The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 442: Prohibition (top)

But he has repeatedly emphasized the rules, which is enough to show that he is an honest man.


Without delay, the crowd rushed into the palace.

“Search for high quality Dan medicine, advanced martial arts, weapons and other treasures! ”

As soon as they rushed into the palace, the crowd scattered and rushed to search the palace.

Qin Yi et al. are also in this list. The four of them are not separated, they are always gathered together, because a few people of Frost Fai have already killed them. Once they are separated, it will be very dangerous.

“There's a golden sword here, it's supposed to be a sacred instrument, and I found it first, it belongs to me. ”

Suddenly, an exciting cry came from Qin Yi's death against Frost Fai.

People look for fame, only on a sword stand, quietly placed a golden sword, on the sword body, implicitly can see a dragon shadow, on the handle of the sword, also engraved with an ancient pattern.

It's a sacred instrument!

People's eyes, looking at the golden sword sweep, determined the quality of the sword, the implicit dragon shadow on the sword body, should be like Yang Shiqi's dragon soul sword, in the sword body, sealed a dragon soul.

Obviously, this golden sword is one grade higher than Yang Shiqi's Unilong Soul Sword.

Yang Shiqi's Unilong Soul Sword is just a mortal device.

As soon as he came in, Frost Fai discovered such a pretty good weapon, and I have to say, shit luck, sometimes quite important to a person.

“Ha ha, luck with this thing, you guys are jealous. ”

Frost Hui laughed delightfully, and in the enviable gaze of everyone, the giant meteor walked towards the golden sword.

Looking at the golden sword in front of him, Frost glow his fanatical face, exhaling gently and grabbing the handle of the sword.



What the hell is going on?

Frost's face was amazing because he found the golden sword in front of him, as if it weighed millions, he couldn't even pick it up.


Frost Hui shouted, his face rose red, all his strength was applied over his arms, to mention, only unfortunately, the golden sword still lay still there, the tattoo still.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yi and other court guards were also stunned, the eyebrows were light, and the mind was quite confused.

Frost Fai, that's a strong man who made it to the 7th realm of the Patriarchate, ranked 8th in the Holy See's "10 Great Court Guard”, how can you not even hold a sword?

How can there be such a heavy sword in this world?

“My grass, how can this golden sword be so heavy? I don't believe it! ”

Such a good weapon, but could not move, how could he be willing, for a moment, even his eyes were red, he yelled once again, the blues on his arms, all drummed up.

Yet the golden sword remains intact!

“Cheng Yi, Yu Wang, you two come to help, I don't believe it, I won't get this golden sword! ”

Frost Hui's cow temper came up, waved at Chengye and Yu Wang, Chengye and Yu Wang, their hearts were also confused to the extreme, they did not hesitate, immediately the pairs came to Frost Hui's side.

Stand still!

All three fork their legs apart and stand on horseback, because this is better!

Later, all three took a deep breath and held each hand to the golden sword in front of them.

Everyone, including Qin Yi, watched the scene quietly. Everyone blinked and held their breath.


Frost Hui, Cheng Ye, Yu Wang three people, at the same time, shouted, on the three people, the heroic inner strength of the pagoda, all leaked out, shaking to all directions, long hair wildly floating, face pumped into pig liver color.

And just that, you can see, the three of them, even the strength to feed their milk.

But unfortunately, the result was a heartbreak for the three of them, the golden sword, where the tattoo remained motionless, no matter how hard the three of them used it, no matter how angry they roared, it lay still there.


Such a heartbreaking scenario finally made someone unbearable and whispered.

This delicate person, is the Xuanlan with the three Qin Yi people, the maiden's jade cheeks red, quite touching.

“Ha ha, that's so much fun, even if it's shit luck, so what? You have to be able to digest that shit! ”

The delightful dragon flame, laughing loudly, saw that Yunghui and the three of them made the strength to eat milk, but could not lift the golden sword, his mood, to the extreme comfort.


“Hey hey...”

The rest of Tingwei, too, couldn't help laughing.

Even Pucky Mai, who has a steady personality, shook his head.

Even though Frost Fai, Cheng Ye and Yu Wang performed a very funny scene in front of everyone, their hearts and minds were confused at the same time.

