn't help but scold, but he could only suppress the idea.

The center of the martial arts.

Qin Yi took the praise of his father to the extreme. The seeds of water elements in the Dantian field burned wildly. The whole person directly turned into a shadow. In the flaming knife of Frost Fai, he kept shuttling. Sometimes, the whole person even disappeared directly in situ. The next moment, he appeared at the other end.

Too soon!

The spectators, bewildered, had to admit that this man, the co-angry boy, was indeed quite stunning in speed, and that the "10 great court guards” in the Holy See were all severely stepped on their feet.


Qin Yi descended from the sky and stood proudly in the center of the martial arts field. He single-handedly put the long smoke cloud gun up, slowly and slowly, pointing remotely at Frost Fai. The wind and clouds faded over his face: “Type 4 has passed, you can't scrap me! ”

Looking at the shirt hunting and hunting, the tall teenager, Frost Hui's mouth corner, smoked in obscurity, his heart rose to a defilement, Type 4 did not abandon the man's common anger, he felt a disgrace.

Although Qin Yi showed extraordinary fighting power before that, and even beat Yu Yu in the "bid winning” competition, Yunhui felt that it was not difficult to abolish him with his own strength.

However, it was not what he had expected.

The people who watched the war around them were also quite surprised by this kind of battle, some of them unbelievably blinked their eyes, Yuan Huihao's magnificent style 4 was enough, this man's mutual anger, actually stood there safely.

This is a great miracle!

“Humph, boy, don't be proud. I'll get rid of you for this fight! ”

Frost Hui snorted coldly, that very handsome face, an iron blue.

Next moment.

“Flame 7 - Kill 5! ”

His tall body, once again facing the young man with the long gun, burst into a straight line with the flaming ink sword in his hand and stabbed the young man severely. The ink sword turned directly into a little flame, the size of a bean.

However, the space around the ink sword was violently turbulent, as if it could collapse at any moment.

What a powerful sword technique!

With Frost Fai's sword stabbed out, all the people watching the front row around felt a sudden and severe pain in the chest, as if the flaming ink sword was stabbing them in the chest.

The flaming ink sword turned into a little flame, the distance from Qin Yishang was 10 feet away. That powerful sword strength was like a big wave, rushing towards Qin Yi, blowing his long hair and clothes, all backward.

“Praise Father Step! ”

Qin Yi still chose to evade, not strong his sharp, he suddenly stepped out to one side, only saw a very faint fiction, from his body, rushing out, while he “himself” still stood there.

In this war, he had no intention of winning, as long as he promised not to be abandoned by Frost Fai.

In the “bid winning” contest, he has come to the fore, and the Holy See's court guards have all generated intense emotions for him. If this battle is won again, I dare not imagine what will happen in the Holy See and what will happen to him.

Therefore, in this war, choosing "defeat” is undoubtedly the smartest course of action, provided that it is not abandoned by Frost Fai.


Frost Fai's flaming ink sword was fast and indescribable. From more than a dozen lengths away, in a moment, the hole penetrated the chest of "Qin Yi".

Just the next moment, that “Qin Yi" suddenly and slowly dissipated, and there was no blood.

There is no doubt that Frost Fai's sword, in the prick, is only the shadow of Qin Yi.

However, Frost Fai was also a peak master in the Holy See's guard. Once the flame ink stabbed “Qin Yi”, he immediately judged that he stabbed, only the shadow of Qin Yi.

He did not stagnate at all and quickly turned around. Only Qin Yi was behind him, holding a long gun of smoke cloud, and burst towards himself. He was in a "buzzing” and “buzzing” tremor. On the head of that mortar, a flame of blue flame was set ablaze, which emitted a warlike intent to kill.

“What kind of wind wave do you want to stir up in front of me?" Ridiculous! ”

Looking at the young man who had burst in, Frost Hui whispered in disdain and couldn't escape. He directly greeted him: "Flame 7 - Kill 6! ”

He punched out the sixth slaughter of "Flame Seven Kills", the flaming ink sword split, and in an instant, a dense flaming knife flared, almost shattered the heavens and the earth, and suddenly drowned Qin Yi.


Huang Fushang and others in the crowd stood up in shock.

Most people, however, suddenly appeared happy laughter on their faces. This sword of Frost Fai was obviously incredibly powerful. Even practitioners who had broken through the six realms of the Patriarchate were killed in the face of this sword, fearing that they would all have a face photograph.