Everyone who calms down, is in the mind of rational analysis, a golden sword, even the three of Frost Fai, Cheng Ye, Yu Wang join forces, are unable to move the parts, between heaven and earth, there really is such a weight of weapon?

You know, Yun Hui, Cheng Ye and Yu Wang, all cultivated to reach the road half-step 7, the three of them together, can definitely pick up the million average things easily.

Millions, even some of the weapons used by the Immortal Emperor are not necessarily that heavy, are they?

What the hell is this?

“There's a half-moon machete, what I saw first is mine. If you don't want to be disqualified from the competition, take it here and don't compete with me. ”

An exciting cry suddenly rang from the crowd.

Immediately afterwards, only a Tingwei was seen, rushing towards the other side of the palace.

The people looked at each other and saw a half-moon machete lying quietly there.

Perhaps the world thinks that the shape of "half moon” is more elegant and poetic, therefore, half moon machete, is a more common weapon, its knife body, thin as cicada wings, its body shines bright, the cold flashes, and when you look at it, you can't help but create a chill in your heart, creating a feeling of choking.

Normally, a half-moon machete, with its name, carries the word "moon”, such as: Candid Moon, Chasing Moon, Inquisition Moon, Sleeping Moon, etc.

Although all half-moon machetes, in their shape, are like a thin circle of bending moon, in quality, there are high and low points, some half-moon machetes, mortal instruments, some half-moon machetes, but they have reached the level of holy instruments. Legend has it that even in the line of artifacts, there are half-moon machetes.

Obviously, the half-moon machete found in front of Tingwei was a sacred instrument, and of course, it was only a sacred instrument of inferiority.

Among the ordinary court guards of the Holy See of Kyushu, the highest level of weaponry, which is also a sacred instrument, is said to be present only in the Divine Guard.

“Ha ha, looks like I stepped on shit too! It feels good to step on shit! ”

The Tingwei, smiling joyfully, rushed to the front of the half-moon machete.

What was heartbreaking, however, was that his next encounter, like that of Frost Fai, Cheng Ye and Yu Wang, was a thin half-moon machete of cicada wings, lying quietly there, no matter how hard the Tingwei worked, even if he could not move it.

“There's a yellow sky axe, I saw it first, it's mine! ”

“There's a long gun, I saw it first, it's mine! ”

“There's an iron hand, I saw it first, it's mine! ”

“There's an armor, I saw it first, it's mine! ”

“ …… ”

Next, as Tingwei searched, they discovered that this was an ancient palace, a treasure trove, and there were a lot of weapons, armor, etc.

Moreover, all qualities have reached the level of sacred instruments.

Finally, even Pucky Mai discovered a Fong Tian Drawing Trident.

It's just a pity that none of the weapons and armor here, though precious, can move, as if they were the same as this ancient palace, and even for the sake of unity, no matter what the power of the people, they are tattooless.

“Everything here is so weird, there's blood in the air, the whole palace, it's so cold and chestnut, and all the weapons and armor here can't be used, so weird, I feel uneasy. ”

Xuanlan with Qin Yi and Qin Yi. She raised her eyebrows slightly. She whispered to Qin Yi and said: “I have a bad feeling. I urge you not to be greedy and move the weapons and armor here. ”

Her whole person is like an elf, giving a sense of emptiness, and even the skin on that face seems a little transparent.


Qin Yi threesome, Xu Xu nodded.

The three of them had a hunch that Xuanlan's words were correct. Just look at Xuanlan as if she were an elf, and you can see that the girl's mind is extremely lucid.

Everyone has gone out of the palace.

Watching so many inferior mortals is impossible to pick up and use. Everyone's heart is unhappy and they say it without hesitation.

“Obviously, it is not the weapons and armor here that really weigh, but there is some kind of prohibition here. ”

Pucky Mai sighed slightly, saying.

“So what, are we just, like, watching so many treasures left here, unable to take them away? ”

Easy Tai from Yulan mainland with Pucky Mai said with reluctance.

The rest of the court guards, too, will gaze at Pucky Mai.

Thirty Tingwei, only Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan, were reminded by Xuanlan not to find their own weapons.

“It is not impossible to take away the treasures in this palace. ”

Pooch Mayton said slowly: “Everything in the palace is forbidden. There must be a forbidden source. As long as we find this forbidden source and refine it, the ban that exists here in the palace will naturally be eliminated. ”

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