And Qin Yi, only the zodiac road four realm of the mid-term repair!

On the fierce battlefield.

Faced with a sword so astonishing by Frost Fai, Qin Yi was also a little bitter. The fiery knife of density and numbness had not yet been split on him. He felt like the whole person had been torn apart, and his whole body was in tremendous pain.

“Drive me! ”

In the roar, Qin Yi's head was full of dark hair, madly dancing, the qi in his body, and burst into madness. He had a long smoke cloud gun in his hand, quickly stirring, and smashed the dense flaming knife of hemp, quickly crumbling, pounding the energy wave, as if it were a giant wave, and hit Qin Yi's chest hard.

Qin Yi only felt like a huge mountain, impinging on his chest.

This kind of impact, he couldn't resist, the whole person flew out, fell to the ground, just felt in the chest, the blood fluttered, extremely hurt.

“Qin Yi! ”

Wang Fushang's memory and Yang Shiqi and others couldn't help but shout. Nachana's moving delicacies were all suddenly trembling.

“A man of common wrath, that's how it was abolished? ”

“Ha ha, what a delight! ”

“30 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, get it, hey! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone around them laughed happily and laughed delightfully. Qin Yi finally pulled out this nail in his eyes!

The next moment, however, the laughter of the crowd stops, and the corners of the mouth are all irresistible and lightly smoked.

Only Qin Yi, who was lying on the ground, suddenly stood up, holding a long gun of smoke cloud and stood proudly there.

The teenager rubbed his chest and Qin Yi exhaled his breath. He had to admit that Frost Fai did have a terrible attack power. If he hadn't cultivated the Vajra Sutra himself to the full realm, and at the same time had a seed of earthly elements, he could not protect Frost Fai's sword, he would really have scrapped himself.

“I grass, this kid actually resisted this blow by Frost Fai, how did he do it? ”

“It's incredible...”

“I have to say, it's a great miracle! This is so irritating. How come this man, the angry one, has been doing miracles? ”

Everyone around, angry!

Wang Fushang's memory and Yang Shiqi and others were relieved.

“Boy, I have to admit, you're good! ”

Frost Fai had a very handsome face, an iron blue, and sighed.

Qin Yi was able to resist his Model 6 without being abandoned. It was quite surprising to him that he had to measure the juvenile in front of him with a completely new look.

Meanwhile, Frost Hui's heart was also irritated to the extreme. When he first had Type 4, he was hard to resist his Type 6. Frost Hui felt his face swept away.

Fortunately, however, the "Flame Seven Kills" has not yet been fully implemented, and there is a final formula, which of course is also the strongest!

General martial arts, the last form, is often the strongest.

“The last one! ”

Frost Huiping lifted the blazing ink sword and spouted words in his mouth. The ice was as if it had sealed 10,000 vectors of ice.

All of a sudden, his eyes burst into flames, the flames that burst into flames, spreading rapidly, instantaneously, all over his body, and the scene was striking.

Looking at Frost Fai like this, Wang Fushang and others in the crowd couldn't help but tighten their minds, face color, worried to the extreme.

As long as it is individual, it can be felt. Frost glow at this time is unimaginably powerful.

Looking at the flaming frost, Qin Yi's eyes condensed slightly. He could feel the tremendous pressure emanating from Frost Hui more than ten years away.

“I have to hold on! ”

The teenager exhaled softly, and the seeds of the elements in Dantian burned wildly, allowing his physical defense to reach an unprecedented peak.

“People are angry, kid. Scrap it! ”

Frost Hui roared and split down with a flaming ink sword in his hands. A flaming sword of nearly ten lengths broke out, seemingly chopping everything in the heavens and the earth. Between them, Qin Yi's chest was chopped.

Frost Fai's final formula, both speed and power, is perfect.

Qin Yi raised his gun and stopped it. The flaming sword, which stood at nearly ten feet, was slashed on the long gun of the smoke cloud.


The sharp sound of a metal collision, sounding all over the field.

The giant flaming sword broke apart and the endless flames burst apart, as if the heavenly lady had scattered flowers and fallen. The pounding energy fluctuations swept away and hit Qin Yi hard.

That energy fluctuation impacted Qin Yi's Na, his body, a smear of gold from his body, burst out, a bright extinction, so that his whole person was as if casting gold.

Later, Qin Yi flew out suddenly with this pound of energy fluctuating, as if it were a leaf in the wind, flying directly out dozens of lengths.